The Greed of Thieves

October 28th, 2014: Thieves talk of events and money. Is a masquerade in the works?

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It's a Monday, most things are slow going in business, even the Tin Roof, but not slow enough to where it bothered Catwoman, as long as the few spent plenty, and as usual they did.

Gambling comes to a pause though as dealings are looked up from or glimpsed sidelong away from to get a view…

The cages that dangle from the ceiling lower, the pulleys unwinding link by link to let them settle upon the floor, each one getting fine spun webbing stretched across its base, dark purple lights wound around the bars with rusted looking chain links bearing smattering of red adding the decor a much /darker/ touch.

From behind the stage the girls came forth, costumed from the undead look, to that of the wounded… The whole theme here, down to animals - though not one of them is a feline of any sort.

The attire is scant, as these are ladies of the night, and ones who dance for entertainment, netting stretched across flesh, leather pinched and pulled, bindings adorned in the same effigy of log forgotten and decaying metals all the while the makeup applied wounds touched on very real.

One by one they took to their cages and were ascended back into place for the week of Halloween.
Right near the front is where Melody sat. Not too close to the door but, close enough to those cages that descend and drop down upon the stage with a thump, close to at least touch a leg of a model if she so chooses, which she does to poke fun, and move away once the cages go up again. Their makeup was impeccable, the ladies did a very good job; one would think that Selina hired a guru from Face/Off straight out of the winners circle…


"Oh, your package came in, Lara. One coin sash, I left it in your room!" She calls out to one of the women, who replies in a gruesome smile to match the makeup and a clawed thumbs up.

Catching that sign of 'okay', Melody nods and moves towards the bar again, slipping behind it to crawl upon the stool where she perched near the tender, nursing a cold glass of water and a warmed laptop which was soon placed upon her lap. It was almost as if she couldn't live without that thing, but there was research to be had and time was.. kind of sort of the essence. Sort of.
Halloween, a mystifying holiday for the faux-French thief called Fantomex. Does Gotham need to be spookier? Most assuredly not. The contrast with Paris, the City of Light, where he has been plying his larcenous trade the last few years is startling and fascination. Which is why he has not moved to Metropolis or New York. Well, one of the reasons.

The other reason likes to dress up like a cat. Which is fair, it suits her. Since he is a thief that dressed in white, he can hardly go around criticizing other thieves' choice of outfits. At least until he meets one wearing hot pink.

Currently Fantomex is up there, among the beams and scaffolding used to hold the cages. Out of sight for most. He prefers to keep out of sight and his illusions become quite the chore if he has to sustain them for hours.

The lighting shuts off.

A moment of utter darkness in the Club, pure white that split the blackness no more, just enough to let the moment seep in, silence of a 'rehearsal' of sorts to bolster the feeling of endangered species and their gruesome end.

Even Catwoman had her role, but she was in attire that was all too /real/….

As the music began its haunting choir, the smoke machines pumped out their rolling fog that coated over the floor, the beams of light from fixtures flickered to life just in time - the bass drumming out of the speakers with a haunting voice.

The 'dead' and 'hunted/haunted' women began their slow dance as deep purple lights and those blacklights lit back up, streaking to mark an X, over the bare stage with chains now dangling instead of poles in their rooted places, the tinkling crescendo reached when another movement from the rafters comes down.

Spideresque, two hands extend, finger tipped in those diamond and white gold claws twine about the links of cold metal, two separate strands taken as she almost /swan/ dives off the warehouses high posts, sliding down and coming to a halt up-side down. Black and white dred locks dangle in the hover a dozen feet above the stage. Like the liquid smoke rising from the machines the woman laced in black leather /drips/ downward in acrobatic motions, both booted feet twined precariously in the chains while all that was in between and donned in leather /twists/.

Her body is well versed in the acrobatics, even strapped beneath an outfit once pristine for "Leonne" is duly torn up from a wretched reality that almost ended her in prison, the blood stained upon it very real and nothing of costume though the damage and brokenness beneath -mostly- healed. Like a tendril all her own her body moves liquidly down one of those dangling chains, the other used like another wrap of ribbon dancing to take her towards the floor.

No mask, just makeup and the change of attire as well as what she is /called/.

It was the only sound that drew her from her concentration. The bartender stared towards the stage to watch the dancers display, which caused Melody to lean to peer over the side of the man who blocks a view that she once ignored.


She was his friend, no doubt, so the tone was taken lightly and body shifted to stand behind the small woman, hand gripping the back of his chair to steady self and breath as he continued to watch. Melody frowns, however, more worried about the glass that was broken than the dance upon the stage, her lip quirking as she speaks over a shoulder. "You know she's going to make you pay for that, right?"

His shoulder shrugs idly, and with an all too cool lean he mutters in Melody's ear. "Yeah, whatever kid. How about you keep watching and take lessons, instead of sitting on that dumb ass laptop of yours."

"Hey. It's not dumb. And I don't dance. Dancing is for extroverts and pretty people."
Fantomex peers, even in the darkness. Then smiles behind his mask. Gotta love a woman that knows how to make an entrance. Now where is she going? Ah, right.

There is a soft *thud* at Melody's side as Fantomex lands on the bar, dropping all the way from the ceiling and somehow not breaking his legs. Nice acrobatics no one saw because they are looking at Selina. "Bonjour," he greets Melody, sliding to the floor gracefully. "Extroverts and pretty people, you say? But you are at least one of those, mademoiselle."

Moving almost serpentine the chain twines about her waist, her hand wrapping it up, looping it around… And dropping her body went horizontally, spinning like a yo-yo in her downward spiral that has her moving at a pace only to come to an abrupt stop dangling with features just above the stage with arms outstretched and one hand holding the chain that acted as a -brake-.

One knee touched down, followed by the other so she knelt there as she unwound the rest of the chain and /crawled towards Mel, her friend, and Fantomex, sopping juts before them, kohl lined gaze of sapphires up-tilting with the smile though the clawed digit extended to press just beneath Mel's chin in that uncoiling of appendage, making her lift her head.

"You really need to stop underestimating yourself." Tsking at her she lowers the claw with a silently swift recoil into her palm, the male behind Mel not really given much more then a skim.

Position shifts when her eyes fall upon Fantomex, the smile on ruby huen lips spreading. "See? Even he agrees?" She asides towards Mel. "Revenez a jouer?" Inquired towards Fantomex after, the smile growing as she waves with clawed fingers.

Being meta and skilled would have prepared her for Fantomex's arrival. Yet she was only one of those things, so as soon as the *thud* happened? She jerked and jumped, swift hands immediately grasping upon the screen of the laptop to sturdy it against her legs. "Ho-ly.."

She takes a breath, head turning to hide the momentary embarrassment, her body nearly curling into herself as a knee lifts to bat away the compliment along with a blush that follows.


She didn't know who this man was, but dammit, she liked him.

Attention swayed towards him attire though, brows curling into a little frown as her head tilts to study. The tickle of her chin from the crawl that was sadly missed causes her to crackle beneath pressure to giggle like mad. She was ticklish.

"I can't help it. I guess it's humor? I don't know.."

She was flustered.

She didn't understand French (yet), so she allows the two to talk, the color-blocked individuals being more interesting than what currently displayed upon the computer screen. They were totally awesome.
"Always up for games, chere," replies Fantomex, taking Selina's gloved hand for a quick kiss. Then he bows to Melody, "we should endeavor to improve your mood till the dancing comes, non? I am Jean-Phillip. Or Fantomex, if you must." He shifts closer to Catwoman, "our mutual friend invited me to see the city. It has been a pleasure, so far."

"You have stayed and returned, I would think you are finding it more then /pleasant/." Saying as much she shifts forward, tucking her legs languidly to swing forward and claim a seat on the edge of the stage, one leg crossing over the other with that tattered leather attire still stretched and moaning in protest.

"It may be impromptu, but I think I want to host an event here, one that leaves pockets empty whether they bid or not." Perched beside Fantomex and in front of Rant she smiles and leans forward to rest her chin in the heel of her hand, clawed fingers tapping along the ridge of high cheekbones.
"I mean, we do not always have to chase the bounty. I think I can host a good enough masquerade that will pull profit."

Now her gaze slide from Melody to Fantomex. "Playing with me now?" Her intoned meaning purred forth just before she stops.

"Forgive my manners. Rant, meet Fantomex." The rest…

Is up to them.
A gentleman! He bows!

Melody sparkles at this, various tiny lights of purples and pinks to match tanned flesh; a little colorful beacon in the darkness of the club. Gah.

"At least you can deal with the smell." Her nose wrinkles, the little joke played in the air and left to see who'd catch.

The mention of the event is what catches her attention however, saving the introduction for a little hand that has gone up, like in school, she wanted her turn to speak and all of the attention on her. That is.. more introductions.

That arm drops to her thigh with a slight slap as sparkled cheeks slowly fizzle. "Jean-Phillip. Fantomex. My name is Melody Kenway. Or.. Rant. Cause I kinda talk too much and my cousins thought it would be a good way to make fun of me but little do they know.." She shakes her finger. "Little. DO. They. Know."

Now that it was out of the way, Melody was focused. If she weren't, Fantomex would have suffered a rather huge and awkward hug from Melody, and silently she's thanking her lucky stars. "Um. About the event. I think it's a great idea. And I know we -could- be rolling and dough and what not from it.. I think I may need to borrow it due to foot in mouth syndrome."
"Sacre bleu. Host a masquerade… and a scam, in your own house?" Fantomex sounds amused, more than alarmed. "Isn't that against the rules? I have to approve," he glances around. Looks like half the party decor is already done. "But now we have to lure here those of wealth which already made plans to be in other events." Maybe he will have to arrange for unfortunate accidents that lead to event cancellations. Shouldn't be too hard.

To Melody introduction, he tilts his head. "Isn't talking too much a sign of… extroversion?" Nothing will save her from dancing, now.

When the hand goes up so does a manicured brow. Slowly, slowly, Leonne is moving to sit upright, those laces of criss crossed inborn corsetry pressing tiny indents along pale and scarred skin.

"Borrow. What? The money made from this?" 'Leonne' is blinking, a one shot that is followed by eyes narrowing.

"You need to elaborate." In earlier cases she'd have already lost her patience when Rant said -could-, but now, she has some pause. Not only is Rant her Fence, but she is her confidante, friend, and life support. Literally at times.

Let's not pre-emptively kill her.

When Fantomex speaks up Leonne looks at him, her head rolling slightly to the side, those blood stained white dred locks cascading over her shoulder to spill back. It was a dangerous and yet playful posture for a moment as one hand rises as if holding the Club on a pedastal. "You will learn Jean. I /love/ breaking all the rules."

Even her own.
Melody grows silent at Jean's words. Hey, he was right. It -was- a scam. Brilliant! All of the cell phone accesses with the bank apps loaded onto their phones? Talk about skimming lunch money from the biz. She nearly lights up with glee.

"Hey. It is. But like.. talking too much could be a sign of deep seeded issues, you know." She wanted to mouth the words 'I hate you' to the man, but she wasn't sure of his joking stylistics.

Things start to get a little bit serious though, once Leonne's attention is on her. She leans back into her chair and the bartender effectively skidaddles from the area.

"Um. Yeah. You see, I was probing the internet looking for something that could gain us a lot of worth." Her eyes go to Jean, and then towards Leonne again. "Basically, in a couple of weeks time, an item is due to arrive at the Gotham Museum for display for three days. Made of pure gold, obviously cased with something that no one wants to open. There's someone out there willing to pay a few million just to have it. I kinda.."

She pauses. Pregnant, awkward moment.

".. said we'd take the job and he's expecting us to do the exchange in Taiwan."

Rule breaking, millions.. "Cool, right?" She laughs nervously, those nanites within her skin firing up a dangerous shade of white. She was waiting for the smack..

"Silly rules are made to be broken," confirms the thief in white. The comments about stealing from the Gotham museum were maybe not for his ears. Rant might talk too much. Still… millions… his greed sense is tingling. It awakens E.V.A., parked on a nearby rooftop, and his technorganic 'partners' begins to gather information. "Other rules need to be broken, in the name of France, and master thieves everywhere."

The glow of white is met with a deadpan stare, it was all far too fitting, but Leonne's sudden move and lean forward has her gripping both sides of Rant's face, fingertips splayed across her profile to dimple curled claws into flesh as she brings her in and presses those red lips against Rant's own, all aglow. A swift gesture that lingers in the nearness as she speaks just amongst the three.

"I do hope this works." Fantomex is not the only one with a greed sense.

"I need a good /stiff/ drink." She now states, her shoulders rolling back to straighten her spine that is touched just at the small by the length of that hair. Now she pauses before Fantomex, a suspicious brow rising, but in tandem with the lift of one corner of her lips. "Do you want in on this? I can be generous if you can be persuasive in not… Trying to intercept."

Reaching forward now two fingers are slowly 'taking a walk' on barb tipped edges up his chest towards his masked face. "Let's cut to the chase and not play too coy. Echec et mat?"
The sudden move was met with a little bit of a drawback. If she was going to take a hit, she knew not to flinch, that would just make it all the worse. But what happened was a surprise, swift as it was, it leaves a lingering impression easily told by the shift of colors from white, raspberry red, and blue.

She kissed a cat and she liked it.

"It will. I have to get a few things first."

Words were said quickly with the thought of The Maestro in mind; they were about to rob Stark, she needs trinkets, code, and whatever else that she could get her hands on that would make it a pretty, pretty mission and penny to be earned. On top of that, she needs the practice. Fence or no, Melody was going to see some action.

Their intentions was lost on her, for nevermind the money, she was all about the thrill. And since no more Smooth was in her future (not that she wanted it, anyways), she had to seek that rush that was embedded and branded upon her soul.

"I gotta go!"

She slips down from the chair to thump the laptop atop of it, immediately slipping from the area behind the bar with an all too clumsy step. She was going straight to the server rooms, her own research was needed, but she was going to leave the plan of action up to the monochrome two.

In other words?

They were going to wreck the side of Gotham that was -not- East End.

Fantomex chuckles and pokes Catwoman under the ribs once, immediately jumping over the bar and taking the role of bartender. "Que desirez-vous, mademoiselle?" He nods to Melody, maybe a drink for her? Alas she leaves. "I wouldn't want to miss it. And if you don't want to make a contest out of it, I will accept a partnership."

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