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November 5, 2014: Hank invites Jemma for more coffee and to arrange a better way to get find out about the metahuman data

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It's been a couple of days since the meeting with the SHIELD scientist and, aside from classes, Hank has found himself with little to do. He's revisited the data gleaned from the samples given to him and somehow his hands found their way to the telephone to call a number.
This rarely happens. In fact, this might just be a first.

If possible, he would have asked to speak to Dr. Simmons or to leave a message. Either way, he proposed meeting for coffee and further discussion of the data.

That's it. It's about the data. For now.

It takes a little while and for a few moments Hank might have to speak with a Scottish scientist that keeps yelling for Simmons and how she should just put the forceps downno not on hisfor bloody sake he'll just do it, she'll be right there and then a few loud noises in the background. After a few moments, the phone is picked up and Simmons easily accepts the offer for coffee and discussion.

After getting a meeting place and a time to do so, the British scientist hangs up and makes her way over to meet Hank, unaware that this is not a normal thing for him to do. Though, she is aware that his willingness to work with him when he was cold to the other SHIELD agents is something that she picks up easily. She's a smart woman, after all.

Hank -was- taken by surprise before…but that seems to be resolved as of now. If he were to be asked again, there might be a different attitude, but one can't change the past. Easily.

A smaller coffee shop is chosen again, no doubt because Starbucks' are too noisy and too crowded for conversation. Since the weather is nicer, he's wearing a blazer over slacks and a button-down — conservative yet somewhat casual. He's seated at a table already, his eyes closed as he breathes in and out and pretends not to notice the odd stares that are aimed in his direction.

Simmons arrives right on time. British manners never cease. It's easy to spot the closed eyed Hank in the small coffee shop and she quickly approaches the table. "Dr. McCoy?" she questions as she gets close enough; she doesn't want to startle him. Having come just from the lab, she's dressed in her normal business casual attire - slacks, button-down collared top with a sweater over it. It looks like she just shrugged out of her lab coat and made her way here. "It's Jemma. Thanks for the invitation." Putting both her hands on the chair in front of her, she does not yet sit down, not wishing to presume too much.

Opening his eyes a couple of moments before his name is said, Hank offers a smile and gestures to the empty seat across from him, "Thanks for agreeing to meet with me, Dr. Simmons. I hope I'm not taking you away from anything terribly urgent. Can I order you some tea?" He's trying not to seem jittery — this is just a talk among two like-minded scientists, right?

Once the gesture is given, Jemma pulls the chair out and slips into the seat. "Of course. I'm always eager to talk science. Sorry about Fitz on the phone. He gets so particular about his work space. He's still going on about this one time when I had to remove a liver from a cat cadaver." She rolls her eyes and smiles, as if she's expecting he knows exactly what she's talking about. Perhaps she assumes he has a scientific partner much like hers. Or at least one that he has such a working relationship with.

"Oh, yes, thank you, tea would be lovely. I've got this round, as you paid for the last. That's what they do in the pubs, right? Get each other rounds?" Simmons folds her hands on the table, not seeming at all worried. "You mentioned you'd found more on the the data?"

"It's all right," Hank maintains his smile, "I've been in labs a while. I'm familiar with the type. But…why were you removing a liver from a cat cadaver?" In the field? He last did that in High School. "And do I want to know why forceps were needed? Or is that a SHIELD secret?"

When she mentions getting the tea, he fidgets a moment before nodding his agreement, "All right. It's been a while since I've been in a pub, so I'll take your word for it." And they're down to business. "Not more, unfortunately. I'm still trying to figure out just -why- they've chosen to kidnap these metahumans and why they're distilling their genetic information into a street drug. Unless it's to somehow 'level the playing field' in a fight that I know we…well, many of us…don't want, I'm perplexed. I thought I'd offer…" and he looks down at the table a moment, "I know it's probably against protocol or your security procedures, but I'd be interested in helping. Surely you have access to different equipment than I do…maybe between the two," he catches himself, "Or three of us, we could figure it out."

"Oh, it had eaten a sort of poison that had killed it. I was removing the liver to run tests to figure out what the poison was to treat someone else who had similar symptoms." Simmons is not quite a Field Agent, but she certainly knows her way around a dead body. As for the forceps, she laughs. "I was getting something out of the deep freeze. Fitz was convinced I was going to drop it and shatter it. He's all engineering and machine focused," she waves a hand as if that is all unimportant. However, it's clear she and the other man have a good working relationship.

"Brilliant, coffee for you, yes?" As for security procedures and working together, she nods. "Oh, sounds perfect. I'll speak with Agent May and Coulson about it. I'm sure that shouldn't be too much of a problem. We need to find these people and what they're doing. I'm not sure you'll have access to the lab…" she frowns. "But, I'm sure Fitz and I could bring a few things to your lab if they're going to be all stingy about it. They have all these protocols and things. They get incredibly stingy about them."

Beast ahs, "I see. Poor cat…and poor person." He's sure that's been taken care of, of course. "Coffee, yes, please. Thanks you…" he can put the cream and sugars into it. He can't just sit there, frozen to the chair all morning.

Hands are raised at the mention of not having access to the lab, "Oh, I wouldn't presume that I'd have access to your lab. As for mine…I…will need to check on that. I suppose that worse comes to worse, we could just meet up like this more often to discuss it."

"Yes, though, we were able to find out the poison from the cat liver and the person survived." So, while it was sad for the cat, at least the human lived. Jemma grabs the drinks and brings them back to the table in short order. "It might not be the happiest of endings, but, I like to think it all worked out. Except for the cat." And for Fitz's lunch, but that's not even worth tallying, really.

"Ah, well, then you're speaking more of a separate research and then bringing all the gathered information to each other rather than working in the same space." Jemma realizes that now and nods. "I guess that does tend to be the way of things when lab spaces are touchy about newcomers." And it looks like they both work for just those people. "That is certainly workable," she smiles. "It's always nice to get out of the lab. Or so I've been told."

Beast offers a quiet "Thank you" as the coffee is brought over and he takes just a moment to add some cream and sugar into it. Once that's all set and he's prepare to settle at the table again, he offers, "I think it could be helpful for us all to work in one place, but while I do trust -you-," he emphasizes that, "I'm afraid I'm not sure if I trust SHIELD. It's also not my call to make. I'll ask, however, as I think it could really work to all of our benefits to get this worked out as quickly as possible so that we can end this."

There's another smile then, "Yes, I've been told the same thing. I've been encouraged, actually, to get out more often."

"Yes, it can really be frustrating to need a follow up and not have the equipment available right there." Simmons stirs her tea, letting it seep and cool off. She doesn't need to burn her tongue, after all. There's a raised eyebrow at the mention that the level of trust she garners as opposed to SHIELD. "I can assure you that the people I work with are trustworthy," she tells Hank. "Of course, I don't know every single person that works with SHIELD." They're quite a large agency. "And, yes, it's not my call, either. Fitz and I mostly have the run of our lab, but it's not our property. Which we have to be reminded of many times when something doesn't quite go as we planned." They tend to blow things up every once in awhile.
With a grin, Simmons nods, "Yes, I know the feeling. When Captain America says you work too hard, sometimes you must reassess your values."

Beast can't help a chuckle, "I don't have Captain America telling me that, but I do have friends who seem to have a genuine concern for my mental well-being." It's taken him a little to realize that. "I would suppose that it would be easier for you to gain access to my lab rather than vice versa, although I'm fairly certain I'll have less resources."

Of course, this can lead right into another question. Hank nurses his coffee for a moment or two before asking, "If you'd like to get out of the lab more, would you be interested in seeing an exhibit at one of the museums? I know there's a Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art…"

"That is always a plus. Unfortunately, my closest friend tends to have the same problem with work load as I do." It's why she and Fitz are rarely seen apart. "It's good to have people to look out for you. Sometimes you just don't see things from the outside. And don't worry about resources. You'd be amazed at how well Fitz and I can pack." She grins, finally taking a sip of her tea. They've gotten used to it lately, since May only gives them five minutes to gather up all they may need for an op.

"Oh, art? You know, I've been in the city for far too long and have yet to go to an exhibit at any of the museums here. Well, other than the science ones." She's actually given a lecture or two. "That sounds lovely, thank you."

"My friends, while academic, aren't terribly academically inclined," Hank tries to explain them. "But they're good people and they mean well. I'm just not entirely sure that they understand that I think differently than they do." Which is why some of them try to drag him out to clubs. Not so useful.

"Well then, I'll see about getting you and…Fitz? You two permission to come into my lab. I should know something by the end of the week, I think."

The acceptance of the offer actually catches him by surprise. "It does? Well, you're very welcome. What about Sunday? You also might like the Cloisters…if you're into Medieval art and artifact. It's a beautiful setting as well…far different from Toulouse-Lautrec."

"Oh, Dr. Leopold Fitz. Is his full name. Everyone just tends to call us Fitz and Simmons. Or FitzSimmons. We went to academy together and then SHIELD together and work in the lab together, so it just became easier to meld our names together. I'll speak with Fitz about it. I'm sure he'll have some ideas of how to pack some equipment. And, who knows, perhaps Agent May will give you a pass tot he labs." It's a long shot, but who knows.

"I've been told that art is good for the mind. I've tended to keep to the hard sciences, but that sounds interesting. I've not studied much history, but I'm sure it will still be something to see. I learn as I go." With a smile, she takes another sip. "I believe Sunday should be fine, unless something blows up and I'm forced to investigate."

Beast stores that name away for later reference, "And he's the Scotsman I spoke to on the phone. I see." He sips at his coffee before wincing slightly, "I'm afraid I didn't treat Agent May too well upon our meeting. I should send some sort of apology." Although, how does one send a card to SHIELD? Is that even possible?

At least the mention of art helps change the subject, "I find art amazing. It's so subjective…and sometimes you can't even say -why- you like something, but it touches you in one way or another. It not necessarily history, although I do enjoy thinking about those who created the piece all those years ago…centuries, in some cases, but it's about seeing what moves you." His smile returns, "Yes, well. Ditto for me about something blowing up then."

"Yes, he is the Scotsman you spoke with briefly on the phone. I cannot promise he'll be any less pushy. He's lovely once you get to know him. I'm sure you'll appreciate his love of science." Simmons smiles. "If you'd like, I could convey your apologies to Agent May. I'm not sure how she'll take it. Mostly likely an expressionless nod to acknowledge that I had spoken. If that." The image of that nod is enough to give a nervous chuckle. May is not someone to mess with.

"I have loved looking at art when the opportunity presents itself," Simmons agrees. "It's quite a wonderful form of expression. I just have not had much of a chance to actually explore. I'll look forward to Sunday, then. Explosions excepted."

"Thank you…perhaps I'll also write her some sort of apology that you could also hand her if you don't mind. It may or may not help with the request, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to try." It's another reason why Hank has to make a decision, and fairly quickly. "I do appreciate the help, though. It's very kind of you."

He lifts his coffee cup to his lips again, "It's been a while since I've been to either museum and I do like that late 19th Century, pre-Nouveau artwork of Toulouse-Lautrec's. It seemed to be a fascinating time in Paris when he was painting. I'm already looking forward to Sunday and I'll be hoping for no explosions."

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