Sorry Zachary, But Your Princess Is In Another Castle

November 8, 2014: The Titans learn of Rain's fate. Plans will be made.

The Titan's Compound

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The Castle of the Titans is particularly magical today. There two Zataras that are usually around the base after all. Although magic seems to hang in the air as words, presumably backwards, echo throughout the halls.

If one entered the study area they would find that one such Zatara, not the one with fishnets, has decided to clear most of the furniture in the room and turn it into a…. meditation room, maybe a ritual one? Because apparently Shadowcrest wasn't mystical enough for the youth.

Nevertheless there is piles of books littered about and candles that form a circle. In the center of the circle of candles is…the one and only Zachary Zatara. He's levitating about a foot of the floor in a sitting meditation stance, his eyes glowing a faint eldritch color.

"Oh the joys of magic…"

Bunker has been outside doing some targeting practice; the boy is in his costume but sans his cowled mask, since he's among friends here. He walks past the room, then double-takes and leans back around the doorframe, considering the changes. "Um, Zack? Like, what?" he says, looking this way and that, focusing back on the young wizard.

Keith- that is, the human version of Vorpal- comes down from the stairs and into the library proper and stops at the bottom of the stairs.

"Zachary… you had better not moved the books around. Gar and I spent the whole afternoon yesterday alphabetizing things, and you know Robin will have an OCD attack if they're no longer in order."

He doesn't mention the fact that it was, really, Gar who did all the work, because Keith spent most of the day yesterday not existing. If any of the Titans were to think back to yesterday, they would find no recollectiong of having seen Keith around at all. And maybe Gar talking to himself every now and again.

Zachary doesn't move when the newcomers arrive. He's still floating in the air as if no one showed up. Concentration IS very important to magic. Without it, spells don't work properly and strange demons are summoned. It would not be the first time it happened to Zach.

But he does answer the two. "Just doing a little scrying. Who knew the King of Atlantis would be so hard to find?" His eyes return to their normal sapphire blue and he turns his head to look at Vorpal and Bunker. "Don't worry. I'll put everything back once I'm done. If I can find it." He mutters the last part. "Any of you know how to speak Atlantean?"

Bunker shakes his head. "We didn't cover much about Atlantis in school, really. Um, why are you looking for him? Is he missing?"

"No. He's taken someone very valuable. Hasn't he, Zach?" Keith walks off the steps and crosses his arms. "And left an Atlantean message behind." Poor Captain, Keith muses. He would have brought this to the team's attention yesterday… except that he didn't exist. Nobody would or could see him, or remember him. It was part of being merged with the Cait Sidhe. Sometimes, the universe remembered he wasn't supposed to be alive. "Care to give us the four one one on that, Top Hat?"

"Oh, I -wish- he was missing. It'd make my job a lot easier." Zachary mutters and slowly lowers down to the ground. "Good job Keith. You've put the puzzle together. Yes, Namor has taken someone. Frankly, I've yet to see what's so valuable about this someone. Apparently she's a talented healer. Her name is Rain." There's another sigh at that…because Zachary himself can't heal and it kind of irritates him.

"….And Doctor Strange wants me to locate her. But I have no way of getting to Atlantis just yet. So I went to her manor and found a secret message. One that I can't seem to decipher. And these dusty old books are no use. I'm sure there's something in Shadowcrest…"

Bunker hmms and leans in the doorway. "Well, I'm not a magic guy, but can we see the message? Maybe we know someone who can decipher it?"

"Rain happens to be the newest member of the Titans, Zachary," Keith says, "Which means that Namor has taken one of us. Which means…" he says, his voice dropping an octave, "that we need to get her back. You need a way to get into atlantis? How about… oh, I don't know, a certain green boyfriend of mine who could turn into leviathan?"

"And I do know a certain someone who seems to be involved with the aquatic world. Goes by the name of Rowan, has a spear. If you show me that message, I can copy it and take it to him to decypher. But we need to get in on this yesterday and get Rain back. And, in the process, give that jerk what he deserves."

Zachary blinks. "She's a Titan? Oh, that makes things confusing. Well, the reason Namor took her is weird and…" The youth lets out another sigh. "I'm not sure. I've already sent word back to Strange on the hidden text and he'll probably figure it out soonish. And start investigating…."

There's yet another sigh and Zach sort of shrugs his shoulders. "I don't want anyone to get hurt, is all….and I don't want to step on Doctor Strange's toes. I mean, this is his battle. Namor is after Strange, not Rain. Rain was just a way of intimidating the Doc."

"It became our battle when he took one of ours. I don't care one bleep about the Doctor- he didn't come around to help me when I was dying, so he can stick his stethoscope up his metaphysical sphincter for all I care. Made me endebted to John Constantine, of all people. No, this is Titan affairs now, and I'm going to contact our allies and we're getting Rain back, one way or another." The redhead walks over to the door frame and leans on it, looking at Zachary.

"Nobody touches the Titans and gets away with it, Zachary. This is past the time of not wishing people hurt. This is Namor asking for it."

Zachary turns to watch Keith for a brief moment before levitating once again and his eyes glow faintly. He understands why Vorpal would be furious with Strange so doesn't argue about that even though Zach doesn't have any particular hatred towards the man. Probably because Zach wasn't the one who was dying.

"Fine…" He starts knowing there's no way to talk Vorpal out of it. "But Strange might beat you to it." Although Zach is very unsure about that too. The boy reaches over to pull a golden ring from his pocket and just looks at it for a moment before putting it back. "Whatever the case, I am confident Rain will be alright. As long as Strange has Namor's horn."

"Challenge accepted," Keith grins and thunbs up. "I'll go and gather everybody for a meeting. Stay in touch and we can get a pow-wow going, ideally by tomorrow. Don't forget to put things back in place, or Robin will have a conniption." Keith gives Zachary a wink and walks out of the room. After all, there's laundry to be done.

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