The New Adventures of Lois and Clark (and Jimmy), Episode 2

November 1, 2014 : Lois, Clark, and Jimmy all attend a banquet regarding a huge scientific find!

Regents Ballroom

A ballroom for extravagant events.



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It's about mid day in the great city of Metropolis and rock star journalistic team of Lois Lane and Clark Kent are at a local historic exhibit discussing the finding of a miraculously intact pterodactyl. One shouldn't forget James Olsen, the eye behind some of the great photographs of the generation, who often is sent with the pair.

The ballroom has high white walls and a parquet flooring scheme. Light fixtures from the ceiling have an older, Spanish feel, and those who were lucky enough to have been invited mill about eating hors d'oeuvres and drinking champagne. Sure, it's mid day, but pterodactyl's are extremely rare.

The ballroom itself is cut in half via a long black curtain, presumably so that whoever is throwing this shindig can unveil the find in dramatic fashion.

Clark Kent, meanwhile, is dramatic in his own way, eating carrots akin to the way a rabbit might. "These are really good, Lois. You should try the sauce. It's got a kick to it!" He licks his lips, "I think it's southwestern style."

Jimmy has been poured into a formal suit and is distinctly uncomfortable but still professional about it. He has his small handheld digital out for now, taking a few establishing shots here and there to check the lighting levels and the possibility of any unexpected shadows and such.

And he does find time to graze a little off the platters making the rounds - free food is never out of place for a newshound. He munches on a tiny eggroll as he switches out camera for light meter. "They had to use that big ripply black curtain, didn't they? I hope it drops completely because that's going to blow as a background.." the youth mutters.

Excitement, that's what Lois craves. Nothing was more exciting then watching a set of bones from olden days being put on display for all to see.


But this was the job, suffering through events such as these, which was something she could have done at her desk buried under mountains upon mountains of research of rare bones and such being put on display, something that could devolve into hours upon hours reading which.. funnily enough, she too enjoys. One of these days, a rare fact is going to pop into her head that she could add to a situation that'll make her seem smarter than the rest.

She waits with baited breath.

Dressed to kill at least is her modus operandi for today; much like the rest of the men and women donned in suits, she wore a simmering red number that hugged each curve and cut a thigh upon the left. Heels strapped to ankles that make her seem a tall, larger than life than what she really is. Frame to fit the name. Faux diamond encrusted clutch tucked beneath tender arm was squeezed against her body as she partakes of the rabbit food and sauce, ruby red lips wrapped around the veg as pearly whites bite into the body and..

"Oh god Clark.."

Cheeks burn red, contending with the color of the dress she wore, eyes nearly watering to smear shade of brown that lined lower lids. "Shit. I can't handle the heat."

Use your big words Lois!

The rest of the carrot was placed upon a passing tray, quick fingers snatching up a glass of wine to gobble down hastily, eyes cutting towards Jimmy, a faint little smile drawn upon painted lips. "Everything will be fine, Jimmy, if not, I'm sure you'll find a way."


Clark looks towards Lois, still with a smear of pinkish orangish dip on the right side of his face. "You look amazing tonight, Lois." Too late, he notices and begins to wipe it off with his napkin. "

He nods to Jimmy, "Well, I imagine since they invited you, they wouldn't be too adverse to you getting the dinosaur from its best angle. Maybe they'll let you go back in there after they show it."

A nerdy young woman in a STAR Labs polo, with nerd glasses and black hair pulled back tightly comes toward Jimmy. "Are you Jimmy Olsen? I really love your photographs." She pushes her glasses back up her long nose and smiles widely with her summerteeth. Summer here. Summer there.

Jimmy switches back out to his handheld after fiddling with a couple of settings. "I hope so, Miss Lane. And hey, it sounds like a big find. At least the science page will be happy," he says, considering another eggroll.

The sudden appearance of the woman in the STAR Labs gear puts him off his stride, though, and he manages a smile. "Ah, yeah and thank you," he says, taking a step back.

"You're just now noticing?" Lois lets out with a grin, after she finishes off the wine that she has. Just as Clark begins to wipe at his mouth, she brings her fingers to the side of his cheek to dab at a missed spot, "Which is why I somewhat don't understand the reason for me and Clark to be here. But I suppose Danvers and company want the best of the best." She pauses in her dabbing at Clark to think about her words for a moment, hand resting upon the bigger man's shoulder, considering. "What happened to that one guy who usually covers these?"

As the young woman approaches, she takes a slight step aside, watching Jimmy's reaction towards the young nerdy beau. There would have been a moment in time where she would have taken Clark by the arm to skirt off towards a corner to watch from afar and plant wishes upon them both to find lady loves, but this one, she wants to see up close.

"She's cute isn't she?" She murmurs quietly towards Clark, "We should probably set them up.."

"Reynolds?" Clark asks Lois with a raised eyebrow. He seems to melt a little bit when she touches his face, but tries to keep his composure. "Reynolds had a heart attack. In March." Clark nose wrinkles, thinking again about how he hasn't thought of his co-worker for quite some time. "I hope he's alright."

Clark looks at the nerd-girl with a bit of a wince. "Yeah, she's pre…uh."

But StarLabs polo wearing girl-she doesn't work there-Clark would have recognized her, continues to step down upon Jimmy, even as he steps away. "I've been waiting so, so long to meet you, Jimmy. I printed those pictures you did of Bialya and put them all over my room. Above my bed, even."

Her breath is atrocious, and now, upon closer inspection from the great photographer, it's clear that her face could use better scrubbing at night time. More blemishes than President Nixon's record on ethics.

Jimmy's well-tuned sense of the odd suddenly starts to ping, and he smiles, even as he swallows a little. "Ah, I see, um, well… that really wasn't my best work," he manages to say, taking a little step backwards. Again. "You might want to pick up the book I did on the Kahndaq Spring, um, it's on sale here, like, down in the lobby store." He shoots a glance to the older pair of veteral reporters, and takes another step back.

"Awe.. did he really?"

Background on Lois. While Reynolds was attempting to survive a heart attack, and other things that happened in Metropolis while she clearly wasn't available, she was off in Syria, digging up stories and the like, dead end after dead end until she finally came home.. a week ago. Yeah, that's right. Lois was busy working.

Lois clearly must be suffering from beer goggle syndrome, or just the need to set Jimmy up with whomever paid attention to him.. but the way he reacted was a wee bit strange for Lois' liking. As his gaze moves into their direction, the hand leaves from Clarks shoulder as .. once again, glass replaced upon passing tray and fuller cup snatched from its place, held with a nice grip upon the neck of the flute and carried towards Jimmy with a smile.

"Now -who- is this darling young woman, Jimmy?" Lois is attempting to deflect and move along, by drawing the clutch away from underneath her arm to snake the same along his shoulders. Look comfortable, Lois. And not like his mother.

"I have the Khandaq Spring," she says as she closes his back three steps even closer, but this time she reaches out her hand to touch where his pectoral muscle is. He gives it something less than a squeeze, but more than a caress, and her eyes nearly roll back in her head as she does so. She's clearly been waiting a long, long time for this.

But then in screams Lois. The young ladies eyes fill with hate. "Uh, Lois?" Clark says in the background, but by this time it's already about to start in a cat fight. "Lois Lane! I knew there was something between you two!" Those eyes grow dark behind the thick glasses, and the lights in the room begin to flicker. Things become very, very cold in the room despite it earlier being quite warm due to the amount of people.

Jimmy's eyes snap wide open as the woman reaches for a quick stroke, and the young reporter almost fumbles his camera into the path of a waiter, who dodges with aplomb. Then Lois is there and so he probably contributes to the future chaos with a total 'ohthankgodyou'rehere' look to the woman, and he starts to say something but then…

ut oh.

"Um, hey, no, but.. Halloween was like /last/ night…" the youth says, stowing his camera and edging his hand towards the nice watch on his left wrist. "Oh, hey, you haven't been introduced; this is Lois Lane and Lois, this iiiss…?" he says as he swallows, eyes darting around the room to confirm, yep, this could be Bad…

There was a look of.. shock as the woman brazenly reaches out to touch Jimmy. If he wasn't so uncomfortable, she would have laughed, but Lois was in a state and was looking for something to bide the time until the unveiling. The glass of wine was sipped down like cold water, glass placed upon another passing tray as she gives the woman a weird look. Nevermind Clark calling her.. but this woman..

"You what?" She replies in response to the woman, watching her face carefully as Lois herself takes a step forward, that clutch held arm soon drawn away from Jimmy, purse pushed against the young reporters chest in the manner of..

'Hold mama's purse, this situation just done went tits up.'

Her eyes glanced up and around the room as the lights began to flicker, then towards the woman, and then towards the crowds of people; the women clutched their bare arms and Lois' own breath could be seen as she takes an inhale. She's been around the block long enough to know that this chick? She was the cause. And she was right off her knockers.

"Ooohoho.. no you don't.." Lois snapped, one heel placed in front of the other with the attempts to charge, but what she does next? Completely unexpected.

Or expected.

She draws her pretty little head back and launches it forward, the tops of her own forhead aimed towards where those glasses parked upon the nerdy womans face. She was seeking to knock the poor girl out before the situation got any worse than it already was getting. Just like dear ol' daddy taught her. Headbutts. They're awesome stuff.

"Lois!?!" Clark exclaims as the Army Brat's head collides with the nerd's face. The latter has that look after you've just been smashed on the bridge of the nose. The stagger back, the bitter beer face, and the waving of the hands.

She was not, however, unconscious. And when she reaches up to her glasses, face full of rage, her eyes are glowing blue and that nasty hair is pulled from its scrunchy and begins to stand on end.

Each of the bulbs of the lights in the room explode and that black curtain that Jimmy was talking about tears down the middle like it's Good Friday.

Maribeth screams in anger that the love of her life was going to be taken by Lois Lane (she always knew there was something going on between them, just knew it).

"Wow, would you look at that," Clark says, pointing towards the gigantic pterodactyl. The problem is that the dinosaur is beginning to stir.

"Oh, I think you need to catch the first bus to Crazytown because MISS LANE!" Jimmy yelps and jumps back as his co-worker headbutts the spooky chick. "What are.. ut oh… OH!" he yelps again and clicks his watch.


And instinct has taken over. The camera is out and going, getting the whole panorama of incidents on film, multiple frames going per second. He waves the camera back and forth between thbe nascent metahuman and the possible living fossil, torn between which one to focus on.

So Jimmy didn't hold her purse. She was going to have to talk to him about that later.

The headbutt obviously connects, for Lois' hand went up towards her head, her other arm stretched out to steady herself because in all reality? Headbutts hurt. She was going to have a lump and a crazy headache in the morning.

"Dammit.." She curses herself, her eyes blinking rapidly as she keeps her eyes upon the woman, her body at a slight hunch from the pain of her head, but she was ready to go. Fisticuffs with a meta-human. This -wasn't- Lois' smartest moment, but anything to protect Clark and Jimmy.

Clark's words and Jimmy snapping draws her attention towards the moving fossil, her eyes widening and jaw dropping, hands slowly lifting to draw herself into a fighters stance that possibly wouldn't do much against the crazed woman. "Guys.." She calls out. "GUYS!" Dammit.. where the hell is Superman?!

There was only one thing she could do really, was to stall the crazed woman and hope like hell security would get the people out in the meanwhile.. "Yeah.. that's right you big ball of crazy! Come and get it."

Oh shit.. oh shit.. oh shit…

Clark pulls out his phone, ready to call the police. "Darn it!" he exclaims! "I'm out of battery!" He runs away, like a little girl, in search of finding the phone for the building. He ducks around the corner, trying to get help.

Meanwhile, Maribeth's eyes are bearing down upon Lois with hate. Her hands begin to glow blue as she's certainly conjuring up some terrible spell. At the far end of the room, the pterodactyl lets out a blood curdling scream that hasn't been heard in millions of years. He pulls against where it's been fastened and the layer of glaze that was put over it to preserve it, begins to crackle.

Jimmy totally borked the purse-handoff, it's true; what's worse is that he let it fall between them in his bid to both call Superman and get shots of the meta human AND the dinosaur, so.. plop. And worse yet, as he moves to one side to get apart from the ensuing melee and perhaps get in a whack at Crazy Lady himself… he slips on the purse, with a whoosh and crunch putting him on his backside.

So he does what he can, and tries to stick both huge-sneakered feet into the melee to trip up the woman before she can fry Lois. Or whatever her game is.

The camera is still pointed at the dinosaur - metas are not that unusual but this was!

"Clark!" Lois calls out, why oh why did he have to be the first name that comes from her mouth, cause as she looks around nervously, he was gone. Like usual. At one point of time she used to cry about it, but he was always safe afterwards when no one else really was.

So it was just her and Jimmy, the gruesome twosome, she was backing away from the crazed lady, keeping an eye on the moving construct as well, slowly putting distance in between her, it, and the monster, at least until Jimmy trips, falls, and wisely uses his feet!

Go Jimmy, go!

Master at multitasking he was, she tried to match, attempting to try to dart forward towards the woman to drive the point home, hoping to tackle her to the ground before she gets a shot off that would probably kill her, Jimmy, and whomever was in proximity.

Maribeth does get off a shot, but because of Jimmy's quick thinking, it goes wide and explodes into the wall, knocking the brick away and letting all of that cold air in.

Lois pile drive's the witch into the parquet floor like Gary Heurtz, the Middle Linebacker for the Metropolis Sharks does to runningbacks on Sundays. For added measure, Maribeth's head smacks back against the flooring, hard, probably giving her a concussion and knocking her out cold.

By now the dinosaur has ripped free from what holds him and begins to soar out toward the night.

Suddenly, however, there's a red and blue blur that whizzes by and heads out towards the mid day sky!

Jimmy nods as the witch's head cracks on the marble flooring and he continues the roll he started, ending up on his back still but twisted towards the massive dinosaur; he's switched to video mode for the website boys, and now… here it comes… YES! Red-and-blue-blur and that's the mortgage for this month! He tains the small camera on the dinosaur then, eager to catch the aftermath of all this!


Okay, it wasn't that bad of a crack, but the witch was down for the count. Victory for Jimmy and Lois! Her head whips up as she watches the reanimated dino soar out of the museum, catching that blue and red and.. smiling from ear to ear. Go get 'em, Supes.

She'd run after, but first things first; the witch, while outcold, was dragged towards a crouching security guard, and even though she slips and nearly stumbles, she makes good headway to plop the nerd girl right at the mans cowering feet. "Cuff her, quick before she wakes up."

Next plan of action? Finding a steak knife. While Jimmy is getting the good footage for her to write to, she was busy making herself ready to get a close up. That steak knife was snatched from the floor to cut the straps from her heels, kicking them off towards the rubble, along with the knife in hand.

God bless those superheroic alien women for fighting in heels, but Lois treasures an unbroken ankle.

After all thats said and done? "C'mon Jimmy!" Is hollared out as she marches towards the entry way, hands gripping the red dress at the thigh to yank and tear the fabric higher upon her thigh. It made it easier for her to scale rock and to run, barefoot and ready to witness and to cheer on two of the three favorite people in her word. Okay, four. Lucy's always number one.

Superman soars after the pterodactyl and catches up to it easily. He struggles with it for a moment as it wriggles as any bird-like animal would. Eventually, however, Superman has control of the animal. The thrashing settles down for a moment, and then inexplicably, Superman jets out to the east, carrying the dinosaur with him.

He's gone for quite some time, which isn't like him. Usually, he's back pretty quickly to check on Jimmy or Lois.

Jimmy is up and running, camera held steady as he can, and he follows Lois - he vaults over a railing like a track star and then sliiiides into first base - actually centers himself in the holding area and aims his camera up to capture the capture so to speak. Once that's done, he begins to shoot the crowd and get reactions on his digital recorder that Lois can use to punch up her article if she needs to.

After a bit, he cycles back over to Lois, and looks out into the night. "I wonder where he took it?" he says to her.

Eyes were peeled on the tussel, fingers gripping her grown to keep it aloft of the ground as she had no added height, her shoes were left back at the museum.

After a while however, things seemingly die down, the headache slowly begins to bring itself around as she finds herself lifting a hand to shield from the lights that are now surrounding the damaged area of the museum. Police lights and fire vehicles and.. if needed, ambulances were all there, stared at blankly.. and then back again towards where Superman fled.

"I don't know.." She mutters quietly, a look of worry obviously on her face. "Maybe somewhere far so that no one could be hurt. He's thoughtful like that."

She yawns a little, her eyes slightly glazed over as she looks towards Jimmy, reaching out to give his arm a good squeeze. "Going to talk to one of the paramedics. See if anyones been hurt." She lies, she flipping concussed herself by headbashing the crazy chick from earlier.

Jimmy nods and then frowns as he reaches to support Lois. "You don't look so good; I think you need to go talk to them about yourself, first," he says, noting the glazed look in her eyes. "After all you want to be up and OK when Superman comes back, in case you can interview him.." he says, trying to sweeten that pot some.

"Really Jimmy? I get all dressed up and you just insult me like that? Awesome friend you are.." She was still her joking self, even though her tone didn't really match the words. She leans on him though, just for a bit of a moment, still glancing up towards where he went to, then slowly shakes her head. "We both know that we can talk to him any time, so I'm really okay with him not coming back."

She thought about those words, quickly adding.. "..right away.." Then steps away from her friend with a smile. "You should check with the police to see if they have that woman in custody. I'll go to the crowd to see if there were any other witnesses who probably see what we didn't catch."

"I know but it's still weird.. I hope that thing wasn't actually some weird space monster, preserved all this time…" the youth says as he helps her over to the paramedics. He looks concerned when she pulls away but he also knows exactly how far he can persuade her in a course of action… "OK, but be careful?" he says, as he goes off to the cops area, and sees if he can wrangle his way onto the transport taking her to Black Gate. And if not, he can still do so, he's sure…

In the end, the woman is apprehended and set for Stryker's Island (since they're better equipped than Blackgate to take in such a menace). After about 30 minutes, Superman comes back to the scene to meet up with Jimmy and Lois, "Glad you're okay." He gives them a bit of a smile and a nod. "It looks like that witch has been taken care of. As for the reptile…" Superman sighs, "I knew pretty early on that it wouldn't be good to set this thing in the wild, and no zoo I know of would have been able to handle it. So…I took the pterodactyl home." Superman winces at the sound of what he just said. Did he just take home a stray?

With Superman back, Jimmy preparing to leave, Lois sitting with a paramedic, she just has to give Superman the most weirdest look that she could muster.

"Need a cowboy hat to go with that now? Pair of chaps? Bullwhip?"

She was done heckling her friend, a warm smile soon cast off. "I'm hitching a ride with the fellas here. Bedrest orders. I'll catch you later.. but tell Clark to give me a call? I haven't seen him and I'm worried about him."

She was then ushered into the whambulance, doors closing as she looks out the window to give Superman a brief wave. And they were off.

Jimmy flashes a smile at his costumed friend after he sees off Lois. "Wow, so.. no chance of getting some pics of him in his new home is there, huh?" he grins.

"Sorry, Jimmy," Superman smiles as he shakes his head. "You'll have to go with what you've got. According to its heart beat, the trip alone was pretty hard on the guy. He's quite comfortable, but I hesitate to move him any more." Superman gives a wave to Lois and a nod as she says she's worried for Clark's safety and he looks a bit saddened when she leaves, but it's just for a split second. "Good to see you, Jimmy. Take care of yourself out there…"

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