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October 27, 2014: In discussing Halloween costumes, Lian voices how Roy should be a princess, just like them.

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The entirety of giving Lian Harper the experience she'd wanted of visiting a magical winterland, where she could make her home in a castle… well, as much as Roy Harper wished he could make it happen, it just -wasn't- doable for him.

So the next best thing he could do was provide his little princess with the costume she -wanted-. Elsa it was. Anna… that would have to go to someone else.

And that was a simpler thing, to preserve a child's pure heart by convincing someone else to go with her as Anna.

At least this time it would be easier to do so with Koriand'r.

Instead of trying to explain Halloween, Roy'd simply handed Lian over.

And this, perhaps, was why Lian was drawing a picture of a pumpkin, complete with a witch in the background. "This is a pumpkin, and that's a witch. Halloween is all about the witches and the pumpkins and trick or treats. And dress-up. It's to keep the bad spirits away."

Kori is sitting behind Lian on the couch in Roy's place, almost a lounge on her side though she is rocked forward, peering over Lian's shoulder like a curious creature, her head tilted and that curtain of flame red hair falling downward to spill over the edge.

She is still trying to grasp this Halloween thing, and while watching Lian she is playing Frozen in the background as further inspiration.

"Bad spirits? Tricks hm? I can dress up…" She says just before glancing at the screen, the obvious attempt to take this all in quickly, there.

Roy, admittedly, had decided it was far better to just leave it to Lian to explain -why- they must dress up. Children had a way of simplifying things to the bare essentials. Dressing up. Getting candy. Explaining why it was okay to have scary things one night of the year. And more importantly, why some people liked to dress up as princesses (because they're pretty) and monsters (because boys are yucky) and superheroes (because they're good) and villains (because they're bad, only it is pretend.)

Roy, meanwhile, is placing bowls of candy on the counter, to be 'ready' for the season, and setting out newspaper as he prepares to haul the pumpkin onto the counter for carving. "Just think about how you want to do trick or treats, Lian. Are you going to put on a skit for every house?"

"No. That would take toooooo long. I want to go to as many houses as we can for candy!"

Yes, children did have a way of getting to the Important Things.

"I had K'tten make me something that might help… I think I know what I want to do…" Kori sounds unsure, it is something she has not done in a long time, and as she pushes from her lounge upon the couch bare feet touch the ground of the apartment floor, rising to a stand, and as she moves towards the candy bowls Roy is setting out her hand fumbles over a remote device..

Each and every step seems to produce a change, from bare toe to head that tawny sunset huen skin begins to /change/ and become paler, like a liquid fighting gravity (but digitally) it ascends bare legs, over hips and beneath that purple armor, spanning across her abdomen and down shoulders to fingertips as well as her face. Slowly but surely her eyes even change. No solid emerald stare. That emerald bears whites and pupils to directly show her focus on the 100 Grand fun size she snares.

"It is not going to make the spirits angry if I have one now?" Aside from that armor… Kori /looks/ very… Human.

"Wh… wow," Roy goggles, as he eyes the skin change. "That's a neat trick, all right." Offering the bowl of candy to Starfire, he considers the change. "You just made yourself human-looking."

Lian, however, is impressed. "Wow, you can be -Anna-!" she exclaims. "It's okay, right, Daddy? She's just dressing up for Halloween. She's still Kori!"

"Yeah, you're right, princess," Roy grins. Holding up the bowl just a bit higher, Roy adds, "The spirits won't be upset if you have one now. It's only candy."

Looking down and then up Kori looks at Roy and tilts her head. "You do not like it?"

Though tha question is almost moot with Lian's exclamation and statement, one hand rising and a cock of the wrist has her gesturing towards the little girl with a smile. "See, now I can be her family."

Now she unwraps the candy after it is rest-assured she wont ire the unseeable and takes a bite. "Best costume ever." Kori states between chews, smiling at Lian and glancing to Roy.

"Oh, just… thinking I might be thinking a little too much," Roy admits. It was one night, she was dressing up as Anna for Lian, and…

… Hnh. What was it he'd told her already? 'Dress up as someone else you haven't ever been'.

"Say, Kori… you don't suppose I could get another one of those gadgets…?" he asks, thinking. "Might as well try being, I don't know… an Indian Prince or something."

"Aladdin!" Lian exclaims. "Or… Jasmine! Can you be Jasmine, Daddy…?"

"… no, Princess. I'm not dressing up as Jasmine."

"You want it to become a woman?" Kori is now pausing mid-chew to stare deadpan at Roy, one solid slow blink and then she is glancing at Lian.

"This only does so much for the /physical/. The inanimate is up to you to wear and provide. Though…" Finally she finishes the candy bar and smirks, tapping a finger over her lower lip, the smile growing with every tap…

"I /do/ have /just/ the Jasmine outfit for you…"

"No, Lian. Daddy does -not- want to be a pretty princess," Roy points out.

"But Daddy…" Lian's lips quiver.

"Daddy does not go out with makeup."

"But it's HALLOWEEN, Daddy!"

"Yeah, but Daddy does not -dress up- as a PRINCESS. Ever. Especially not a pretty princess. Ask Kori."

As Kori is drug into this exchange, her eyes ar dancing between them, and when he says to 'ask Kori' her hands shoot up, both of them as if she has surrendered to it or has washed her hands of it. Surrender to Lian.

"It is a holiday to be what you normally /aren't/." Tossing his words back at him Kori simply deigns a large toothy smile, the human facade rippling beneath the holo projection, slowly melting away.

"I have /just/ the outfit for you though." Kori states as she heads to the couch and lifts the bag from the gypsy woman, dangling it from fingertips and bouncing it lightly with that grin omni-present.

There was a brief -look-, as Roy considers just how he -didn't mean it- about pretending to be someone else. That… that was definitely -very- much someone else he wasn't about to do…

"I just wanted to try Aladdin…! Who, I know, was _Persian_, but still…!" Roy begins, before the bag is lifted up. Lian squeals, as she tugs her father. "Do the -sparkly dress-, Daddy!"

"… oh god, I am so not pulling out the razor…"

Okay, Lian was getting -too- excited and Kori saw that look on Roy, he was getting trapped into this. As funny as it is, she sets the bag aside and attempts to change the subject.

"How about we find me an Anna dress first to match you so we can be sisters, and then we decide on what to help your dad wear?" Diversions! Kori can lay them, and hopefully this one works.

Leaning against the counter now, lightly poking through the bowl of candy as if in restraint against taking more she whispers to Roy. "That outfit would require /alot/ of razoring…"

"I… yeahhhhh. Find her a dress first."

Running his hands over his face as soon as Lian turns her attention back towards Kori, Roy darts a look followed by a "Don't suppose K'taen could come up with a more elaborate gadget…? Because I'm not -interested- in an all-over shave" whisper.

"Who would you want to be, Roy?" Kori has had to rattle her brain, and has come to the final conclusion Anna -is- the one and only for her, especially when her eyes go to Lian and that small smile plays on the corners of her now pinkened lips.

"I can't see anything other then you.. Or the snowman." Smirk. "I can ask her once you decide." Folding her arms across her bare abdomen she picks out and palms another candy… "I'll get more." She likes her sweets, don't hate!

"… I was saying Aladdin," Roy replies, though he sighs. "Or the snowman."

"Be a _princess_ like us, Daddy!" Lian insists, quite loudly, her attention shifting back. "Promise!"

"Oh no, no, no. I'll be Olaf. Or Hans. Or even the Duke. But not a princess."

"But Daddy! You said girls could do anything boys could! So boys can do anything girls can!"


Desperately Roy looks towards Starfire, and finds… amusement. "… I… I'll think of something…?"

Unwrapping the candy, Starfire is just smiling down at it. Taking her sweet time to unwrap the chocolate, peeling it free like a banana.

"I… I'm sorry Roy. She wins. I am out of suggestions, save the ones you told me." Now Kori looks at Lian and slides down the side of the counter to get on her level.

"But you both also told me it is the holiday to be anything you /want/ to be. What does your dad want? Wha will make him feel special?"

Tugging the chocolate in half Kori offers the other part to Lian, making a hush gesture. It's late, kids and candy=Doom.

"… I'm sorry, Lian. I don't think Daddy would make a pretty Princess," Roy sighs.

"So be an ugly princess!" Lian retorts, even as she munches the chocolate quickly and furtively when she thinks her father's not looking.

"Is there even -one-? What about…" He pauses, considering. "Ugh… maybe I'll just go as a holo-princess after all."

"He can go as himself then. Boys /are/ ugly princesses.." Kori is now slowly shying away, rising to a stand and /sliding/ along the counters edge in a sidestepping escape.

"I think I hear my phone ringing… My Prince Charming might be calling me.." As she is trying to head away that projected imagery making her human begins to fade.

"Heyyyyyy!" Roy gives Starfire full pursuit then, going after Kori and leaving Lian to make a face.


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