November 6, 2014: Keith finds out what happened to Rain.

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So, where on earth was -Carmen Sandiego- Rain? Keith had been trying to get in touch with her for days but to no avail. She was the only one of the team who had not been to the new place, and Keith was beginning to wonder if something bad had happened to their resident witch.

So it was off to visit the Manor in New York. Keith had been here once before, so he knew how to get here. Instead of coming as his cheshire self, he comes as a human- so as not to attract attention down the streets. Stepping up to the imposing manor, he knocks a few times on the door and then steps back, waiting…

It is completely unusual for Rain not to be in contact. She's shy, but she works as an itenerant healer and occult detective. She has to get out and about. Maybe her wandering, fearless ways got the best of her at last? Or an irritable certain deity got irritated? Who knows? The manor seems off, somehow. Though the gate lets Keith in, there is a large hole in the roof of the manor and a certain orange feline looks worriedly out the window. He hops down on hearing the knocking.

Answering the door is an immense man who looks like he could easily be an NFL quarterback twice over. David. "Greetings… I am sorry if you are here to see the misstress. She is …" He trails off. "Regardless, please come in."

"Actually, I was here to see Rain." Keith frowns as David trails off. "She is… has she been in contact at all?"

The redhead frowns and looks at the hole in the roof and his eyes widen. "What on earth did that?"

Fortunately, Captain has CatSense(TM). Or something. Either way, he pokes his head around the corner and around David's leg. "No. She's been taken," He explains simply. Worry permeates his voice and the two will let Keith in. "Atlanteans, I believe you'd call them. Said his name, I think. Wore - was it a speedo? Not sure. It looked like an angry cast of Little Mermaid on Broadway," He grunts. "It's - sort of an odd story, to be honest," He admits.

Keith walks in, his expression turning grim. "Taken, speedo? Okay… Captain, can you tell me at least as much of this story as you can? I need to get the rest of the team in on this…" Atlanteans. Bad. Bad. What would Atlantis want with the witch?

"Any information you can give me will get us that much closer to getting her back. How long ago was she taken?"

The cat grunts softly. He rattles off a timeline. Not too long ago. "Awhile ago, she healed a doctor. Seems he riled up the Atlanteans. That's about as much as I got before they crashed the place and left a mystical message for the doc," He admits. "I suspect they want him to come get her - for whatever reason." Unfortunately, neither of them speak Atlantean and realize that they mistook Rain for Doctor Strange's girlfriend.

"She didn't have time to leave a message and I doubt they are giving her a single phonecall," Captain looks up to Keith. "A young man in a tophat came to check in," He remarks. "Zachary- I believe it was?"

"Wait, Zachary knows about this and he hasn't told the rest of the Titans?" Keith frowns. If Zachary didn't have time to communicate with the team, then stuff was probably worse than he thought. "Where is this message? Did Zachary take it?"

"Just recently. And I believe he has a copy. It was a message beacon," Captain explains. He is, after all, a cat. "Maybe he is trying to get a hold of you," He offers. "Mystical messages are difficult and that one was likely in Atlantean. I can show you what we have," A peer up to David. The golem will lead them along. But yes, definitely Atlantean magic all over it.

"I'll be damned…" Keith mutters. He scratches his chin and shakes his head. "And if Zach is trying to find me… he knows I'm at the castle. I better should head over there just in case he appears. What else can you tell me? Anything that was left behind?" A pause. "Do you have… anything of Rain's? Something personal of hers from everyday use? We could potentially use that to track her down, depending on what some of our wizards can do…"

Captain grunts. "Mostly, the gaping hole in the ceiling. You can probably take one of her hats," He inclines his head towards a hat rack near the doorway. "They pretty much came in, demanded to know where this Doctor Strange was, then took Rain when she didn't know. They left that beacon, which blew a hole in the ceiling." He takes a deep breath. "She is alive or I'd know otherwise."

"Blast them to hell." Keith mutters. "… and when we find her, we will. Captain, are you alright staying here, or do you need to be somewhere else?" the redhead asks. He doesn't know if the Atlanteans will decide to come back when 'The Doctor' doesn't show up. "Either of you? We've got a castle you can stay at…"

"I'm fine here," Captain explains. David nods, "I am a golem. It is part of my service and earning a soul to watch over this place. There are others, too. The butler is out shopping and the two succubi ladies are at the roller derby rink." But with those five alone, at least, it's a formidable defense. "But thank you for the offer," Captain brings the conversation back.

"Understood- I will go and alert the team right away as to what is going on. If anything happens, anything at all…" he scribbles a number down on a card and sets it down by one of the little side-tablers, "Call me here. This is the number at the Titans', so even if I'm not there, you'll get someone. Alright?" He chooses one of Rain's hats, but he puts it in his backpack without touching it much, lest his own essence overpower Rain's due to the fact that he is charged with chaos magic. "I'll see what we can do to get her back as soon as possible." And with that, the redhead says his farewells to all included. There's no time to lose- one of their number has been kidnapped.

And someone had to pay for that. Aside from getting her back safely, of course.

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