Friendly Natives (for once) (Sun God Ascendant II)

Nov 1, 2014: The Outsiders talk about the weird situation they are in (jungle, in the Antartic) and meet some Fall People natives

The Savage Land

Tropical Forest



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About half an hour has passed since the fight with the dinosaurs and the aggressive hairy guys in furs. K'tten has explained they teleported in the group because she thought Kory was in trouble and with the starship about to crash, they didn't know if they could even find her.

Depalo dropped by briefly to comment that he is pretty sure he can restart the engines. But serious work on the electronics is needed and it is going to take a few days. He got Orn to work in deploying solar batteries, they need more energy.

That is when they start to catch up in some of the weirdness. They are in the Antarctic, it is Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The sun is very, very low in the horizon, just half visible behind a distant mountain range.

And yet, the sky is bright blue, and they have as much light as a nice summer noon in New York! It is pretty much impossible. But so is a jungle in the Antarctic. It is hot here, 35-40 degrees Celsius. Humid too.

Jericho is just returning from a little experiment. Even in a place like this it should be possible to get satcom signals. There are, after all, satellites in every sky. Sky's big, and if you know where to look…

That seems as much of an anomaly as anything else. So far, nothing. Granted he hasn't tried everything but at the very least it's more difficult to do this than it should be. A lot more difficult. There's some odd megafauna about too.

"So this is damn odd. Artificial environment? I dunno how this was missed on, how, I dunno, a billion sat scans of the area. Anything odd over here?"

Blargh. Lunair is worried and grumpy. Those raptors were mean. This place defies her knowledge of geography and she looks thoughtful. "Maybe it's um, it's not an anomaly or magic maybe? I don't know… Ooh, that is a fern I haven't ever seen before outside of fossils." Examine!

Lunair is excited about the plants, and will help get things set up otherwise. She wipes her brow, though, looking around. "Nothing odd here but there's some cool plants. I don't see any tracks…"

There is no satellite coverage, not even GPS. Some of Jericho’s systems are behaving oddly, which is something Depalo also mentioned. Out of phase, he said. Skaar also mentioned something about feeling trapped. Grumpy, as usual, he has wandered away to… well, he didn’t say. The truth is he wants to see a live Tyrannosaurus. They remind him home.

Most of the others are inside the starship when a second contingent of savages arrives. This time they are just half a dozen. Leaner, taller and less hairy than the others, and on foot. They are a mixed group of men and women; they dress minimally, wear Mohawks and have spears and bows.

Jericho turns when they arrive. He wastes no time in producing his sword, mostly because he thinks it important that he be visibly armed. They haven't attacked yet, though, so that's something. "Lunair? Skaar? We have company."

He's not sure if this is going to turn into another fight or not but after watching these people control dinosaurs and rip a turret off the Starfire, he's not willing to underestimate them.

Lunair is sore. But she was ignoring it since OH MY GOD FERNS! But then the ache hits. Adrenaline only lasts so long. Her head reels a bit. And Lunair is glad Skaar seems to wander and go dig the place. Even grumpy, she seems quietly - well. Odd. She doesn't have much time to reel, though. Blinking. People. Pause. She … carefully waves to them. "Hiya!" And she has to call up a new suit of armor. She's going to try the Canadian approach. Earth might be invaded less if people stopped and said hi instead of shooting.

… but does that work here? She pulls a large rifle over her shoulder.

The newcomers seem pretty amazed, but mostly at the huge metal bulk of the Starfire than to Jericho and Lunair. Until she creates the armor out of nothing, that draws their attention. One of them steps forward and speaks… something. The language is unintelligible. But at least he is waving back, instead of trying to skewer them with the spear.

Jericho frowns and hits his communicator. "K'tten, we've got locals. They're trying to talk but I've got nothing on what they're saying. Got any techno-wizardry for that?" He hopes. Otherwise this is going to be at best kind of futile and at worst, a fight.

Huh. Hey! She smiles to them. Lunair is banking on some small truth - that in most humanoid cultures, smiling is not a sign of aggression. She seems surprised, too. She looks curious. She sort of makes a 'wait, please' gesture while Jericho talks. Then sort of a point to her mouth, then her ear, then to them and a headshake. She looks apologetic.

The lead man of the natives seems to understand what Lunair means. He thrust his spear on the ground and points to himself, “Tongah,” he states. Then he proceeds to name all the others in his group.

K’tten arrival with a translation device (and a blaster rifle, just in case) is going to spare Lunair and Jericho from a good deal of work.

Jericho takes the device and has to confer with K'tten for a few minutes about how it works. Then holds it up standing at enough of a distance that hopefully it won't be mistaken for some kind of hostile act. "Who are you, and what do you want?" Oh well… Tongah. That seems to be a name. "I'm Jericho." He points to himself. "That's Lunair."

Lunair smiles at him. She nods in a thanks. "Thank you!" She beams to K'tten, listening to how it works. "Hi Tongah. It is a pleasure to meet you," She lowers her head respectfully in a greeting. She looks to Jericho. "He was just curious about you, sorry. What brings you to us? We only got here a bit ago…" Lunair tries. Maybe this time her diplomacy won't end in someone getting the shocker. Maybe.

"Now you speak our language?" Tongah seems somewhat surprised, but not particularly worried. "Well, that is good," he chuckles, "I feared we would be here all day and night, trying to talk with you! I am Tongah, a hunter chief of the Fall People. We came to investigate the fall of this… this flying metal house of yours. And also the Swamp Men raiders."

"We're using a trick to make ourselves understandable. Well I am. Lunair seems to understand you already?" Jericho quirks an eyebrow at Lunair. "The Swamp Men? Those would be the ones who arrived shortly after we did. I take it you are not related?" Possibly not friendly? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all, but still to be watched, Jericho knows.

Lunair listens, nodding. "Understandable," She smiles. She seems sympathetic enough. "Er, I have a thingy, too." Or at least, she's close enough. She listens. "Are they - uhm, do they attack you, too? The Swamp Men Raiders?" She asks. Lunair will go quiet and listen.

“You don’t know, uh? Are you from beyond the Ice Mountains?” Tongah rubs his chin and nods. “Well… you need to learn quite a bit, outlanders. The Swamp Men are a dangerous bunch and not friendly to anyone. Their septs are always fighting each other. But their territory is quite far, at the other side of the Great Swamp, it is very strange they were here. And too much of a coincidence they were here just as your metal place fell. I think they must have known you were coming, yes?” He looks at both curious for confirmation.

"That seems reasonable." Jericho nods. His blade has lowered now though he hasn't put it away. "Though I wonder how. I'm not entirely certain of the circumstances surrounding how the Starfire crashed." He glances back. "K'tten? Anything pertinent? Or did you guys just decide to come down here for a sight seeing tour?"

Lunair is quiet, listening. She shakes her head as he asks if they knew they were coming. Nope, nope.

K’tten shakes her head, “no, of course not… unless Koriand’r communicated with someone here, and told them she was bringing down the ship. I can check the logs.”

Tongah looks thoughtful. He missed the meaning of half of what the others said, but understood enough. “I see. You are in quite the predicament, outlanders. But if you came in peace, the Fall People will aid you in what measure we can.”

"I'd appreciate that." Jericho nods. "That might be prudent K'tten. It doesn't seem like something she'd do, but if she did it's a sure sign that something is amiss."

And something is most assuredly amiss. He's just not sure what yet. "Right now I'd settle for knowing who lives here and why we were attacked. Those Swamp Raiders don't exectaly seem like the kind to attack Starships. But they undeniably were waiting for us, or else responded very quickly. Is this their land?"

“Not at all,” replies Tongah. “As I said, they live in the Great Swamp. This place is the close to southernmost edge of the Fall People lands. The Great Swamp is at the north. And between us and the Swamp Men there is the land of the Zebra Tribe. Even their flying beast would take nearly half a day to get here. You are wrong thinking they wouldn’t attack a… star-ship. They attack everyone. They are not very smart, but they are ferocious.”

"Point taken." Jericho says dryly. "So they're out of their territory by half a day's flight? That's a pretty long way to come for a patch of river. They must have known." The hacker pauses. There's something interfering with technological signals down here and he wouldn't be surprised to learn that it was affecting the Starfire's systems too. "Are there any other outlanders here Tongah?"

Tongah ponders that question before answering. “I can’t say for sure, but it is likely. My father met one just before I was born. There are histories of others from before my grandfather’s time. Other tribes have stories too. Some outlanders come every so often, none I have heard about has managed to leave the land alive, though.” He looks at the fallen starship, “but no one has every come in such a thing as you did. Maybe if you make it fly again you could return to the lands beyond the ice!”

One of the other hunters clears her throat. Tongah looks at her, “yes, Tatia, what do you know about this, sister.” Tatia hesitates, but then speaks, “I have friends among the Zebra Tribe, they told me the Swamp Men had a visitor from the outside that came and went from the outside at will. The Swamp Men believed he was a god, and he gave some of them great abilities.”

Nancy comes out of the HMSS Starfire, barefoot. Her boots are soaked from having landed in the river and she took them off to dry them in the hopes that they can be saved. "No one has ever left here alive?" she repeats, looking upset by those very words. Her life is back in New York. Her boyfriend. Her job. Her cello!!! "Gave them abilities? Maybe he has a power like Gwen over at the Nest."

"Gave them abilities… came and went at will…" Jericho knows of a way this could be done too. But he hasn't resorted to it quite yet because, frankly, it won't solve the problem of the Starfire being crashed here and his presence is more helpful here than elsewhere at the moment. If it came to it though, the people could probably get out.

They'd then have to go through Limbo sure and that's probably more danger than it's worth except in extremis though.

"Sounds interesting. Have they gotten notably more aggressive lately?" If a 'god' is giving them 'miracles' that might be a problem. And it still doesn't explain why they were ambushed. Or how.

“They are always aggressive,” notes Tongah with a humorless grin. Tatia shakes her head, “but it could be something is going on, my friends have heard also from the Sun City. They have a new queen, did you know?” Tongah nods and shrugs.

Barefooted Nancy, still dressed in the outfit she was wearing for her midterms and looking rather mature and responsible blows a bit of dark blonde hair out of her face as she crosses her arms over her chest. "Boy, they're in for a shock when I take those miracles away, even if it is just for a little while." She thrums her fingers on her arms. "Okay, so who is this "God"," she asks, complete with finger quotes. "You got a name, so I know what to call him when I'm punching him in the nose?"

"The one guy seemed pretty shocked, yeah Nan." Jericho laughs. "Right before K'tten broke his jaw."

"Sun City? No never heard of it. Do you think the new queen could be related to the arrival of the Swamp Raider's new god?" Beat. "And is this something we should check out." One more beat. "By the way, have any of you seen an orange skinned woman flying about?" Where the hell is Starfire?

“The Sun City is beyond the Great Swamp,” replies Tongah, “in the Valley of the Sun. They are not good people. Long ago, in the times of my great-greatfather many times removed, they made war against everyone and conquered much of the land in the name of their Sun God. They brought great suffering to all the nations. In truth I know little of their new queen. But it doesn’t matter because the priests are the ones that really rule the Sun City. And no, I had never seen an orange-skinned women before today,” he nods at K’tten.

Tatia smiles at Nancy, she-who-would-punch-a-god. “It was an odd name. Not a Swamp Man name, it was strange… uh… oh, I remember! The god was called Magneto!”

Jericho looks surprised. "Now that… that is a name I know." What the hell is Magneto doing so far south? And what is he doing giving powers to 'Raiders'? Perhaps they're mutants of some kind or… is it possible he's actually experimenting on them? He's going to have to relate this to the rest of the outsiders. The ones present anyway. "Fun times, eh Nan?"

Magneto? "That's that old codger with the magnet powers that was such a pain in the butt during that riot." She rolls her eyes and cants one hip, her hands resting on them. "Seriously? What a maroon." She shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "What Xavier sees in that guy, I will never know. Maybe some sort of bromance when they were in college or something." She starts to smile though. "Getting close to him is gonna be fun. He doesn't seem to do anything without his powers, so taking them away is gonna really make him feel violated."

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