In-Flight Meal (was 'Flight Status')

October 26, 2014: After an encounter with the Clown Prince, Corvinus seeks aid and shelter.

Moontree Manor - New York City

Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style,
complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done
in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little
wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the
lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines
crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair
despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large
statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The
atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very
afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble that
lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost


The Butler

Mood Music:

It is a quiet evening. The sun has set and night is creeping up on the world. It comes earlier and earlier now, that summer has given away and fall is sighing softly into winter. The night is clear, beautiful, diamond like stars speckled against a velvet black night with no moon. Street lamps replace darkness, banishing shadows quietly. Man no longer fears winter in these parts. Nor do they fear night so much.

Rain's home is quiet, lights on in the windows and firewood stacked up near a shed in the back. The trees are losing leaves, looking positively Halloween-y. But Rain's door is always open to the crow or the Man. Tonight, she's playing video games while Captain sits curled up by the fire.


The obsidian avianoid is moving slowly, joints creaking, scorched, bloody, scratched. Its stare is that of one of the Ages as it sees some other horizon as it stumble-shuffles up to Rain's doorstep then loudly bangs on the doorframe, holding onto the house for support as the world whirls around it.

It looks like it may have even been through a light skirmish.

"Rainnnnnnnnn" it intones "Leh one innnnnnn"

Was it intoxicated, too?

Sure, the door may be open, but form is form and courtesy is courtesy, and the very much -in pain- partner admonishes the ancient entity for its clumsy manuevering.


Poor creature. Rain hears banging at the door. And a familiar voice. Captain jerks up, ears flicking outwards. He blinks a little. "Hang on—" But before Rain can get there, the golem of the house opens the door for him. Mercifully, David prefers to wear a human form - even if he's built like two NFL quarterbacks stacked together. He smiles at the ancient being. "Welcome. Please, come in, sir. The lady is in the living room. May I fetch you anything?" He asks. He seems concerned, even if the golem does not show much emotion.

Rain herself stands, pausing her game and setting the controller down. "Oh no- what happened?" She looks worried. "That looks like it hurts," The cat replies dryly. "Please, come lay down or something."


The bird-like being falters as it bows to David, then shuffles in.

"Food. in BULk!"

The strange thing makes its way to the front room.

"After one eats… need help for partner."

How enigmatically profound, Buddha Bird! And how much you smell like gunpowder and thermite and charcoal and… bacon… old thing. It turns to regard Rain in a most mechanical fashion, eyes blinking as it attempts to focus on her… and singsongs?

There must be some kind of way out of here… said the Joker to the thief…

No, that wasn't a singsong, that was a distinct reproduction of a famous song from a performer of the late '60s, complete with instrumental backing and the like. Not jarring in the least, no.

It stands there and then tilts its head with an almost grinding motion to regard Captain.

…but let us start talking falsely now… the hour's getting late…

It attempts to focus, which is kind of funny to watch, a half-way mix of 'systems start-up' for some sort of aircraft and stretching exercises.


David sort of blinks. A second servant, dressed most properly as a butler nods. "Of course. To the kitchen, David. Our guest is famished," He claps his hands. He has magic over him. Rain nods. "Sure." She will look to the bird as he regards her. "I will mend you." Captain nods, grunting softly. "I have no idea what that means," He says. "But uh, you can take the couch." He hops off of it. Once the bird is sitting or standing - despite the smell, she will look over him. The two servants are cooking now, and soon the scent of food is wafting through the home.

A bit of water and some green tea are brought out, too. "What drinks would you like?"


"This one suggests one save those resources for the partner. He will need it more. He was perforated repeatedly by projectiles. This one can heal more quickly with edible carbon-based resources."

It attempts to tilt its head a couple of times, as if something got 'stuck' before it finally reverts to 'true'. It stands there. There are signs of some sort of chemical attack against it — largely dissipated though traces linger — and many of the feathers look like they were stressed to a point then 'popped back'.

"Bulk. Origin irrelevant."

Hardly the conversationalist and enlightened being that has frequented Rain's abode in the past. Though, being battered may be influencing some of its neural pathways.


Rain ahs. "Alright. Well, food is on its way," Rain promises. She watches, worried. Poor fellow. "If you're sure." She doesn't push the point. "May I ask what happened to you to to get 'perforated'?" She asks. She looks quietly concerned. Her violet eyes betrayed her concern.

The cat is quiet, watching in turn. The two servants are working hard, and soon enough there's a few fish based dishes and pizza coming out. "How much more, sir…?" A pizza and a couple of baked fish so far. But not Captain's salmon earned for his brave scouting. There's some water and green tea out for the bird. While this goes on, Rain stirs the fire to keep the shadows banished. "And if you're worried, Loki has gone to his realm for now and doesn't dwell here."


"This one is not perforated. This one is a bit singed, a bit bruised, and a bit suffering from conflicting data input. The partner got perforated after simply having dinner at a rustic dinery in Gotham. Some entity, perhaps the legendary 'Jo Kerr', fired a projectile hurling device into his back."

"More, please. This one's internal furnaces require… a significant amount of mass."

This does not, however, stop it from slicing off a piece of the baked fish to put it on a platter and set it aside for Captain.

"Pity. This one would have… appreciated… another chat with the God of Mischief. Partner miles may vary, offer not valid all states, viewer discretion is advised."

What was that other gobbledygook there?

After making sure that Rain gets seated and/or served, it begins what could best described as 'Operation: Mawstuff', as whole plates of food vanish into its beak. The initial influx causes it to sit up a bit, and speed up the consumption efforts.


Rain will take a little bit. But only a tiny bit. The servants keep up their work, then. "We will have to get groceries tomorrow," And Rain peers over. "That's fine. I meant to go out into town anyway. Some client busted himself up again," She sighs. She watches the two, and then looks back to Corvinus. "So it's likely a fellow named Joker shot you?" She puzzles together. "And I am sure he will be back, but at least you and your partner can sleep without worry." She seems amused. And worried.

More plates come. Some meat based dishes, some veggies, a bit more fish. At least Rain keeps her pantry up. There's bread and rice and … well. It'll come for awhile. The two servants seem to like doting. "Hey, thanks man," Captain grins a feline grin and starts in on his fish. "I am sorry. I hope you mend well here then."


"When we are secure from this operational procedure we will ensure that the partner forwards 'some funds' to one's account. This one was warned by a young woman in an eggplant cape that one should not and could not hope to deal rationally with such an entity, and it would seem that empirical evidence has borne this out. Also, one should perhaps get some towels and perhaps a blanket one does not expect to use again handy. Based on rough estimation the partner lost at least one 'pint' of blood initially and even if one is fast with one's capabilities it is certain that he will lose at least another while one tends to his wounds."

The bird-thing nods to Captain, and as the food disappears, the creaks, the aches, the apparent bruising seems to heal right on up, its motions becoming more fluid yet still gifted with the same precision.

"There will be no sleep. This one and the partner cannot rest here. We would endanger one. This one is hunted by a winged female entity claiming to be from Thanagar and intent on this one's execution. Until that matter is resolved, only the direst of emergencies would allow this one to approach, such as the perforation of the partner."


"Don't worry," Rain waves a hand. "First, we need to get you mended up and rested." Then a pause. "Why is she trying to execute you? And we can keep you quietly warded for awhile. You will want to sleep," She remarks. She stands. "I will fetch some sheets and towels." The cat nomfs quietly.

Rain doesn't seem too worried about the idea of an emergency. "Besides, she's likely resting. As you should. You cannot rest alone." That's even more dangerous. Some more food will be brought, although the two servants look to Corvinus and the butler-y one asks, "Do you wish more, mister…?" He asks, in that ever so perfect butler way. Flames dance over the fire wood, cracking softly and banishing the shadows. Rain is heading into the linen closet to fetch a few spare things. "Those wounds sound terrible," She offers.


"This one is well on the mend and should be one hundred percent operational in approximately… forty minutes. This one does not need rest."

"This one is not entirely certain what one could possibly have done to get such a treatment, and this one wishes to engage in dialogue with the other party, but the partner has been vehement about exposure. This one… may have been a bit too proactive in saving his life…"

It tilts its head then shrugs. "The partner has managed to acquire lodgings from his employer Miss Potts at a high rising structure in the metroplex proper. And yes, please, good sir. More. Please do keep a tally for the partner to compensate for when all is done.

"The injuries were enough to force this one to forego stealth and obfuscation for immediate health needs."

It waits a few more moments, and eats any additional plates of food brought, looking at near-peak condition save for some bruising and aching.


"Sure thing," Rain nods. She is quiet, and listening. She hms softly. "Don't sweat the tally. We'll worry about it later. For now, stay and rest. Once everyone is mended, we can deal with stuff later," Rain waves a hand. She watches the bird quietly. Captain has snarfed and finds a spot on the floor to curl up in front of the fire. "Vehement about exposure?" She tilts her head. "Do you mean Loki? Or the one who hurt you?" She furrows her brows.

The servants will bring food until the bird asks them to stop. "We will put some in the fridge for later. Our shows are on," The butler winks.


"Understood. This one will let him out momentarily. In general, but as of late he has been truly concern because of the one hunting us. This one wants to clear the air, he wants to keep quiet and try to live a normal life. It is not that simple and this one does not understand."

An admission with candor from it?

"Thanks very much for all of the help, sirs and ma'ams. This one would not have recovered as quickly without."

After a few moments of letting the food settle and the injuries heal a bit more, the bird-thing withdraws, leaving a very pale-looking Jim who promptly starts screaming at the top of his lungs, a pure ululation of pain and suffering — not a call for the servants! — and sort of flops onto the sheet strategically placed.

Why, yes, he *is* bleeding like a stuck pig, and no, that isn't a metaphor. At least three visible sources of blood on his front as he tries to place his hand over them, eyes widening even as he tries to fight shock.

That's something one can't just fight on their own…


Rain is quiet, listening. "I understand. It's hard to give up a normal life. I didn't always have magic," She admits. She seems quietly sympathetic with the bird. "You're very welcome," The two servants reply, waving and heading into their quarters. Captain is slowly settling in to rest in front of the fire. Then - a screaming Jim is bleeding.

Poor guy. Rain has to kick into Emergency Push Mode(TM). She moves with the towels to cover him, going still and quiet. "It's okay. I'm here. You're going to be alright," And she falls silent, into her sort of trance state. She has to /seriously/ push, so it looks intense as it does serene. It's a bit faster than usual, but he'll start mending. Mind, it still takes a few minutes.


As his punctured body re-knits — thankfully no vital organ damage, he must have had the Devil's own luck — the burly salt-and-pepper'd fellow is crying and whimpering. It doesn't matter to him right now, there's no 'macho' in this, it just plain HURTS. There's a little bit of 'push-back' at first, that Rain has probably not encountered before, but then when she really dumps herself into the process that resistance evaporates like morning mist.

Re-assuring tones and words are very helpful, and he tries not to move too much even as the new tissue itches and his body is trying to send him conflicting signals.

At least he's stopped screaming.


Again, poor Jim. Rain doesn't think less of him for whimpering or crying. She'd probably doing much the same. The resistance makes her take a deep breath and gently push back, pouring herself into her magic. She's got a life to save.

Rain is a bit awkward and shy - she's got a degree in electrical engineering and fits the stereotype aside from that she has great perception and empathy. "It'll be fine. You're going to be alright. Just give it a moment," She promises. She's doing her best to sound warm and soothing. She knows he'll be okay. And it's hard not to want to hug him and stuff. But she'll wait until he mends. At least the screaming stopped. "How are you feeling now?" Healing is going to take about 15-20 minutes, and Rain will look more tired than usual after it. She had to use a surge of magic.


Jim gives her a couple of short nods, so as not to disrupt whatever it is that is being done to him. He's never had this sort of experience before… well, he's been a side-car passenger when the partner does its eat/heal thing…

"Like hell probably feels like after a hangover?"

He gives a bit of a weak smile and grimaces as other parts of his body adjust to 'notbeingabouttodie' and more 'hip bone to the thigh bone', etc.

"Thank you?"


Rain is quiet, until she finishes. She looks at him and smiles weakly. It will be fully mended when she's done. A little nod. "You're welcome. Would you like anything to eat or drink? I'll bring you a blanket and pillow so you can rest." Captain peers over, tail wiggling a little. "Yup, he's good." "Thanks, Doctor Cat." The two are wry with one another, but there is an immense amount of caring. She genuinely seems concerned about Jim.

"I can give you some over the counter pain killers and stuff, but I can't really get my hands on heavy duty pain killers. I'm working on my technique," She admits.


"Just maybe a pitcher of water, please?" He pokes at the mended areas a little bit. It's okay to be a little bit skeptical about such things, isn't it?

"No, no pain killers, I'm… gonna suck… it up." It was his own fool fault for getting shot, he might as well suffer a bit for being an idiot, right? He tries not to think about what technique Rain might be talking about as he smiles weakly. "Thank you… and… tell your staff to be extra watchful and be very careful, Rain. Bad things are happening out there."


"Sure," Rain smiles at Jim to let him poke in peace. He is mended and whole. Captain watches him with some amusement. "I'll leave some out in case you need to sleep. But uhm. Sure." She seems puzzled as to why he wants to suffer. And hey, magical pain killers, right?

"I'll let them know and make sure our wards are good and tight," She points out. "And trust me, I know. I used to be homeless," She notes quietly. "You're welcome to crash here, by the way."

Rain returns momentarily with a pitcher of water and glass for Jim.


"Thank you."

He can't get rid the images of the casual devastation layered upon the area where he got shot, between the Joker and the psychopathic combat-skirt-wearing woman who tore apart others with devastating precision… or the getting shot… or… the partner going off the deep end and allowing two of the 'clowns' to be burnt alive as a 'shield'. He'll be up a good long while trying to reconcile that, somehow.

He sips the water quietly and nods.

"Sorry to burst in like that."


Rain smiles. "You're welcome. And think nothing of it. My doors are always open when you need them," She remarks quietly. "If you need to talk, eat, sleep or healing, well. We're here." She seems to genuinely care, peering at him with intensely purple eyes. Captain is curling back up, eyes half closed. Being a cat is exhausting business. If one looks out the window, David is patrolling out back with an immense two handed axe as big as himself. He seems to move quietly, too. He probably hides it with illusory magic so as not to startle the mortals, but it seems it is his night to wander the back. The fireplace is still going, warm and crackling. It valiantly banishes the shadows as Rain gathers up the messy towels.


It doesn't take long for the portly fellow to drift off after the rush of adrenaline wears off, the healing has kicked in, and the nice warm fire from the fireplace sort of deadens his awareness. While his face isn't peaceful as he slumbers, it is a bit less pained though no less tortured. Something bad must have happened to him.

He offers no resistance as things are moved around him, slowly working to a snore.


Rain will make sure he has a blanket and pillow, too. The fire will be tended, likely by a servant once she drifts off. And indeed, Rain will likely make sure he gets breakfast and is okay in the morning.

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