Getting advice from the General's Daughter

November 8, 2014: Superman visits Lois for some advice.

Roof of the Daily Planet

The top of one of the most famous planets on the planet.



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There's only one person who would take to the rooftops of Daily Planet with a fold-out chair just to write a piece of a story that she's been working on for days; Lois. Pacing back and forth, old fashioned recorder in hand, and for once? Hair tied up into a bun, pencil skirt and jacket to match is worn, all business, no relaxation. She was attempting to get into the feel of it all, writing again, attempting to tie down that need to jump or get off into a bit of trouble just to get a little bit of a thrill.

She was barefoot however, heels right along where her purse was, upon the chair. Recorder pressed against her chin as she remains quiet, even though it plays, obviously lost in her thoughts.

"Got it. So, they're a family of sorts. Something.. something.. togetherness, blah blah…"

In a way, she couldn't really care less. Her mind was on other things and this was nothing but a distraction. "C'mon Lois. It's the frickin' Teen Titans for christsake!"

"I think they prefer Titans, Lois," Superman says with a smile as he lowers down from the sky with a wave. "I was hoping you'd be out here. It's been a few days since we talked and I was worried…well, I was worried that you were worried about me."

Of course, that concern came from Lois' comments to Clark, but he wasn't above using privileged information. And truth be told, he needed to talk something out and that sort of thing worked best when Lois was around.

"How are you?" he asks as his feet hit the concrete.

"Eeep!" Lois screeches out, she wasn't really expecting Superman to show up out of the blue.. but, who was she kidding? Still. It wasn't expected. That tape recorder flies out of her hand briefly, only to be caught and tumbled, then settled within her grasp as she turns to face Superman with a grand and relieved smile. "Titans! Right!" Still, she wasn't feeling the article, not yet. "Kal, I'm always worried about you, you know that." The recorder was shaken, then promptly turned off. Whatever conversation they were going to have, was never recorded. That's probably why it made her so trust worthy.

"I'm fine now. Though we didn't get to talk much after that.. crazy dinosaur bird incident. You were gone a really long time." She moves back towards the chair, recorder dropped inside, purse snapped shut. Shoes were taken and dropped upon the ground and promptly slipped on, purse grabbed then to slide to the ground. "How is it, by the way?" She pauses. "The bird, thing."

"He's good," Superman says with a nod as he tilts his head, considering. "You should come up and see him some time. I have him at my fortress in the arctic. He likes to fly high above in the rafter crystals. "He's fond of Hissltorian Fish. Luckily I had quite a stockpile from my last visit."

Superman's smile widens, "You don't need to worry about me, Lois. I'm fine and will be. I did however want to come talk to you about something. There are some things going on in the world that have me concerned. I just don't know what to do, and I think that talking about it will give me some clarity."

"Is that date?" Lois asks, clearly she was joshing him around but, it was good to hear that the bird was doing well, with no ill effects. "You collect some of the strangest things.." But, he wanted to talk, she was here, so the chair was nudged with her foot so that he could sit.

If it wasn't clear enough that she wanted him to sit, she moves towards him to reach for his hand, and if he lets her, she'd tug him over towards the chair in attempts to force him down. "You telling me not to worry about you is telling me not to breathe. What type of friend would anyone be if they didn't worry about their own? And what type of friend wouldn't I be if I wasn't here to listen, so spill it, bub."

"And what kind of friend would I be if I didn't ask you not to worry about me?" Superman smiles as he's basically yanked down into the chair. He rests his hands on his knees and does his best to relax. "Well, in addition to everything that's going on, the Justice League-a partnership between myself and my good friends, Wonder Woman and Batman is pretty much through."

"We were going to join forces with some members of SHIELD, but I'm starting to get the opinion that they just want to control us. When I brought up some concerns I had, their boss sort of lost it and got accusatory. I'm a bit worried he's insane. And of course, he wants to be in charge."

"Worse, Wonder Woman is going ahead and joining with him. I'm concerned that it'll look like I'm holding out if I don't join. But on the other hand, I don't trust this guy. At all. And even if I did, the pitch he's making doesn't really sound like it has a lot of benefits."

"The kind of friend that knows I will no matter what you say."

Lois stands near him as he begins to speak, her brows frowning as she listens. Instead of looming near to his side, she moves behind him.. and suddenly..

Her hands were on his hair. This was something that was unavoidable. She always wanted to play with his hair, and now that he was seated and mildly distracted? She was going to fix that little curl that hung upon his forehead by raking it back with fingers, and scratching his scalp in the process.

It works for her, especially at the hair dressers. Those ladies are a blessing.

She remains silent for some time, lips bunching and pursing in thought. This was a good distraction, this was something she could sink her fingers into with Kal's permission. Or not! "What was the reason that you were seeking to join with SHIELD to begin with?" She asks this question for a reason.

Superman's hair is nothing if not untamable. His mother had a similar fascination with it, but it was years ago when she used to get him ready for school. For whatever reason, it always would have a little curl that would flip out from the rest. Just the way his hair sits, one would guess.

So it pops back out, even as she removes her hands.

"Well, I was interested in helping out. I mean, I think if we all pool our resources the synergy can become more than our parts. But when I got there, the guy just seemed interested in things that weren't really applicable. And it sounds like he'd like to be my 'coordinator'. He bristled when I called him a 'boss', despite him using the same terminology earlier. It was weird."

That damned curl. There was nothing she could do about that, save for some styling gel and hairspray, which.. she has in her purse. But, she didn't want to assault the poor man, so she just leaves it be.

"I think you're using the wrong term here. You're meaning 'handler', not 'coordinator'." She steps way from him now, silently wishing there were two chairs present, instead of one. If she were going to give advice to the Man of Steel, she had better make it good.

"I don't know, Kal. What exactly was this person asking of you and your friends? And what did they say about it? I know you said that Wonder Woman was joining them, but what of Batman?"

"Batman and I aren't on the best of terms right now. Part of the reason this crisis is happening is because he was quitting anyways. I've never been fond of quitting," Superman replies.

"And it could be that I'm using the wrong term. I just listen to people closely to try and figure out what they're aiming at. This guy was very interested in us being reigned in as far as I can tell. Which is interesting because he directs SHIELD. There is no team in the world that needs more reigning in. It seems like a power grab to me, and way too political."

Lois takes everything in. That is what she does. Speculate, guess, try to find reason and the light at the end of the tunnel.

"Stop me if I have this wrong."

She begins to pace, much like she usually does when she's thinking outloud, her fingers idly playing with her bottom lip while the other arm crosses over her middle. "You wanted to join up with SHIELD and their organization because Batman pulled out his support and backing. Quit. You wanted to help someone who you think needs to be reigned in and controlled more than you do, Earth's most powerful protector. Wonder Woman is on board and is wanting to work with them because she sees good in their cause, you're wary because you think the Director is a bit crazy."

Her path takes her to the edge of the roof, upon which she turns to sit upon, facing him. It was silly really, her feet were off the ground and swaying back and forth, much like a childs.

"And, you don't like politics. So you want nothing to do with it."

She frowns a little, then glances over towards the city below. "Am I wrong?"

Superman raps his hands against his knees as she paces back and forth. As her words move to his ears, he nods in affirmation on her assessment. She's right.

"That's pretty much it, yes. I mean, I didn't want to team up with SHIELD-and I think that's an important distinction-I wasn't joining them. More like coming together to form something new, or that was what I thought anyways. It wasn't how it turned out."

"Then propose it like this."

Her hands grip her knees, then turn to show her palms. "A partnership. Make your words clear and concise. Because I get the feeling from you that it wasn't. You said accusations were thrown, which would be known to happen when you get powerful people and personalities all in one room. Treat it like a business transaction. You don't necessarily have to tell all your secrets at once, but lay whats on the outside on the table. You want a partnership, to help protect the world, you want to support them and they you. Everything should be left as a case by case basis and evaluated at a later date."

She grows silent then, more words forming within her mind before she speaks it.

"Just think about it Kal, what you and those people could do, you could save more than you've ever dreamed. While you're fighting in the skies, SHIELD could be down below, making sure normal people like me are safe." To hammer her own point home, she plays the Devil. "I'm going to let you in on my world a little bit, Clark's.. and probably Jimmy. While you're out there saving people, no. While you're here saving people, we usually have the front row to see it all with our own eyes. And there are others that are like that; regular people who just want to watch their hero in action, who want to see you rip apart some big bad robot or steer and dinosaur bird off to safety."

She hops down from the ledge now to approach him, because what she'll say next may hurt him.

"And imagine, just that one time, while you're beating back the big bad.. something happens to me. Something happens to Jimmy, something we can't walk away from. But it didn't have to happen because you had the support of SHIELD taking care of us.." She draws her arms around his neck to hug him tight if he lets her. "This is a grim way of looking at it, Supes. It really is. But the fact that it could happen so many times over, doesn't it make you think that you should try?"

She draws in a breath, then sighs. "There's another side to this too.."

Superman makes no move to prevent her from hugging him, but it doesn't mean he likes what she has to say. He probably doesn't like it because it's the truth, but it still nags at him. "That's the only reason I'm interested in partnering with them, is because of their resources. Because with their help we can cast a wider net."

"But my parents brought me up to be distrustful of those who would want to use me for their own power. That's the reason I kept my secret for so long from those around me. That's why I waited until just a few years ago to emerge from the shadows. I fear that it's this man they were talking about."

"Then say it Kal. Tell them this."

She does nod, her cheek brushing up against his rather obnoxiously, which causes her to laugh through such a serious conversation. "This man? This man is the only man that you've allowed them to know. They don't know you like I do. Perhaps if you let them see that, then maybe they'll not want to control you but actually trust and befriend you."

She breaks the hug then only to stand in front of him, that stern, no-nonsense look upon her face. "What exactly did he want from you? What did this person say?"

"He said something about covering for us and watching our ass. And something about accountability." Superman said. "Frankly, he said more about being our boss than he did about what we could do together.

Superman doesn't seem to buy that they just need to know him better. But in the end, what he wants more than anything else is for there to be an organized structure to help threats across the world. He knows the benefit that'll make for the rest of the world. "So you're saying I should join?" he says with a chuckle.

Lois looks a little surprised, she didn't think about that. She was thinking about the protection of the little people but.. it actually makes a little bit of sense. His question though? It draws a little laugh. "Well.."

"Possibly. Yes. But I think you should mend your friendships first. First with Batman, then with Wonder Woman. Even though Batman quit, and you dislike the fact that he did, he's got free will, just like you. You shouldn't shun him or be disappointed in him for that. He's doing what's best for him and what /he/ believes in. At the end of the day, those two can do more for you than SHIELD or even I can. So treasure it."

But Lois, at times, could be the paranoid sort. She doesn't trust government much, either. Look at her relationship with her father. "But, keep them closer than you would your friends. Watch. Study. And when you gather what you need, and when you're one hundred percent about it all? Dive all in. Sound good?"

Those were certainly wise words regarding Batman and Wonder Woman. He really did need to forgive Batman. Perhaps he should have asked why before he lashed out. Perhaps there was a good reason for it.

"I'm not sure they can do more for me than you can, Lois. Thank you very much for your advice. Your friendship means a lot to me. I tell you things I can't tell to others and I want you to know how much I value you."

"Have you ever let them try?" Lois gently asks, her hand reaching out to rest upon his shoulder to give a good squeeze. His words though, they flatter her and make her blush, her cheeks apple red, which was soon hidden with a quick turn of her head.

"Um.." Gosh, she really didn't know how to take a compliment from him, not at all. "So.. you inviting me to your place, does that mean I can spend the night?" A pause. "Not like that! I mean, a girl has to have an icy getaway from the world, you know?" She laughs nervously, then lightly punches him in the arm, just as she does Clark at times. "Just.. get out of here, alright? Geez.."

Superman can't help but laugh as he gets out of the chair, "Sure, Lois." What he says sure about, is not clear.

"Thanks for your help."

He floats upwards and gives her a wave before he begins to float upwards and onwards.

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