Hunting Hunter

November 03 2014: Hunter catches up with Jericho in a coffee shop.

Rockefeller Center

A complex of buildings in Manhattan famous both for the sights and the companies that make their home there.



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It's some hours later and Jericho is back at the Rockefeller center. Little K'nert's getting quite the workout, but he appears to be amused by the opportunity to trick people and break things and generally be mean spirited. There's been no SHIELD activity for an hour or two which might mean whomever was trying to track him has given up for the time being. Making a point is all well and good but soon it's going to be time to actualyl start sneaking.

Riiiiiight after this coffee and danish.

Hunter is not following Jericho, definitely not on his own initiative and in his own time. He, unlike whoever was trying to track the man, is entirely unsubtle, dropping into the chair opposite and waving a hand to attract some type of service. "So, you shook them off, that was impressive." That could be a straight compliment or sarcasm, sometimes it is hard to tell. "Table service is terrible here."

Jericho starts a little, and then glares a Hunter, but not too much. "Easy trick to pull when you have some of the resources I do." Beat. "So what brings you here? Clearly not the table service. Either I haven't been as clever as I thought I had or this is something more in the lines of a chance meeting. Unless, of course, you were waiting."

:Well, I was watching them, watching you. Got dull after a while. Figured a man like you is gonna get hungry." He glances up, giving the waitress a smile and a wink, "Tea please, luv." The easy charm works on the waitress, and he watches her leave, before turning back to Jericho. "So I came here. So, why are they following you?" The grin is transferred easily from the woman to Fenris, lopsided, cocky.

Jericho chuckles. "I really think that's more a question for you. They're your people after all. I imagine they're a bit upset with me now. Or would be if they knew exactly why so much expensive surveilance equipment has broken today." He takes a deep breath and lets it all out. "So, you seem to have an abundance of free time, don't you."

"Me? I'm a private military contractor, mate." He tilts his chair back, folding his hands on his stomach, his grin widening. "Funny story, I think they don't entirely trust me." He seems unbothered by that, however, waiting for the tea, his smile turning flirtatious, "Thanks luv.." The wink is friendly and he watches her go, before he turns back, considering Jericho. "None of us are as clever as we think we are."

"Isn't that the truth." Jericho mutters. "So you're not a SHIELD agent? I was under the impression by the greeting you got from May the other day that you were a collegue of some kind." Beat. "Though I suppose that doesn't have to mean you both work in the same place now that I think about it."

"Private military contractor. They pay me to work for them." The tone is sarcasm for sure now, the words spoken slowly, his eyes mocking. "So, if May doesn't know why they are following you, and you don't, aren't you the least bit curious?" The grin offers a certain amount of trouble, and he grabs his mug, leaning the chair back.

"Oh I've got a fairly good idea that I pissed off one SHIELD department head or another. I try not to keep up on the internal politics of places like that. It gives me a headache." Jericho sighs and sips his coffee. "I'm more interested on where they got the information they already have on me. The only other organization with a file like that on me is not one SHIELD should be talking to, and even then, pretty incomplete I should think."

Hunter studies Jericho, the friendly manner unchanging, his mug lifting slowly to his mouth. "Yeeeah." The word is slow too, and he drops the chair, leaning forward, elbows on his knees. "Thing is. You don't have to talk to an organisation to get their information." Blunt and to the point. "So, question is, do you want a hand with it, or shall I head back to the bar and leave you to it?"

"Well I suppose that depends." Now it's Jericho's turn to smile. "What you would do, and what you want in exchange for your help. I don't think dead SHIELD agents is the solution, entertaining as that might be."

"I'm not planning on killing them." The grin returns, and he leans back, swigging the tea down. He puts the mug on the table. "Think it over. In the words of some guy or other, I do the job, and I get paid." He rises from his seat, taking out his wallet to toss a note on the table. "Money. That's what I'd get out of it. I won't hide it from May either." A grin and he turns to leave, pausing to flirt with the waitress. One phone number achieved…

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