Dia de Los Muertos

November 2, 2014: Tattoo comes for her Seikatsu, hours after the attempted assassination on the Senator.

Room 396I

A hospital room, somewhere in New York.



  • Nurses
  • Orderlies
  • Armed guards
  • Reporters

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Mayhem in the streets of New York just hours before. The scene was chaos. Armed gunmen, aiming at some Senator woman, some woman that Reese herself probably wouldn't have lifted a finger for. And didn't. She did take a bullet for the woman though, luckily it wasn't in between the eyes or this room, tucked off in the back of the hospital, wouldn't be reserved for her.

But she was there, three hours after unnecessary surgery due to having being snatched up and whisked away here, one of those schemes that Reese thought would pay off due to the money and donations she probably would have gotten, all just by playing on someones pity; she'd earn a buck and a good bed to sleep in for a couple of nights as her prize.

But, sedated she was, cuffed to the bed by not the metal bracelets police would put upon her wrists, but by many mechanisms that monitor her heartbeat, fluids being fed to her because of dehydration, antibiotics dropped into her system like bombs drip by drop. And morphine.

Glorious fucking morphine. One of the things that her system lets her experience. It was like a gift to the gods that lets her soar heights at mind numbing speed. Wave of cool and calm washes repeatedly drip by drop drip and woo-wee! Reese was feeling -fine-.

The room was windowless, and Kida was out of options of coming and going as unseen as she likes to be, she had to stroll into the front door and attract no attention. The thought of being in the open without known cover or shadows made her hands clammy.. Balled and relaxed in a repetitive motion at her sides as she tried not to reach back and grab her spear and threaten every white coated person with it if they so much as looked twice at her.

They were so much like /them/, they never went to clean places like this where she was from, the wounded stayed home with the shamans, under cover from the Technocracy so they did not get discovered and eliminated… This was taboo, this was wrong…

The bright lights made Kida squint and travelling through the hospital took a while, but she followed the stories on the streets after seeing the news play images of her friend getting shot over and over on tv screens in windows.

Now she simply had to find her, and her heart was in her throat most of the time her body hugging a wall to keep distance between herself and those in white coats.

Reaching the floor the stairwell door opens slowly, the crown of head and eyes peeking through first, followed by the rest of her, low crouched and the remembering to stand erect, don't look lost, it draws attention - not much unlike that of the tattered attire she is in that looks like it was run over by a coal carrying freight train.

One guard sat at her door, the other busy fending off media as they sought to gain more knowledge.

"what is her state?"

"What is her name??"

"Where is she from? Why would she…?"

Kida took one small opening and just….

Strolled right the fuck in, the other guard attempting to grab her and stop her that only ended in Kida dropping and rolling along the stretch of the rooms floor, coming up with that stick in her hand and standing between him and the bed.

"My friend first…" The crack of electricity sounds as the spear extends echoing a low hiss with the Haida markings alight along the shaft, the pointed end at the mans larynx. "I will fuck you up so bad they will have to color code you back together."

"Stop!" Reese shrieked out loudly, the sudden sounds of someone breaching the room was enough to rouse her from her drugged slumber. Or, what was left of it. That metabolism of hers ate away at the drugs within her system, so much that she was set to a timer, every thirty minutes, the drop would drop, giving her ten minutes of pure pain and annoyance at being cut into to deal. "That's my sister."

"She has a sister?"

"They don't even look alike!"

"Adoption maybe?!"

"What are the names?!"

The guard threw his hands up, and slowly began to back out of the room, the handle reached and tugged until the door was closed shut.

Surely, she was going to hear it, not the end of it, but the very beginnings. How the world was not like the world that she knew, that running off always turned bad, how people, no matter their intentions, were probably shit. But that was alright, she made out like a bandit in the sea of the good and the bad; there was a Snickers bar that she was sure Kida had never had with her name right on it. Saved just for her. Selfless selfishness. A bribe between girls.

"Hi." And, that was all she could really say, because this situation?


Once the door is shut Kida takes a moment, the tension is evident in the tight draw of her shoulders and her stance that has yet to even unwind from defense, the measured breathing can even be seen as more of a disturbance to her form and posture due to how slow she had to make something happen that wanted to /race/.

Could she have backed her words to the security guard? Maybe. But it is all in how much you puff up not how much you strut. If you have to strut, strut dirty.

Finally turning to face Reese now, her eyes widen and then brows furrow, the anger showing in the alarm.

"They will drain you of everything, all of this…"

She is now ripping the IV and the wires from her unless Reese stops her. "They only seek to kill. You heal at home, hidden. They take you easier when you are weak."

She is shaking as she does it, one machine lets out a monitoring alarm before the pulse-ox readings flatline as well, making Kida panic more and grab one, raising it over her head…..

It would have hurt to see Kida this way, but that was one thing that she was grateful to not have. Sight to see. But she could feel the subtle hints of anger, the wall, the panic and belief that not everything in this world is puppies and sunshine. It didn't take a gift to fill it, it cut through the air thick as if easy emotions were butter. And in a way? It hurt.


"Kida.. don't.."

Seikatsu was too weak to really stop her from ripping the iv from her arm, which soon curled into her chest to hold, but was moved again once everything was disconnected. Pulse-ox upon her finger? Gone. Tape connected to her chest? Pulled away with snatches that left little white patches upon her skin.

"It's different here, I swear.. they only try to help! No one knows I'm here, no one that.. Kida!"


It was the only sound that Reese knew of, one that would send more doctors and nurses rushing to her room. She was a gunshot victim, three to the belly, people rarely survive the aftermath of such an injury let alone come out whole. In fact, most would have their intestines strapped outside of their gut and held in by surgical mesh for the rest of their lives.

Reese scrambles to look for something, at least anything to stick back upon herself to show that she was alive before the hordes of men and white came crashing through the door.. but she was a little bit too late.


"Your face was all over the screens. You helped the government here! The government is lies they get in your head…" As she speaks her movements are erratic, her hands going to her head, rapping fingertips at her temples violently in emphasis, black hair strands flying.

None of this Reese could see… But it is there…

"If they find out you saved me, they will kill you. They kill, they make it look pretty but they kill…." The intercom sounds off and Kida looks up and around, the defense setting in again after the alarm, the end of her spear slammed into the ground as the spearhead is aimed at the door, but just as they begin to push the door open vines rip from her arm, the sepentine coil bubbling and ripping like contaminated vines, slapping to the floor and quickly slithering forward, webbing across its opening to hold it /barely/ closed as they hit it and tried to come in.

"Don't make me kill…" Her voice is a whisper as those vines leak from beneath the skin of her arms like loosed veins, an extension of life….

"I didn't help, Kida! I was stealing! Check my pockets!"

Reese slowly rose from the bed, her body at a clear hunch as she attempts to cross the way, her head turned in such an odd way so that she could hear first and /see/ next with hands that press upon the length of the bed. Lines of what she would consider were rope were felt upon her feet and nearly stumbled over, pausing as she hears the first cracks of what were to be her spear, and the slam of vines against the door.

It almost felt like a hostage situation, but it was not. It was just a frightened friend, over more than one thing and another.

But how can you calm a person such as this? You give in, because it is what is right.

"You don't have to kill.. Kida. Let's go away from here. Far away.." Her hand outstretches, and it shakes so terribly, lips pursed in determination. "Lets go where no one can find us."

Kida stops, motions cease again but those vines do not break or falter, her focus is there even as Reese speaks. She cannot break it or they will be able to come through and get them… Touch them…. Make them disappear…

"I want to trust… I'm tired Reese… I'm lost here. You're not the blind one." Despite saying as such her jaw flexes and her hazel eyes flick from Reese back to the door.

"We don't have to hide if you don't want to." With a slow exhale Reese can feel those vines slithering back and away, a rapid sensation as they sink back within skin and meld again, leaving the door to fly open and orderlies to pile upon themselves while security stands behind. Kida does not sheath her spear thoough, she keeps the almost archaic looking weapon at her side, her grip so stern upon the sharft the sinew in her arm rippled against ink laden skin.

"Yes. You are." Seikatsu confesses harshly, though her tone marks otherwise. "But you know what…"

They were in a hospital, the best place to start so that Kida could see, not all white coats were bad. Not all of them. The ones that were? Seikatsu wouldn't bat an eye to save. Kida could kill and Reese would wipe away the pain from her mind with but a hug or kiss.

As the orderlies, nurses and doctor burst into the door, followed by security and their life saving carts, there was a clear look of anger upon their faces. Not at Kida, but at Reese.

Lets face it. This is New York. They have cats and bats and shit here, seeing a pretty lady with a spear? One of them is bound to whistle and risk a shank or a whip of a vine. And they possibly would have considered it worthy.

"What the hell are you doing?" One of the nurses barked out. "You removed everything! Get back into bed! And someone close that door!"

The door was shut immediately, which was soon left with two orderlies, a doctor who checked charts, and the nurse attempting to pry Reese away. "Listen lady.."

The nurse was talking to Kida.

"We need to keep your sister here overnight and then she's free to leave. But you have to sign some papers so that we could release her into your care, its obvious she can't go home alone cause when she came in here, she had no food in her belly. I'm sending room service up with a tray of food, if you want something to eat, you better put in an order."

She was a large woman, homely.. grandmotherly. She didn't try to pry Reese any further.

"Lets save them.." Reese whispers, a wry grin appearing upon her lips. Once again, they were in a hospital. "Lets save all the sick before we leave."

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