October 28, 2014: Shopping and seriousness… Kinda.

Queensland Park

Originally, this land was set aside by King George III for his consort Queen
Charlotte, though after the Revolution those who wanted to live like 'Kings'
quickly set up their farms and became the shining welcome to newcomers to

This area is home to the bulk of the immigrant population and while in other
areas, like New York and Gotham, would say that members of these diverse
ethnic cultures cannot live in close proximity, the residents of Queensland
Park prove it untrue.

Welcome to the melting pot of humanity.



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Considering the people are slowly adapting to Starfire's presence here, this is where she tends to be found in Metropolis, that and her ship is parked right above the coast here to monitor. Though it goes unseen and unknown of by the locals it's only hospitable…

To indulge in everything.

She is putting her holo projector to use, the normally orange skinned woman is wandering about in a 'human' guise the small device makes for her, only changing her skin from that tawny orange to the pale facade of a human, though her long flame huen hair still hangs in a thick braid over her shoulder and downward to have ends dangle just at her hip. Her eyes also have taken on 'normalcy' whites, pupils, but the color is a dead giveaway, still that glowing emerald, and right now thy are narrowed as she is standing in the Halloween decorated streets and trying to fit her tall statuesque figure into a pre-packaged costume.

This had been attempted before and she has already had to pay for /hulking/ out of the seams. Turning she is offering the back to Roy to try and have him help her fasten it together. Anna to go to Lian's Elsa. "I'm beginning to think this s not going to work out."

He'd managed to postpone his -costume- for another day. Although there was rumblings from Lian about getting Kori to watch Aladdin, as there were inquiries as to just who 'Prince Ali Abawa' and 'Jasmine' were. God willing, the holiday would be -over- before Kori 'helped' K'tten.

Studying the costume, however, Lian was all too pouty. "You're too tall."

Roy, on the other hand, only shakes his head, as he starts to try and latch it. And failing. "I think it might be easier to find something at one of those custom-made costume shops. There's bound to be -something- that fits. I mean, I saw this hockey player wearing an Elsa costume, for chrissakes, in a picture… and he was -taller- than you were."

Lunair will - meet up with the others? Somehow? She manages to find a way one way or another. She's watching the costume business quietly. Lunair isn't really sure what she wants to do. "I think you would probably want to talk to a tailor. Most off the rack clothing doesn't fit most people anyway," Lunair notes quietly. "Then you can alter the fabric as you like. Even the kind of fabric, to be more comfy."
The things humans do for amusement are pretty weird. Vaguely entertaining at times, but Skaar would still prefer a good gladiator fight in the arena. Apparently those also exist in America in some version or another. He will have to investigate at some point. "Remind me why are you doing this, princess," he requests to Kori.

Seems as if the gang is all here, save two people. One is off doing who knows what with his other group and the other… Kori doesn't want to think on it too much, Diarmuid is a curious being but one she doesn't think will be healthy to /crack/.

"Are you going out for Tricks and Treats?" Kori asks Lunair as she smiles down to Lian. "See? Even she says we can do it."

Though Skaar's inquiry has her looking at him with a brow slowly rising. "Because it's what I want to be for a night. One night you can be anything or anyone you want. It's a princess that can be Lian's sister." Kori seems rather sure of herself as the smile slowly grows upon flesh toned lips. "Tricks and Treats sound fun too."

Though she does take a moment to pause since they are all present and speak some business.

"The other day I woke to Jericho with a group on the ship, discussing that tech we found a few days ago in the shop.. The tech that can mess with your head and psycically create illusions…"

Yeah Lunair ad Skaar need filled in.

"Halloween," Roy cuts Lian off before she starts trying to explain all about the various traditions. Better to let the explanation wait for a better time, because the dress is not going to hold up to further strain at this rate. And besides, Lunair might be able to explain this better… she was, apparently, the Hulk-whisperer.

Lunair knows about Halloween at any rate. She looks to Skaar, "Well. It's a holiday in many western countries here on Earth. People used to believe that on a particular night of the year, the dead or the spirits mingle with the living. Or that the spirit world touches the material. People would make lanterns out of things, to help guide -" Pause. "Long story short, it's a holiday. Some believe the costumes were used to scare off evil spirits. These days, it's for fun." She shrugs. She smiles to Skaar. And Lunair? A Hulk-whisperer? She has the social skills of a dead carp.

… but she seems friendly. "I think there was at least one holiday celebrated by a brawl. People don't do that one in the modern era though."
Forgive Skaar for failing to grasp on first how an important holyday revolving around appeasing the dead has become an international dress-up children party. Aren't the spirits of the dead going to be pissed off about it? Those things rarely have a good sense of humor.

"Hrm. Alright." He decides. Starfire's comment about finding alien mind-warping technology in a shop downtown sounds fairly important, though. "Wait, who put those devices there?"

Starfire takes a moment to hold her breath in explaining to 'suck it in' and manage to bend her arms in an odd way while she pulls and shimmies out of the dress that obviously did not fit, handing it back to the shop keep sheepishly.

"Sorry! I need a size bigger…" Or two…

Moving away with her friends, she explains lowly. "The other day we were in that gypsy store, a device was there that Jericho and my ship picked up, but.. When we actually had it in our sights the scanner kept reading its presence but we went from -seeing- it to not -seeing- it. Mentally I thought there was really nothing there…and was calm."

Giving it a moment she stops when out of the hearing of pedestrians and hopefully out of attention and focus because the human holo dropped and left Starfire standing there as her true self. "Through research K'tten and Jericho have determined it is not ours… Not /any/ of ours. K'tten calls it from -Sideways- parallel."

"We're still sorting out where they're from, anyway," Roy notes as he follows along, shaking his head. "What Jericho made it sound like was some sort of Star Trek thing… sorry, that probably won't mean anything to you… some sort of other world altogether in another dimension, not our universe."

Lunair looks thoughtful, tilting her head. "How odd." She seems curious. "What did it look like? I'll keep my eyes out. Although maybe I should be careful I don't like, start wanting to eat brains or kill all humans…"

(To be continued)

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