Blind leading the Blind

** November 6, 2014 :** The Flash has no idea that the woman he saved, the woman he find out has mystical powers, is actually a pickpocket!

Lower East Side

The southern end of the island of Manhattan is the seat of Wall Street and
City Hall. Bounded by the Hudson on the west, the East River on the east, and
the harbor to the south, it's a veritable mosaic of smaller, storied
neighborhoods that fill in the patchwork south of 14th street. From the
arts-friendly, boutique-laden, gentrified areas of Greenwich Village, SoHo,
and TriBeCa, to the tenement dwelling, immigrant-filled, working class
districts in the Lower East Side, Bowery, Little Italy, Lower Manhattan is
one of the most diverse places in the city. Just about anything can be found
here, and often is.



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It's about 11 pm on the Lower East Side and Barry Allen is emerging from the Mercury Lounge after a show. For all that he'd heard about the New York nightlife, he needed to experience some himself now that he called this place home. The Force was nice enough to give him Friday off in order to acclimate himself, but he was due right away at the Police HQ on Monday Morning.

Barry had never heard of the band, but Iris said they were good and so he went. It's always kind of awkward, but liberating to go to a show by yourself because you can do whatever you please. You never need to worry about making sure that someone can see, or if they have to go to the bathroom, or if they want to get a drink, or if they like the front or the back. You can just sort of breathe.

It's colder here than in Central City and Barry wishes he'd brought a coat. Instead, just a sweater as he walks out onto the sidewalk and the lights of this part of town. He ponders just making a run for it, but there are a lot of people on the streets, and there's no need to risk the ID thing. Never know who might have a camera phone out.

This part of the city was always good for Reese. With the many crowds about, it was easy for her to dip her fingers into pockets unnoticed. She was always a small thing; looked over and passed by, often avoided due to her smell or her clothing. Not that she smelled bad, it was just that she smelled like.. well, outdoors. Outdoors typically stunk to someone who's had a daily bath.

With her stick slightly scraping against the ground in front of her, she senses.. more or less, feels someone draw near. A quick shoulder check to the person, snatch and grab with nimble digits, and a wallet is scored. Business be booming.

Barry doesn't happen to notice the girl in the act. That would be far too easy. Instead he sees Reese and recognizes her from the other day. She was the one who was shot! It's a small world, after all. Barry very nearly reaches out to get her attention from behind, but then decides better of it.

Instead, he pulls his hand back and ducks back into the alleyway…


There's a loud bang as Barry takes off, only to appear over in Queens a few moments later. From there, it's just a few until he's back. Clad head to toe in crimson.

"Hey," the Flash says with a nod towards Reese. "Can't believe my luck running into you again. I just wanted to tell you I'm real happy you made it out okay, and that you weren't hurt." He doesn't mention the miraculous healing thing.

And a few people begin to stop and take pictures.

"What the hell? Come on babe, think I lost my wallet in the club.."

A man drags his woman off, and a smile punctures Reese's age old hardened features..

At least until she hears 'hey'. Thing about Reese, she never really forgets a voice, his was all too familiar, especially with such a 'traumatic' event that came along with it. She does frown though, visibly upset, her head turning to hear the shutters of the camera and then blanket is soon lifted to hide her face.

"Yeah." She manages to get out, waiting until the crowd passes (which it doesn't seem like it's doing) before she moves again.

There was a little look of urgency upon her face, she didn't want to be captured by any news outlets or cameras, her long life being a testament to staying hidden. She didn't like Flash's fame one bit. "Make them stop.." She quietly says through gritted teeth.

"What?" Flash asks, confused. "Oh!"

He begins to wave his hands towards the gawkers, "Hey guys, do you mind she's a l-"

But this isn't Central City, where the people are friendly and thankful for your help. This isn't Central City where people will respect a hero's privacy. Instead, the move just causes more people to come. "Do you want to get out of here?" he asks, holding his hand out towards her. He can get them out of here rather quickly, as she'll probably remember.

"That's not going to work." Reese blurts out obviously. In a way, it was kind of adorable, but she wouldn't dare say that outloud. His question though? It nearly perks her up, the stick was pressed against herself as she shuffles towards where she could hear him, keeping her good ear turned to where she heard his voice. She didn't take his hand, she was still holding the blanket up to hide her face as well as keep her stick close against her. Because it was hers. Much like the shopping cart she lost in the mayhem.

"This is too much.." She complains, "I'm going to have to hide now.." She wasn't speaking it for Barry's benefit, but she knows that one way or another, her face would be out in the cloud and she'd hear 'I told you so's' from her friend.

She moves close enough to feel the first brush of his fingers, then grows incredibly still. Probably a bad choice, she wasn't sure as to how quick the guy was but.. maybe she had to relax body during said transition. "Lets go!"

"Alright!" The Flash takes her and wraps his arm around her and in an instant of whooshing and hair blowing and lightning, it's all rather painless. They're on top of a roof just a block away." The Flash is already pointing, "You were just over there, so it's not far from wherever you're going. Sorry about that."

He turns back and smiles, "So, I was watching the news and it said something miraculous happened after you were at the hospital. A bunch of people were healed from some pretty bad things. That's awesome."

She inhaled. That's all it took. Just a deep breath and in an instant she was somewhere else. If she could have a gift like that, she'd be the happiest girl alive.

In fact, she already was, that little simple movement brought so much joy and happiness in a split second that she began to crack up laughing once they stopped. Or seemed to have stopped. She couldn't really tell. The laughter soon dies down however, and soon she's stepping away from him to slowly kneel upon the ground, fixing the blanket about herself and laying the vine-made staff in front of her. Rooftops? They hurt falling off.

"Ahh.." She finally lets out, her head shaking. "I don't know if you noticed, but I'm blind. And I really have no direction in mind, I just walk." A little smile was given, along with a shrug. "I thought so too. Whoever that person was helped me too. See.." She pulls up her shirt, just a little, the cool air making her cringe. "No bullet holes. Like it never happened." She was -totally- lying.

"Oh!" the Flash exclaims, "I had the impression that it was you who had done it. Well, I'm pretty happy you were saved. I had the feeling that you were hurt pretty bad. I mean, I'm not a doctor but…" He shakes his head, even though she is blind. "I had no idea about your blindness. Sorry." He's slightly embarassed, but still very happy she's alright.

"So, do you need any help? I mean, I noticed that you're not really dressed for the weather."

Curiosity gets the better of her, and it was really starting to show upon her face. It scrunches, nose wrinkling briefly as she beckons him a little closer. "And if it was me?" She just had to know, there were many ways for her to dig herself out of a hole, and if she had to swan dive off of a roof just to do it then.. it'll be worth the risk. Pretty gross and painful risk, but worth it.

Her hand soon drops to rub a little bit upon her knee; the hospital clothing was a little bit thin, not made for any sort of weather sans hot summer, and even then that would have been a stretch. "I'm always cold, so I don't think normal clothes would matter.." Her hand reaches up to comb through her hair, knotted a little, but still workable. She even sniffs herself a little, shoulders slumping briefly. "I don't know what good it'll do.."

"Well, if it would have been you that would have been great. I mean, that person could do so much good to help so many people. I was going to ask you-but now them if I ever find them-how I might be able to help them. If it was so many people, maybe it's just a proximity thing, and I bet I can help them get in proximity of quite a few people really quickly," the Flash beams. Clearly it's an awesome idea.

"Well, if you need any help with anything, let me know. I mean, I could try and get you some clothes or some food or something if you need it."

He did have a point. He was fast. Super fast. And she could heal as long as she had a sandwich and a drink and a good nights rest. This gets her to thinking, which has her hand reaching out for her staff so that she could push herself to her feet again, but not moving from her spot. "Here."

She was careful moving towards him, her hand reaching out to try to find his wrist or some part of his body that wasn't offensive for her to touch.

Ah, there he was. His arm. Her hand moved towards his elbow and then to his shoulder, which was soon given a quick, and reassuring pat.

It would be silly to say not to tell anyone, if he knew about someone healing people who were sick.. then everyone knew.

"Look." Her hand soon draws in front of her as it begins to wash over a bright color blue, the glow enough to illuminate the darkness as she condenses it into a baseball sized orb that rests upon the palm of her hand. "Why would I want for anything when the world is my playground?" And she asks that question, intending on it being answered.

The Flashes eyes light up in surprise and wonder as she coddles the ball of -well, whatever that is. "What is that?" Curiosity gets the better of him before I can even write another sentence. He looks at her anew, not really understanding, but certainly intrigued.

He tries to take a better look at her, wondering idly if she has any sort of technological apparatuses that might be assisting her in some way. He doesn't immediately see any.

"I really don't know what to call it. I just know that it works." Reese confesses. She lifts her hand a little then lowers, allowing the ball of light to hover in the air, just above the flat of her palm. "I can do this many other ways, it could go to one person, or two. If needed, five at a time. It's never ending as long as I rest." It felt good to actually talk about it for once, and soon, her fingers close into a fist and the light goes out.

There was nothing really special about her, no hooks or wires, nothing mechanical about her. She was just a young girl by all appearances, even though her true age told otherwise.

"Are you still there?"

"Wow, that's cool," The Flash says after a long moment of thinking. And when you can think as fast as the Flash, that can sometimes be a long, long time. "Do you know how it works? I mean, if you don't mind me asking: Were you born this way or did you have something happen to you, like me?"

She jumps a little, then takes a slight step back. "No. I don't know. I just want it to happen, imagine it, and there it is. It's like one of those things that have no rhyme or reason."

She fixes the blanket upon herself, her lips twisting in a bit of thought. She wasn't even sure if she should answer the question, so she does it half assed. "Yes and no. One day, I just knew that I could do it." Though, now they were getting to the good stuff, it was then that she really didn't know the guys name. Just that he was quick.

"What happened to you? And who -are- you exactly?"

"I'm the Flash," he responds with a smile on his face and in his voice. "As far as what happened to me, long story short, I got hit by lightning. Next thing I knew I could run really fast." She sounds of the magic type; something that's always confounded him. He makes a point of it to learn more when he can. But just then, the unfortunate happens. It's a call from Central City. He's needed. It might be loud enough for her to hear. "Oh this stinks…I have to go."

"Flash. Flash? That's.. oddly precise." She comments, then smiles. That was Reese being nice and not making fun of him, which she may have done if they were on better terms. She's been struck by lightening before, so she knows how that feels, but she doesn't mention a single word of it.

Hearing the call, she gives a faint nod, bunching the blanket around herself as she looks off to the distance. "I.. guess I'll see you around?" She was pretty much going to wait there, she didn't feel comfortable wandering along a rooftop by herself.

"I'll bring you back to where you were before I go," the Flash says reaching out for her. Assuming she allows him to touch her, she'll find herself right outside the Mercury Lounge in no time flat. "I'll see you later!" the Flash exclaims, but he's already heading westward towards the home he just left, Central City.

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