Crashlanding (Sun God Ascendant I)

Nov 1, 2014: The Outsiders are teleported to the Savage Land without warning, as the crashed HMSS Starfire is under attack by natives and dinosaurs!

The Savage Land

A tropical forest area.



  • K'tten
  • Orn
  • Depalo
  • Barbarus
  • Piper (heard only)

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Usually, the teleportation systems of the Starfire produce a neat and smooth transit. This time is different. This time the Outsiders are violently yanked from wherever they are, then dropped with little consideration at different heights from the ground. Some will land on the hard metal hull of the ship, others in the much smoother forest floor. Those actually have it worse, they are among unfriendly company!

Because the spaceship is grounded. Not exactly landed, as the hull is angled about twenty degrees, with the left side having crushed a few dozen trees, and the right one sunk the water of a now clogged stream. Also, they are under attack. On the sky a score of men riding what look like huge winged lizards are coming down. On the ground there is a pack of bipedal reptiles, each about 300-400 pounds of claws, fangs and nasty attitude. And a couple much, much larger. 15 feet tall, 8 tons of reptilian death. Some of the heroes have seen that kind of beast in the movies, they are tyrannosaurus.

Now, a warship like the Starfire would find the presence of a few reptiles and riders (are they armed? Oh yeah, with iron swords and bows) a laughable threat. But the lights of the Stafire are out, and the last of its power was spent just now, to bring some help!

Jericho happened to have landed near the ship and is currently in the process of attempting to extricate K'tten, Deplo, Orn and anyone else who may have been inside. This has, necessarily, involved tracing out and forcing an airlock door open. K'tten may be unhappy with the cosmetic damage to said door, but hey, how else was he gonna get in?

"Anyone else inside? And what the hell exactly happened?"

Lunair never considered herself a floor licker. Not really. But fortunately, she manages to pull armor up BEFORE she lands with a soft WHUMP. It takes her a moment to figure out what's going on. "Ooh…" Forest! The botany loving teen digs it. And then… wait, there's Jericho. "Hey! And no idea…" She moves to help him out, distracted by their surroundings. And then, there's - "Uhm. Do you see… dinosaurs?" Is this another fever dream?

Oh wow, this is going to be really hard to explain to her professors. She was performing her midterm, Paganini's Caprice No. 24. She had been practicing it all summer to make certain it was perfect. Her talent had always been undeniable, but now that Nancy seems to have been letting her Goth appearance fade away, the teachers were taking her even more seriously then before. That might change with them having witnessed her disappearing, leaving her cello to fall unsupported to the floor. Luckily, in this day an age, a girl can say 'I was abducted by aliens' and be believed.

Finding herself in a sitting position but with nothing under her to support said position, Nancy falls onto her butt in the clogged stream. She lets out a startled shriek, mostly from the fact that she is cold and wet from the waist down with a cellist bow in one hand.

Jake is unfortunately suspended from a tree by vines. His arms tussed up around him as he kicks about a wrapped piece of greenery wound about his neck and face while he sways there, "A little help?" He's actually dressed in normal clothes for once, a t-shirt with a brown hooded sweater, black cargo pants and boots. His hair drawn back in to a pony tail. This is perhaps one of the few times he's actually decent looking, aside from now being covered in leaves, branches and whatever additional shrub he's been teleported in to.

The mechanical lock of the airlock works, but the electronics seem to be offline. When Jericho manages to pry it open, he finds an armed Tamaranean woman looking quite unhappy. “Oh good, you make it here whole. Dapalo wasn’t sure. No talk now, fight first. Also… your planet’s pole is not as frozen as it looked from orbit!”

Lunair and Nancy are in very distracting surroundings indeed. Several velociraptor proceed to stalk Lunair, moving all around her, almost ready to pounce. And Nancy… splash! More water and mud come flaying at the young woman as the huge paw of a T-Rex lands a couple feet from her. Fortunately the beast is not looking down.

It is looking up, to the man dangling from the vines. Almost within his reach. It jumps a little, snaps jaws, misses Jake for a few inches. Of course that splashes Nancy even more.

Jericho shakes his head, reaching for the leather case behind him, his eyes gleaming a bit. "Fight? Fight wh-" He cuts off hearing the snap of jaws from not far away. "Crap. Hang on a sec Jake." Despite the situation the hacker can't help but grin. "Don't go anywhere. Maybe hang out?"

Nodding to said armed Tamaraan woman he turns and rushes over and… wait… dinosaurs? Velociraptors? What is this, a Steven Spielburg movie? There's no real time to question as the thing trying to munch on Jake is, unfortunately quite real. As Jericho moves to the man's aid he flicks the large object in the case behind him which folds out into a carbine.

Brrrap! Hopefully Jake won't mine being 'shot down'

Nancy looks up to see Jake and is about to tell him she'll help him in just a mo when a large reptilian foot comes within inches of stepping on her. She scrabbles backwards, looking up now at the underbelly of a … is that a Tyrannosaurus Rex? She isn't sure whether she should be impressed or scared and so settles for a mixture of both. She goes to reach for the laser pistol in the shoulder holster she has taken to wearing and then remembers, midterms. Oh yeah! Not wearing her jacket to conceal the weapon means she just wasn't wearing the weapon either. She gets to her feet and tries to distract the big beast as best she can by stomping one of her stilleto'd heels at the instep like she would with a human attacker. The likelihood of that getting through the thick reptilean hide is slim though and she knows it, but the dino is trying to snack on that annoying jerk that is one of the Outsiders. Only Star gets to hurt the annoying jerk!

Lunair is - huh. "Hey, don't you guys normally eat the slow ones first?" Then the shoe drops and - oh. OH. Realization dawns. "Okay, that's just rude." Seriously. She pouts a little. Green and black armor that looks like it got ripped out of a video game (no lawyers please) appears over her. Only instead of a helmet, she has sort of a holographic visor over her eyes. "I hope this works." She's not too sure on it. But she tries.

And is that - are those? Well, there's peoples! But dinosaurs first. She pulls a rather alarmingly large laser rifle - (Is Lunair overcompensating? Probably. That's what she gets for living in a comic book universe full of big boobs) - out of freaking nowhere. It looks like she yanked it off a freaking mech. White motes of light dancer around the barrel and are going to zorch a velociraptor if he doesn't duck.

"Are you kidding me!?" Jake shouts, one hand flailing only makes him rotate in the vines as he flails for the knife on his belt only to have it unlatch and drop. "Shit." It's while watching it descend he catches sight of Jericho taking aim, "No no! Wait!" What the hell… Nancy is stomping on a T-Rex's foot? Pinching his own arm hard he hisses under his breath, "C'mon Diarmuid, tag, you're it. You ass."

Flail, sway, bullet spray, plummet! Queue Wilhelm scream.

Some people sometimes gets lucky, because as Jake is about to fall into the mouth of the T-Rex, the big lizard becomes distracted because someone (a tiny someone) is stepping on his foot. Someone that is likely edible. Nancy has his full attention, and a second later a mouth full of knife-sized teeth approaching at high speed.

But Jake is safe, for like 3 seconds. Just as he was recovering from the mud-bath, a second T-Rex comes towards him, looking down with hungry eyes.

Not far from this, Lunair vaporizes the velociraptor that was making poses in front of her. Yes, it was making poses, because the one that was tasked with attacking was behind the girl. Now it pounces, claws first. Hopefully Lunair either has quick reflexes or a good armor. That critter is 300 pounds of death machine with sharp claws and teeth.

Meanwhile, several of the men in the flying reptiles have landed on the ship and hurry towards Jericho and K'tten, a couple shoot arrows at them from powerful-looking composite bows.

Jericho instinctively sprouts bat-like wings, though not quite fast enough. One of the arrows grazes his shoulder. The next one, in K'tten's direction gets batted away. He's got to hope that Nancy knows her business because at the moment he's busy. He grabs the tech's arm and dives for cover, snapping off one handed bursts in return. He may or may not hit, one handed, while moving for cover isn't the army approved way to shoot anything. More to the point the winged reptiles may scatter, which would be good. They may just be bows and arrows but they'll kill him just as dead as anything else if they hit.

Great! Nancy is the annoying mosquito that bites you in the annoying places you can't reach. She'd rather be the terror that flaps in the night, but you take what you can get. As rows of large teeth come racing towards her, Nancy starts running, going between the T-Rex's legs in the hopes to put him off balance. "Luuuun! Throw me a bone here! I've got nothing!" she yells, not noticing yet that Lunair has her hands full.

No weapon and no armor and with a couple tonne, prehistoric killing machine behind her, Nancy makes for the trees to see if she can keep a tree between herself and the not so nice Barney.

Oh crap. Of course she fell for it. Fortunately, Lunair has good armor and manage to sidestep MOST of the velociraptor. She yelps, unhappily. "Bad raptor, bad! Naughty!" It's gonn be tough to angle herself to fire the gun at the thing. But she's got to try. At least she stops to throw Nancy a small laser rifle. And then resume wrangling, almost to the tune of Scooby Doo chase music. This one is wily.

Mud, in the mouth, in the hair, in the eyes… probably not as bad as being stomped on or eaten. "Diarmuid! Wake the fuck up… " Jake snaps out as he thrashes across the ground in a flail to get away from the prehistoric thunder lizard. It's the sprawl backwards that has him throwing his arms up in front of him in a wave, it almost feels like some shred of his soul just pulled free of him and devoured by the void beyond as a shimmering barrier wraps up in front of his form, it looks like a half-sphere but is made out of glowing orange energy swirling with arcane symbols. That homo-magi heritage shining forth, unfortunately, there goes several hours, days to possibly weeks or more off his lifespan.

Jakob for now is at least protected momentarily from the monolithic monster. "Where are my weapons?" He yells at the coms, not even sure they're active. It's not like he is ever given prep time with these team teleports. Aliens seem to lack manners.

The men on the hull don’t even try to avoid Jericho’s fire. Part of the problem being they have never seen a firearm, so in what they respect he is just making loud noises with a metal thing. Them, one of them gets hit and falls screaming, and that gives the rest of them some pause. K’tten shots with her own laser gun, or tries to, because Jericho drags her behind cover. “Your friends are going to get eaten by those… things,” she notes, waving her gun vaguely at the dinosaurs.

Nancy gets a two seconds respite by running between the T-Rex legs. The monster attempts to swat her with his tail, and if it fails, it turns to give chase. Fortunately, there is laser rifle flying in her direction.

And Lunair injures the second raptor, making it jump back whining and flailing, but there are three more joining the grab-bite-kick party. Just like a pack of wolves, only meaner.

The second T-Rex just tries to bite jake. That he has done some magic, special effects and all do not seem to register in his little brain. Or maybe it does and it believes it will add to flavor.

Jericho nods. "Don't get shot." His HUD is making helpful 'suggestions' already. Kill the lizard things. Yes, thank you. I know.

Jericho leaps into the air his rifle unfolding into a blade as he does. Right onto the back of the T-Rex. This thing is too big to carve up, even with enhanced strength but… if he can hold it still by giving it something else to worry about someone might shoot it with a very big gun. This is the hope, anyway.

The blade comes down, hard, right between the shoulder blades.
This is such a bad idea…

While Nancy is used to wearing heels, running in a forest is not something that one normally does while wearing them. "What I wouldn't give for a pair of Reeboks right now," she mutters under her breath. She makes a flying tackle for the laser rifle, turning in mid-air to shoot at the dinosaur that is barely a breath's reach behind her and grunting as she lands on the forest floor. Not certain that one blast is gonna do it for this big boy, she just holds the trigger down till either it's dead or she is.

Lunair pauses, "I can give you armored shoes!" She calls over. But for her part, Lunair is a bit busy. She yelps, being dogpiled by raptors. She has to dismiss the insanely large weapon in favor of an electrified whip and a light saber. "Have at you!" She is not allowed to be in charge of battle cries. She's going to try to give herself some space, through pain and light saber. Raaaaah!

The spell only withstands so much and the giant headbutting T-Rex passes that threshold, the slam is slowed as teeth and scaled maw bust through the barrier. Jakob is scaling up the slope of earth behind him and ducking behind a copse of trees in his escape route. "Need something… anything… " He needs Diarmuid to awaken. More spells is more danger. Maybe something minor but what minor deals with a dinosaur? Nothing. Yep. He is screwed.

The first of the tyrannosaurus roars in rage when Jericho lands on its back and stabs it in the spine. Deafening. And Nancy lasering its chest, causing very painful burns do not help to improve its mood. It jumps and thrashes and falls down, trying to roll over. But then it can’t stand, as the damage to its spine is too severe.

Meanwhile the raptors met electricity. It burrrrns. They give Lunair a little space, and she brings in the light saber! A few swings later there is filleted velociraptor all around here, and she is covered in reptile blood and guts. The two or three surviving raptors seem to have lost much of their interest in biting her and keep a wary distance.

The second T-Rex is confused about the barrier, it shakes its massive head, sniffing around for more weirdness. But look… person running! Pounce! Everything else is forgotten, the lizard runs after Jake!

But at least Jericho, Nancy and Lunair have a respite at last. Unfortunately most of the riders of the flying dinosaurs have landed on top of the ship. A few are aiming their bows to them, the others are trying to avoid K’tten shots, her hand laser quite more deadly than their bows. They are short, hairy men of powerful builds.

One of the riders is taller, even bulkier (not as hairy) and has four arms. He moves ahead unafraid and grabs the turret behind which K’tten was hiding and rips the whole thing off the hull of the Starfire, tossing it away as if it was made of cardboard!

K’tten quickly puts six laser blasts on his chest, but they do absolutely nothing. He grabs the girl with one of his four arms and shouts: “I am Barbarus! The mighty! Surrender now!” He speaks English, although with atrocious accent.

English? That's unexpected. Jericho leaps off the thrashing T-Rex and flies over toward Jake, swooping low to try to hamstring the damn thing. "Jake! Circle back toward K'tten! We've got a big problem over there!" He's not going to suggest letting the other guy out. He's sure Jake knows that'd be ideal and if it hasn't happened yet there must be a reason. "Nan! Lunair! Got those things off the ship!"

The first T-Rex dealt with, Nancy has time to look at the side of the laser rifle and up the firepower. The next T-Rex gets a much more powerful blast aimed at his backside as she starts running (or trying to) the HMSS Starfire. She's not sure if the guy with the four arms is a meta, a mutant, or something that she doesn't affect, but here goes nothing. She grits her teeth, letting the anger inside her build. It's not the only way she can expand her bubble of nothing, but it's the fastest. "Fire in the hole," she yells, warning the other mutants in the group that she's about to make them human as she expands her bubble to its full size.

Melee is hard work, okay? Lunair's melee talent is somewhere between *Nelson Laugh* and an angry old British lady with a shopping cart. "Go on! Shoo! Shoo! Bad raptors!" She is a comet and they are velociraptors. She'll do her best to scare them off, now turning as Jericho calls her name. She looks over and - a dude just freaking rips a turret off the ship. Okay. That's bad. Really bad. Time to move out of bubble range and try a portal gun to move them away from the ship. A portal opens up beneath turret smashy guy.

Leap over a T-Rex? Save K'tten? Maybe, simple spell. Maybe only develop a grey hair from it. An ancestral spell called the Salmon's Leap…


Jakob leaps through the air and lands on the other side of the Dinosaur. He actually sails to the point it looked like he was flying for a moment. Once on the other side he sprints towards the turret ripping four-armed giant and the Tamaranean captive as per Jericho's call. Okay, now what? He's not an idiot but he's not exactly armed. He doesn't even have his pocket knife anymore. "Circling!" He shouts. A sidelong glance given briefly to see what the rest of the team was up to. Not that long of a look, he is after all being pursued by a creature larger than several elephants and hosting a smile with as much teeth as a shark. A very very big shark.

"Let her go!" Dude shouts at Barbarus. Not very intimidating, at least he thinks he looks kind of cool right now.

The second T-Rex gets simultaneously cut and lasered. The beast turns angrily and attempts to bite Jericho. But the hamstringed leg fails him and he stumbles forward. Epic fall for the eight ton, running monster, which takes a couple pretty large trees with it. CRASH. Fortunately Jake was not there. He jump just in time.

Lunair portal gun makes a couple of the archers vanish in a hole, and makes the others step away from the edge of the ship (and Jake) quickly. But Barbarus jumps down, dragging K’tten with him. He jumps for Nancy, because with Lunair running away she is the closest.

Oh boy… that was an unfortunate mistake. He loses his powers in mid-jump, and the Starfire is not a small ship, that means a fall down from some serious height. The mud saves him from breaking both legs, but nothing saves him from K’tten kicking him on the face so hard both women can hear his jaw breaking.

Jericho lands next to Jake as they Circle back. He'd been yanked out of not doing anything in particular. fortunately he's paranoid and always armed. His blade folds back into a carbine and he flips Jake a handgun. Does the man know how to use it? We're gonna find out. Now's not the time for anyone to be unarmed.

The hacker takes aim at the hairy men on the Starfire and their mounts. He's not worried about damaging the ship himself. The bullets aren't that big. But these guys? Yeah, they might tear the hull open or some nonsense like that. If nothing else it'll make K'tten very, very upset.

Nancy smiles almost ferally as the four armed man falls and has his jaw broken. She finally catches up, putting Barbarus in the center of her aura and puts the rifle to his head. "Back off or he's dino meat!" she yells to any remaining archers.

Actually, Lunair's not really running anywhere. She was moving to angle. Yeah, that's it. She did pretty well considering the group fight and all. If the archers retreat, she won't mess with them. But if the archers start causing problems, she's going to pull the Twerker on them. That's right.

Her team knows that Nancy is totally bluffing. Nancy doesn't kill people except in the most extreme circumstances and sometimes not even then. But the archers don't know that and Nancy, while not capable of killing is more then comfortable with lying through her teeth

The pterosaur riders shoot some arrows, but pull back, climbing to their mounts. Seeing the T-Rexes and Barbarus defeated they have come to fear these strange-looking foreigners.

Barbarus crawls back, a hand on his mouth, shocked by the loss of his powers and the injury. K’tten kicks him on the balls for good measure.

Now most of the dinos are dead or unconscious, the group can hear some faint music, like pipes. A few seconds, and it ends, and the surviving velociraptors run away.

Jericho's rifle stays shouldered for a long moment as the dino riders (that sounds vaguely familiar) and raptors retreat. He wonders, for a moment, if the T-Rexes were also trained attack pets. It'd certainly make sense. When it's clear that no further hostility is forthcoming the device folds again and goes with practiced eased into the leather case slung behind him.

"Okay. Nancy… K'tten… Jake… Lunair…" He pauses. It's an old habit, roll call after an attack. Some habits die slow and it's a good thing. "Anyone seen Kori, Roy or Skaar?" He calls out.

As Barbarus tries to back away, she's about to give him a poke in the head with the rifle to remind him to sit still, but she doesn't need to. K'tten's well placed kick to his nethers has him staying just where he is. "You should have stayed put, sunshine." She looks around now, her dirty blonde hair flipping from side to side as she looks for the others.

Lunair pauses. She watches the archers go, and the dinosaurs, too. "I'm here, what's up?" She asks. Her holographic sort of - eyeband? Over her eyes flickers a little. "Are you guys okay?" She asks. She looks worried about K'tten and the others, eyes widening a bit as Barbarus gets his in the barbarbits. Owchies. She doesn't say anything. She just meanders over towards them, dismissing her weapons and preferring to keep that immense laser cannon for now.

Jake flicks the safety back on and hands the firearm back to Jericho. "I need to go figure out what is going on with this inability to call out the dumb ass." He says real low, imagining the rest have this under control. He'll retreat into the ships interior and hole in for now. Also any form of magic being used tends to drain him way more than it should.

“Depalo and Orn are trying to keep some systems working, this place caused malfunction in half the ship mechanisms,” explains K’tten, flying closer to Jericho, “Koriandr’ just… went crazy and flew that way,” she points, “she was the one that brought the ship down to this weird place while we were sleeping. Al this was… invisible from orbit.” She looks around to the jungle, in mild disbelief. “This is /your/ South Pole, humans. The Antarctic.”

And just when the enemies are leaving, Skaar comes running from the forest. A glance around, and he does a double take at seeing the fallen tyrannosaurus. He missed the fight? Curses. “I am here… what is going…” okay, K’tten explained most of it. He shuts up.

"Here!" Roy calls out, emerging from the jungle bushes. "Had a bit of trouble with a mother and her babies," he comments. Looking much the worse for wear with blood splattered all over the place, Roy holds up a squirming little tiny pterodactyl. "She wouldn't let go, and I had to convince the little things that I was not the lunch its mom brought."

Eyeing K'tten and the Barbarus, Roy winces. "What happened, he called her Kitten or something?"

Making sure to steer well clear of K'tten, Roy drapes the baby pterodactyl on top of Lunair's head. "What's the sitrep?"

"Worse. He scratched her ship." Jericho calls out, relieved to see the Spy Archer. Er, not the spy named Archer, the spy who is an archer. "Anyone seen Skaar or Koriand'r? They tried to take K'tten and Nancy."

Jericho's not suuuuuuper worried about Koriander. He once saw the woman slap Jake hard enough to break his jaw. But he also just saw a man tear a turret off the Starfire so whatever they're dealing with here, it isn't just dinosaur riding primitives with super strength. And when you put it like that… it actually sounds kind of formidable.

Lunair is quietly concerned. She furrows her brows, nodding at Jericho. "He yanked a turret off. I guess maybe I'm intimidating to take." Or they go for the cute ones. Hard to say. Lunair jerks, startled as Roy emerges. Her eyes widen. "Awww, hiya little guy." Petpet the baby atop her head. "Skaar!" She beams, waving at the big, green fellow. Someone's a fan. "I'm - glad we're okay here, at least. I don't know…" She shakes her head. Carefully. Provoking a cheep.

(emits by Skaar)

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