Pre-debriefing debriefing

<October 29, 2014>: Midnighter informs Keith of some of the details of the upcoming mission from Waller.

Keith and Miguel's Apartment

For now, certifiably the gayest place in all of Gotham.



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God, it was good to be back. Since regaining his powers, Keith has spent a lot of time changing between Vorpal and Keith- purely for the joy of it, the satisfaction of feelintg whole. Right now he is the cheshire, and is using his Rabbit Hole powers to move things around the apartment and into boxes. This old house won't be needed for too long, now that he was moving into a castle- rent free. Miguel was coming too, of course. There is a song playing on his Starkpad ( and he is singing along with it- when a knock at the door calls his attention. The Cheshire huhs, depositing a few books into a box.

"Come in," he calls out. The door is seldom ever locked when somebody is home. All three occasional occupants can more than take care of themselves. Any petty goon wanting to ambush Bunker, Vorpal or Changeling gets what he deserves… and the big name goons don't bother with knocking. Or locked doors.

Midnighter walks in and lets the door swing shut behind him. He looks Vorpal up and down and nods once. "Good. You wouldn't be very useful on the mission as just a regular human. Or last very long either. Do you have any tea?"

"Your concern is touching," Vorpal retorts, tapping the Starkpad to stop the music. "Tea's all gone and packed. But be my guest if you want to look through the cupboards, there may be a stray bag around. I do manage to survive as a regular human just fine, too, you know."

Midnighter leans back against the door and tucks his hands into his coat's pockets. "I'll pass. Where are you moving to? Neighbors finally object to all the costumed vigilantes coming and going?"

"Aren't we nosy today?" Vorpal smirks, closing the box. "As it so happens, Gar and I are moving together." Not a lie, but not the whole truth, either. The compound was supposed to be off the public eye, a sanctum sanctorum for them, so for now he was not letting anyone outside the team know where it was. Waller would find out shortly, either by him telling her or by her Ways, so for the brief moment, the young feline enjoyed the pleasure of secrecy. "So you're here to talk about the mission?"

"Not really, no." Midnighter answers. "I wanted to know what to expect since we'll be going in behind you. Whether you had powers again or not would obviously affect that. Now that I know you have them, I can assume a certain level of effectiveness not just from you but from your boyfriend as well since he won't be trying to keep you alive the entire time."

The cheshire stops what he's doing to give Midnighter a raised eyebrow and a rather irked look. "Gar is effective regardless of whether or not he is trying to keep me alive, Midnighter." His tail swats behind him. He is clearly annoyed at the implications of being considered a liability.

Midnighter grins at having gotten a rise out of Vorpal. "But now he'll be more effective." he points out. "And you'll be able to pull your weight. Given the number of people who'll be trying to kill you, that's going to be a good thing for you both."

"Yes, on that… how many people are going to try to kill us? Artillery really isn't much of an issue, since the Rabbit Hole is very useful at returning someone's fire. Literally. But it would be nice to know so I can prepare myself."

Midnighter consider Vorpal then asks "What did Waller already tell you?"

"I think it's a safe bet to assume that she's told me less than you. So how about you share some of the love?" Vorpal goes over to the sink to get himself a glass of water. "I know protocol is protocol, but I like wiggle room."

Midnighter is silent as he watches Vorpal. He folds his arms across his chest, considering what to say. Or really, whether to say. "There's a piece of human waste in Egypt." he finally decides on. "Though he masquerades as a good guy, it's a facade for enough arocities that even you might not think killing him a bad thing. Which is not your job. You'll be the first wave and your job is to stay alive and keep as many of them occupied as possible while the second wave retrieves an item and eliminates the target. He has metahuman help and some foresight ability so don't underestimate them." He doesn't know if Waller wanted Vorpal to know that much but since she didn't say to keep it quiet, he's not going to handicap them with ignorance. Not when he'll be behind them.

Vorpal nods, going into the fridge for some milk, which he pours into the now empty glass. "I see. Keeping them busy won't be an issue at all… but what can you tell me about his metahuman henchies? Who are they? Do they like long walks by the beach, macramme, that sort of thing?"

"The artifact supposedly has the ability to warp reality in some way as well as provide foresight." Midnighter explains. "One of his guards is unknown. Another, supposedly can duplicate herself somehow by coming out of mirrors. The exact how is also unknown. You might not be facing any of them but be prepared."

Vorpal laughs. "Ah, warping reality. I am getting rather familiar with that. And mirrors, you say?" He grins, and it is a bit of a wicked grin. "Oooh… I have a certain relationship with mirrors, too."

Midnighter gives Vorpal a 'go on' look.

"I use them to transform. Any mirror I use for that intent isn't exactly a mirror during the time I use it… so that could come in handy. Or…" he snaps his fingers and a Chakram appears, purple and glowing, in his hands. "I also have unlimited ammo at my command. Any mirror in the vicinity won't be a mirror for long." Note to self: Break all mirrors.

"I already considered that. We don't know if they need to be large enough mirror for her to physically exit or if even a shard will work. Which would make the situation a thousand times worse." Midnighter points out.

"Live and learn, I guess. Do you know anything about how her powers work? If she needs to be able to see the mirrors… I can fix that in the blink of an eye."

"We don't." Midnighter shrugs slightly. It'll take seeing her to know how to best defeat her. "Which is why it's good you have your powers back. Also, you know how to get in touch with Robin, correct?"

Uh oh. Vorpal plays it cool. "Usually, yes. Why? Is something the matter with bird?" He would rather not tell Midnighter that Robin landed himself in the hospital.

"No. I want to bring him on the mission. I get the feeling it would be something he'd enjoy." Midnighter answers with a bit of a smile.

A pause. "Wait, you're talking about the opium-dealing middle eastern Robin, aren't you?" Vorpal says, eyebrow rising.

"The Son of the Bat." Midnighter agrees. "The other one wouldn't be suitable at all." Now he cocks an eyebrow at Vorpal. "Opium dealing?"

Vorpal stops. Dead in his tracks. "… wait. Can you repeat that title again?" Oh god.

"Ibn al Xu'ffasch is Arabic for 'son of the bat'." Midnighter tells Vorpal. His pronunciation is spot on right down to the accent. "I've already asked him if that's to be taken literally." Which he didn't quite answer but is also not important. "Opium dealing?" he repeats.

"Wait… wait…" Vorpal clearly is fixated upon a point. "You mean to tell me… that that little toad… might be the spawn of the- who would even have sex with- what-" Coffee. He needs coffee. He goes over to the coffeepot.
"Hmm?" He asks at Midnighter's question, "What was that?"

Who would have sex with Batman? Depends on what's under the costume, doesn't it? "You called him an opium-dealing middle easterner." he reminds Vorpal. "Explain."

Who would have sex with Batman? Depends on what's under the costume, doesn't it? "You called him an opium-dealing middle easterner." Midnighter reminds Vorpal. "Explain."

"… you make it sound like I meant it in a racist way, yeesh- and no, I'd never have sex with The Batman, even if the most gorgeous thing was under that costume. The man is an emotional tombstone and a control freak," Painting one's portrait of the Bat from how he treats his sidekicks never comes out well for Bruce, alas, "I like my men brave enough to tell me they love me, not grunt and expect I can guess. Anyways, Xu'ffasch sent a 'Get Well' gift through the other Robin to me, said it was something medicinal. Some block of stuff… so, naturally, I was about to make tea from it…" He sits on the counter, crossing his legs.

"It was Opium. The dude sent me a BLOCK OF OPIUM. If Gar had walked into the apartment five minutes later…"

"I was questioning the opium dealing, not your opinion of his heritage. Nor whether you'd have sex with the Batman or not." And at the explanation of it, Midnighter nods. "Opium was traditionally used as a pain reliever. So you're not claiming he actually deals drugs, just that he sent you some."

"Of course not, I'm hyperbolizing for humor. You now, that thing you and Batman need to get," Vorpal gives him a semi-playful barb. "I'm just a little aghast that the kid doesn't know the laws of the city well enough to know that he could have sent me to jail if there had been a raid going on in the building, you know?"

A pause. "Or maybe he did."

At the addition, Midnighter looks amused. Seems he does have a sense of humor after all. "You can get in touch with him then." The opium has been dismissed as a concern.

"I imagine I should. He's with the Titans, after all. Though he's not exactly what I would call a team player yet." Vorpal looks at Midnighter. "I'd prefer the other Robin with us. Him, at least, I can trust not to make someone else his mule." He smirks.

"You're welcome to bring the other one with you if Waller allows it. I'll take the son of the bat." Assuming he wants to go, of course but it never hurts to ask. And Midnighter suspects it'll bring out the best in the young man. For certain definitions of 'best'.

Vorpal totally would bring Tim along, because he trusted him with his life. Except that Tim was injured badly and recovering. "There is always Kate Bishop, too. I mean, I could draw on my Titans teammates as well, but I'd say Wonder Girl is probably the one I would choose due to her powers. She's been absent, though. Personal stuff, as I understand."

Midnighter shrugs. "We'll be going in as separate teams so who you bring with you, if anyone, is between you and Waller." He's going to have to look into these Titans now to see what resources are available through Vorpal. Undoubtedly, Waller already knows.

Raven, he could have brought as well, because of her powers- but she was currently fighting her demon dad's grabby soul. He would not think of asking Zachary or Rain to come into what was essentially a suicide mission, because they were spellcasters and therefore squishy. "Right. Is there a set date for this yet? I'd like to have at least a week to get back into using my powers." And a brief respite for himself and Gar. Truth be told, he didn't mind going into a suicide mission because part of it relied on his own skills. It was having his death dependent upon mystical beings that had unhinged him.

"Less than a week." is Midnighter's answer. "Waller will give you the specifics but you should prepare. Getting your powers back now was fortunate."

"Less than a week. Got it," Vorpal mutters. "Less than a week to get an armored version of my suit done. Will be tricky… but if I pay the guy extra…"

Midnighter steps away from the door and puts his hand on the knob. "Tell Robin I'll be in Red Hook tonight around midnight. Waller should be in touch with you soon."

"I'll text him," Vorpal says, which was more palatable to him than meeting the guy in person. "Tell Waller I'll be here. Or if I'm not, to text me beforehand and I'll be here."

Midnighter gives Vorpal a nod and leaves.

"Opium. The kid sent me opium," Vorpal mutters to himself and returns to his cleaning.

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