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November 2, 2014: Zola checks in with Widget, who has completed her assignment.


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Inside HYDRA, a lab, a quiet, isolated lab within the hub, one for Widget. Her interest is gadgets, created entirely for the organisation that raised her. Now, Widget is sitting, her goggles covering her eyes, perched on a stool. The device in front of her is a cloaking device, designed to be worn on the wrist of a single person. Now, sparks fly and she sits back, frowning at it, replying - as she so often does - to the device itself. "You aren't cooperating, you need to do that." Scolding, as she reaches for a drink, a coke. A moment's pause, as though the device itself replied, and she shakes her head, "Take two. Don't make me tell them."

Speaking of them, one of Zola's robots comes rolling through the door, with the face of an aging scientist visible on the CRT screen, a cheap webcam hooked to the top of the treaded device turning over to look towards Widget. Why he rarely if ever goes anywhere in person is a topic debated in hushed whispers by some members of HYDRA, but in he rolls none the less. "Ah, Widget how is my little protege, I trust you are making progress?" His voice sounding friendly and rather fatherly despite coming from fairly low quality speakers, this particular robotic body being one he uses while working maintenance on the more advanced models.

The arrival of the robot is met with a glance, and she lifts her hand to the goggles, "It is not complying." The irritation in her voice is obvious, and she shakes her head, "It will." A few adjustments and she sits back with a smile, pleasure at her creation, the glow in her eyes there the moment she cracks it. "This should function within parameters you required." Her pace of speaking tends to echo the machines she works so closely with and she offers it to him, adding, "It functions on non-humans, in case it was required to shield our non-human agents."

"Excellent, in that case moving the deadline for it's full production up by two weeks should prove no problem for you" The adorable little monstrosity, affectionately nicknamed 'rusty', moving its way beside Widget. A single grabber arm extends itself to the table, in order to properly examine the device "Will it?"

"No problem. I wish to make adjustments to the larger model for vehicles and groups prior to production. They are shorting out when additional demand is required." She means the ability to mask larger objects such as buildings and planes, and she places the smaller device in front of him, watching his robotic expression for approval of this creation. "Heil HYDRA. I can comply."

Zola immediately returns the Hail HYDRA with one of his own, before properly examining the latest prototype. Rusty wheels back around so that it's old computer screen can properly face Widget. "I expect nothing less then perfection," The slightly robotic voice calls out sounding as if about to go on another one of his tirades, which have been known to last anywhere from minutes to hours, but then something odd happens. "That said, I'm satisfied with your work so far," A small doll of all things popping out of the compartment on the front of rusty. It's very unlike Zola to give anything in the way of gifts, let alone a handmade little doll. It's small, but also well made, with bright red hair.

Satisfied is all that is required for Widget to nod, almost for her to turn back to her work, but the doll surprises her, her eyebrows flying up. She reaches out to take it, lowering the goggles to examine it closely, before she asks cautiously, "What is the purpose of this? Does it have functions beyond its appearance?" She turns it over in her hands, the small frown on her forehead suggesting she is analysing it.

The compartment seals back up with an audible clank, the latch locking itself back into place. Zola's webcam examining Widgets reactions the face on his screen looking intrigued as well. "It is a simple reward for your efforts," Rusty wheeling back around so that it can return to examining the device, her reactions recorded for analyzing. "Do with it what you will,"

Widget takes the doll to her workstation, putting it beneath a microscope to analyse, her instant response to anything outside her realm of knowledge. Technically perfect, she fails in areas of humanity, failing to grasp the simpliest of human interactions. "Interesting. It has the ability to store small notes, and devices within it, and yet this is full of…" The words trail off as the inners of the doll are removed with a pair of tweazers.

"Ninety-five percent cellulose, one point three percent protein, one point two percent ash, point six percent wax, point three percent sugar, and .8 percent organic acids" Zola rattles off, off the top of his head, the man's got the kind of memory some people would kill for. Once he's got all of the data that he needs on the device, scans complete he wheels over towards Widget once more, examining her examination of the doll, almost as if this were some test in and of itself. "In other words: Cotton"

"It appears to fulfill no useful function, except to make the doll a certain shape." She puts the cotton aside, adding thoughtfully, "If an agent with a child took it, we could fill it with an explosive material of a similar nature." The comment is thoughtful as she turns a plaything into a killing machine within instants of receiving it. "Alternatively it would function as a drop box, with the child dropping it in the street."

Zola doesn't miss a single beat, it comes with the territory really, "All valuable uses," Rusty wheels over more towards the table of works in progress not relating to the main project "You've yet to lose your touch Widget, I may just make something of you yet," talking as if he hadn't already spent a large portion of the girls life already personally teaching her, and turning her into what she is now. It's very good for loyalty to have a direct connection to an assets upbringing after all. "When you are done with the prototyping stages of this device, I would like to brief you on project Presage"

She accepts that as praise, giving him a smile that is warm, swift and long enough to be a suitable, socially appropriate reply. "It will require another hour to complete the device. Then they can proceed to production." She is confident in her creations, and she gives him a look, adding quietly, "I can complete the changes as you brief me, it will allow effective use of my time and yours." The observation is neutral as she turns back to her workstation, the doll put aside for work.

Moving over towards the wall Rusty enters in a combination to the keypad by the door. There's some rather very tight security on this floor as one would expect from one of the more respectable divisions of hydra. The room immediately locks down completely the windows covered over by very thick soundproofed blast shields, the doors coming to a similar situation. It's the kind of lock down one would expect from a containment breach in a science fiction film. Zola waits out the lockdown's proceedings before starting off on the briefing proper.

She isn't wrong, her ability to both work on the prototypes and listen to the briefing is obvious. Finally she puts the prototype to the side, completed, giving him a steady look, nothing showing on her face. The slight pucker between her eyebrows is concentration, and interest, but no emotions, no excitement or nerves.

For all of the details and specifics given off by Dr.Zola it's amazing, and almost laudable just how little information he really gives. A fine wordsmith, and genius beyond measure for sure, but to the point? Not by a long shot. It's nothing new for anyone who's worked with him that he rather seems to like his own voice, but he still manages to get across the idea eventually that he wants her to work on some sort of generator for some sort of project.

She listens, analysing his request into a functional plan as she does so. "Generator. How much power will be required? What resources does it have? How long will it be required to run?" Facts, she does facts, no flowery speeches, no ability to recruit nor persuade, but Widget does data, facts, and turns those into functional reliable objects.

In for a penny in for a pound, Zola rattles off yet more information going on and on. It's a wonder how someone could take something quite so straightforward and turn it into a whole event, but this is as much a chance for getting work done for Zola as it is a chance to speak with a captive audience. Though at the end of it all Rusty reaches inside the same compartment which by all accounts should be completely empty pulling out a small green glowing disk shaped object with a Human skull with many Hydra tendrils sticking out of all sides. Through a little inferencing it's clear that this disk is the power source which needs to be upgraded.

That information is stored in her head, her mind analysing, working out schematics without a word, her movements stilled, barely blinking. Then she rises from her stool, walking towards him, to stand in front of Zola, her face sober. "I will comply." The words are quiet, but certain, "Heil HYDRA!" The gesture is made, and then she nods, preparing to go to work, there and then.

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