The Titans Say Thanks

November 2nd, 2014: The Titans offer Booster their thanks for his assistance, and Robin and Hawkeye II are introduced to the new Titan Castle.

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Although it lacks the horizontal room of Los Angeles, New York City has several sets and sound stages in it, sometimes built into existing buildings. One of these is the site where most of the daytime drama 'Secret Hospital' is taped. This is only of importance to anyone who is a soap opera fan, although this is also where Booster Gold works when he's not being Booster Gold.

At mid-day there are still scenes being shot on set, but Booster — also known as Michael Jon Carter — is in his (small) dressing room having lunch and perusing a script. His hair looks more perfect than usual and he is wearing some pale blue scrubs, as befits his recurring role as an intern on the show. Near the back of the room, his small robot pal Skeets is floating serenely, entertaining himself by reading through the entire Internet again.

Vorpal gives a slight knock on Booster's door. He had called earlier and left his name with "plus some" at the front, so that he could come visit without the hassle. Coming in costume (and fur) was a must, too, because the costume usually opened doors for him- and, well, if SnarkyRobin answers the text he left him, that means the Boy Snark would be showing up. Civilian identities, then, were not an option. As much as he disliked the Son Of The Bat, the guy still didn't know where the new base was. That was a faux pas that had to be corrected.

He gives Bunker a grin, hoisting a wrapped basket under his arm.

There's a rustling in Booster's room that sounds as though it's coming from inside the walls. A few moments later, the grill over the vent at the top of the room comes out and Ibn al Xu'ffasch climbs out. "I told you that'd be the quickest way in," he says to whoever's still inside the wall. "Good evening, Vorpal. I'm glad you're no longer dying."

Bunker is all on alert, the youth's head craning as they pass through the studio, and then they are at Booster's door. From somewhere in that single-peice costume, he's produced a small digital camera. "Mi madre is a huge telenovela fan. She has an embarrassing number of Carter pictures.." he explains to Vorpal.

Kate was Robin's ride. It turns out, Hawkeye likes a reason to drive back and forth between New York and Gotham. She was a little less convinced about his method of entry, arms crossed over the edge of the vent as she peers down at the others. "Yeah, it's still not exactly the normal way in if you aren't trying to sneak in," she points out, pausing to wave to everyone else. "Hey guys."

Booster was expecting visitors, although perhaps not the way some arrived. He is just saying, "Hi there, come— " while opening his door, when Damian insinuates himself in through the vent. This is an older building so the vent system is probably extensive and leads to interesting and perhaps even fascinatingly horrible areas. This dressing room is not either of those things, however. "Er, hi there. Do you guys need…" he gestures vaguely from the vent to the floor. "Help?"

"Bunk, where on earth do you have space to store a camera in— nevermind." Vorpal smirks as the door opens. "Hey, Booster, I hope we're not in at a bad moment… dude, who is your hairdresser? I need to talk to them to see if they could help me."

He's looking at Booster's hair. It is, indeed, perfect. It is a sculpture in honor of the follicular majesty of the male hair. The male equivalent of a Vannah White. Vorpal's own hair, whether in human or Cheshire form, is usually a disorganized mass of windblown red hair. It doesn't exactly look bad, but it's the kind of hair that belongs in a hair metal band than in a nice restaurant. Or in the vicinity of ballooning spiders or blossomed dandelions in a gale.

That's when Damian arrives. "Oh, don't mind him. He's a Robin. Robins can't use doors. They were raised in the wild by Batman and were only trained to use small entries like windows, vents, and in one amusing occasion, mailbox slots." Vorpal walks in, leading Bunker in. In retrospect, he should be clear when he's being funny and when not, considering Booster has some… strange ideas about the Bat-people in this century.

"I see there's a Hawkeye up there, too. Long time no see, dahling," The Cheshire waves at her with his free hand, and then looks at Damian. "… We've got to talk after this, I think." He says in a completely polite and pleasant tone that does not have a hint of opium anywhere at all.

"Certainly, Vorpal," Damian responds, before making sure Kate gets out okay. "And you must be Booster Gold. I am Robin. This is my partner, Hawkeye. I trust you know my other teammates. I will say that your building is fascinating and that our route took us past your costar, Melissa Reed's room. Yes, her body is as fantastic as you might imagine." Pause. "Melissa's, not Hawkeye's. I haven't seen Hawkeye naked."

Bunker blinks as he sees the other heroes already inside when Booster opens the door. Or at least, partially-inside. "Hey, it's Hawkeye and.. stabby-Robin?" he says, looking to Keith for confirmation on the last since he hasn't met Damian yet. As far as he knows, it's someone cos-playing as the Boy Wonder but unlikely, in Kate's company. "Did we come at a bad time…?"

"I'm good, thanks," Kate assures Booster with a flash of a smile, sliding herself out of the vent with a half flip to get the right way around before brushing herself off. "Vorp, good to see you looking like you again," she says warmly when she sees the cat, stepping forward to try to catch him in a brief hug. You get hugs when you come back from almost dead. It's a rule. Only then does Damian's comment sink in, and she looks back with a smirk. "And you're not going to, at that rate."

"No, it's fine… my scenes are done for the day unless they need to do pick-ups, which is why I have to stick around," Booster explains, closing the dressing room door once Vorpal and Bunker have entered. "I'm sure Melissa would be… complimented, although to be honest, it's kind of difficult to say with her. She's a complicated woman." Gesturing at the room, Michael adds, "Have a seat. And a snack, if you want, it's all cool by me." It is not the biggest dressing room around but there's enough room for a sofa and a few chairs, and a sizable tray of food probably provided by craft services. "There's a crew here that does hair and makeup, Vorp. If you guys want to look at the sets we'll have to wait until there's a break in shooting."

"Oh right… Bunker, meet the Other Robin. This one's a little… spiky. And Booster,Nah, I was just kidding, they wouldn't do stuff like that for people who aren't shoo-"

A pause in Vorpal's phrase, and he slowly looks at Kate. Not going to. At this rate.

~Oh my god, are these two dating?~
++Terrifying thought, isn't it?++
~Kate has always been the sensible one. Do you think he's brainwashed her?~
++Maybe she's been having some of his medicinal tea.++

Vorpal hugs back, terrified at the thought. "It's good to see you too— oh, yes," At the mention of the snack, Vorpal thrusts the large, wrapped-up basket in Booster's direction. "Michael, I sort of came here to thank you for… you know, helping me stay not dead. And apologize about the terrible things I put you through…" because the Cait Sidhe was part of him, and now that they were together again Keith has had a very hard time reviewing some new memories, especially the ones where he gave the Joker his powers. Guilt doesn't even begin to cover it. "I've got a lot to make up for."

The basket itself, well, contains a veritable explosion of fruit. Since Booster mentioned that he wasn't from this century, and the fact that he seemed to be in awe of trees, Vorpal pretty much figured out that the man must be unfamiliar with a great deal of things that they take for granted. That is why the basket itself contains not just your regular assortment of typical fruits- no, this is an edible bouquet fruit basket. It has exotic fruits. It's the kind of basket that Nathan Lane would send his boyfriend after a tiff, it's a fruit baskets with bells and whistles on, it was probably designed by Carmen Miranda.

Damian looks back at Kate, confused, "You mean to say that was a potential option?" His eyebrows flicker, as if something just occurred to him, and he seems happier — even this Robin, that is, could ever seem jovial in anyway. "I assure you, Mr. Gold, there was nothing complicated about what I saw as we passed by. She," — But Damian pauses as Kate goes to hug Vorpal. His olive skin almost seems to turn a shade of green and it looks as though he might be sick.

Bunker holds up his tiny camera. "Wow, Estoy muy emocionado," he babbles, looking to Booster. "Do you mind?" he says. "Is for mi madre," he explains.

"The world is full of possibilities," Kate informs Damian, winking to Vorpal as she steps back, where Robin can't see. No need for anyone to get too weirded out. Bunker's request for a picture gets another amused look, and she moves back to bump a shoulder against Damian's as she considers Booster. "Did we, ah…Gotham, at the park, with the weirdness? Was that you?"

"Oh, gosh. Thank you." Booster takes the basket from Vorpal, his expression one of curiosity; he clearly does not know exactly what this is, but it is a gift so he smiles graciously as he accepts it. "Dude, it's all cool. I accept your apology, although I've never blamed you for any of it." He sets the basket on the tabletop by the mirror, telling Damian, "You can call me Booster. Or Michael. I'm good with either." He grins to Kate, adding, "If you meant that fire… the guy the Joker shot about a dozen times? Yeah, that was me. The bruises were extensive, but the makeup guys were able to cover up anything that showed." His smile brightens more and he says to Bunker, "It'd be my pleasure. Anything for your mother, dude."

Vorpal steps aside and hides his face behind a hand when Booster mentions the Joker, and getting beat up, and the bruises. "Oh god… yeah, that was my fault, Kate. Cait Sidhe gave Joker my powers. I can't imagine all the crap he did with those." Vorpal hasn't looked it up yet because, well, after reading the report on that encounter, he wanted a strong sip of Bailey's.

"Don't tease me, woman," Damian says passively as he nods toward Booster. "Booster it is," he says matter-of-factly. "Now when do we see this headquarters?"

Bunker takes several pictures in quick succession, careful to keep his teammates out of the frame (there's things Mom doesn't really need to know after all) and then he stores the little device again. "Thank you, sir," he says to Booster. Then at Damian's request - "Well, we could go right now. Anyone who doesn't fly, I can make a platform for you to ride on," he says.

"That explains a lot, actually," Kate muses when Vorpal owns up. "And is completely terrifying, so yay for that being over." A crooked smile quirks, and she crosses her arms loosely over her chest. "Glad to see you made it out okay, then, Booster. And I'm all for platform flight, but I'm not leaving through the ducts."

"You're welcome," Booster says to Bunker, pointing a finger-gun his way and winking. "You guys can leave through the front door, no one's going to mind. Oh…" his eyebrows arch up and he looks to Kate and Damian. "Unless you guys actually need to go stealthy. But to be honest, we're not the only show that shoots here. They aren't going to question your outfits. Frankly, everyone here seems incredibly jaded." He shakes his head a little sadly.

Booster gives Vorpal a hearty pat on the back. "You've got some great teammates, dude. Seriously," He nods to the others. "It was a pleasure meeting you all, I'm glad you came by for a visit."

"Man, I'd hate to make it such a short visit," Vorpal muses, and raises an eyebrow. "Do you really have to stay, though? You could always hop over for a quick visit. We just got the wine racks installed."

Not that he knew much about wine… but he trusted Gar's taste. Then again, that might be a bad idea…

"It was great meeting you!" Bunker says, the tiny camera containing enough Booster footage that Mama might actually forgive him for the Crystal Vase Incident of 2009. Then it's outside to an observation deck with the others where he forms up a large platform made of glowing purple bricks, with scooter-like handlebars on poles for people to hold on with. The whole mass levitates as the purple-clad boy hops on board. "This is kind of like pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, so don't ask me how it works that I can move myself at the same time." He pauses. "As in really don't ask, I might start to think too hard about it…" he grins, obviously teasing his passengers.

"It was great meeting you!" Bunker says, the tiny camera containing enough Booster footage that Mama might actually forgive him for the Crystal Vase Incident of 2009. "I can have us there in pretty quickly," he says. "I can carry everyone on a platform and still keep up a pretty respectable speed…"

Robin climbs aboard the purple structure and looks out over the edge. He opens his mouth as if to ask something and thinks better of it with Bunker's words."

"Sounds good to me," Kate grins at Bunker, falling in with the others. "Interested to see the new place."

"Yeah, it's my job," Booster says to Vorpal, laughing quietly. "They're pretty understanding when I have to leave to deal with an emergency, I can't just take off whenever I feel like it, on top of that." Stepping back, he lifts his hand in a farewell gesture to the group. "I'll come visit the place soon, though, if that's cool. See you guys."

"You're always welcome at our place, Micheal. Consider yourself an honorary Titan. With all the shame that is attached to that." Vorpal grins, and gives Booter a hug. Because if Kate is giving hugs, he might as well. He's very Hugg-y. "Alright, let's get the batling over to the new place so he can't get into trouble, at least for the day. And we can show Hawkeye the place, too." He grins at her.

"There's mahogany. Oh boy, is there a lot of mahogany."

"Sounds good to me," Kate grins at Bunker, falling in with the others.

After he goes outside with the others, he forms up a large platform made of glowing purple bricks, with scooter-like handlebars on poles for people to hold on with. The whole mass levitates as the purple-clad boy hops onboard. "This is kind of like pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, so don't ask me how it works that I can move myself at the same time." He pauses. "As in really don't ask, I might start to think too hard about it…" he grins, obviously teasing his passengers.

Damian gulps as he looks over the edge. He's not ever in the situation to trust people, much less other heroes, much less those he barely knows, much less friends of Vorpal. He looks out over the edge again and is about to say something, but then Bunker mentions losing his attention again, and that's not very funny, not very funny at all.

Kate, on the other hand, looks entirely comfortable leaning out over the edge and watching the world fly by. "Tell me you didn't go with the creepy cabin in the woods?" she calls back to Vorpal.

Vorpal grins as they sail through the air. "Something like that," he says to Kate. Because, let's be frank, what's the point of having a castle if you don't make it a big surprise? Letting Kate think they were at the Murdershack in the woods was perfect. "Wait till you get a load of it. Gar's done some really cool renovations."

Damian moves closer to Kate. And farther from the edge and as his shoulder and side touch hers, it'll be clear he's tense. "How long of a trip is it?" he asks, sounding cool and composed.

"Like plumbing?" Kate smirks over at Vorpal. "Because I don't remember that being a thing out in the first place. On the up side, you've already christened it with your first lover's spat, so there's one less thing to worry about." She doesn't answer Damian's question; she doesn't know the answer. But she does shift a bit so that she's taking up more of the railing.

Vorpal gives Bunker's ride a few nudges by using the Rabbit Hole. Soon, the highway is visible… and then there's hilly territory. A mantle of invisibility comes over them courtesy of Vorpal, just to avoid accidents in the highway from people going 'Look! It's a bird! It's a plane, it's!—' (Why is the first guy always so excited about a bird?)

"I want to welcome you…" Vorpal says as they touch down in front of the castle, "To the Titans Compound!"

Bunker departs, due to other commitments (like work, most likely), so the feline is left to give them the grand tour. "Not too shabby, eh?" He says, while walking towards the entry gate.

Gingerly, Damian departs from the BunkerExpress and looks up at the compound. His pursed lips push upward as he nods, "Looks fantastic." He looks back at Kate, wondering what she thinks, and at this point hoping for any little thing she might take to get her to reconsider and join the Titans in earnest.

"Not too shabby at all," Kate approves, brows rising as she pushes her sunglasses up onto her head. "Definitely already looks more secure than the last place. I wasn't convinced the whole T architecture wasn't going to come down on its own, honestly," she teases with a flash of a grin, turning a slow circle as she looks around.

"That was the King. I guess he's big into being literal." Vorpal goes up to the door, scans his hand, and then punches the code. The door slides open and leads into a rather lovely parlor. The interior is ultra-modern, so if someone was expecting the classic cobblestone and wood look, they are to be sorely disappointed. Beyond the parlor is the rest of the main tower's bottom floor, which has been accommodated into a commons/game area. There is a stunning view of the central courtyard due to one of the walls being nothing but curved bullet-proof glass. Vorpal points to the corridor leading to the left "That way is the second tower, which houses the library. That way," He points to the right "Third tower, kitchen, dining room and utilities. Those-" pointing to the stairs" are in every tower and lead to the upper rooms. There's four bedrooms in each tower, so feel free to claim your own. Raven's claimed the bedroom whose window overlooks the entrance, most likely to freak people out when they approach," He says with a grin, and then moves to one of the walls. "Oh… and that's not all." beep boop beep. A hidden panel slides, he taps the code, and the elevator appears. "After you," he gestures with a grin. "There's one last thing you need to see."

Damian peeks at the rooms. Given everything he's going through with the Bat Family, the idea of having an extra place to stash his stuff seems like a really nice thing at the moment. He'll have to decide that after he goes to Egypt. And hey, it'd be closer to Kate. Throughout the walk Damian is nodding and doing his 'remaining stoic' thing. "Well," he says to Vorpal as he sets up the last thing, "By all means."

"This place looks…really great, Vorp," Kate grins as she gets the tour. "Sixteen bedrooms, huh? Looking to grow the team a little bit, are we?" She keeps her hands to herself as she looks around though, stuffed in her pockets where she can't get into too much trouble.

"Plenty of room for new members, Hawkeye," Damian says quietly as he walks alongside her.

"Twelve, actually," Vorpal says, as the elevator goes down. When the doors open, however, they are underground in the Silo. The Cheshire walks across the catwalk (haha), the abyss and water below him. "Welcome to the real base. There's several more bedrooms down here as well as a training room, gym, infirmary, control room, communications room-" Vorpal gives a meaningful look at Robin when he says this, "Which would be great if we had a comm system. Ahem, and, of course, geothermal reactor. We're completely off the grid." At this, Vorpal turns around on the catwalk (he's a model) and grins at Kate. "So as Snarky pointed out, plenty of room. We're not in the junior leagues anymore, not with this baby."

He points towards the high vaulted ceiling "This was a decommissioned silo that the Lairmaster decided to use to make a lair for himself. The silo doesn't open anymore, the massive tree is sitting on what used to be the dome. Oh, yes, there's also a secret exit to the highway from here for vehicles. When we get vehicles. I've also been pestering Zachary to come up with a magical portal thingy so we can get to the three cities instantly in case of an emergency. This place is why Gar was stressed out for a while… we had some issues acquiring it. Although Gar financed the purchase, it's now property of the Titans Incorporated. We all own it as a group, and the buy-in into the group is a dollar."

Vorpal raises an eyebrow at Robin, "So that'll be one dollar for the piggy," he says with a grin.

"Yeah," Damian says with a sigh. "About that. I've sort of been locked out of that portion of my family." It doesn't sound like it will change anytime soon. "This is fantastic work, Vorpal. Excellent job."

"So you've got a corporation, and you've got some financing set up," Kate nods approvingly, still looking around, until Damian chimes in again. "So that's what's up with the bike?" she asks, quirking a brow. "Isn't it kind of a mixed message to bring someone along to fight crime with you, then ground them for doing it?"

"Don't get me started," replies Damian.

Vorpal's face does not change. He's known about Robin 2 being cut off when Tim let it slip. While his initial response would be to mortify Damian for it, he resists that very Caith Sidhe impulse and instead says, "Oh, no problem, like I said we have bedrooms all over the place if they kick you to the Bat-curb. Don't get me started indeed," the Cheshire adds to their exchange, "I respect a lot of what Batman does, but the man seems to have no understanding of human emotions. Of course, this is an unfair characterization since I only have heard things about him second-handedly. I'm nowhere in those leagues for him to actually take notice of me." He starts heading towards the control room, to give them the tour.

"Don't congratulate me, this is really Gar's effort. I'm just the one who opened the boxes and fixed the place up while I was being useful dying."

Damian nods to Vorpal, "Nonetheless, this is very good work. I am not easily impressed, but today I stand so. It will be great to get to work in a place like this." Not even just because he has like zero access to anything right now. "Will we have any access to vehicles?"

Kate wrinkles her nose. "Clint worries about me, but he knows better than to try to tell me what I can and can't do. If you've got some family money of your own, I can give you the number of a guy who does a good job managing it. Then if they try to cut you off…" She trails off, shrugging.

"Well, we have a kitchen, bedrooms, all that stuff. If you're cut off, you can live here. I already live here with Gar, so does Bunker. And Raven. What about you, Kate?" Vorpal grins.

"It's a castle. How often can you say "Oh, I'll be at my castle if you need me?"

"As for vehicles… we're working on that. Mister Rand is interested in helping fund the Titans, if we prove to him we're worth it and establish a good rapport. Vehicles would be nice, but I don't want Gar to have to run himself into the poorhouse getting those for us. If we impress Rand, I'm sure we can get some funding for some fancy motorcycles. We could get a car, but because we're by the highway, motorcycles would be best."

"The amount of money I'm given from my rightful inheritance is a joke," Damian mutters to Kate. "The entire escapade is a joke. But I don't wish to speak of it any further," he adds defiantly. He's seething, that much is clear. Damian nods at Vorpal. Without a vehicle he's pretty much dead in the water. Perhaps he will have to be made useful running operations from afar. "How far are we from the city?" There's always the BMX.

"Trust fund didn't kick over yet?" Kate at least knows a thing or two about rich kid problems. But as Damian seethes, she holds up both hands, waving it off. "Sorry. I'll keep my nose out of it. And…" She trails off, looking to Vorpal with a faint smile. "You know me, Vorp. I like my space. You're all great, and I'm glad to help out, I just…You know?"

"More space than a castle and a surrounding forest? You're one complicated lady, Kate Bishop." Vorpal smirks. "See, this is why I only date guys." He is teasing, of course. "It's a fair way from the city, but I am sure that if you need to get around, either Kate can give you a ride or Gar can lend you the Smrt Cr… provided it's not used for anything that might wreck it. While he can fly, come the winter flying is not that attractive a method of transportation."

"Just what?" Damian says, looking at Kate. He turns back and nods to Vorpal, "If I'm unable to gain transportation, I shall help the team in a different way. I won't become a problem for you, Vorpal. I'll be a solution."

"I'm bossy, and pushy, and like my own agendas," Kate finished for Damian with a wry smile, shrugging. "Hell, Clint can't get me to sign on with SHIELD. On the other hand, you don't make people wear suits, so that's a point in your favor."

"And I'm not?" Damian retorts. He tilts his head towards her as if to say, 'really?'

"And… Castle!" Vorpal points out. "We might even add a pool to the courtyard come summer. Or maybe an indoors pool…" the Cheshire stares off into the distance. "Temperature controlled… oh yes."

Kate smirks at Damian. "Touche," she allows. "But why buy the cow when you guys let me hang out and get the milk for free? Honestly, you want this stuff, you've totally got to quit putting out," she teases the pair.

Vorpal smirks. "Speaking of milk, I'm gonna go and cook us something to eat. You guys take a look around and meet me topside in about forty. I'll make us a souffle."

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