Mutants-Only Meeting (Sins of the Father IV)

November 7, 2014: Magneto has a chat with Polaris and Lunair without inviting the other Outsiders. The women do not like his ruthless logic much.

Savage Land

The mountains bordering the northern region of the Savage Land



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It is dawning on the Savage Land and the rescue squad just returned to the camp set high on the Eternity Mountains. Skaar is somewhere out there erasing tracks and rearranging the landscape so it is very unpleasant to potential pursuers. Most of the other Outsiders are greeting Starfire.
But the rescue squad also returned with a surprise guest. Apparently Magneto attempt to kill Garokk didn’t go as well as planned, and he was Starfire’s cellmate. He was drugged when they found him, but now he seems quite awake and focused. Sharp enough to ask Lorna and Lunair to meet with him some distance from the camp.

Lunair's glad Magneto seems to be much perkier. He's kind of a pretty good dude far as she knows, at least. And seeing someone drugged like that is also kind of sad. Nevertheless, she is with the main group and - totally gets asked to meet up. Which she will. She seems to trust the older mutant gentleman and all. She is a bit curious, yup. "Everyone seems to be doing better. How are you feeling?" He looks perkier…

Lorna finally had her powers back… and she couldn't take part in the rescue for that very reason. While she hardly knows any of the people she's fallen in with - and doesn't know Starfire at all - she still didn't enjoy the useless feeling of being left behind. Or, on a less noble note, that she didn't get chance for a rematch with Zaladane. As for Magneto being part of the 'rescue one, get one free' deal, Lorna is… conflicted. She hadn't been particularly in favour of Magneto's assassination plan, and while she hadn't wanted him to get killed trying to do it, having him back in her vicinity definitely complicates her life.
But she's still too curious to stay away when he asks to see her. Trudging up behind Lunair, Lorna folds her arms and… well, waits for Magneto to answer Lunair's question. He does get a nod of acknowledgement, though.

“I am fine, it could have been worse,” replies Magnus. Besides needing a shave and a shower, not too bad. He has been in worse prisons. It would be an overstatement to say he is ‘perkier’, though. Grim and mean? Maybe. Perky? Only Lunair would think so!
“But Zaladane wasn’t in the city. That was fortunate, perhaps,” he glances down, to the celebrating Outsiders. “I doubt your friends would have been able to stop her. On the other hand, it might mean they are enacting their plan to alter the poles at this very moment. We need to find her.”

Well, things slowly seem to be righting themselves. Being left behind rarely feels awesome or fun, really. And Lunair is blissfully unaware of Magneto's assassination plan. She just knows him as 1) The Katamari Champion and 2) A generally kindly fellow who gets kind of shrapnely when upset. But then, is Lunair's social judgment really the best? Yes, in the way that mantis shrimp are the best at peaceful negotiations. Regardless, she's glad he seems to be peppier. If a bit grim. At least he is still safely 90s-fre.
"That's - bad on both accounts," She furrows her brows. "At least doing something on that magnitude takes time. I don't have any weird sensey powers, sorry…"

"Glad to hear it." Lorna surprises herself by saying, and actually meaning it. Although that's probably because she doesn't want Magneto to expire before she gets some more answers out of him. Or at least that's what she tells herself. "I didn't miss much, then." Lorna adds, referring to Zaladane, mainly to cover her disquiet. Fortunately Lunair's there to keep the conversation on practical matters. Lorna tries to tell herself to do the same. "But we do." Lorna puts in, her gaze shifting to Magneto. "Shouldn't we be able to feel it when it begins?"

“Indeed,” confirms Magneto, “but not if she does it outside the perimeter of insulation of this preserve. I am sure you have noticed we can’t reach Earth’s magnetic field from here.” Which also greatly limits him, but the women do not need to know the details yet.
No, that is not true, they do. He sighs. “Polaris. Zala has our combined powers, but this means she is perhaps a fifty percent stronger than you. Just that. She is hardly invincible. If I could reconnect to the planetary magnetic field I could crush her like a bug. As it is, we can easily match her in strength, and she has very little experience with her abilities.”
He looks at Lunair. “You may not have special senses, but you can create matter. Weapons. Just with your mind. Can you create bullets that are completely magnetically neuter?”

Lunair listens, tilting her head. She mostly knows Magneto knows Magnets (how do they freaking work!?). And she doesn't really pry. Asking too much about someone's powers is uncouth, isn't it? But then, he out and explains. That's not good. "Yup. I can probably do that - wait, how completely? Like, there's wood, and surely lasers slash light but a lot of magnetism has to do with electrons and poles, I think?" She's frighteningly intelligent albeit still in need of a great deal of education. "Left hand rule and everything. Almost everything has the bases- but yeah, I think we could." She'd do her best, at least.

Lorna nods, a sardonic look on her face as she does so. "I did notice that, now that you mention it. When I was falling out of the sky and I couldn't find anything to grab on to." She's gotten more used to the strange properties of this place since then, but it's still an experience she'd prefer not to repeat. "So how do we…" Find our way out of here, Lorna was about to ask. But Magneto's suddenly speaking again, and he looks like he doesn't want to. So Lorna goes silent to avoid giving him an excuse to stop talking.
Besides, what she can infer from his words is interesting. If he's telling the truth, and Zaladane isn't twice as strong as her despite having their powers combined… then Magneto, at least here, is saying that he's weaker than her. Who knew? Lorna can't stop the slightly sceptical look of surprise that touches her features, but shakes her head firmly. "OK, I see where you're going , but let's not underestimate her again, huh? Didn't work out well for either of us last time." Whether he'll pay any attention to her warning or not… well, she has to doubt that.
At the mention of bullets that sound specifically tailored to take out people like, well, her, Lorna looks over at her - and isn't reassured by her answer. "So we're back on assassination, then?" She asks Magneto in a neutral voice.

“Polaris, Zala is the ruler, or co-ruler, of one of the most organized nations of this land,” Magneto explain, trying to sound reasonable. “There are no jails that could restrain her, even if her own people would consider her a criminal, instead of their queen. Moreover, she is planning to alter the magnetic poles, which would cause a cataclysm near to an extinction event magnitude. The death toll would be in the tens of millions even if power is restored to most human cities in a few days and civilization doesn’t collapse completely in any region of Earth.”
He folds his arms, “we don’t have much time. Her powers might fade in time, or the alterations in her genes might kill her. Or perhaps we could develop a safe way to depower her. But we just do not have enough time.”
Magneto turns to Lunair. “The main reason why I wear armor is that is difficult to generate a magnetic forcefield powerful enough to deflect a supersonic object with very low magnetic susceptibility. And Zala is not wearing any armor.”

Hmm. Lunair taps her chin. "I could give her some metal armor, maybe," She makes armor, after all. "But she sounds like a really friendly sort…" That's either very dry humor or outright sarcasm. And she suspects launching her into space wouldn't do much/ "Er, wait, who's assassinating who? I get lectured when I get into that stuff," She holds up her hands in a surrender gesture. "I mean, she sounds super scary. But … I'll try to think of something that isn't very vulnerable to magnetism," Ponder. What materials does she know…? "Well, I'm assuming she's scary and will cheerfully stomp me as a work out in the morning. But why do they want to alter the poles? More power? A lot of villains give up on the whole blow up earth thing because, well."

To Lorna, Magneto's 'reasonable' tone sounds more like a 'lecturing' tone. It's a bit grating, as he goes over what she already knows, but she doesn't let it annoy her that much. Mainly because he's making some very pertinent points. She holds up her hands in a vain attempt to halt the lecture. "OK. So we solve our current problem and end up with an entire nation out for our blood?" As soon as she asks the question - which was phrased a bit sarcastically, she has to admit, Lorna sighs. "OK, OK, I know… but YOU know what the Professor would say if he was here and I wasn't, don't you?" She lets that hang in the air for a couple of seconds, keeping her gaze locked with his, then drops her hands to her sides, her shoulders slumping a bit. "But I'm not him. I don't have a better way." It's grudging, but it does sound like she's not going to oppose him on this one.
Lorna's still chewing over what she just… didn't disagree with… in her mind, looking more than a little unhappy, while Lunair and Magneto talk. She only chimes in when it becomes apparent that one of Lunair's powers appears to be Not Paying Attention To What's Going On. "They want to bring down civilization. Wreck the modern world, turn it back to… this." Lorna waves a hand at their surroundings. "With them on top, of course." She shrugs. "Bad stuff. He's right about that much, we DO have to stop it happening."

"Oh, Charles would go on and on about how there are always better options," replies Magneto. "But when reason fails, he would go into Zala's mind and shut down the access to her powers. Admittedly, it is a fairly elegant non-lethal solution. But it is not one available to us."
He steps forward, reaching with his senses, to sense magnetic anomalies in the region. The weather-control systems and the weird technology that keeps the land habitable cause interferences, but every time Zaladane uses her powers, he can feel it. "Lunair, I do not know the full details of their plan," he admits. "Garokk wanted Starfire a reason. Wrecking human civilization is just the first step."

Unlike the honey badger, Lunair Do Care! Sometimes a bit of it is lost in trying to use processing power to solve a problem or be social without weirding everyone out. "Oh. That - makes sense," She pauses. "It just seemed like a weird thing. Nabbing Starfire, you guys and then trying to wipe everyone out. Wouldn't all the toxins and whoknowswhat be even worse…? Hm." She ponders this. Like, think about it. Wild, radioactive Beliebers following their tribal leader and roaming the lands. Also, toxic waste. "And a good way to bring truckloads of heroes down at them if they rocked the boat enough," Shrug. It just really seemed far fetched to her.
She looks to Lorna, thoughtful. "I really don't want to upset everyone. Although, they do seem kind of excited about this whole taking over stuff business," Hooray! It's Conquering Day! And maybe business casual fridays. "I guess it depends on if we can knock her out or hold her in something. We'd have to see what materials we have. I'm not sure a portal loop would really work on her and it has a metal part." Read: Potential ammo to be slung into Lunair's face. which always hurts and someone could lose an eye
"Is she immune to darts or sleeping gas?"

Yes, what Lorna wouldn't give to have the Professor here right now. Or any half-decent telepath, for that matter. Then she'd have options beyond helping Magneto assassinate a head of state. At least Lunair still seems to be trying to come up with a non-lethal solution. That makes Lorna feel a little bit better. "I don't think they're playing with a full deck, Lunair. Or I'd like to think they wouldn't be trying this at all." At this point, Lorna's convinced the bad guys are going to try this doomsday plot they've hatched, whether it seems likely to get them what they want or not.
"We aren't." Lorna answers Lunair's question promptly. "As long as you have a dart that's immune to magnetism. A delivery method we can't affect." She shrugs. "If you want to practice on me…" She offers, trying not to sound half-hearted about it. "…then I don't mind. The trouble is, if you knock her out you've got to KEEP her out until we can get out of this place, and then what do we do with her? If you're trying to restrain her, again you need something immune to magnetism, but more than that, something that prevents her using her powers on anything - or anyone - else." Lorna blows out a frustrated breath. "How would you stop me? Or him?"

Magneto hmms. Lunair pointed out a major weakness in Garokk’s plan, one ha had noticed too. It might take the heroes a few days to find out who and where, but eventually Garokk would be attacked by the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman or Thor. Possibly several of them together. He would be crushed.
Which means Garokk is crazy, or he is an idiot, or he has a plan. He has a plan, definitely. He brought Starfire here because he has a plan of some kind.
“You could knock her out with a drug,” confirms Magneto. “But what then? Are you going to keep her unconscious forever? Or maybe try to take her to some human court of justice so she responds to some crimes? What crimes and under what laws?”

Lunair doesn't know, really. But she's trying. "Yeah…" She rubs the back of her head. "Uhm. No, it's okay. I've done sort of a pixie duster kinda thing when we had to put some folks to sleep during hostage holding," She shakes her head. "I don't know much about her or restraints," She's not going to google that, either. "I don't know, to be honest," She seems uncertain. "Even if I put her to sleep or let her fall into a portal loop… even if I caught you or Magneto if I ever had a reason, someone bigger and more important would probably take over." Like SHIELD, Superman or something. She doesn't really know.
"Or maybe they want heroes to show up. I wish I could say more, because I doubt she can just get shot off into space or will have a sudden change of heart."

"Careful, Magneto. Your mutant supremacist is showing." Lorna says it quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. At the words 'human court of justice' she felt he needed the reminder… and he's already indicated he needs her, so hopefully she'll get away with it. "But we're going round in circles. You're right, we DON'T have a good way to stop her, long term, but that's less important than stopping her - and Garokk - right now. While Lunair works out the details…" Lorna shoots her a confident smile, in case that will help. "…how do you and I find her?"

Magneto’s eyes narrow. His plan was simple enough, and effective. He could find Zala, Polaris could keep her busy with his help, and Lunair could kill her with a single bullet. Taking out Zala would make Garokk’s plot fangless.
“In that case,” he decides, “we better talk with your colorful friends down there. And figure out something more in taste with Xavier’s morality standards. Right now you are skirting around the problem and being indecisive. And you are attempting to bring the rules of American democracy and judicial procedures to a Savage Land.” He gives them his best ‘disappointed old man’ look. “I will find Zala. You… decide what you want.” He walks away.

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