Epilogue: Mine

October 28, 2014: The morning after he died, Keith O'Neil has a new lease on life. Gar wants to make sure the Resurrection Pill doesn't wear off.

Titans' Castle

The inside of the three-lobed castle is modern in style, with a
smoothly curved,bullet-proof tempered glass wall revealing the courtyard to
anyone on the ground floor of the building; concrete and steel pillars at the
towers and halfway along the walls for structure, securable doors opening to
the courtyard at the towers, and the tree in the middle, sometimes lit by
internal lights.
The front tower door opens (with a weather-lock entry hall) onto an
entrance parlor that can be used to entertain guests. The left tower ground
floor holds a library, research, and study area. The right tower ground floor
holds a kitchen and dining area, along with a laundry and other utilities.
The walls are lined on the inside, away from the glass, with
stretched-X doubled-back stairways leading up to the second floors, and with
bookshelves and artwork niches under the stairs; the hall itself is wide
enough for two people to walk side by side easily.
The front tower upstairs has a set of four guest rooms sharing a
single bathroom; the left and right towers have been set up with four
residence-rooms each. Each room is large enough to be comfortable for one
person, two if they're friendly.
Concealed elevators at each tower give access from the ground floor
and also give access to the underground.



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It is morning at the Titans Estate, and if is a very quiet morning considering last night's events. Everybody was exhausted in one way or another, and blessed sleep was a commodity.

Well… everyone except Vorpal. To the young man, the brush with death had brought a new, reconstituted body, and so he was free from exhaustion (though not from glass in his feline form). Everybody went to sleep and he stayed up to comb glass out of his fur. When that was done, he changed into his human form-

And was, yet again, surprised. His facial features had altered once again. Not drastically… but there were differences. His eyes were more almond-shaped, like a feline's, for one. He didn't know how he felt about that.

He had too much energy to think about it, anyways, and so he spent the night cleaning and unpacking things for the kitchen and the parlor.

And so, when morning comes, the door to the room he shares with Gar is opened and he walks in, barefoot for silence, and walks slowly towards the bed, setting his shoes down by the foot of the bed as he tries to slip in quietly.

He's not sleepy. Not in the least… but now that his energy is beginning to approach normal levels, he feels he can lay down on the bed next to gar without being all jittery.

Gar stayed up to help with the glass-combing, and to make sure that there were no bad side effects - then collapsed into a poodle on the floor. Standard poodle, green, lamb-cut not lion-cut.

He shifted a lot in his sleep; any time Vorpal came in, he found a different animal, though fortunately none of them were terrible, mythical, or unsafe. He was even human, or close, several times. But in the morning, Gar's suddenly awake. There's someone warm nearby. He pulls the covers down from over his eyes, and says, "Hey. Good. You're still alive. I dreamed you turned into a redwood tree and they cut a tunnel for cars through you."

Keith slips under the covers and his arms reach to embrace Gar, give him the reassurance of contact that yes, he's still alive. "I'm fine, thanks to you guys." He says, moving in close. "Complete and without a hole, but whole. Just for you, if you'll still have me," He says quietly with a little tug at the corner of his mouth.

Gar peers. "You're not eating crackers, are you?"

Not that he's letting go. He's trying to restrain himself to stay human and not wrap Vorpal up in snake coils, or ape arms, or liger claws. This is fortunate because it means he's listening to the sound rather than to the actual words, or he'd be laughing and checking.

"Mine," he mutters instead.

"As you wish," Keith replies in a Wesleyish tone, and a little smile. He doesn't have Gar's restraint, so it is good that he cannot change shapes like that, because very soon the green man will find a pair of strong arms and a pair of equally strong legs wrapped around him and hugging him tightly with a sharp intake of breath. It had been only a few hours ago that he was sure he'd never be able to hold Gar again. The scar was back on his chest- different in shape a little, but still there. "I am home now."

"You know, the thing about that movie that bugged me? They left out the reference to the dull parts," Gar says. Because seriously, that was a history book not a fairy tale. That's what made it so terrible when they sent Westley away, and when the story ended before the Pill wore off.

And now Gar's sniffing carefully at Keith to make sure there isn't any change in his chemistry — no hint that the Resurrection Pill is going to wear off.

The redhead retains his scent- there are a few anomalies here and there, his metabolism hasn't quite come down to its usual level, but it is nothing to be concerned about, considering he's basically kickstarting a new body that is a near-exact replicate of his old one. There is a heavy underlying scent of spices, from mucking about the kitchen and setting up the cabinets, and some of the essence of Fall from his impromptu walk around the courtyard garden. "Well, I have a similar beef with the Neverending story, there they left out the entire book." Okay, that was unfair, considering the book was five hundred pages… but still.

"Hey," Keith shudders a bit when Gar sniffs him by his neck- slightly ticklish- "… are you okay?" he asks, fingers curling through green hair.

"Yeah, I will be. I was pretty sure we'd get you back together. Hey. If those retro-eat-their-own-backsiders had tried to make me into their troublemaker, what would you have done?? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to be stuck that way — those thorns were horrible," Gar says. He kisses the spot on Keith's neck where they'd dug into the Cait's spine. Bastards.

Keith shivers at the kiss, and returns it in kind. "Gar, I would have torn the world apart to get you back."

Those thorns were horrible.

"It was like being and yet it was like being completely mindless," he says, the part of his soul that is the Cait's answering. "All I knew was pain and the desire to lash out. I couldn't think of you, every time I tried, pain distracted me."

"I'm back now. Nobody is going to take me from you. Not even death could, and that was pretty nasty." He looks into the green eyes and raises an eyebrow a little. "You see? Something did take over my soul." A flashback to the conversation they had in the cabin, shortly after his trip to Greenland, "And I made it with the help of my friends. And you. You were… the perfect support, Garfield. I can't tell you how much it meant, or how much you mean to me. I want to…" he trails off, finding words inadequate several times. "… just…"

"Now you know why I don't over-do the talking about it," Gar says, smiling. He pulls Keith into a closer hug, if possible - they'd have to take their skin off or something to get any closer, and that would wreck the moment.

Well. There were other ways but, at the moment, that would be LESS close, paradoxically enough.

"I do," Keith whispers back and simply enjoys the warmth, and being close to Gar like this, on their bed, in their room.

One hand slides up and down Gar's back, stroking his spine with his fingertips. "Y'know, I was going to bring you breakfast in bed. See how awful I am at sticking to plans?"

Breakfast. Gar's stomach notices that someone has mentioned breakfast. It makes zoo noises.

"Aww. You woke it up," Gar says. "How about breakfast in the courtyard? Is it too nasty out?"

"Well… the tree isn't dead, the weather is a bit cold, but… er, the courtyard will need a little bit of love before we can let guests in to take in the gardenias." Keith smirks. He nuzzles Gar's ear and gives his earlobe a rather teasing nibble. "Oh… yeah… I think…. I think I'm ready. Whenever, you know… you feel ready, too." It isn't as if the subject is taboo, but Keith enjoys being coy about it just to be a tease. When you have a near-death experience (or a death-death experience), some things come into sharp focus. Wasted time is one of them. Another one is missed connections. "We could take a week off before we start doing things again. To relax… celebrate the fact that we're both alive." And hungry. His own stomach answers Gar's with its own style of accompaniment.

"I don't know if the universe will allow it, but we can try," Gar says. "And we'd better feed the beasts before they rebel."

He hugs tighter at the suggestion, and figures they'll find the right time and place… the universe will provide, essentially. Zen Gar is Zen, or is it Tao? Which is a reminder, Gar has to work on his Monkey King impersonation, not Hanuman, the other one… if he can just find a sea pin.

Gar pulls the covers off them and swaps to a clean pair of shorts, then pulls on one of his 'short-pants, short-sleeves, bare hands, bare feet' outfits, growing a bit furry when the breeze hits.

"What's breakfast? Grits? Poutaine? Please don't say it's just coffee and a half piece of fruit, I don't know how Europeans don't all die of starvation."

Keith laughs, taking a little longer to get out of bed. He rather enjoys seeing Gar change, and he does give him a little whistle of admiration at the outfit. Who can blame someone for appreciating their boyfriend in a flattering outfit? "Please, after last night? After you went and braved oblivion to save my soul? You're getting a genuine German breakfast. I went into town and got a whole slew of things." It only took him thirty minutes back and forth, because he was exhilarated to try traveling through the Rabbit Hole again. "I found a little shop run by an old German couple… delightful people. Their son is a big fan of yours, by the way. So… " Keith slides off the bed and he wraps his arms around Gar from behind, resting them on his stomach. "… you deserve the breakfast of a king. Someday I'll be a ble to give you one. But this morning, it is fruits, bread, cheese, meats, jellies, and a few little extras along with hot cocoa, because it is Fall."

"I see your subtle plan," Gar laughs. "You intend to stun me with food. Well, they do say to breakfast like a king."

Not that they'll dine like misers, at the end of the day, because by then they'll probably have to go fight supervillains, and the only food they'll be able to find will be Sunkin Donuts or mcSquiddies, and that's not miserly, nor is it cheap.

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