The Lay of the (Savage) Land (Sun God Ascendant III)

Nov 2, 2014: On the road to the Fall People village

The Savage Land




  • K'tten (emitted by Starfire)
  • Tongah

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Summarizing yesterday's conversation… Definitely not all natives are unfriendly. Apparently these Fall People folks are a group formed from people from many tribes, after the Sun Empire great war. The Fall People was tired of what had been pretty much constant warfare among the people of the 'Land' and decided to form a tribe for all, a tribe that would be friend with all the other tribes. They almost managed, but even the most patient of the Fall People can't deal with some crazy hostile nations like the Swamp Men except at spear point.

For what Tongah says, there are dozens of different races in what seems a territory smaller than the state of New York, and they show very distinctive characteristics. For instance, the Swamp Men are short, strong and hairy, like primitive humans. On the other hand the Zebra People are born either with pale white or charcoal black skin, but they tattoo themselves with the inverse color of birth to show their tribal unity. Tongah even mentions green people, winged men and reptile-looking folks in other, distant regions.

Oddly enough, the Fall People, which are a mix of all the races, look pretty much like regular humans. But Tongah says the people of the Vale of the Sun are also like them in appearance.

Crazy ethnical matters, the Starfire crew has concluded Starfire flew in direction of the Swamp Men nation (and the Sun City is just beyond the Great Swamp). Since the Swamp Men obviously knew they starship was coming down, it looks they know what is going on.

The revelation that the super-villain Magneto was considered a 'god' by the Swamp Men and had given 'great abilities' to some of their number some years ago… well, how does it fit in this mess? Again, the Swamp Men need to answer some question. Barbarus was definitely a metahuman or mutant, though. And the Fall People was really, really weirded out by the trained Tyrannosaurs. Those, they explains, are like rabid, hungry saber tooth cats. No one tames a T-Rex, never, ever. That the Swamp Men did somehow shocked and scared them. Maybe because that, or because they consider their honor duty to help all the tribes, the Outsiders have been invited to travel to their village, and they have offered to guide them to the Zebra Tribe territory.

K'tten did not like leaving the ship, she is actually rather woe to do so, but DePalo is the acting second in command to Starfire and is to stay with the ship and protect it by any means necessary as well as help reconstruct it. K'tten can get the systems back online, but the ship itself able to go back into its orbit within Earth's atmosphere will be all on DePalo and Orn - the ability to even leave atmosphere is still a thing they need far more tech for, and so far no one on Earth has it… That thy know of.

So here is K'tten, wearing the similar armor to Starfire as acting captian, where the purple ceases to strap across, white armor picks up and lays in a form fitting manner across the female warriors humanoid yet feline physique, not unused to this attire but the plating addition DePalo insisted on /chafed/ and she is tracing her fingers beneath it with a distasteful curl of her upper lip and a haiss as she pauses to bend over and toss that mohawked hair of red over one shoulder.

"By X'Hal, could this bucket of scrap be any less comforting in the fact it's supposed to cushion me from being eaten by big and scaly…" She digresses though as she eyes a dino and slides the rifle into her hand, clicking the release button to ensure its charged… The sound of electricity whirring to life and charging like in that of a taser is comforting and has K'tten smiling.

Lunair is feeling more than a little beat up, so any opportunity to rest and listen when not quietly examining plants is welcome. She's trying not to show it around Skaar, though. She will take the chance to go with the new people. Why not? It's a chance for more friends. And she's shocked to hear about what's going on. A god? Huh. Lunair knows a certain magnetic mutant deity, but who knows? She looks to the others, refreshing her armor after a time.

Dealing with having being an attempted dinner for baby pterodactyl, Roy Harper had taken his time making acquaintance with bactine and cotton balls, a veritable menage-a-trois of cuts and disinfectant and plant fiber while a long conversation broke out.

Trailing behind, glancing back up at K'tten, quirking a crooked half-grin at her, Roy nudges Lunair. "Hey, pass me more boom arrows, will you?" He'd long since been reduced from explosive and ice arrows down to little stingy things. "Where -are- we heading?"

Jericho had been working outside the ship, to try to identify the source of whatever it was messing with the tech down here. No luck so far. He's just walking back into the clearing, smudged in dirt and mud from a tussle with an irritable sabertooth. "Going?" Is all he asks. He hadnt been around to tell that a trip to the Zebra Tribe was in the offing. Still, he looks up for it once he's properly appraised.

“There is a village just over next hill,” explains Tongah. “We can stop a few hours, have some food and pick supplies. It is another day of hard match to the Great Swamp.” He peers are Roy’s arrows curious. He knows nothing of guns or blasters, but he gets arrows. Most arrows. “What are boom arrows?”

Skaar, on the other hand, has kept quiet, as he usually does. He has been watching, though, and finally he walks closer to Lunair. “You were injured yesterday, weren’t you?”

K'tten looked like their Captain, an so she is a living breathing model of what is missing and what they can all use as an example, but she is not as /nicely/ spoken as their ever-so-scrambleheaded leader. It was enough to cause concer, by several very distinct factors K'tten has yet to tell any of them about. HER Captain first. First. HERS.

The density and thickness of the air here is getting to K'tten though, and no matter how advancely refined the metal barrier of flexcarbon and digitally enhanced guarding is… Humidity makes anything chafe and your hair look like a hot afro mess. K'tten looked like she was stuck in a stasis of hissing and being puffed up. She is.

"Over the next hill, through another mountain pass…" Looking back over her shoulder at Jericho she slides the large machete in her belt and hits the armor release, leaving her in a similar attire to what Starfire usually dons. No white, just the purple straps and /freedom/. OMG a breeze hit her skin… and she about slumps against a tree in the sheer delight of it.

"I still don't get you humans…." Pause, eyes Skaar.." Pardon." Beat. "But this crap /chafes/." Her final word is said in a drawn out expression but her disdain keeps it from being whining.

Though in the next moment a rather large mosquito looking bug lands on her abdomen and she promply…


That ugly bastard off her and the armor hisses right back into place. "Nevermind. I can deal."

He's onto her! Lunair looks to Skaar, and smiles weakly up at him. "… little bit," She admits. "But it was a whole PILE of raptors." She has to be tough! Right? Right. She looks to Roy, getting a nudge. A nod. If he wants explosive and ice arrows, that's no problem for her and Lunair will pass Roy some of those arrows. She doesn't seem to mind, and it's less fighting for her to do. Lunair's okay, really. She looks to Starfire. "We're a bit squishier than you, I think." Lunair is honest, at least.

And indeed, she's refreshed her armor. It looks cool, well ventilated and with a raptor silhouette with a cross/no symbol through it on one arm. Someone's a little miffed. Just a little.

"My way of asking for arrows that make things go _BOOM_," Roy replies, happily taking the arrows. For whatever reason, the amount of bactine Roy had been applying to the dino gnaws was also doing a decent enough job of resisting bug bites.

"Hey, help yourself if you want to take -that- off," Roy replies, before smirking as K'tten gets stung, as he tucks the arrows away. Looking back at Jericho, Roy nods. "Find anything? I'm thinking we should just throw out an EMP somehow, see if we can shut -that- down and hope our tech recovers before theirs do."

"I'm a little short on subnuclear charges." Jericho admits. "But maybe K'tten can gin you up something if you ask nicely." He grins.

"Armor on this planet is always, hot, heavy and uncomfortable." Jericho says to K'tten apologetically. "Realizing that is kind of a rite of passage among warriors on this world. It's also why no one wears it unless they have to." IOTVs and their predacessors, IBA's were both solidly in that category. Kevlar vests with ceramic strike plates just kind of tend to be. Jericho has an inventive solution for dealing with bugs at least. His traces are glowing blue and he's projecting his wolf field at a fraction of the strength it normally has. It doesn't have the juice to stop anything but… you guessed it, a mosquito.

"Still no word for Koriand'r?"

Skaar nods to Lunair, looking vaguely unhappy. Squishy humans are okay. Squishy friends are not okay. He has little experience dealing with squishy friends. Or non-squishy friends, to say the truth. "This place is not natural," he comments. Not addressing Jericho directly, but… it might have to do with the problem they are talking about. "It is… kept… distant," he tries to explain. "There is molten rock running under very earth under my feet, too close to the surface. That shouldn't be, some device or force makes it move. It keeps the land warm when it should be frozen. But there is more. I can't feel the earth past a few hundred miles. It is as if we are in an invisible bubble."

"This is the same Koriand'r uses, she has had to where I have not and have mostly refused. DePalo is not one to argue with." Tsk'ing K'tten makes her arms rise and fall in a signing of surrender just before she shoots a glare at Roy.

She is heading for him with a posture that does not look too friendly but just as she reaches for him he says what he does. If he did not evade she will be holding him up by his top over her head to dangle. "EMP backfire…" Pausing she sets him down if she ever got a hold of him and looks at Jericho. "We need to do that as soon as we get the ship back up." Looking back at Roy she straightens his collar with a slight flick of fingers.

"You surprise me…. Sometimes. It's rare…" Too late! You already said it K'tten, you'll be regretting it with Roy.

Pausing in passing of Lunair and Skaar, her emerald eyes give the armored woman a once over, a silent assessment before she speaks to them both.

"I doubt you ill fall, but if you do… Get her to medbay fast." Lean. "I don't trust their bugs, let alone their remedies."

When the inquiry comes in in regards to Kori though, K'tten shakes her head. "With the way she was, se's anywhere from here to Nigeria. Follow the smoke." The bad sign is, is there's no sign of smoke.

Lunair looks up to Skaar. She seems apologetic. Maybe if she dodged better? To be fair, her body is a lot stronger than before… but she is still a teenaged female human. For better or worse. She looks to Skaar as he speaks. "I see," She looks thoughtful. How odd.

A place that should not exist. "I'd love to look at some of the plants. Would they be upset if I took some back…?" She considers it. Lunair listens to K'tten and the others.

She's good at that, actually. Lunair looks to Starfire, headtilting. "Okay… I'll say something if I feel worse than sore," She promises. "But this having an immune system thing is really quite nice." It's all net gains for Lunair! That might explain why she's so cheerful. Even as she is, everything is a net improvement.

That he's getting lifted up by K'tten has Roy momentarily wondering if teasing the wound-up temporary Captain to loosen up was about to backfire on him, as witness the expression on his face, but… saved by the EMP. Thank goodness for that. "It's worth a shot, at the least we might be able to identify where it -is- in trying to cope with that," Roy notes. A disruption in the energy field, a conspicious spot showing up in the scans or results, something…

As he dusts himself off, Roy considers the options. "Don't suppose they're going to do something like chucking her into a volcano to appease the fire gods, are they?"

Jericho frowns as Skaar reveals that he can't sense the earth more than a few hundred miles away. Technology capable of doing that is… well, not of this earth, either in the extra terrestrial or extra dimensional sense. Well, there's always the possibility that some villian has made a secret lair… and then populated it with dinosaurs and primitives.

Stranger things have happened.

"I doubt it Roy. And it's not, if I understand right, like it would do much good if they did. Unless they've depowered her somehow." Which seems possible although Jericho doens't know how.

"We can try K'tten, just have to make sure not to kill anyone with the resulting radiant burst. Unless you have a way to make an EMP that doesn't involve a subnuclear detonation?"

Skaar looks back at K’tten and Roy, “but if you break whatever keeps this place warm, you will doom all the life here to freezing.” On the other hand, he ponders a few more seconds, “but… at the end I think the forces that keep this land green and alive are too powerful for us to change.”

"It doesn't…" K'tten cuts off her very trite and deadly words for what Kori would call /humanity/. Looking at their motley group and then this…leader taking them across the land and aiding them where he did not have to. Sighing in relent and waving dismissively off any remainders of her words.

"Once we get the ship back in order we can attempt a slight change to maintain survivors." Though now she looks at Roy again, not saying what she desired to, her tongue firmly -bitten- in mannerisms that are rather unknown to her.

Lunair smiles at Skaar, and looks thoughtful. She seems surprised, but maybe not. Hard to tell. Wait, is that an ancient orchid…? Ooh. No one seems to have objected to her gathering a few samples, so she does. Good to share with Beast, maybe. Hard to say. But for now, she listens, looking around. She's already been ambushed by raptors ONCE.

"Well… there's several kinds of EMPs," Roy warms up to the topic. "You don't -need- a subnuclear detonation, that's just to make sure it gets through a hell of a lot of thick walls protecting the electronics. It's sort of overkill, really. You can get by with the same principle for an electromagnet, just overloading it to make a big powerful pulse…"

Lunair can make a rail gun, and Jericho has seen her use it, so he's actually going to guess 'yes' on that one. Which is frightening. Really frightening. It'd be more like horrifying if Lunair weren't about the nicest person he knows (if a bit awkward). She and Skaar seem to be getting along well.

"I'm sure the Starfire can manage something like that then." He glances over to K'tten. "How long until the Starfire's repaired. I'm afraid I'm not even really sure what the extent of the damage is."

"Our comms will let us know when, as Depalo will radio us. The extent is the fact that /something/ shut us down, sucked us in beyond the natural atmospheric pull and directed our landing into not so nice terrain. First we have to repair hull damage to even /fathom/ lifting off…"

K'tten could go on forever and likely dull the masses to sleep, her hand rising to swat an insect away from her, one that rivalled the size of her fist. "It did to our ship likely what it did to Koriand'r, this is not like her." Grim outlook, but about right, right? She did not look to the rest of the crew for assurance or advice, just looked ahead at this point. "If she is not here and the ship gets repaired only one other place to look for her though, and by then…" They'll be too late.

“Depalo said seven to ten days, right?” States Skaar. “We have time get to that swamp, find Koriand’r and return just as they finish with the repairs. Do the Swamp Men have towns?” He asks to Tongah. The native nods. “They build small forts in high places, usually around their forges. And also at the base of the cliffs, that is where they train their mounts.”

Lunair can be frighteningly powerful when one considers it. Too bad her body is such a dire limiting factor. "There are many kinds of EMPs, but I don't want to hurt this place," Lunair frowns. Then she looks to Roy. "Sure. I've done rail guns and EMPs before. Depends on what cha want," She offers. She looks thoughtful about it. She listens as they talk things over. She will do weapons on demand, but for her part? OMG PLANTS! And Skaar! And this place!

The small group finally finish climbing the hill, and there is the Fall people village. Spacious wooden houses surrounded by small gardens and fruit trees. There is a quick stream at one side, and they have built a water mill. It looks like a prosperous place, although there is a wooden palisade surrounding the area. Several of the hunters run to announce their return, although they have already been noticed, and a large number of folks of all ages are coming to watch open-mouthed at the outlanders.

"There you go," Roy replies. "We'd need special capacitors to burn out other capacitors without burning out our own, though, which is where, I hope, Lunair can come in."

Nodding at Tongah, Roy grins. "So, we should be able to mount some sort of attack, we just need to be smart about it…"

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