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November 6, 2014: Klarion, The Witchboy summons a demon to Midtown and lets it run rampant, thinking it most fun. Heroes appear, and the fun really begins.

Midtown - Gotham

Midtown was initially a neighborhood along the edges of Robinson Park but post-Cataclysm (09' quake) it is considered the entire Robinson Park area and surrounding burroughs and neighborhoods. Along the southwestern shores of Midtown lies Miller Harbor and north of that are scattered homes and businesses in equal trade off. The southern edge of Midtown is one of the oldest portions of Gotham, the bluebloods simply call, "The City".

Miller Harbor itself spills off in to Bob Kane Sound and is fed in to from the east by the Finger River. Midtown also hosts the Upper East Side where embassies from around the world are located. Wakanda, Latveria, Themscyria, Atlantis, all of those can be found here. Across the Sprang RIver to the north is Uptown and East End by way of the Sprang Bridge.



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It might have been a cool and beautiful fall day on Gotham. It is busy with people running and hurrying about to get home on time or whatever it is they do, but it's still a nice day…

That is, if you ignore the fact that there's a huge demonic creature rampaging the streets. It looks plain awful. The beast is at least eight feet tall with razor sharp claws and a fiery aura outlining his disturbing form. Sparks of eldritch energy fall from his claws as he smashes the ground with his fists causing the earth to tremble and crack. The demon is…angry that's clear to tell, but it seems to be more than that as he franticly turns his head. He's…'looking' for someone. Of course, the creature sends people screaming and rushing in panic for fear they will be the beast's next victim.

Do not summon what you cannot put down. That's the first rule of summoning, right? Well Klarion the Witch Boy never took well with rules. Sitting on the edge of a high rooftop, the skinny youth seems to be particularly pouty as he strokes the kitty on his lap, looking at the creature narrow eyed. His replacement pet aka that huge demon doesn't seem to want to listen to his commands. "Teeeeeeeekl, let's just leave. So what if he eats a few people?"
~Brother Klarion, you and I both know this is your problem. Fix it. ~

"…Fine." The boy stands and scoops the cat into his arms before lazily floating down to the mess he has caused with a rod in hand. When the demon spots him, he lets out a gruesome roar. Klarion ignores this and doesn't seem all that impressed with the immense height. "It's time for you to go."

"You made a deal, Witchboy!" The demon howls.

"Did I?" Klarion questions as if he is oblivious to what his failed creation is saying, dark eyes revealing nothing. "I don't recall any such agreements." His Submissionary Rod is lifted, grasped tightly in the boy's hand. "Leave…Now! I command it." The staff crackles and glows with mystical energy and…
Nothing happens.

"Teekl, how does this thing work again?"


Robots rarely reek of thaumatic energies, so perhaps the technomancer who only looks like a human on the outside will not be too obvious to the demon. Maybe. Mike, the robot in question, looks at the demon from a safe distance (maybe) and wonders out loud if he'll need the silver or the iron for this one… maybe it'll go home if he asks nicely.


When some people are in terrible danger, they find the time to update their status on various social media channels so that their friends and followers know what they're up to. This is extremely useful if you're a hero who likes to keep track of trouble. This is the case for Booster Gold. To be more accurate, his assistant Skeets monitors all of this stuff and tells him when interesting things are afoot.

It is for this reason that Booster shows up fairly quickly, although when he draws closer he just hovers there above and before the demon, not too far away, shining brightly and looking puzzled. "What is this?" he gestures vaguely at the big, demonic figure. He then decides that this is not a heroic way to engage so he points at it in a more dynamic fashion and exclaims, "You are a gross being and I suggest you cease your rampaging immediately, or suffer being severely beaten!"


Vorpal lives by the edicts of the great philosopher Roseanne Roseannadananna: If it ain't one thing, it's anuddah. If you're not fighting phobomists in the Cemetery, then there's… a huge something rampaging through the streets. This time, he doesn't need to be called to the spot by one of his contacts, he stumbles upon the trail of destruction and does the inverse Hansel and Gretel thing.

"What fresh hell is this?" Vorpal says as he comes upon the street where the demon is currently growling at someone on the rooftop. There's something about the whole affair that makes his chaotic soul stir a little, and that can't be good. Anytime the Cait Sidhe is interested in something, it means it's going to be particularly troublesome. The vision of Booster is a welcome one, as it means at least there is one ally on scene.

"I'd recommend doing as he says. His punches hurt." Not to mention that that Nth metal ring of his might prove to be just as burninating to … whatever this creature was as it was to the Fae.


Rooftops are the paths of the bats. Which could be why the sight of anyone on one of the Gotham's many peaks causes one of them pause. Not that you'd know he was a bat at this moment. Tim Drake, dressed in his very fall peacoat, sunglasses, and blue jeans, stops just outside the coffee shop he standing next to. "Well," he murmurs to himself as his mouth gapes open a little. "That's not something you see everyday."

His non-coffee-cup carrying hand retreats into his jacket pocket and his gaze flits between the demon and the kid on the roof and his head shakes. "Welcome to Gotham~" he virtually sings.

And then, being the smart teen he is, the hand in his pocket extracts his cellphone and Tim snaps a picture of the transpiring scene.


Oracle sees a lot of things when she's monitoring the streets of Gotham and is not surprised when her feeds from Midtown show a demonic beast rampaging. Sighing, she pulls the video feeds from that area to the main screen and starts scanning.

Good… there are assets there already… AND a Bat (although that Bat is not in Costume)… it might be her day for a change, or not.

Tapping her comms unit, Oracle reaches out to Robin "Robin,Oracle. When you've finished playing photographer, it's time to get to work.Over." The dry tone the redhead uses does not tranfer through the Digital medium, but she's sure the Boy Wonder will pick it up none the less.


Klarion did try being nice a few moments ago, didn't he? It doesn't work with demons. Because demons are overoveracting brats. When Booster arrives, Klarion jumps and pouts even more. "See what you've done; Gettting so much attention! Soon we'll have Nabu and Strange showing up too." The Witchboy sighs dramatically. "His name is—" There's a pause. "What is your name?"

The demon starts to speak in some strange and ancient language. Luckily Klarion cuts him off and holds up a hand. "Tom! His name is Tom. Because the name, Teekl has been taken." He runs a hand through the fur of his familiar and smirks like an excited little….well, boy. "Yes, Yes, kill it! He's mean and won't go back to…" Another pause. "Where did you come from?" The creature once again starts speaking in some strange and ancient tongue and Klarion once again holds up a hand. "Candyland! He's from candyland."

The demon, of course, does not listen to the heroes urging him to stop. The creature is still attempting to stomp down on the innocents. Definitely not safe. Especially for that toddler in the a baby carriage!

The kid with the devil horns is now levitating slightly in the air. Not because he's running away. "I'm telling you, Tom. Once I figure out how to use this rod you're gonna be in big trouble!"


"Stop, halt, desist, cease, " Mike says in a vaguely bored tone, as it didn't work with any of the other demons… he steps over to a car with a Denver boot and severe body damage, and touches it, and it starts to flow around him forming into a car-flavored robotic armor. A sword on the back, he draws. The blade is silver, iron, and salt, three things demons seem to hate, in his experience.

"I said CUT IT OUT!" the robot demands, stepping in front of it, ready to slice.


Booster looks around and then down, at Klarion. "This dude is with you?" He says, gesturing to the demon. "Hey!" His attention returns to the creature and the subtle, glossy look that surrounds him vanishes, as a translucent golden bubble appears around the baby carriage. "Don't you step on any children in this town! Vorpal, can you…" Booster is not completely certain about what powers the cat-man has. "Can you gently push endangered people out of the way? I think we might end up with, you know, with some kind of 'blast radius' situation." He flies forward, then, throwing a punch at the demon's face.


"…" Tom. Candyland. Vorpal stares at the teen who is dressed in a suit that looks like a cross between a Nehru jacket and a Puritan frock. It's actually rather stylish, in a Spellcasting Blues Brothers meets the Huguenots sort of way. Very few people could actually pull that look off.

"So you summoned this guy and now he doesn't want to go back. A thousand points for style, minus several million for good thinking, yes?" when in doubt, quote Zaphod Beeblebrox.

"I can do better than that-" One moment there is a baby carriage and a mother- the next they're gone, falling through a Rabbit Hole since the bubble is translucent and Vorpal can establish line-of-sight. Mother and carriage are deposited across the street, where they can flee.

"People of Gotham, this is not a drill, step away from the eldritch monstrosity and do not stick around. I'm talking to you, #herotrackers, you're making our job harder than it needs to be!" The Cheshire points at Tim and his phone, mistaking him for one of the #herotrackers who have been causing such headaches in Gotham as of late. "Shoo! We need you to be safe!" his voice magically amplified by his powers of illusion bounces off the streets. Thank goodness he does not sound like Gilbert Gottfried. He could, if he were feeling spiteful, so be thankful for that.

He erects a circle of chaos constructs in a wide area around the demon, and focuses on them to keep them from vanishing. That means he's not going to be able to do much of anything else until they are not needed, because focusing on this many at once is going to take his entire focus and attention… but teamwork, right?


The picture is Instagrammed immediately and Tim Drake followers are subjected to the caption Gotham Downtown. Must be Friday. Don't Drink What He Had, when Oracle's voice cuts into his thoughts.

"Oracle, I don't have my gear with me. I can help run interference, but I literally stepped out of class." His eyes widen at the toddler in the baby carriage. And then Vorpal manages to take care of them.

Tim actually smirks at being shooed away. "I'm fine," Tim Drake actually does follow the instructions, however, he does start towards the edges. "I'll get the suit and come back later if still needed." And with that civilian team disappears into the crowd.


Rowan is in the crowd. He does have a 'smart phone' these being largely the only the ones on the market. And he's not at all sure what's going on until… oh there's the champion known as Vorpal. The one inextricably linked in his mind to the word 'Cheeseburger'. And he's telling people to back up. So Rowan does. Slowly. He's not sure what a #herotracker is. It sounds like an Overlords project… developed by an ADD 25 year old. "So… this is odd. At least he doesn't seem to be in need of another knock on the head."


What was it Oracle was saying about it being her night…. As Tim disappears, her green eyes narrow and she frowns.

Oracle has already notified Gotham PD and is organising for them to cordon off the street but that will take more than a few minutes for them to arrive. So, Oracle switches the traffic lights on all intersections to RED, if the public aren't stupid that will stop more people entering the zone where the heroes are working.

Tapping her comms unit, she conferences those on the ground. "Booster,Vorpal. This is Oracle. You guys are conferenced in. GPD notified. Traffic lights should stop more people entering your zone. What else do you need? Is Skeets available Booster, a birdseye view would be handy?

Spotting Rowan in the crowd, Oracle considers… taps her comms unit again, and his phone should start ringing.


"No." Klarion states to Booster as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I wanted a new pet. Because Teekl is mean and scratches me when I try to bathe her." That gets a growl out of the orange cat. A growl that Klarion completely ignores. "So I summoned 'Tom', here. Though I must say he's smaller than I thought he'd be. And my 'mind possess stick' won't work." He shakes the Submissionary Rod again hoping to get a response, but alas nothing. A glare is given to Vorpal. "Hey! It's not my fault the Blue Rafters are filled people who love to get in danger." It's likely no one understands the 'Blue Rafters' part.

When Booster starts to attack and Mike draws his sword, Klarion claps seemingly pleased with the fight. "Get him, Goldilocks!" Yep. He's talking to you, Booster. The demon is not as happy. He lets out an unearthly growl and stumbles backwards as he's hit in the face. "This is between me and the Witchboy!!! These pitiful creatures mean nothing to me." The demon is even less pleased about the chaos constructs in front of him. He smashes his fists against them and crimson flame bolt is shot towards the shield.

The Witchboy just smiles brightly moving to sit atop a car that hasn't been destroyed. "Pfffftt….Demons are overrated."


Metal here, Oracle, if you don't mind adding me to your chat list, the kid in the hinky witch suit is arguing with the demon, who did not want to be witch boy's pet or slave. Should we feed the kid to the demon?

Mike doesn't really want to do that, but the demon is kind of ignoring him. So he sticks it work the sword. If cold iron, moon soaked silver, and solid salt crystal won't get out attention he'll have to get creative.


"I copy, Oracle," Booster says, through his communicator. "Skeets can be on scene in a moment." Indeed, the little robot is flying in and would be panting, if he ever needed to breath. Skeets starts to do some aerial surveillance, sending the data to Oracle through the communication channel she has open.

Booster is still floating in mid-air, hands raised into fists as if he were in a boxing match, his forcefield back in its body-hugging form now that Vorpal has started moving people out of immediate danger. Louder, to the demon, Booster says, "It may have started between you two, but once you start stepping on citizens, you made it my business, too!" Glancing down, Booster sees that Mike has some sort of special stabbing weapon. Flying several feet upwards, the golden hero then drives downwards, feet-first, trying to hit the demon at the head or shoulders in an attempt to knock him ground-wards and into a more stab-friendly position.


Vorpal winces when his constructs come under attack- usually, his constructs are extremely durable, but he's spread very thin right now, so he is struggling to keep their integrity because it is hard to concentrate on these many at once.

"Booster, Metal… I need you to restrain him-" he speaks into his com, hands up to his temples. "I need to drop the barrier. But I've got a plan… Oracle, find me the nearest church within walking distance!"


Rowan steps forward from the crowd, his spear extending, causing people around him to back away slowly. Which is a sensible thing when someone suddenly manifests a spear. He isn't sure what's going on yet but it does seem there seems to be magical er… what's the word? Hijinks? Shennanigans? Stuff's going on. Surfacer words are hard sometimes.


'Metal' is added to Oracles comms group, with a wry grin. One day he and Oracle will 'meet' properly."Metal, Oracle. Nice to have you onboard, I vote yes, but it's not the done thing."

On Vorpals request, Oracle uses Skeets transmissions to find the church… why bother with Google maps? Tapping her comms unit "Vorpal,Oracle Church located directions to follow…."

Now, if Rowan will answer that damn phone, they may be able to deal with the rather irresponsible Witch Boy.


Lots of people want to feed Klarion to demons. There's Fate, Uncle J, and even Teekl. This list may or may not include Klarion's birth mother.

The special sword did not exactly go unnoticed, and when Tom's neck area is struck by Booster Gold, he swings his arm around to swat Booster away. Even if Booster is harmed or not, the demon reaches out to grab the first thing in sight which happens to be a sword of cold iron, moon soaked silver, and solid salt crystal. But when he touches it, his hand blisters and burns. A magical weakness perhaps??? The beast quickly leaves the blade of the sword and a cry of pain escapes. Once a fist is lifted he smashes it down to attempt to crush the poor bot.

"There we go!" Klarion cheers as Metal's sword has somewhat of an effect on the demon. A glance is given to Rowan. "Oh….more heroes. Good!. Stab him with the pointy end."


"I told you to pay attention, Demon Formerly Known As Tom. You are not gonna be able to get revenge on the kid, so just go … " and the thing tries to step on him. Mike shifts his sword into position for ankle-lopping and moves quickly aside, slashing out again and discovering that the street is too narrow for a proper Robot vs Demon road battle.


Booster gets swatted aside by the demon's arm, tucks into a roll in mid-air, and straightens up again so he can fly back to the melee. "Restrain him?" he says, sounding a touch incredulous as he looks over the size of the demon. "He's kind of lively for that right now…" It might help if the demon could be dazed enough, first. Putting his fists together, arms extended before him, golden energy crackles around his hands as he over-charges his blasters. Flying like a battering ram, he attempts to strike the demon in the head again, bolstering the punch with stun-energy.


"I'll be right back!" Vorpal shouts, now that he had the coordinates. He disappears as he steps through a rabbit hole, and another, and another, and the constructs vanish as well.

He's back a few minutes later, carrying something large, out of the rabbit hole. A small baptismal font -0 not easy for one man to carry, unless that man had a portable hole in reality. "Here's another reason for you to get the hell back to where you came from!" The Cheshire cat says and snaps his fingers, creating a rabbit hole right in the bottom of the font, and the opening over the demon, releasing the consecrated liquid over it.

Whether or not it works, however, that's as far as Vorpal can go. The exhaustion of abusing his constructs plus using his reality-warping powers in quick succession has tired him.

"Ungh.. guys… I need to catch my breath— "

The Cheshire says, taking a few steps back, rubbing his forehead as the mother of all migraines is starting.


Rowan's phone is going off. To a jaunty little proprietary tune. Utterly unconsciously, though keeping an eye on the incipient fight between robot and unnatural spawn of one of the various hells, he pulls it out and answers it.

"Um, hello?" How does one talk on a phone and point an odd coral spear at someone? Like this, apparently. And without any shame whatsoever.


"Hello Rowan, This is Oracle. I'm watching the fun and games where you are and could do with some assistance. That young man, dressed rather strangely, sitting on the car near you, seems to have summoned this creature and may have the means to banish it. However, he seems to be having more fun watching our attempts to remove it. Would you like to give him some persuasion, please?"

Through her comms unit "Oracle here. Metal's blade had an impact. Metal what was it's construct? Perhaps we can rig up something. Over."


The beating from Booster takes place stunning the demon and to make this worse (for Tom) Metal sucessfully slashes the demon's ankles causing another cry of agony and the demon tumbles forward falling to it's knees. With the liquid over the head, the demon physical body is literally melting, disintegrating into ashes and black magic. Cries of foul souls fill the air. "Oh, I -hate- holy water." Klarion whines as the creature starts to fall. But it's not dead just yet. Tom is still desperately trying to crush Metal and Booster isn't helping.


Metal is not all that fond of being crushed. It brings up bad memories. Also he's getting impatient.

"Just go home, Tom, and don't come back!" the robot yells, punching with the sword again. "Oracle, the blade is cold iron, moon silver, and solid salt. It's the shape it is because I am making it be that."

He adds, perhaps unnecessarily, "Otherwise it would fall apart structurally."

The demon is definitely bending his frame, that's going to have to stop…


Although Booster gets splashed with holy water, it does nothing to him other than make him sparkle slightly more than usual due to water droplets scattered over his metallic suit. Despite what a few people might think, he is not a souless devil dude. He sees that Metal is getting stomped, which cannot be comfortable; Booster finally lands on the ground, grabbing at one of the demon's legs near the ankle, trying to jerk it upwards to unbalance the creature.


Rowan eyes Klarion and approaches. "Excuse me? That thing looks like it's going to be a lot of trouble? Are you able to dismiss it? If so, I think that might be a good idea." Blue commandos are not effective Klarion whisperers. Not in the least.

"I guess otherwise it might be necessary to kill it." Even as he's talking scales are creeping up Rowan's neck and arms, armoring him, while his form warps and shifts into something reminsicent of a muscular velociraptor. With a spear.


Back in the Clocktower, Oracle watches the scene unfold. Through her comms unit "Well moon soaked silver and solid salt aren't going to be easy to trace. Cold Iron though. Skeets, can you locate anything that is iron, or even steel? There may be sufficient iron in the steel… Skeets, we need pierce this thing with it…. Of course Skeets, if you do happen to find Silver or Salt, that would help. Booster, Metal: If Skeets can identify something you'll need to get it and use it."

Then back to Rowan "Nice work, let's see if he'll cooperate."


The creature was barely able to survive the holy water, and the extra damage from Metal and Booster sort of pushes it to the limit. Klarion jumps off the car craddling Teekl in his arms. "Let's see….~What kind of magic spell to use~" The Witchboy sings. It's a song only a few would recognize. But when the demon collapses because of the sheer pain of it all creating a rather large crater in the process, Klarion lets out another sigh. "Fun while it lasted…" To Rowan, he nods. "Now that he's practically dead, I can bring him back." Back to Booster and Metal, Klarion offers a charming smile. "Thank you for killing my misbehaving pet." He lifts a hand and a crimson portal appears under the demon. "Let's go Teekl. Tom, here, is a long way from home." With that, the demon is sucked into the gash along with Klarion and Teekl.

Klarion the Witchboy heads out. Tom would be fine if he'd been a good boy.

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