Starfire Down (Sun God Ascending Prelude)

Nov 1, 2014: Koriand'r is called down to Earth by dreams and visions sent by the Sun God Garrok. Her starship crashes.

The Savage Land



  • K'tten
  • Orn
  • Depalo
  • Garokk

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It is the sleep cycle in the spaceship Starfire, currently in high orbit over Earth. And so the decks and hallways of the vessel are empty and relatively quiet. Koriand’r should be sleeping, but she has been unable to sleep today. There is subtle disquiet at the back of her mind, the weird feeling something important is about to happen. It is as some nagging voice she just can’t hear was telling her something very important, something only she should know, or maybe can know.
Thousand of miles below, it is night over America, the sun just setting in the westernmost coast. The lights of thousands large cities dot the continental masses. But it is a relatively quiet night. Not super-villain attacks happening, no natural or unnatural disasters.
Or there are? There is a new city there? In the Antarctic? It makes no sense, but Starfire can see the glow where there was nothing not five minutes ago, and it is getting brighter and brighter. And it is… yes, it is calling her. That was exactly what she was expecting!

Sleep is supposed to be a simple thing, lay down and let it take you. The days have not been overly strenuous with anything that /should/ plague her mind to the point of insomnia, but for some reason, there she lay, staring at her rooms ceiling with an urge that is making her hand twitch, followed by a synapses that leads her to standing and walking out upon the main deck, flicking the screens on.
K'tten was already asleep, and so is the rest of her very small crew, that or off in the aft of it playing card games or board games amongst themselves. Looking over the screen she sees that readout, pausing the play of it to rewind timing, seeing it only /appeared/ there within a moments time.
Emerald gaze widens at the readouts, ones that make her act swiftly, pressing her finger upon the coordinates with one hand while her other takes her ship there in a swift rumble and flash. If it was small she would have gone on her own, this was no small appearance, no small /feeling/ and she was not dumb enough to go into something like this leaving only bread crumbs…

The coordinates are an area of the Antarctic continent supposed to contain nothing but ice and rock. The readings of the sensors don’t make much sense. There is energy there, a source of sunlight, but not traces of anything but heat and light, and not a power source the ship computers can understand.
And yet, the closer the spaceship gets to the supposedly frozen wasteland, the louder and stronger the nagging voice becomes, as well as the feeling what she is doing is absolutely correct, and wonderful. When the ship enters the lower atmosphere, there is a clear ringing sound. Some of the screens of the main deck go black, and there are flashing warnings in others about the spaceship having crossed an unknown energy field, of strange forces interfering with key energy systems of the craft that need immediate realigning.
But Koriand’r no longer can see those warning signals, because the pull of the ‘voice’ is intensifying now she is just a few tens of miles away of the source. Her crew has heard, though, they will be in the deck in a minute.

Kori stands and looks around the ships screens, her brows furrowing as screens go black and readings go awry before the system begins to flicker and fade.
This alone is enough to have K'tten already standing in the doorway, pushing through. "What is happening? Where did we go? Why are we here? By.. X'Hal." Already taking to the screens she is pushing buttons, slamming others. "Where are we?"
Kori is stepping back, one by one that voice intensifying making her hands clap up and cover her ears while eyes clench closed and fingers dig into her hair, looping and knotting as she can only shake her head in response to K'tten. "It. wont. STOP!"
As she is curling inward like the bite of her fingers will rip her mind free ofthe intensifying call Orn presses up behind her and takes a hold of her. "<Princess>…." Concern evident even as his touch brings in a knee-jerk reaction.
Armor scales up in that ripple over her body, bare feet now covered to mid thigh in that purple plating, shoulders, hands and arms scaling upward that covering that is reinforced and war ready. Fight or flight, and Kori is getting angrier the more confusion sets in on /why/.
"Let me go Orn I have to go down there." She states as soberly as possible as she slides from the large grip, heading for the transport bay.

The spaceship lurches as one of the engines goes offline. Kori doesn’t even feel that, though. The light is ahead and she can see it even through the ship’s hull. The call is so intense paying attention to anything else is difficult.
She can almost see a golden city up ahead, inhabited by happy, beautiful people, and dominated by a great temple that reminds her to the temples of Tamaran. She is needed in that perfect city. She needs to go there right now, before it is too late.
Meanwhile her crew is seeing something quite different. They are in the Antarctic, and like in most planets it should be a frozen wasteland. Somehow, there is a dense tropical jungle a few hundred feet under the ship! Moreover, those sensors still working reveal strange energy fields in the area, which must be produced by insanely advanced technology, and which are causing a cascade of system failures in the spaceship. They need to land right away while they still have power!

"Go where? Kori, there's frozen nothing, and an odd jungle of nothing that does not belong in frozen nothing… Don't.." K'tten is seeing what she is and speaking logically towards Kori who is acting unusual about the whole ordeal.
Too late, before that part of the system shuts down Kori puts in the command to be taken down, saying nothing more to K'tten, but they know what to do despite the obvious confusion.

But that is not a jungle of ‘nothing’. It is teeming with life, if a weird hodge-podge of species that supposedly have been long extinct on Earth, some for a hundred million years. The sun hangs low on the horizon, as expected in these latitudes, yet the day feels clear and luminous, as if the region stood outside normal cycles of day and night just as it obviously is outside normal weather patterns.
While the spaceship is forced to crash land, Koriand’r is free to fly away, to the glorious maybe a hundred miles away. The people in the streets cheers when she appears on the sky. On top of the temple two divine figures await. One is the sun goddess X’Hal, the other is a tall, shinning man, the sun god Garokk, she suddenly knows instinctively.

"Barce yourselves!" K'tten calls, managing to flick on the distress signal and beacon that will hopefully call out to the teams comm links just beefore it all shits down, the screens lining and then going black before she can even fasten a belt, reaching to either side to use only her grip to keep herself in her chair. Depalo is already fastenedin and Orn gets pitched from one side to the other, a loud thud and then…
Kori is not looking back, as she hits the air over the jungled spanse of Antarctic she is leaving in that trail of imbued solar energy, leaving a flaic comet tail behind her until she comes to a halt in the city… Hovering there before…
"X'Hal…" The other man at her goddesses side means little to her but he is there, and they called /her/. Slowly she begins her descent to touch armored feet upon the temple stairs.

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