Epilogue: Yours

<October 28, 2014>: Keith comes by to thank Raven for helping to bring him back from the brink of death.

Titans Castle

The inside of the three-lobed castle is modern in style, with a
smoothly curved,bullet-proof tempered glass wall revealing the courtyard to
anyone on the ground floor of the building; concrete and steel pillars at the
towers and halfway along the walls for structure, securable doors opening to
the courtyard at the towers, and the tree in the middle, sometimes lit by
internal lights.
The front tower door opens (with a weather-lock entry hall) onto an
entrance parlor that can be used to entertain guests. The left tower ground
floor holds a library, research, and study area. The right tower ground floor
holds a kitchen and dining area, along with a laundry and other utilities.
The walls are lined on the inside, away from the glass, with
stretched-X doubled-back stairways leading up to the second floors, and with
bookshelves and artwork niches under the stairs; the hall itself is wide
enough for two people to walk side by side easily.
The front tower upstairs has a set of four guest rooms sharing a
single bathroom; the left and right towers have been set up with four
residence-rooms each. Each room is large enough to be comfortable for one
person, two if they're friendly.
Concealed elevators at each tower give access from the ground floor
and also give access to the underground.



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While she was taken to the medical wing of the castle, she moved herself to her own quarters the moment she had the strength to do so. Raven can be as stubborn as just about anyone when it comes to matters of self, so it is unlikely anyone would want to prevent her… much less have the strength to do so after last nights events.

Right now she's sitting in a chalk warding circle with brightly glowing black candles giving off an eerie purple flame. Her eyes are closed and she looks horribly out of sorts with her hair a mess and matted and her chakra glowing a sickly greenish-red color.

The door is closed to her room and for good reason. The sounds coming from inside is like someone is trying to hog tie a rancor.

It is, indeed, a thing that Keith has very poor judgment skills on some things. When it comes to others, though, bad decisions are usually made mostly out of a desire to be helpful.

Such a desire is what impels the young man to knock very gently on Raven's door, a tray of something being carried in his free hand.

The sounds coming from behind the door were terrifying, but there were things he just had to do. And she did almost succumb to her father trying to save them all, so… here he is. Gulping.

Those sounds are even more terrifying right up close to the door. The sound of a dozen different demonic voices all trying to speak over one another, the sound of growls and otherworld beasts snarling and snapping at something yet unseen. In the center of it all, Raven remains confidentally and comfortably secure behind her wards.

It is a purging spell. Removing what remains of her father's taint from her soul, but to do so she must invite the wrath of his minions. Usually she would not do this within the walls of the Castle, but given her weakened status she was left with very few options. Not while there was even a small chance that he may claim her while she slept.

Then enter Vorpal. Poor Keith who had to see the very worst of Raven just seconds before she thrust a blade through his heart. She will never understand what compels these people, the ones who call themselves her friends, to remain as such knowing what and who she is.

When he knocks upon her door, the sounds within the room grow deathly silent… instantly. And in the abcense of them, that silence is probably deafening.

"What?" Is Raven's reply. Quiet, not empty or impassive as usual… just tired.

"Rachel?" Keith says quietly at the door. "It's me. I've got some of that tea," that strange one that Gar learned to make in Africa. He made it every day after the Oroboros incident. "And some things to eat." Now that, he had prepared himself- steamed vegetable fare. The taste wasn't up to par with Raven's favorite restaurant… but it wasn't bad, either. He figures that, with whatever it is she is dealing, she needs some energy.

There is only silence behind that door for what likely drags on into an uncomfortable amount of time. Rachel sitting on the floor just staring at the closed door like she can will Keith away by power of her absolute quiet… yet she is aware that he's standing there because she can feel the worry radiating off of him like a furnace. Why does he even care?

She will never know.

"It is unlocked." She finally says, not looking away and certainly not looking the best she has in quite some time when he finally comes in.

Keith's worry goes up a notch when he sees the state she's in, but he's got the manners not tos how alarm in his face.

(Not that it matters, with an empath, but at least the thought matters-)

"I know there are things you've got to do… but I figured I'd bring these over for you to recharge… everybody is still tired from last night," he says diplomatically. As far as he knew, Gar was still sleeping it off as well- he woke up and slid off the bed while the green one was still snoring. Keith operated under the assumption that when Garfield returned to the world of the waking, it would be with the appetite of three men. There's plenty of food downstairs, let's just say. He's still not fully recovered from the shock of the procedure himself but he is far too grateful about his new lease on life to let that stop him for long. "The tea helps a lot."

Despite how she may look, Rachel does not let the fact that she is worse for ware sway her otherwise oppressive stare. It is her physical appearance that is effected, not her emphatically impassive expressions, afterall. How she can contain so much emotional runoff without a healthy helping of therapy is a matter worthy of several lifetime stories.

"Thank you." She says flatly, perhaps genuinly meaning or maybe hoping that it means he'll leave now that she has accepted his offer. She certainly doesn't extend any invitation to stay. Simply sits there with her legs crossed, barely (JUST barely) clothed, and surrounded by what is absolutely without a doubt some kind of dark magic ritual circle.

You would think that would be it, really: come in, deliver the goods, leave. Keith sets down the tray with the tea and the meal carefully, but he doesn't leave. Instead, he asks very quietly. "Is there anything I can do?"

Rachel is trying to be patient, it is so very clear in her expression (or lack there of), but it is also clear that she is not as in command of her emotional control as usual. Her eyes narrow slightly at him and her lips press together in a fine line. "Do you know how to clean demonic taint off of someone's soul?"

"I don't" he admits, and looks at the candles. He resists the urge to apologize- because it's rather hollow to say 'I am sorry your soul got demon-fondled because of me,' because it doesn't really fix the issue.

Instead, he sticks his hands in his pocket and feels the object in his right pocket. "I heard you last night when I was dead. You helped me."

Raven likely expected this answer because she starts to nod and offer some, probably, unpleasant farewell until Keith interjects this latter statement… It pauses her a moment, just long enough to stare at him. "Of course I did." She says as if he should have 'known' she would.

"You are aware that this is what friends do? I hope, genuinely, that I do not know more about the act of friendship than you do…." Because let's face it, she is a novice at this whole business.

"I'm just surprised. I didn't know the dead could hear." The redhead removes a small objects from his pocket and moves it from hand to hand. "I know you're dealing with a lot so I'm not going to pester you for long… when you're feeling better, though, consider an invitation to dine out. My treat. Somewhere quiet without a lot of people. Just, you know, to talk."

"Keith." Rachel starts quietly, sizing him up rather porficiently with only a slip of her eyes. She pauses in whatever she was going to say, however, and just stares at him. "Okay." A quiet sigh, looking at the flickering candles all around her. "Now, if you do not mind…" Trying, so hard, to be polite.

"Right, yes, sorry." Keith says hurriedly and places the object on the tray as well. It's close enough for Rachel to see- it looks like an ivoryrose with a skull nestled in its center (http://www.skullis.com/ProductImage/4900884/Tagua-Nut-Crystal-Skull-04.jpg) Any closer examination would reveal that it is not, in fact, ivory, but the so-called 'vegetable ivory' known as tagua.

"If you need anything, just call, I'll be downstairs cooking," the redhead says and exits the chamber hurriedly so as to stop interrupting what Raven needs to do. He closes the door behind him quietly.

Raven regards the object sitting on the tray, but she does not reach for either the food or the tagua rose and skull as both are outside her warding. Instead, she takes a deep breath and closes her eyes so that the world around her sinks away to be replaced by the dark realm of her father.

No sooner does Keith take several steps away from the closed door does the sounds within Rachel's chamber begin again in ernest. The battle within is a raging chaotic thing and it likely echoes down the hallways in both direction and across the floor up and down.

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