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October 10, 2014: Three fuzzy blue mutants check out Halloween supplies.

Some store. In a city. With Halloween supplies.

Just a store, nothing to see here.



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While everyone pleads for their parents to take them into 'The City' for shopping for the holidays, Kurt is more than happy to wander the streets of White Plains, a lesser known but still not a bad city in which to shop for 'things'. And 'tis the season for the final sales on Halloween costumes!

Spirit stores have cropped up everywhere; one stop shopping for everything crazy, kooky, scary and not-so-much. As large as a department store, it proports to have everything.

With teleporters, it's never truly a 'road trip' as much as it is a 'bamf trip'. Send the little guys out first, then follow their paths and it's easy.

Now inside the dimly lit 'superstore', the eerie canned music adds a certain ambiance to the place. The bamfs, well.. they're nowhere to be seen, but for the glowing yellow eyes as they sit upon racks, dig through the costumes…


"I was thinking about going as a —" and Kurt pauses in front of a selection of swords, cutlasses and the like, all of rubber…


"I thought the point of Halloween was that you dressed up as things that you weren't?" It took a little convincing to get Hank out of the lab and shopping, but he actually consented without too much arm-wringing. The fact that it's a costume shop and fairly dimly lit also helps.

A clawed hand flicks at some of the gee-gaw accessories hanging on the hooks nearby, "I should just go as Sully from 'Monsters Inc'. Or the Lorax. Or King Kong." Glancing over to Kurt, there's a wry smile, "Or go as myself. Surely that's terrifying enough."


Suddenly: Costume store! As the rank smelling smoke fizzles away it will reveal one narrow-eyed demonic blue girl standing in a martial arts stance that just screams something cheesy like Charlie's Angels, hands raised and ready in chopping forms. "Hwah. Ninjas..Shop!"

Three Bamfs all situated in various places go from having similar crazy poses to puffs of smoke as they teleport further into the store. A heartbeat later one comes back with a way oversized witch's hat flopped atop of its head. "Bamf?"

"Yeah, you're a rockstar," TJ teases while pushing the hat almost fully down to the smaller guy's feet. The resulting *bamf!* is somewhat muted, smoke billowing out from beneath the hat's brim as it starts to fall away.

"Whup-snag! Three points," she announces while spinning the snagged hat about and dropping onto her own head. "Heh, I'm so gangsta." Turning to Beast, there's an "Aw, c'mon! At least take my idea, bleach your fur and go as Sasquatch. Dad didn't want me messing around with industrial chemicals this year, so…" she trails off with a slight shrug.


Kurt grins widely at TJ, particularly at the veiled complaint of no full-body bleaching. "Do you know how long it would take for your fur to grow out? Und what it would look like as it does?" White tipped blue fuzz. "Besides, it's coming to winter. I want to be able to see you in the snow."

Holding up a spray can of silver 'hair paint', he tosses it over towards Hank. "Go as a star?"

Bypassing the swords, Kurt wanders towards the 'scarier' ones; the scream and the like. As he moves, there's rustling around the racks, little chubby spade-tipped tails peeking out every once in awhile before a soft *bamf* sounds.. and they're somewhere else. One is stuck to the side wall, facing down very squirrel-like to look at a costume high upon a wall. "Bamf?"


Beast catches the can of silver paint and looks at it before looking at Talia, "So you would have -me- deal with the industrial chemicals? I see…I suppose that's one way to get rid of me." The can is looked back at for a moment before it's set down. "Oh, yes. I could go as the Bumble from 'Rudolph'. Or not. I don't know that I want to be washing all that paint off."

Noting the Bamfs, he asks, "Do you normally take them shopping? How much do you end up paying each of the stores in damages?"


"Yeah, it would look -awesome!-" TJ counters. "I'd be all ..frosted..! It'd be killer at the clubs and you know it." Right after another -look- is passed toward Beast, though her demeanor visibly relaxes as she favors something more like a sad smile. "Oh, Hank… It's more a matter of playing with hazardous substances being second nature to you while I have Larry and an over-protective trans-dimensional father figure."

Responding to the name 'Larry,' one of the Bamfs pops back onto one of the shelves right behind her, hunkered down on all fours while -staring- at her.

She doesn't have to look to know he's there, thumbing over her shoulder. Having her hand there is enough for Larry to look confused, sitting upright a little further so he can peer over her hand. "See? It's worse than a guard dog crossed with a nanny. Danny-wait, that's not it at all. Donn..crud, wait. I'll figure this one out, hang on."

A snap of fingers soon follows, "Nannog! Now all we need to do is turn it into a corny sixties horror flick and sign on the Mystery Science Theater crew."


"Frosted. Like a flake?"

Kurt simply can't resist, and as he turns his attention back to Beast, the grin remains easily in place. "It washes out. Or,"


Kurt teleports and lands near another display with 'prehistoric' costumes and props hanging off it it. Picking up a rubber bone with his tail, he twists around, "A caveman?"

The moment he's got his tail wrapped about the center of the bone, two bamfs immediately appear, their own little tails wrapping about it. It's a great perch!

Feeling the extra weight behind him now, Kurt exhales in a theatrically put-upon tone and chuckles soon after. "Ja, we do. Would you like me to keep them home next time?" The very thought brings two pair of glowing yellow eyes narrowing, and the pair that are seated upon the bone bamf off only to land one on either side of the good doctor, more than ready to chide him. "Bamf.. bamf.."



"We all know that it's Old Man Whittaker though, causing all the trouble," Beast points out before he moves to a rack with rubber facemasks. "Peroxide isn't all that dangerous in the grand scheme of things. At least, as long as you don't mix it with other chemicals. Why would you want to bleach your entire body? That could get…uncomfortable. Also, aren't clubs dark so would they even see anything that you did to yourself?"

As the Bamfs appear around him, he looks to them briefly before going back to pretending that he's interested in the masks. "I look enough like a Neanderthal enough, thank you. No need to rub salt into that wound." As for the little creatures, "I was curious, mostly. As long as they don't cause me personal distress, it's really none of my business."


"A very -awesome- flake," TJ replies without skipping a beat. "Like a blueberry graced with Reddi-Wip."

Caveman? "Really?" she asks Kurt while planting hands upon her hips. "Anyone could rock the Oog. We've gotta find something that calls to his inner …" she catches herself, looking at Beast with one eye notably bigger than the other. "..scientist."

Blink. "Peroxide…" she quietly considers before the next question comes about. This one she already has an answer for, showing a broad, toothy grin back to the Doctor. "Black. Light. Reactive."

Back to the matter of the Bamfs, she points out "It's kinda like having fifteen annoying younger brothers all going 'can I play?' every second of the day. We'd have a hard time keeping them from tagging along. It's not like you can just close them away in the laundry room. They know how to pick locks."

That and the whole 'teleporting' thing.


Kurt chuckles at the 'blueberry with Reddi-whip' comment and sighs, looking towards Beast. "I don't know where she gets it. I think I will blame her mother." Easy enough to do!

"I don't know, then… und he's not so much an 'inner scientist'. I thought the point of Halloween was to be something one wasn't?" There's the red paint on the end, and a couple of props, including a pitchfork. "For Mischief Night?"

TJ's explanation of the bamfs really is spot on, and Kurt nods, "They are also very nosy. If we left them home, they would get into everything. Including things that aren't theirs."


Furry brows draw down, "What were you going to use to bleach yourself with if you weren't going to use peroxide?" He glances quickly to Kurt before looking back to her and then the Bamfs. "They seem somewhat sentient and intelligent…I would imagine that if you wanted them to stay and could convince them that it was within their best interests that they stay, they would. Maybe you don't give them enough credit." Then again, he hasn't had all that much time to study them in-depth.

"Can't see your nose despite your face, huh? I totally see where she gets it." Pointed teeth bare in a grin then before he looks between the two. "I don't think that there will be much trick-or-treating at the school. But as I said, I could just wear jeans and a t-shirt and I'd be plenty frightening to most."


"You only blame her because she isn't in this reality," TJ counters while reaching for one of those rubber swords to bap Kurt with. Hit or miss she's facepalming right after when he mentions Mischief Night. "Oh, Lord…"

Back to Beast, she says "Bleach! Gets whites whiter. I figure it'd also get blues whiter. You know, like bathroom bleach..? I'd dilute it some first. I'm not -that- silly."

Snapping chunky fingers and pointing to Beast, she confirms "It's the 'convince' part that's difficult to accomplish. They really are smart. This one time I had a cellphone break? They spliced it into my room surround sound. Any idea how annoying those default store jingles are when pumped through a pair of ten inch subs? How about at three in the morning?"

"Bamf!" Larry happily exclaims.

"You hush," Teej automatically cuts him off. "Anyway. Going as something you aren't, right… You're a scientist, so something mythical or magical seems like a good place to start. Could you couple some thermal underwear with a coating of ice, be a Frost Giant? You've got all of the coolest toys on the block, come up with something fancy! You aren't gonna find your calling around here, though it may help spark some inspiration."


"They are quite intelligent- what she said," Kurt agrees, a single finger of his three-fingered hand is raised and pointed in TJ's direction. "Und they use the unlikeliest of things. Toasters. Television wires…" Computer cables?

Kurt grins at his other-dimension daughter; of course he can blame the other-dimensional mother. Though, to be fair, her 'real' father probably does the same at times. 'Where did she get that?' 'I don't know.. must be from your side!'

Putting the little red pitchfork back, Kurt leans it carefully. "You could be a lovely Marilyn Monroe?" Shave the legs, add boobs? "Come, Hank. Don't think 'scary'. Und I happen to like your blue fur, but I am biased, I think. I don't think it's scary at all."


Beast actually facepalms when TJ mentions using regular bleach. "I don't know about your dimension, but in this one, bleach shouldn't be used on carbon-based, organic compounds. That means you." He shakes his head and looks back to Kurt, "Chime in anytime." Back to TJ, "You do realize that using that kind of bleach would most likely result in severe chemical burns and losing patches of your fur? I don't think that you're really going for that particular look. I could be wrong…it's a choice."

At the mention of a Frost Giant, he shakes his head. "I feel like I'm sort of trapped in a costume already. No need to add another on top of it." Kurt gets a chuff, "I know you do. I'm working on it myself. But you two shop around…"


"Or a Marilyn Manson," TJ counters with her grin bouncing right back into place. "He's not scary, either. Just weird." Less scary, "But it -is- Halloween, Dad. Scary is half of the fun!"

Right back to Beast, she gets all theatrical when saying "Nooo, my carbons!" with fists pinned in close against her sternum. Then she hesitates, blinks once, and slowly lowers her hands. "I might have had a little too much caffeine today. Nono..diluuuuted, not full-on chemical burn! I'd only do that if I was going as Deadpool. If you guys even have one of those..?" Maybe the joke is lost to these two. "Nevermind."

Hank's dwindling enthusiasm causes her shoulders to hang slightly, but she's not about to let it get in the way. If there's one thing the Wagners can do, it's inject positive energy into darn near any situation.

"Say, Hank… Would you like to go back to the lab and figure out some sort of robotic candy-handing thingus? A little paint and some of that artsy craftsy stuff and we could make it look like a Thing in the Box? ..Y'know..Addams Family? We can think of something."


"It doesn't -have- to be scary," Kurt shoots back. "Overly cute can also be scary, ja?" Ha! "Hank in a giant canary costume, with yellow feathers?"

Or… those bunny ears over there. Cat ears? Kurt and TJ already have pointed ears, so that wouldn't be terribly helpful. "TJ, we could go as Arwen und Elrond." Elves. Really stretching there, huh?

Though, TJ's idea of returning isn't a bad one either, and he wanders back to where the others are, not that he was too far away before. "Shall we go? Let the two of you play evil scientist in the lab." The bamfs stare at the gathered, and one after the other, begins a rapid series of *bamf* as they begin their trips back to the Institute. Kurt looks around, and brows rise, "Huh… perhaps we should try that more often?"

Still, Kurt holds a hand out to both, "Shall we?"


"I'm not going to encourage you to use household bleach to bleach yourself for kicks and giggles. I'm sorry. That's just…" Beast clamps his mouth closed though before he says something he shouldn't. An Albert Einstein mask is glanced at briefly before he looks back to the girl, "Doesn't that sort of beat the whole 'seeing the kids in the costumes' part of Halloween and Trick-or-Treating? I don't even know if we should be encouraging them to come to the doors. I suppose we could…" it might be good PR for the school.

He pauses as Kurt offers his hand, "Can't play in the lab right now. I have projects going on in there…we shouldn't chance upsetting them. Maybe we could use one of the student labs…get them involved." It's a learning opportunity!


"Gees Doctor McCoy, we'd be making it to be cool, not to replace us," TJ counters while nudging him with a chubby finger. "This isn't the beginning of the robot revolution, promise. Now let's head on back and have a good time before I wring all of that self-defeating nonsense right out of you," she playfully warns.

To Kurt, she motions onward. "After you, Sir Bamfalot."

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