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October 30, 2014: With newfound Piotr still finding his footing, Kitty and Illyana have arranged a meeting witht he Professor.

Xavier's Institute - New York City

Xavier's Institute grounds are located on 1407 Graymalkin Lane in Westchester
County between Graymalkin Lane itself and Breakstone Lake (30 miles outside
of NYC itself). A large portion of this is acres upon acres of woodland
forest. To the farthest eastern portion of the Institute's grounds there is a
stretch of low foothils.
Upon entering the Institute grounds immediately past the heavy gated entrance
one finds themselves on a carefully paved road that splices in two
directions, west and east.

The west leads to the School for Higher Learning where gifted youngsters are
educated and taught to use their unique talents. Here almost year around
children and teachers are housed.

To the east miles away lies Xavier's Mansion where Professor Xavier himself
and some faculty members of the school live. These "special" individuals are
those aware of Xavier's more clandestine operations, the adminstration and
training of the X-Men.
Beyond the neatly walled mansion's yard in those foothills is an obscure
landing strip that leads to a hangar complex and a subtly hidden facility. A
facility that houses underground sublevels, a danger room, Cerebro and the
training halls of one of the most advanced mutant fighting teams in the

An underground monorail connects the School for Higher Learning with the
Charles Xavier's Mansion and the X-Men's Hidden Complex. Security is tight in
this region, by means of limited magical warding, advanced future tech
security systems and telepathic sweeps. Tread carefully.



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It's been a strange few days. While reuniting Jericho with his soul in Belasco's citadel, the team of intrepid heroes had also happened upon Illyana's brother. All had been brought back to Xavier's med bay for recovery, and, fortunately all were in stable condition.

Upon wakening, however, it became clear that one Piotr Rasputin was very different than anticipated by everyone present. Illyana put it together quickly that while Piotr was indeed her brother he wasn't her Piotr; he was from another reality. The version they'd brought back looked the same, had the same abilities, and even seemed to know some of the same people (particularly family members) but, unlike the Piotr Illyana had come to know, he was unaccented, grew up at Xavier's school, and even became an X-Man.

After discussing differences between the Piotrs, Illyana suggested that her brother chat with the professor, and Piotr strongly agreed (another sign that he is, indeed, very different than the Piotr of this earth).


One of the many sitting rooms of Xavier's school is strangely reminiscent of a very different time. Standing, rather than sitting on any of the many chairs in the room, Piotr stares at one of the many paintings on the wall. His hands clasp behind his back and his face scrunches with silent contemplation and evaluation. "Very kitsch," he states. He sucks on the inside of his cheek and shakes his head, "Couldn't forget it," evidently it's a piece he's familiar with.

His evaluation of the art continues as he strides to the next framed painting which gives him pause. His eyebrows pull together tightly. Those watching carefully will see just a stitch of a tremble in his clasped hands, but the nerves he feels don't register on his expression; he seems to manage an air of calm and collected on some level.

Illyana doesn't see the Professor very often, as much becuase of his schedule as her own and this will be twice in less than two weeks. She stopped by before the jaunt to Limbo to leave some things with him in case she didn't make it back from Limbo. Not that she said that in so many words. He probably had an inkling but Illyana's a grown woman. With Psi-Shields.

Illyana is dressed in some of her business casual instead of leather or her poor college student chic. Slacks, blouse. She watches Piotr as he watches the art, her manner quiet. She does the whole 'quiet, calm and compsed' really damned well.

Xavier's Institute from all outward appearances looks like any other old mansion turned boarding school. Which, around these areas is quite popular. A difference with this one right now? It's rather deserted. Much of the faculty (non- X-Men) have evacuated, taken vacations or moved on to other jobs and the students aside from those who have nowhere else to go have been withdrawn from the school.
Wise considering the Institute was recently attacked by the terrorist organization HYDRA.
Charles has found solace in this vacancy yet is also rather upset, it's been a trying couple months and the school is most likely unable to open until the next summer. This denies many children their aid. Many special children who greatly need the help Xavier and his gifted faculty offer. Fortunately it is not only the young of the world that need the X-Men's particular style of help.
The wheel chair stops it's trek towards the holding room he /knows/ Colossus is in. His mind having already sought out and touched down on the beings present, it's a force of habit, a security measure and hardly something one of the most powerful telepaths in the world can stop himself from doing without conscious effort. He is, however, disciplined enough not to delve or scan deeply. That is just intrusive, violating and rude.
That brief pause ceases and the aged yet still handsome man with his open features, calm demeanor and penetrating pale eyes makes his appearance, the chair gliding easily through the doors threshold.
"Good afternoon."

As a teacher at Xavier's, Kitty has been the one to attempt to coordinate the meeting between Piotr and the Professor. Her own thoughts are rushed and worried even as she waits with her friend and her brother outside. Hands are clasped in front of her as she looks to Illyana, causing her eyes to travel to Piotr and from him to the art on the wall.

She can't help but tilt her head slightly at his appreciation of it. Though she knows this is not the same man who they know as Illyana's brother, he's continually surprising her with each turn. The approach of the wheelchair nearby causes the Shadowcat to turn and smile. "Professor," she greets as cheerily as she can under the circumstances. "Good afternoon." There's a warm smile for the man. "Thanks for seeing us."

The entrance draws Piotr's attention to the door and he manages a warm, albeit sheepish, smile in return. He twists away from the artwork, pivoting on a single foot and allows his chin to drop towards his chest in a small nod of greeting. "Hi Professor." His blue eyes flit towards one of the chairs in consideration. He takes a single step towards it, stops, and then treads the rest of the way.

And then with a faint shake of his head, he manages a soft, "Sorry," in apology, and he finally takes a seat. "I didn't think — " he begins and then glances towards Illyana and then Kitty. " — I didn't think I'd see this building again." Pause. "Until the medical suite," his cheeks hue pink. "Sorry. Still playing catch up with myself.'

Illyana's manner stays in that calm, impassive sort of mask. She's not used to her brother being so… well, a lot of things. The smiles, the blushing, the apologies. The blonde Russian falls back into old habits around demons, when she doesn't want to give anything away. The Professor's entrance does get a nod his way, but this isn't about her, and so she stays quiet to let things play out.

"Kitty." Charles acknowledges before his attention turns towards both of the Rasputin siblings. "Quite interesting." He remarks quietly.
"All of you, please relax, sit down and enlighten me on what exactly I have missed." The man's voice is pleasant and he seems genuinely interested. There is an undertone of caution those more familiar with the Professor are sensing, however.
The Piotr Rasputin of their reality is after all a 'terrorist' and a wayward mutant who advocates the ideology of their counters. Though, not entirely familiar with the young man, Xavier had pried from afar and does do his research.

When Xavier tells them to relax, Kitty tries her best to do that. He was her teacher for so long that it's hard for her not to do as he says with that tone. With a quick roll of her shoulders, she moves to find a chair. While she was the one to help set up the meeting, she obviously thinks it's better for the story to come straight from Piotr. Or Piotr and Illyana. She's just an intermediary of sorts.

There's a strange juxtaposition of caution and familiarity that weighs on Piotr's mind. Illyana's mask, Xavier's tone, and Kitty's silence, all put him wildly on edge instead of at ease. He swallows hard and his fingers, quite absently, drum against the tops of his thighs. He clears his throat. "Well, Professor, I don't know if we've met here," his eyebrows draw together sharply, producing deep creases in his forehead, "before. I mean, I've been in this room. But not this room in this reality. You see, Professor, I'm Yana's brother, but not the version of him she knows. And she's not the version of my sister that I know."

He inhales a sharp breath, "While I am, by all accounts, related to Illyana, our childhoods were very different. I spent most of my life in a facility much like this one. Nearly identical in almost every way. But the people I knew and the way I knew them was very different."

His eyes shift towards Illyana, "Yana, Katya, Jericho, and Logan found me as a prisoner in Limbo. I have no memory of how I got there or when. I may have been there a very long time. The last thing I truly remember happening to me — I thought I'd died. Or was going to die, I guess." He frowns. "My last memories aren't pleasant; my world is very different from this one."

Illyana picks up the story, to give the Professor some background on the how and where he was found. "Kitty and Logan went with Jericho and I to confront Belasco to retrive the piece of Jericho he'd stolen. I'm fairly sure it was to force a confrontation on his terms more than an attempt to kill me and he could have killed Jericho when he had him originally." The Professor is at least aware of the generalties of Illyana's time in Limbo and what Belasco wants from her.

"When we made our assault, Belasco revealed that he was using Piotr's life-energy to power his defenses. I was able to break that given that we're siblings and we share a blood-tie." It was just in a manner that Belasco wouldn't have anticipated her resorting to. "I can't say if the Piotr he was using was the brother I'm familiar with or.." She smirks a bit, knowing this could get confusing fast. "This Piotr. While Logan and Kitty accomplished the mission, Jericho and I went after Piotr. I disrupted the spell and freed Piotr and then we got back here. It could be it was this Piotr the entire time, or maybe when I freed him from the binding to the citadel he came through. I do know I can't find the Piotr I know." She says somewhat grimly.

Xavier's eyes never leave Colossus as he speaks, the aged telepath is by no means prying as the man speaks. Charles doesn't need to use his gifts to know what the man says he believes is the absolute truth.
The Professors brows lift slightly at repeated mentions of Jericho, Logan and Belasco. Magic is not one of his realms of understanding. Often he takes it at whatever value his more capable students, alumni or peers present it as. "Sounds like quite the ordeal, on all of your parts."

The man's hands lift up and fingertips press to the sides of his jaw before lifting up to his temples, fingertips massaging there as if he is warding off a headache or attempting the obvious. "Hrm, I cannot sense another Piotr Rasputin beyond the one before us, either, Illyana. That could be for any number of reasons." Out of range, obscured, dead, present, telepathic blocking, simple miscalculation, the technique is not exactly an accurate science. Charles hands lower to his lap once more first glancing sidelong at Kitty before staring at Piotr, "Would you give me permission to view your recent memories? At least as far back as your last memories of your home. It is not that I do not believe you, or want to, but, I must see for myself. We have many enemies."

From her place on her chair, Kitty watches the exchange with a furrowed brow. Remembering the hellish landscape as well as the rescue of Piotr and Jericho's Rest, makes the young mutant suppress a bit of a shiver. Hearing more of what Piotr knew as his reality does not relieve the tension in any way. In fact, thinking of this place that she knows as her home destroyed and those inside killed is a horrifying thought.

Kitty's never been one to be able to hide her emotions all that well. She shifts a bit in her chair and folds her hands there, meeting Xavier's gaze as best she can before her eyes shift to the floor. She would never knowingly bring harm to Xavier's, but then, she is also exactly the kind of person who let Colossus stay in their medical bay because he was Illyana's sister and been through a traumatic experience.

The fact that Charles can't find another Piotr Rasputin has this-Piotr's blue eyes shift to Illyana. For a long moment he watches her. The heaviness in his shoulders tugs his posture downwards. Compassion burdens his posture.

Piotr nods at Illyana's explanation; it's far less confusing and convoluted than his own efforts. The Professor's request is met with a slight curve of Piotr's lips, tight, weak, and unconvincing. "You're welcome to my memories, Professor. I understand the distrust; you need to keep your people safe, and I've become familiar with here-Piotr's activities thanks to Yana's man-friend," his blue eyes turn downwards. "If by home you mean the Earth I came from then you don't have to go far. But if by home, you mean this place," his gaze remains fixed on the floor, "you'll need to look, " his breath hitches in his throat, "somewhat further."

"If things are as you say, Piotr, we have very little to worry about and I may be able to assist you in settling in easier or… " Charles pauses. HIs eyes close and he holds up one hand directed towards Colossus. "Just inhale and relax, this will be but a moment."
The flash of visions to roll through Professor Xavior's minds eye as he 'falls' through Piotr Rasputin's memories like a leaf carried on the wind, a technique he's perfected to leave very little trace and cause even less harm to those he is exploring on a more personal level. The drift carries him from days ago to weeks, soon months. What seems like only minutes transpire and Colossus and Xavier are sitting completely still.
A gasp and Charles slumps back in to his wheel chair, a hand raking slowly down his face only to rest there, fingers underneath his eyes on cheekbones. "I wish to delve more, to see…more… " He whispers, " Of your reality, Piotr. It is very different from our own and I want to see why, through your eyes, if we could schedule sessions together I would be grateful."
A tip his his head upwards and his hand slowly peels away from his own face and he looks to Kitty and Illyana, "This man is not the Piotr Rasputin from our world. I would like for you to remain here with us, continue to live with us as though it were your own home. You are already aware of the X-Men, our secrets so I will not deny you the chance to work along side the teams. you would be invauable to us, to our cause, however, until I get to know you more personally you are only a member on a probationary status. I believe from what I have witnessed, should you choose to stay, that will be only temporary."
Clearing his throat Charles sits up further in his chair, correcting his posture. "If all of you will excuse me, I must be alone. Kitty, please, help Piotr get settled in and see to his needs, a room, take him shopping for clothes, show him around."
A glance from the brunette to the Rasputins once again, "Make yourself comfortable, Piotr and on behalf of the X-Men, welcome home. For as long as you are with us." The wheels on the chair begin to move and the man departs, a whispering message is left behind via telepathy, "Come see me when you are settled in. We will speak more."

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