The New Adventures of Lois and Clark, Episode 1

** October 29, 2014 :** Lois Lane races to the scene of some robot drama, and finds Superman knee deep in robot parts. There are some tender moments too, not just smashing.

Little Bohemia

Hipster capital of the east!



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Clark is sitting, leaning back in his chair in the cramped Daily Planet bullpen. A pen is perched at his lips, tapping over and over as he reads through the page over and over. "It's good, Steve."

"You think so?" Steve Lombard, former Metropolis Shark and current sports writer for the world's leading news source. "I mean, of course it's good." Lombard pulls the page out of Clark's pinched fingers and continues off towards the hallway.

Clark gives a sigh and his eyes trail up to the television, where the news is worse. On the news, talking heads are debating exactly how much Superman is to blame for the terrorist attack on Metropolis last week. Had he not, as they posit, been so worried about Portland, Metropolis could have been saved 250 lives.

"Just give me an in, just one hour with those guys and then I promise you, I won't call you anymore."

Lois could be heard after the *ding* of the elevator that brought her to the current floor; phone tucked in between her shoulder and cheek, head tilted to hold in place as she digs through her purse, looking for a small sheet of paper that wasn't written on and a working pen. The pen, she at least has, but the paper was a bit of a struggle. Receipts of purchases, notes, a photo or two and a few business cards that were probably all scrawled on at a moments notice.

Her approach was loud in a sense that she continued to rattle, right towards the left of Clark and.. without looking, she snaps her fingers and points to a stray piece of paper.

"Uh huh. So Charles."

No time! She snatches the paper close to her, and with a quick lean and drop of her purse, she immediately writes down the information, nodding her head as if the person could actually see her doing so through the phone. "Five.. five.. five…"

Clark finally finds the piece of paper, and even though it's after she needs it, he still slides it towards her anyways. He gives her a solemn wave, not wanting to interrupt her phone conversation. His blue eyes flicker from her and back up towards the television where Hunter Kelt is talking about his belief that Superman, despite his best efforts, has actually caused much of the supervillain activity in the country.

"This just in: Three, Giant Robotic creatures are invading the Little Bohemia district, apparently bearing down upon the Gugenstorey art museum."

Clark's eyebrows purse together as one and one makes two. "That's the site of the new Monet exhibit," he says, not sure if Lois can hear him.

"Got it. I'll call him tomorrow and set up a …"

Her words were caught as soon as the pen was thrown, eyes soon gone towards the tv in which she stands fully in silence. "Oh… yeah.. yeah… I'll call you back." Already, her eyes were searching the room to see the others who paid attention, her feet slowly pacing backwards, stumbling a little upon a pen that rolls and shoots itself underneath Clark's desk.

"That's not too far from here.." There was no reason for her to say goodbye on the phone, she'll call back later and apologize to her contact, even though she really said that she wouldn't call him again. She lies.

There was that moment though, where she could easily turn and run towards the elevator to go and get the latest scoop on her own, but it was clear that Clark needed something else to think about other than his pal Superman. "Screw it, let's go Smallville. Early birds get the worm!" She takes a few steps forward to land a light punch upon his arm, then bends to snag her purse by the strap with a tug and drag, more papers and pens spilling out but, hey. Time was of the essense, if the Daily Planet wanted a good print, she'd have to save time and avoid housekeeping.

Clark makes like he's following close on Lois' coat tails but he is so clumsy. So slow and clumsy and uncoordinated that, if true to form, by the time he gets downstairs, Lois Lane-intrepid reporter-will already be in the cab and heading there. He'll catch up, of course. Later.

Clark shuffles down the hallway after getting his coat (what? It's brisk!) and having a short conversation with Cat Grant about how he won't be able to go out this weekend with her (she wanted to go to girl's night at the Rowdy).

He "finally" hits the street, inwardly hoping that Lois has found her cab already.

"Follow my lead when we get there, stay out of sight, do like I do.. and stay behind me, okay Clark?"

She didn't hear anything, so it was pretty fair to assume that he'd be close behind. Though, that's Clark, he probably wouldn't show up. Was there bitterness in that thought? Nope! He is a great writer, and him lagging behind was her benefit, after all.

She was still all guts and go, her hand striking out to hail the cab which skirts in front of her, rubber slightly burnt. She looks back and..

No Clark.

"Goddamn it.."

By the time Clark hits the streets? The cab was burning rubber and leaving a cloud of dust for Clark to walk into..

Clark gets a wry grin as he sees the cabbie swerve through traffic, obviously high tailing it at the recommendation of the Pulitzer Prize Winner. That still irks him, just a little. Even if he doesn't show it. Clark reaches up towards his glasses and begins to pull them off, even as he is strolling towards the alleyway. It's the same drill he's done a hundred times before.

A short left and quick right and he's out of the view from onlookers. A look upward to check the lone window from which he could be seen. Clear.

Clark reaches up, loosens his tie, and pulls his dress shirt apart, revealing a symbol known the world over. Within a split second he's headed towards Little Bohemia.

Fahim. It almost seems like he trolls Daily Planet once something goes down just so that he could get a heafty tip from Lois. His skills were impeccable behind the wheel, the way he cuts corners and burn rubber would put any Fast and Furious movie to shame. All he needed was a button and a tank of NOS and he'd probably be Nascar eligible.

And she was reckless during this ride; forefeiting the right to wear a seat belt in favor of shouting directions. Catching the grin of Fahim, causes her to laugh with glee as she settles up with this bit of adrenaline rush that'll spark a terror that built from within. Everything was go go go, for the car slid sideways which knocked Lois against the door and in a swift movement, she exits. Purse left behind.

That phone though. She has it.

Cars were jammed in the streets of little Bohemia, some left idle and running with doors ajar, people rushing and screaming, often times falling as they try to get clear to safety. But not Lois; she ran head on, weaving through the crowds, eventually getting knocked back a peg but she presses forward, a look of dangerous determination upon her face as her phone is slipped from her pocket and turned on by way of flick of thumb against the screen and side press of button to draw up the camera to record. It was utter mayhem, but this was Sunny Metropolis, and where there's sunny Metropolis, there's always a Superman waiting to save the day, and a story to back up the Red So..

Wait, wrong person.

A wild streak of red and blue zips about 10 yards above Lois' head; so fast that the movement of air will likely blow her hair all around. In less than a second there's a crash and burning as something-or more realistically a certain someone-flew right through one of the robots heads.

For some reason, Superman is acting first and asking questions later. Maybe he knows something the cops don't, since they don't seem to be firing.

In any event, he stops, even as the first robot hits its knees and falls towards the pavement on its face a mid a loud crash. Superman straightens and peers at the next robot angrily.

The blow from the air caused her to stumble forth, hair messed and in her face yet, there was that relieved grin upon her face as the camera was raised to catch the tail end of Superman busting through the robots head. There was smoke, sparks, fire.. the Man of Steel focused on and zoomed out to emphasize just how small he appeared to be against the mechanical doom.

"GO SUPERMAN!" A child screams out, but is soon whisked away by his mother who cradled her child protectively and weaved her way to safety.

"What the hell are you doing lady?!" Another shouts towards Lois, "Get the hell out of here! Superman won't be able to save you if you get hurt!"

The man was ignored for a better view, obtained by hopping over a car and ducking beneath a police barrier that was hastily set up and left abandoned. The fallen robot, which really wasn't too far from where the others were and Superman hovered, was promptly examined along with her commentary.

"This must have taken years to make.." She mumbled, the recorder on the phone picking her up. The smoke that wafted from the robot causes her to cough, one hand drawn away from the phone to cover her mouth and nose from the fumes. "Maybe there's a marking or something somewhere.." If she could find that, she could probably help the authorities find the culprit.

It would be convenient if the metal had markings to identify it, but Lois can't seem to find any in the wreckage. What she does find, however, is a shard of metal about the same dimensions as a piece of paper. Whether she chooses to grasp it or not is up to her-it's likely to be hot from the explosion. Is it toxic?

Meanwhile, the arms of the powerful robots begin to slowly trail Superman's arc. About halfway up, the first metallic marauder emits a blue light in an attempt to attack of the Man of Steel. The shot goes wide, however, as Kal-El deftly dodges the attack.

But just then, the second robot comes at an arc opposite, nearly catching Superman by surprise. He's forced to do a quick loop-de-loo and almost becomes fried by some high tech weaponry.

Her phone was swiftly replaced within her back pocket as she eyes the wreckage, her hand reaching out to touch but a little sizzle upon finger-tips draws her hand back with a low. 'Ow'. That sheet of metal was odd, different and out of place, there had to be something…

Duh. She was wearing it. A glance upright to check on Superman, her eyes attempting to follow his path as she tries to shrug of her coat quickly before noticed. "Now you're just being a show-off.. Supes." She was sure he could hear her if he paid attention, but as naturally, he was busy.

Once the coat was off, she drapes it over the shard of metal, curling her fingers into the leathered fabric to try to pry it from it's place. If it were toxic, she would be protected, unless whatever it was broke through the fabrics of the leather to reach her skin.

The sheet of metal cools down quickly enough, and doesn't display any outward looks of being anything dangerous other than sharp. Most of the wreckage seems to be made of similar materials-at least for the one that was downed. The other two are somewhat more difficult to get after, given they're battling Superman up in the sky.

But speaking of battle, Superman has had about enough of this charade.

His blue eyes dart left and right and his hair dances lightly in the breeze as he comes up with a game plan; one he hopes will handle these bots with efficiency and end any threat to bystanders. In the blink of an eye he speeds away, far too quickly for the machines to react. Standing now on the shoulder of one of the bots, Superman can smell the motor oil and the metal wiring without even invoking his superpowers. Crouching low, he lifts the head completely off-it breaks apart at the neck with the screaming of metal tearing away from metal. Even as the vanquished foe begins to nosedive, Superman is holding the giant head and looking for more action. With a mighty heave he pitches a strike, right through the other robot's chest!

The coat was flipped so that the metal could be seen, but out of precaution, Lois doesn't touch it. A loud crash causes her to look up, the breaking of the head of the machine causes her to grin. "Atta boy." After those words were spoken, she reaches for her camera again but.. thinks the better of it. She's at least got a piece of metal, something that appeared to be undamaged and unscathed. Maybe the authorities could make something of it. Forensics, they were such a big thing now.

She backs away from the fallen machine, cradling the metal against her chest through jacket, watching the final throes of the battle win..


"Ooooh! Right through the chest!" Lois screamed out. She couldn't help it. That was kind of awesome.

Even as the final monster goes crashing down onto his back, Superman has already landed and is walking towards Lois with a determined look on his face. "Are you alright?" he asks, in a much calmer voice than those who don't know him might expect, given all of the mayhem.

Superman turns slightly and tilts his head as he notices the metal she holds over her chest. "Souvenir? Never knew you were a collector of metals, Lois."

The smoke is making things hazy and though it's rising, it is also still billowing out, filling the air with the scent of burning. Now, in addition to the police, the Fire Department is making their way to the scene.

Lois had to jump, not that sort of jump for joy, but a little jump in surprise. Being away for at least a month now, she had forgotten just how fast he was. "Oh, I'm fine." She states, drawing her slightly burned fingers in the air. "Just a little scuff, nothing big." Nevermind the fact that her arm will hurt later; something she can't feel due to the rush of adrenaline. Lois had gotten her fix, she'll soak in epsom salt later.

Pulling the coat away from her now, she offers it up towards him, a little smile drawing upon her face due to her pleasing discovery. "I'm not. I pulled it from the first robot you downed. It was the only piece that wasn't damaged. I figure maybe the police could pull something from it or.. whatever to find out who was behind all of this."

The sirens catch her attention briefly, her head turning to watch their approach for the moment, her gaze soon gone back towards Superman with a frown. "With everything that's happening…" She couldn't find the words. She was always on his side, so this had to be hard.

A flash of concern comes over Superman as Lois appears to be hurt. Sure, it's nothing major, but he can help. Helping is kind of what he does. As she shows him her burned fingers, he'll reach out for her hand. If she gives it to him, he'll give a light, chill gust of air to her fingers to numb them. "It'll sting for a few days, but I imagine you'll be fine."

He nods a bit as she refers to the piece of armor plating. He holds it, bends it lightly in his hands, before handing it back to her. "I imagine someone at STAR Labs would love to get their hands on it should you give them the chance. I imagine they'd have to give you the first scoop on where it's from, right?" He gives her a light grin.

As the emergency workers continue to come, the words only seem to barely register on Superman, but he hears them. "I think we should probably get out of here. Do you want a ride?" And by ride he means a flight back to the Daily Planet, of course.

Lois felt comfortable enough to allow him to manipulate the nature of her injuries, she was always used to his helping hand so this was something natural to her. Her hand curls after he chills it, fingers rubbing against the palm as she looks to it again with a frown. "Pretty sure I've had worse.."

As he takes the metal to give it a brief bend, she nearly wanted to stop him, but as it was handed back, she drops a serious grin, "You know me too well. Besides, I wouldn't be me if I didn't ask to at least be present when they analyze the data."

The mention of a ride was noted, not to mention his avoidance of her earlier words. But liberties were taken as she steps close to him, the metal and jacket clutched to her chest with one arm, the other slipping around his waist for a good clutch. "I'm going to assume that you don't want to talk about whats currently happening here, Superman. But you know you can always lean on me if you need an ear. Someone has to take care of you too."

Superman reaches around her waist and pulls her even closer to him as he raises his other arm into the air. Gently, the pair lift off before picking up speed after they clear the tree line. "It's been difficult. I can't deny I feel a lot of guilt about what happened at the train station," Superman admits now that the chance they're being heard is next to zero.

"You've been with me since the beginning, Lois. I've felt for a long time that what I've been doing out here was for the betterment of Metropolis. But when they needed me most, I was somewhere else."

Before the lift-off, Lois carefully stands upon one of his feet.. just to be reassured herself that there was always something there to catch her. The arms do it as well, his voice, but just that little extra added security that would make everything right.

And they were off.

As he opens up, a little frown presses her delicate features, her gaze falling downward to view the city. From this height, it looks so small, the people moved like ants and the lights were little beacons to show the way home. "You're just one man, Superman. There's not an army of you out there that could protect everyone from anything at any given time." They were friends, of course, friends enough that she's able to lay her head against his chest as a form of comfort to him and herself. "The people are angry, they've lost someone, that's a fact we can't deny. But it would have been even more worse had you not been there to save the others. You know this, right?"

"You can make the argument that if I'd never been here at all, those people would still be alive, Lois," Superman says with a frown, but his eyes never leave the way. Within a few minutes they're already arriving at the Daily Planet roof, headquarters of the Lois and Superman friendship.

"There's something else, Lois. Something worse. This was the second attack. The first one, I discovered and dismantled ahead of time. On the first device there was a note that said, 'I know'. Then, there was a similar message across the street from the station. What they 'know' I have no clue, but I think it's pretty clear they're coming after me and trying to hurt innocent people to do it."

"You're right. I can make that argument. Those particular people would still be alive and yet, the other people that you have saved over the years will be dead. There's no two shakes to it, Superman. You cannot be everywhere at once, and if you could? There would still be people who would die, there would still be a madman who rants and raves on television and there still would be someone, out there somewhere, who wants to hurt the ones you love." It was a little sad to face, but she never pulled punches.

As they land upon the rooftop, Lois takes a moment to disengage, squeezing him tightly with that arm wrapped about him, before reluctantly stepping away. It was clear.. at least to her, that she felt something for him. Something that wasn't her calling him her idol, her hero..

"You.." His words had her stumped. A rare sight indeed. "They know? They know what, you don't hide anything. You're Superman." This concerned her greatly. She was often seen speaking to Superman, her and Jimmy, and if she were a wise and smart woman? She'd get out of town, far away from the Man of Steel to protect her own neck. "Let us help you. Me, Clark and Jimmy. Whatever you need us to do, we'll do it."

"Lois, I think they know about me. Who I am, where I live, where I'm from. I wish I could get into details, but I can't. But I'm beginning to fear they know exactly where to hit and that they're just playing with me." Superman sighs, and cuts a frustrated figure. "Whatever you can do to help would be great, Lois, but you need to promise me you won't put yourself in danger. That you'll investigate, from afar."

He said he 'thinks' but he's pretty sure he 'knows.' It was far too much a coincidence to plant one of the devices in the office of Clark and Lois' boss, Carol Danvers!

Those were all burning questions that she's possibly wanted to ask Superman; where did he grow up? Who were his parents? What school did he go to? What was his favori.. well, she was sure she knew that one. His favorite food. It was all something she's asked once but never again, just to respect his place. However, fun was still made on his accord for not telling, though tonight wouldn't be the face. "Then.. play with them back. In.. some sort of sorded way that good guys do." Confusion.. but disappears instantly.

"So, you're going to single -me- out and not Clark? That guy gets himself in as much trouble as I do, Supes, but he just hides it better. And as much as I don't like making promises that I probably can't keep.." She lets out a sigh, shoulders slump. "You won't have to worry about me. I'll be careful. I have my boys and we'll keep each other safe." She holds out her hand, a promise is best made with a shake.

"I don't know Clark like I know you, Lois. So I don't worry about Clark like I worry about you." It's that simple. At least, that's how it sounds. In actuality it's one of the most complicated parts of Superman's life.

"I hadn't thought about messing with them back," Superman says honestly. "I'm not sure how I'd do it, yet. It'd have to be a way that didn't put any more people in danger, but it's an excellent idea."

He shakes her hand and lingers on it for a while. "Thanks, Lois. As always."

"Mh. You're missing out." That was in regards to Clark, he could be one hell of a friend to Superman if he lets him. But, he already has enough on his plate, they both do.

"You've got connections just like I do Superman. Just don't be afraid to ask for help." The handshake they both shared lingers, much like how she likes it. But her grip clenches down hard enough to give him a tiny yank and pull.

"But if you really want to thank me, boy scout, swing by Starbucks and get me an Iced Vanilla Coffee with like.. six shots of espresso. Maybe a donut." She finally lets go of his hand, then turns to head towards the elevator. "Give me a shout when you get back!"

Superman can't help but laugh at Lois' parting comment. It was just what he needed given the gravity of the recent events. Lois is a genuinely funny woman. "Iced Vanilla, huh? Wow, look at the time. I think if you call Jimmy he might-" but she's already leaving. He chuckles to himself and soars away.

MEANWHILE… In the Bullpen of the Daily Planet.

"Hey Lois," Clark says as she gets back down to the office. "I must have missed you when you took off towards the scene, but I watched it on tv. That sure was something. Sorry I missed it."

He nods towards her desk, "I went and got some coffee and donuts instead. Hope you don't mind iced vanilla."

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