Escape from the Sun City

November 6, 2014: The Outsiders sneak into the Sun City to rescue Starfire. And Magneto!

Savage Land - The Sun City

A large medieval city in the mountains of the Savage Land



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According to Brainchild, whatever Garokk is doing with Starfire, he will do it tomorrow morning. So after some brainstorming, the Outsiders have decided the best thing they can do is making sure Starfire is not around for Garokk’s party. This means getting her out of a city full of armed goons, ruled by a madwoman with the powers of Magneto and someone that says he is a god and that has a serious plan to destroy the world.
Now, this is a freaking medieval city, not your typical super-villain base, so getting Koriand’r out stealthy shouldn’t be too hard, right? I mean, look: they have 20 feet tall stone walls as main defense. They use spears and crossbows as main weaponry. At night, they have torches and candles.
Still, Lorna shouldn’t go, because if Zaladane is around, she might detect her using her powers. Skaar is a 7 foot tall green giant, he is out too. Roy and Lunair, on the other hand, can blend in. So their task is sneaking in, find out Starfire and escaping with her. The others will provide a diversion if needed.
They might need to ask the natives where the alien woman is exactly. But the acropolis, which is where the big temple and government buildings are, seems a good place to begin.

They like to party like it's 1399. There's a big, long philosophical debate on what having artificial light has done to mankind, no longer in tune with sun and moon. But that's a debate for another day. Lunair will go with Roy, doing her best to be sneaky and quiet. The big trick is to act like you belong, whether or not you have the proper clothing. Lunair's problem is, well, she's Lunair. And she has a hard time reading people.
So, to the acropolis it is! "I guess if anyone asks, we're here to see this whole business…" Yeah, that's it. Play clueless, curious and in awe?

In their clothes? Not likely that anyone's going to mistake them as anything but outsiders. Which they are. On two levels. "Assuming that they haven't somehow stolen Star's powers, they'll need eiher technology or paranormal abilities to keep her restrained. We'll be looking for something that looks out of place. I doubt the regular measures will serve to keep her down." Jericho looks up and then back down at Lunair and Roy. "I'll back whatever play you want to make. I can run top cover or front line. Just tell me what you're thinking."

"Uh, no, if anyone asks," Roy corrects, "just pretend you're deaf and make these hands gestures. Except no rude gestures. We're not here to start anything. Just in, out. NO FUSS. Right?"
Jericho gets a nod, and then a frown, as Roy reviews the situation again mentally.
"Look around the village, see if we can find where they're likely to keep her. Surrounded by guards, or a large building. We spread out, check around, meet again, and talk about what we found, then decide after that." Pause. "Jericho, you brought along the clothes from the lab, right? We should get changed, infiltrate, and get going."

You can’t call the Sun City a ‘village’, really. There must be about a hundred thousand humans behind those walls. It would be a ‘town’ in America, but here everyone thinks is very big city! The settlement is built on a mountain slope, so those streets that climb towards the acropolis are pretty steep. There are two gates, south and east, and both are closed at night. The fields around are bare of trees, as the Vale of the Sun is among the tamest regions of the Savage Land and most of the terrain is for cultivation.
But a 20’ tall wall is no big deal for flying people or portal guns. So the main problem is finding the princess.

Lunair listens. "We'll try no fuss, yeah," Then a nod at Jericho. "They'd have to really work to keep her down," She peers off into the distance. "Hey, do we see any laundry lines or anything?" She'd rather get some clothes without pulling a Terminator here. "I think I might look around the acropolis thingy," She considers. And really, she will cheerfully portal gun herself and anyone who asks along. With that, time to - wait, are they going together? She waits for Jericho's response before setting out stealth ferret style in search of laundry.

Jericho nods and produces two sets of native clothing. One for Roy and one for Lunair. None for him. Why? Because his implants make it impossible for him to pass aas even remotely normal if his arms, torso or legs are bare and the Savage Lands are a tropical area. The locals bare plenty of skin to keep cool. "I'll fly in over and start looking, but I'll need to sneak, so I'll take the lower end of the city, away from where the crowds are likely to be. Stay in touch and if you get in trouble I'll come running."

"Right. We'll split up and look for likely spots," Roy says. "Meet back in an hour here, see what we've found out, then we can come up with a better plan.
One clothes swap later, Roy heads into the city. Just wander in bold as can be. Blend in like you live there. Do some windowshopping on items while keeping an eye out.
And an hour later, they're back together…

The streets of the Sun City are paved with cobblestone and relatively clean. Apparently they understand about sewers and aqueducts. One can imagine Rome must have been like this 20 centuries ago. Only the acropolis is different.
There is technology there. But it is not modern American technology. It is alien, and yet it is not. The priesthood of Garokk has kept some bits and odds of the technomagic of the ancient Atlanteans. There are eerie artificial light on some of the marble buildings, which seems emanate from a liquid glass substance. Also, there are patrols of stoic-looking warriors in bronze armor. The temple of Garokk is by far the largest building, standing in the center of a garden, walled area covering half the acropolis.

Lunair is going to go with her hunch. And she gets changed, too. She does her best to act like she belongs, but she's eccentric at best. So she just might be an oddball even by Sun People standards. Nevertheless, the acropolis sounds important and people like technology and - the list goes on, really. Lunair is also frighteningly intelligent, even if she doesn't always seem aware of it. She peers, looking at it here and there.
She pretends like the SPARTAN GUYS (read: warriors) are totes normal. But when the time draws near, she meets back up with the others.
"So they have patrolling Spartan guys, this temple, lights and…" Yup, she tells them EVERYTHING.

"That'll be where they're keeping Koriand'r then." Jericho murmurs, having found a number of interesting but ultimately unimportant things on the other side of the city. The water works are kind of fascinating and the grain storage rather advanced but, none of that helps them get Starfire back. "Okay. Warriors at the acropolis. Also technology. If it's networked I might be able to mess with it."
He glances over to the walls. "I'd rather not fight the whole city. You two head on in, I think, and I'll fly over near one of the graneries and set a fire, then join up. Fire's in medieval cities were big deals. Should be fairly distracting. Sound like a good idea?"

"Sounds about right," Roy replies, having prowled around most of the area and seen nothing that would have seemed likely, but very little that would have done well enough to keep Kori captive. "Ok, Jericho sets up the distraction, we slip in and get in. We'll keep it short and quick - tasers to put people to sleep so we can get in and out before they even raise an outcry. Time to be sneaky. After you, Lun."

Setting a fire in the city does create quite a bit of consternation in the neighborhood, but very little in the acropolis, which is fairly insulated from the rest of the city. But a few soldiers are dispatched to help the firefighting.
The gates of the temple are open, and the guards aren’t very attentive. The problem is the place is huge. As large as a great cathedral. The three Outsiders could spend all the night searching and probably not even see half the rooms.

Lunair nods, and will do her best to sneak in. "Sounds good, good luck." Then a pause and she eyes Roy. "Why am *I* in front?" Chivalry is dead! Killer is dead! Ahem. But she doesn't protest the point, she just likes teasing. She does her best to look innocuous, nonthreatening and above all? Like she belongs. Okay. If they were keeping a princess… "Look for a lot of guys and someplace that looks sturdy or where it is going to be sturdy," She considers. The mo' guards, the mo' likely, right? "Too bad we don't have guard armor." Pause. "Waaait… bet I could mimic it and /ask/." Like, duh!

Five minutes to get to a distant part of the city unseen. Two more to get the fire properly smoking and blazing. Another five to knock out a pair of guards and slip into the Acropolis. "Aspect here. I'm on nearby, moving to join up. Look for a path down if you haven't already. The prisoners will be kept out of sight and secured near the load bearing walls. The biggest ones. Or that's the usual practice anyway. Harder to get out that way." He's guessing but so far it all makes sense.

Wasn't it LADIES first, Lunair? "Because you're smaller and because I'm covering your butt," Roy retorts, as he follows. "Anyway we're looking for roughly the middle of the building. If there's a basement or dungeon, that's probably a good bet, too. Keep an eye out for anything like stairs…"

The center of the temple is a great naos with a 15’ tall statue of gold of a bare-chested bald man that must be Garokk. There is no alien princess there, and there are priests there all the time, not a good place to explore. That statue must be worth a fortune, though!
The temple has cellars, certainly. Good food, wines… and at the third time they try going down, they stumble upon a couple guards and a metal door. “Halt! Who are you?” Barks one of the warriors.

Not when it comes to being speared in the face! Hm. Hehe, big ole statue. Lunair will try to keep Jericho updated, "Okay… I think we found - no, that's booze… ooh." Guards. He might even hear the guard bark at one of them. She looks to Roy, then the guards. A wide-eyed look of confusion and she decides to give Roy's plan a try. Frantic imitation sign language! Point to ears, look confused!

Jericho heard that shout. He starts to run now, his blade coming out. "Lunair? Roy? I'm on the way. Give me two minutes." Not that he thinks they can't handle it but he'd really, really like to be with them when they alert the entire acropolis that someone's broken in.

The guards hesitate when Lunair begins the deaf girl pantomime. They look each other and then once of them moves forward to shove Lunair off, pointing upstairs. They have yet to see Roy, it is dark here and they only have candles.

There's deep cells and there are deeper, those they keep as close to the pits of the earth as they can for purposes known to themselves if not openly. If all else fails, collapse the halls and seal off oxygen. Buried alive sucks but it is failsafe against the two they have harbored below for days now.
Starfire was simply waiting, biding her time, and when she heard a small commotion she set her own plan into motion. Her hand rolls, gathering the length of flame huen hair into her fist and using the gifted knife to cut it free of her, setting it into true fire by the small fireplace they had burning with a weakening substance of the Black Flower within.
Casting it in to cause the nose curling smell of unmistakable burning hair she screams, crumpling to the floor to land upon the floor in a heap. The guard coming to the door looks in, at first as if he would not go to her rescue, and then after a look back and forth he hurries in. Garokk might flay him if harm came to her, or he would not care but not a risk worth taking…
Keys jingled and the door opened, the hair with fire licking off its lengths quickly being put out s he removes a cloak off his shoulders and snuffs it, but when he lifts the cloak that covered Starfire and the burning…
The cell door slams shut, those keys tossed to the side (to Magneto if he is still there) and she heads up the stairs, one of the guards standing before Roy and Lunair suddenly is wrapped in the bare tawny huen thighs and pulled up into the air, a *ghak* sound omitting before he crumples and she drops on another, that blade flashing as the others arm is sliced wide, forcing him to drop his weapon.
Hi gais!

Shrugging, Roy points to his ears, and then moves quickly, closing in with taser. Jab, JAB. Don't waste time. Just move quickly, and…
And… and… it turns out that it wasn't necessary, apparently because there was an explosion of fire and tawny hued alien.
Taser held out in hand, Roy gapes, before turning it off. "Hi, Kori. We came to rescue you. Um… you wanna go back in there so we can do it properly?" he says, before flashing a wide grin, and then wrapping her up in a hug and a smooch.

Lunair follows their pointing with her gaze, looking confused and apologetic. She even smiles at one of the guards. Then she hears- would she be able to hear a scream? There's keys and … Holy snoodles. Who was rescuing here? Her jaw drops, eyes wide as plates. She may as well be deaf, because she is struck dumb in this moment, eyes wide. "Hi! She really was in this castle. That's good because I hate those mushroom jerks and-" Well, that's a rant for another day. She just half-smiles as the two reunite, looking over her shoulder. "I think we can build a foam castle and re-enact. We might have friends soon. Pointy, sword having friends."
"It's good to see you! I hope you're okay," Lunair peers at Starfire. "And -" Was Magneto around? Well, if there's metal involved, he's probably off playing katamari with the guards.

One of them runs around the corner now. No really. He's a friend. With a sword. Well, gunblade. "Roy? Lunair? Oh! Kori. Alright so that was the shortest rescue ever." The hacker looks around. Yeah, they're about to have company by the sounds of it. "We should get out. Quick. Are you good to move Koriand'r?"

Magneto was drugged to the gills of Black Lotus fumes, so forgive him if he doesn’t stand up, runs and punches people right away. He will manage to slowly crawl out of the cell, though, eventually.
The guards, well, they didn’t expect the door to open from the inside (not until the morning). They react too slowly and get punched and stabbed, both going down before they can even yell an alarm.

Starfire is bearing the typical attire cliche to that of Savage Land, the robes they had given her reduced to tatters since the imprisonment and the small fire, her powers and communication drained to nil to summon her gear into action, and a belief they had induced within her that X'Hal was here and deemed her worthy keeping her will to even do so rather low until too late.
Some time of reflection and revealation changed a lot but too little too late… We always start with good intentions but lose ourselves along the way. Lesson learned. The dead guard at her feet proves enough.
The flame ombre'd hair is cut off where the colors shifted before, leaving it in a ragged mess of severance, unlit by her natural force that has been stripped of her, leaing her with her learned combative abilities and a blade given to her by…
"We have to help him first… Then we can leave." The affection from them all is received but the reciprocation saved for later, spinning on bare heel to head back down the stairs and to retrieve Magneto from the ground with a hand offered to him to aid him up.

"Judging by the way she moves, I'd say she's more than okay," Roy adds, as he moves to fall in next to Kori. "You sure about this…?" he asks, in terms of rescuing Magneto. Given what he's done, they well might be better off leaving him. However, given Kori's body language and tone, Roy moves to help anyway, before getting in touch with Jericho. "We've got the package. Bring it home, man."

Poor Magneto. Lunair looks worried, her eyes widen. "Oh…" Nod. "Okay, that sounds good," She agrees. They'll help Magneto, then! Lunair turns to watch behind them. And there's a Jericho coming in. She will fall in with them and follow. Relief will have to be held off.

"I've got you covered. Once you clear the acropolis you should be fine. City's distracted by a little blaze over on the east end, so don't go that way." The hacker's traces flush blue and in moments his wolf armor springs into being. "Go on. Sooner you're out the sooner I can leave." He won't 'stay' behind. Of course. As they leave he'll move to cover. A fighting retreat. Emphasis on fighting. He gives Lunair a nod. If she stays… well, he'd appreciate that.

Magneto doesn’t look very dangerous today, his armor is battered, his helmet missing and he has been drugged for two days to keep him from using his powers. A bit of fresh air is helping him to recover, but there won’t be metal shenanigans for a while. He does manage to arch an eyebrow at seeing Lunair here, of all places. Hadn’t he asked her to watch over Mutant Town a couple weeks ago? “I can walk,” he protests to all this helping hands. But really, he can /barely/ walk.
The guards didn’t manage to raise an alarm, but now the group is not just two disguised sneaky folks, but five people, including an Amazonian alien princess and a man in predominantly white armor. They get seen a couple times, and by the time they get to the gate, there are alarms going.

Starfire had held her hand out to help the man keep his pride but when he seemed shaky and as if he could possibly fall or fall behind she would throw his arm over her shoulder and carry/drag/hoist his ass out of there. "Yeah, with a walker, old man. Know the feeling, just differently." Starfire states to him, a joke mixed with the seriousness of the situation.
"Meet my friends. Remember them." Boons, debts, avoidance, forgiveness. Whatever the case may be in the future perhaps this may be a helping hand to either sides.
Casting a smile to Roy she nods slowly. "He helped me. I'm more then sure." Her voice lowering but enough to be heard to them all and any carrying waves to Jeri. "Thank you."

Flinging Magneto's other arm to help Kori move the elderly mutant along quickly, Roy grunts. "Yeah, pleasure to meet you too, just don't expect this to be a regular thing."
"Lunair, clear the path, will ya?" he asks, motioning to the way out. "Need you to take point again."

"Sure, I'll help cover you," She nods. Lunair looks between the group. She seems surprised to see him, too. "It's a long story," She admits to Magneto. "But I'm sticking and covering slash fighting," She promises. And with that, Lunair is now armored in sleek, black and blue armor. She wants to talk to the others, but there's no time.
But she's got a portal gun and shock wave staff. There's no need to murder much, really. But if anyone gets TOO frisky, she will use lasers.

Jericho brings up the back and once they're clear of the city he shuts the really obvious glowy werewolf power field down. There'll be enough people chasing them without advertising their position in the night. He nods to Magneto, regocnizing the man. In other circumstances this might have been tense but as it was? They were all in trouble and he's not the one trying to destroy the world.
Jericho, by the way, approves of Lunair lasers. They're good for dealing with T-Rexes.

It is still a couple hours until dawn, so it is dark outside. Sneaking out of the gardens seems almost possible when very suddenly a group of huge animals bar their way. Wolves the size of horses.
The dire wolves of the Eternity Mountains are not friends of the Sun People, they have walls around their villages to keep them out. They are wild, vicious and very hard to tame. But the hairy, wild-looking man with yellow eyes that rides one them might be the reason they are here. “You! Outlanders. Surrender now or feed my pack!” He threatens.
“This fool must be one of Brainchild’s uplifted mutants,” grumbles Magneto quietly.

Starfire would have responded to that threat with other means. Everyone seemed to recognize Magneto and it made the air about them all wane to a wavering stance, but it did not stop them from their end goal, and that is freedom.
Glancing to Roy once again Star gives him an apologetic look before she leaves the weight of Magneto upon him when she relinquishes his other arm from her shoulder and steps forward, brandishing the knife as all she holds, but spinning it in her hand to rest as a backhanded grip, even her pose and stance shifting while her other hand emulates the 'bring it' motion to the man upon the back of the dire wolves.
"We don't surrender." She may be sans her flight as well as her Starbolts, all fueled by the sun and the radiation she has been drained of, but her strength, her speed, her durability… The movements towards Lupo are swift, agile, felinistic in recognition, much akin to her near extinct species of alien and she is lunging for theman upon his beast, seeking to remove him from it in a leaping lunge to the side of the animal to try and keep his mounts maw from interception.

"Oh for christ's sakes, we really don't have time for this," Roy grumbles, as he's left to support Magneto on his own. "Hold on…" And pulling out his flashbang arrow, Roy arms the crossbow, aims for the face, and fires. Probably won't do much damage, but…
"Eyes closed, Kori!"

Lunair is glad! Approval is awesome, and lasers have their uses. She blinks. Dire wolves. On one hand, scary. On the other, - okay, they are definitely not nice doggies. "You'd probably feed us to them anyway," Lunair points out. She listens to Magneto's grumblings and furrows her eyebrows. She seems pretty okay, even glad to see Magneto. Actually, glad. He was nice when he helped keep them from getting cooties at the concert and - no time for nostalgia!
Nevertheless, she'll make sure none of his doggies bother those fighting Lupo. She's not sure she could risk a potshot at the wolf-mutant-man. Otherwise, she watches their back.

Jericho turns around and… Dire wolves? Brainchild again? Someone needs to spank him. He nominates Koriand'r. And as much as he likes wolves, he's got no problem sword one… two… bad dog. The blade cuts through flesh and bone quite easily. Perks of having an ever sharp, unbreakably sword. He flips his blade back to gun and takes aim. Not that he thinks Star can't handle it, but if any of them make a move to help Lupo, they're getting lead poisoning.

The mutant, Lupo, growls when Starfire charges him. She is about the only one of the group that he can’t kill, because Garokk needs her for some ritual. But without her powers Starfire is not as strong as him, or as fast. So he steps forward confidently.
Then Roy tosses the flashbang. There is one big drawback to having enhanced senses, of course. Bright lights and loud noises are bad for you. The dire wolves do have dog-level hearing, too.
So the very menacing wolves suddenly become a bunch of whinny and stunned puppies, easy to shot and stab, and Lupo recoils with a snarl of rage, flailing clumsily and ending with Starfire’s knife sticking from a side. It won’t kill someone with his regeneration powers, but it will certainly slow him down for an hour or so.
Afterwards, some soldiers do try to stop the outsiders. But they are not up to the task. Particularly once Magneto recovers a little. And Zaladane and Garokk, which were the ones powerful enough to stop them, didn’t show up.

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