Sundown (the Savage Land plot finale)

November 8, 2014: The Outsiders final battle with Garokk and Zaldane (log long delayed)

Savage Land

Outsiders camp in the slopes of the Mountains of Eternity



  • Garokk, Zaladane, Lupo, Barbarus (emits by Skaar)

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After the talk with Magneto, he left the group to get back to the tower in the swamp. He wanted to check Brainchild machines with the vague idea of inversing the process that gave Zala her magnetic powers.
The Outsiders are camped pretty high in the mountains overseeing the Valley of the Sun. It is pleasantly cool here. Tropical weather can get tiresome after a week. And dinosaurs too. Skaar just got back to the camp himself. He has been busy erasing the possible tracks left by the rescue team. In fact, rearranging the landscape so following the Outsiders here would be pretty much impossible.

The 'talk' with Magneto having ended with the old man leaving in a huff when it transpired there wasn't broad support among the other mutants for killing Zaladane and Garokk as a first option, Polaris has been left nominally in the company of the Outsiders, who she's barely met, and Lunair, who seems to have wandered off. There's only so long that she can pretend to be admiring the views from a lofty vantage point, so at length she returns to the camp proper… at around the same time that the intimidating form of Skaar does, too. "Um, hi." She offers, by way of a lukewarm greeting. "Any bad news I should know about?"

Starfire did not mind the heat, despite exhaustion she stayed up all night after the rescue and waited for the sun, the rise of it over the horizon slowly recharging her. Her perch was atop a tree, swinging her feet over the limb with her chin uplifted, eyes closed, while tawny skin starts to take on a glow of what had been stripped from her. Hours, only a couple but she basked in that low tropical emination before her hands gripped that branch, fingrs biting into the wood. A felinistic gymnast, her body stretched across the solid length and then her legs kicked up….
A lingering handstand but when her spine arched she missed the end of the limb, a purposeful swoop that warped that free fall into flight, te comets tail of heat streaking behind her and singing leaves as she rockets towards the sky and then down.
Someone is happy to have their powers back when all was stripped bare. Zipping back down to camp she lands and opens a communication channel with the ship. "Where are we with repairs?" The comm link screen sizzling back to life with only white noise so far, resulting in K'tten coming forth with a fistful of small parts and digital boards, a tiny welding tool in her other hand.
"We have static. It's better then the dead air, but far from what humans call an Einstein."

Trailing K'tten with more heavier parts and a very large wrench, Roy Harper settles in behind K'tten, looking up at Kori with a wide grin. "Einstein has nothing to do with this, K'tten. We usually say -Eureka- when we've succeeded."
Looming over K'tten, Roy is in backseat driver mode now. "Okay, so if you wield that little bit of circuit thingy over to -that- slot, maybe it'll work better, you think?"
Hey, it'd work, REALLY!

"Einstein has nothing to do with it, K'tten," Roy radios in, from where he was perched, binoculars in hand, keeping an eye on where the city was, looking for the hunting parties that were sure to follow. "You want 'Eureka'… which means "We've done it!"
The resulting grumbling and cursing from K'tten brings a smirk to Roy's face, as he looks down at the others. "You think I should let Lian babysit K'tten more often?"
Lorna gets a quirk of a smile. "Depends. Does 'we're out of dinosaur meat' mean anything to you?"

Skaar nods at Lorna, but he is more interested in Starfire. Happy to have her back, although he remains distant. There are still pending business and they are hardly safe. For one, the starship is still not fully repaired, so they can’t leave.
“We need to decide what to do quickly,” he notes. “Either we attack, or we leave for good. They can’t follow us by land, but they might have those flying reptiles and we are easy to see from the high.”
Roy can’t see any army coming from the city. But that is because Garokk actually doesn’t need to send any. What happens is a bright flash of light some fifty yards from the camp, and suddenly the Outsiders are not alone in the mountain slope.
Garokk is seven feet tall, if relatively slender; his skin looks like granite rock, but his eyes glow golden with solar light. A medallion of gold hangs from his neck to his bare chest. Zaladane is at her right, the prestess-queen clad in blue, hovering a few inches from the ground. The mutants Barbarus and Lupo are at his right, looking eager for a rematch. About a score well-armed soldiers flank these four.
“Mortals,” Garokk’s voice booms, deep and commanding. “I commend your resourcefulness, but if you don’t yield immediately, I shall have you all put to death. Surrender!”

Lorna ducks as what she takes for a fiery meteor suddenly streaks past overhead. "What the…?!" She says under her breath, twisting around to follow the streak of fire, anything metal in her vicinity shifting a bit as her powers come to life - and probably causing a nice bit of static over that comlink - before she recognises the woman the others had rescued and eases herself back down. "Deep breaths, Lorna…" She mutters to herself, then looks sharply over at Roy when he speaks, "What?" She asks, looking baffled, before she remembers what she asked before Starfire made her showy entrance. "Sorry." Lorna says, relaxing with an apologetic grin. "I'm jumpy. It's not been a good week." She shrugs. "No more dino-burgers for a while, then?" She offers, making a weak attempt at humour, that she gives up completely when Skaar speaks.
Leave. That's the thought that pushes its way to the front of Lorna's mind, and the one she most wants to give voice to. Coming to this place has been an unmitigated disaster for her, and she wants it to be over. The trouble is, if they do leave? Then it WON'T be over. She sighs, sounding depressed. "Then I guess we've got to…"
Whatever she was going to say, she doesn't get the chance. For the second time, Lorna's twisting around as there's a sudden burst of brightness, but this time it's not anything as unthreatening as Starfire's aerobatics. No, this time it's the man whose fault this is… and that causes any fear Lorna might feel to be utterly eclipsed by fury. "How about NO, YOU LUNATIC, TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT!" Lorna yells back, but she doesn't attack Garokk. Oh no. She has a score to settle with Zaladane. Reaching out, she does what she hopes Zaladane's expecting her to do - yank everything metal, all the weapons, all the armour, away from the bad guys. She expects Zaladane to counter it, and as soon as she feels her do so - Lorna flips the magnetic polarity on all that metal. She hopes Zaladane enjoys being so attractive to all that pointy stuff all of a sudden.

Lunair is glad Starfire is back. But their way home isn't fully fixed, and likely, being pestered by flying dinos would /really/ suck. Garokk. Made of well, rock. Lunair looks concerned, eyes a bit wide. And returning foes, probably eager for them to choose option B. She isn't one to speak for the group, but it's likely she's not big on the surrender business, either. While she was quietly keeping look out with the others. "Don't worry, we'll be back soon," Lunair remains hopeful. She doesn't want to get eaten by a pterodactyl or t-rex or whatever. She's a bit of a glass cannon, so she's not as the front line as the others. "No, thank you," She offers to the offer of surrender.
While she's a bit limited due to magnetic sh— wait. Oh yeah. As soon as pointy stuff starts flying, Lunair can just add a few pointy things to the mix and dismiss them right after. She's totally got this. Kind of. Hopefully.
She's prepared to duck. And has armor on.

"No dinoburgers. Too bad… they tasted like chicken…" Roy begins, before the flash comes in and they're suddenly confronted by Garokk and his party.
"Aren't -you- gonna put us to the death anyway?" Roy retorts, bringing out his bow.
"X'Hal!" Caught by surprise, Kori takes to the air, in a blaze of solar-burst. At least her sunbathing had drawn enough energy to fuel her starbolts, which she takes advantage of, trying to clear out the flunkies before tackling Lupo.
Roy, on the other hand, is radioing K'tten. "Hurry up already! We've got -trouble- here…!" as he draws the explosive arrow and fires it at the Barbarus.

Zaladane offers Lorna a nasty smile, and as the green-haired woman expected she shields her allies from Polaris’ magnetism. “Where is Magneto? Am I going to have to hunt him down like a dog too?” But then Lorna inverts the field and she loses control of the field. The soldiers are sent flying, dragged by their armors, and a particularly burly one rams on her, sending the dark-haired woman to the ground.
On top of that, Lunair barrage of bullets hits several of the men. Lupo dives out of the way, but Barbarus and Garokk do not seem bothered at all, the bullets ricocheting of them. Unfortunately for Lupo, he dives into Starfire’s fist, and he is sent flying twenty yards away.
Barbarus charges through the bullets, and ignores the incoming arrow too. Because arrows have not bothered him in years. The explosion is powerful enough to stop him and make him recoil a few steps. He growls are Roy, “that is not enough to hurt Barbarus!” His English is as bad as always. The sound of the explosion drowned K’tten response, and then she has closed the comlink.
While Zaladane struggles to stand, muttering about bloody vengeance. Garokk shots his eye beams to Skaar, who was running to attack him. They hit the green-skinned alien on the chest, making him grunt in pain. Skaar tries to jump aside, but falls to one knee, his chest looking very badly burned and smoking.

Other than the difference in hair colour - and the fact that Lorna probably looks like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards, while Zaladane looks pristine - there's a striking resemblance between Lorna Dane and Zaladane, right down to the identically nasty smiles the two women are wearing.
But only Lorna's smile gets the chance to grow into something /truly/ spiteful as her supposed sister is sent flying by the impact of one of her own soldiers! "Magneto is the least of your problems, witch!" Lorna /should/ be thinking about the battle as a whole, but right now beating the stuffing out of Zaladane is occupying most of her attention! With no more than a thought, she levitates herself off the ground and flies toward her supposed sister as the other woman staggers back to her feet. Not done yet? All the better, Lorna's expression seems to say.
More to keep her opposite number off balance than because she thinks it'll be terribly effective, Lorna directs a focussed electromagnetic pulse at Zaladane while she hunts for the materials she needs for her next idea.
Drawing a couple of discarded swords toward her, Lorna fashions them into crude but serviceable metal claws, and grabs up a decent sized rock with them - before propelling the whole thing straight at Zaladane with as much acceleration as she can muster. A moment later, the metal claws detach, like booster rockets that've done their job. Deflect /that/.

Poor Lorna. It has to be tough fighting your own sister. Lunair frowns. Right, she's going to need something less magnetic and more - hurty. Time for LASERS. She pulls an alarmingly long, slender laser cannon that looks like someone's been watching too much anime. And then there's Barbarus about to get all up in their grill. Lunair is going to scamper backwards, not answering about Magneto. She's not going to talk about anyone. And then Skaar gets eye lasered. Hey!
Well, fine. It's a bit tough moving and stopping to shoot, but maybe a laser will bother Barnabus, white motes gathering around the end of the weapon before firing.

While Lorna and Zaladane were redefining sibling rivalry, Starfire is unleashing her frustration in blasting Lupo, keeping on him until she's sure that he's not getting up. Not that she's not ignoring her surroundings, not at all, as she swoops in and out through Garrok's army. Once she's -mostly- certain that Lupo won't be getting up, her cry of 'Skaar'! is all the warning that Garrok will get before -he- is the target of a starbolt.
Roy, on the other hand, is responding to the Barbarus. "C'mon, it doesn't hurt? Nothing bothers you? NOTHING hurts at -ALL-?" C'mon… open that yap one more time, because once it's open, there's an ice arrow going down that gullet!

Zaladane stands and shields herself from Lorna’s pulse, just barely. Her magnetic fields are very strong, but she is slower controlling them than Lorna. When the rock comes flying to her, Zala has to switch to full defense, creating a dense forcefield around herself so the stone shatters against it.
Barbarus jumps forward, trying to grab Roy. He takes a laser blast to his leg and it actually hurts. It leaves a red burn line. “Agh… what be this light?!” Then he takes an ice arrow to the face, which leaves him blind and unable to breathe. That slows him down a few seconds, though, since he breaks the ice quickly.
Lupo is left pretty badly burned and battered by Starfire. He can regenerate, but it is going to take him a few hours to get back to his feet. Then the blast hits Garokk’s back and staggers him. “Woman. You can’t hurt me with the power you borrow from the sun. Remember, it is MY power!” He raises his arms, and Koriand’r can feel her powers draining quickly, again!

Well, it had to be worth a try, Lorna consoles herself, as her rock shatters against Zaladane's shield. "Guess you're not a total amateur. Who knew?" Lorna's words are spoken in an acid tone, as if she'd be quite happy if they drew blood. "Why don't you show me what a quick study you are?" Lorna takes advantage of Zaladane's preoccupation with defence to snatch up any small pieces of metal she can - arrowheads, speartips, daggers and the like - and sends them swirling around Zaladane, orbiting her, and jabbing in fast at random, probing the other woman's shield for weaknesses, seeing how many targets she can keep track of.
It's all just to keep Zaladane off balance and on the defensive, though, because Lorna still has those metal claws in reserve. Catching the results of Roy's assault on Barbarus out of the corner of her eye, Lorna's head whips around as she grins at Roy. "I need your playmate!" She calls, and Lorna sends those claws to clamp on to Barbarus' shoulders and lift him high over Zaladane's head - and then she lets go.

Lasers! Thankfully Roy doesn't get grabbed. "It's a laser!" She offers helpfully for Barbarus. Lunair will answer the question at least. With Barnabus getting juggled, Lunair's not having to worry about him so much. She's not terribly mobile with her immense weapon, but she does hear something about MYYYYYYYY POWER that's unsettlingly ominous. "Yeah, well. Your face." And this is precisely why she's banned from combat dialogue.
Nevertheless, she doesn't like the sound of it. He also had the gall to zap Skaar. Lunair's a little bit fond of the green fellow, and it's adding up to paint a giant metaphorical target. Leaning the weapon on her shoulder and crouching to steady it, she takes aim at Garokk. Right. At. The Neck. Because shooting someone in the groin is just uncalled for, really.

"Yes!" exclaims Roy as Barnabus freezes, literally. And then Lorna snatches his foe, and Roy shouts after her, "HEY! You're butting in on a man-to-man fight!"
Taking his frustration out on others, Roy yanks his boom arrow out and fires.
Meanwhile Starfire growls in annoyance. The exuberance of getting her powers back -must- have affected her. But she was a warrior born, trained, and so instead of continuing a futile attack, she -shifts- her attention. "You may be able to absorb the blasts…" A starbolt is fired, but this time aimed at Garrok's feet, the better to blast a pit underneath him. Take the higher ground, and cut his mobility down… and let others at him!

“You will find out, sister, I am not only a quick student, but also far more powerful than you!” Shouts Zaladane. She expands her forcefield, seizing control of some of the metal, but then has to slow down, brows furrowed with effort. She thought she would be far stronger than Lorna, since she has Magneto’s powers. But pushing against Polaris’ power reveals that supposedly overwhelming advantage just is not there.
Barbarus gets magnetically yanked, he never saw it coming because his eyes are still full of ice. He yells something in their native tongue, the translator translates: “beware, my queen! The green-haired witch has…” Bam! He slams against the forcefield. Not hurt, but certainly humbled. Also, he sounds much less of a moron when he is not trying to speak English. On top of that, another explosive arrow hits Zala’s forcefield, sending Barbarus flying.
But while his minions are having some difficulties, Garokk seems to be able to handle everything calmly. Starfire bolts are redirected to his hands, and soon enough the young woman is too depowered even to fly. Lunair’s laser hits his neck, and for a second he turns his attention to her, shooting his heat beams in her direction. “Fools, you can’t hope to prevail against a god. I was old when Atlantis sunk under the ocean. You are but little children to one such as me.”

"Now try to PROVE that when I'm not drugged!" Lorna snarls back at Zaladane, and a half-dozen sharp metal objects stab down at her all at once… only to be turned aside by Zaladane's magnetic shields. Judging by Lorna's mood, if Magneto had waited until right now to propose killing Zaladane… Lorna might have gotten on board with that idea. Bloodthirsty thoughts aside, Lorna's not stupid. She can feel just how strong Zaladane is, and she knows that if she gives the other woman an opportunity, she'll be in real trouble.
Which is why she threw Barbarus at her. "Where's the other man?" Lorna shouts back to Roy, risking only the briefest of glances his way to grin devilishly at him, before she's watching in disappointment as Barbarus, too, slams into Zaladane's shield. She'd hoped a different axis of attack would catch her unawares, but she couldn't get that lucky.
Despite herself, Lorna's face screws up in a pained look as Barbarus is blasted off Zaladane's shield by Roy's arrow. "Is he ever having a bad day…" Lorna mutters, but she's not really paying attention to Barbarus any more, focusing in on the violent interplay of the magnetic forces between herself and Zaladane. It shouldn't take much… Lorna begins rapidly shifting the magnetic fields around Zaladane. If she can make it work, she'll find out if Zaladane takes well to being electrocuted. Garokk's ranting causes her to grit her teeth. "Will you SHUT UP?" She hisses to herself. "I'm GETTING to you."

Lunair would worry about Lorna, but she is sort of distracted. She just nailed Garokk in the throat and… he doesn't even seem to be ruffled. That's bad. "Yeah, well. I'm on your lawn. And gods come and go," She points out. She is totally on his lawn being loud, too. But his ability to shrug so much off is worrying. Now, he can't be doing this alone… Maybe there's an item on or near him powering him up? Whatever the case may be, the search has to come /after/ she ditches the laser cannon and does her best to dive away.
At least she can pull and get rid of these things as needed. Let's see… anything that looks important in the room…

"Over there!" Roy exclaims, pointing right back towards Lorna, for all of a second before re-directing his attention towards Garokk as the green-haired woman takes on Zaladane. Might as well try another ice arrow, then!
The arrow is fetched, nocked, and then aimed, as Roy takes aim. Steady… focus… it had to be getting hot where Starfire was absorbing him, so a sudden burst of cold…?

Zaladane looks about as angry as Lorna. She thought it would be much easier to subdue her, but the dark-haired sister lacks Lorna’s extensive training, now she is really fighting for her life and barely blocking Polaris’ attack. When Lorna switches to an electrical attack, Zaladane only blocks it partially, and is forced to step back, her hair singed.
Barbarus to the rescue! The four-armed swamp man grabs a tock the size of a sedan and throws it to Polaris. Then picks another, and even another, each bigger than the last one.
Garokk takes Roy’s ice arrow on his chest and laughs hollowly. “You try to freeze the sun, archer? Mayhaps I will let you live as my court jester.” Then he turns to the depowered Starfire, smiling unpleasantly. “You are helpless again, princess. Lets end this charade.”
But Starfire wasn’t even looking at him, she is talking through the communicator again. Only when Garokk grabs her hair she glares at the stone man. “Helpless. I think not. Starfire, starboard volley on my position.”
With a rumbling, near deafening sound, the starship Starfire comes into sight, appearing from behind the mountains at the south. Garokk turns just as the cannons of the spaceship open fire. The other Outsiders can see Koriand’r vanishing in the flash of the teleporting system. Then the whole mountain shakes as enough firepower to destroy a large building hits the slope.
A tremendous cloud of dust rises, and from it Garokk’s heat beams surge to strike the Starfire, and the ship’s shields glow red at the assault. K’tten is cursing in Tamarenean at the kind of damage Garokk is causing, and the fact he is still alive!
Then the whole mountain slope is shattered. For a second Lunair and Roy can feel the ground moving under them. But then they are in a small island of stability as the rest of the mountain comes apart. Countless thousands of tons of rock and earth slide down, dragging with them Barbarus, Zaladane (although she manages to keep her shield) and even Garokk!

Lorna's smile when she catches the unpleasant scent of burning hair is unreservedly evil. "Tell me again how you're winning?" Lorna calls to Zaladane, her tone as falsely sweet as she can make it considering she's having to shout over the din of a battle. Having won herself a little breathing room, she's taking a couple of seconds to decide just how she's going to get through the other woman's shield…
…when she has to shield herself from Barbarus' attack! The first rock is smashed, "HEY!" The second is slapped aside. "You do NOT want to get in the middle of this!" Lorna yells at him, still swatting ever larger rocks, apparently oblivious to the fact that it was her who dragged Barbarus into this particular fight! "All right." Lorna growls. "Have it your way!" Several of her purloined daggers and speartips clatter together, fusing into a metal sphere that flashes across the distance between them, ducks around an incoming rock, and slams into Barbarus' gut. Just as a scrap-metal claw clangs shut around his ankle and upends him. "That's enough out… of… you…" Lorna's words come ever more slowly as she looks up and sees the starship arrive. She hope that thing's on their side…
And then the mountain fragments below them. Already hovering, Lorna doesn't fall, though she loses her grip on Barbarus, and she's left with about a second to make a decision. "Damn it!" She curses, and flies downwards, trying to shield the others from the avalanche of stone… and avoid getting crushed by it herself.

Yeah, okay. If you don't have an object of power, sometimes a whole lot of rocks'll do it. Isn't the expression 'rocks fall, people die'? Lunair was definitely worried, and even more so as the earth moves beneath her for a second. Her eyes widen as the earth and people slide by. "Oh snap." Wait, where's Skaar? And there's Roy and Starfire - Jericho is probably doing his thing. For her part, she decides to pull up her giant cannon and hunker down. She watches them go, perhaps taking a potshot. But priority #1: Do not be one of the ones smashed by rocks.

"Worth a try… I thought maybe your chest would explode like the sun," Roy responds, glowering as he takes aim. "Now let go of Kori and…"
And then Kori is gone, and the Starfire comes in, and roy is trying to find his footing, and shouting out loud, "LORNA! GET US OUT OF HERE, NOW!"

Oddly enough, there is a small patch of stable land around the Outsiders, and thanks to Lorna forcefield, they don’t even have to worry about the dust. “No need,” states Skaar. “I am keeping the landslide from touching us. He still looks quite burned, but he is regenerating visibly. “It should be over in a minute.”
And it is. But a minute later, they can jump into the Starfire. The spaceship is still only halfway fixed, but it can fly and Dapalo is reasonably sure in a day or two they can go through the phase field covering the Savage Land and leave for good.
And Garokk is buried under a million tons of rock. God or not, it is going to take him a while to dig himself out, if he survived at all.

Lorna plunges down through the blizzard of falling rock, hunting for Lunair, Roy, Starfire, Skaar… even Zaladane, Barbarus and the others. "I MUST be INSANE…!" She says to herself in a quiet, distracted voice, as she dodges away from a particularly large boulder that's trying to crush her like a bug. When she hears Roy's voice relief washes through her, and it's fair to say she's never been so happy to be yelled at in her life!
"ON MY WAY!" She yells back, arrowing downward - only to discover the others have apparently found the one stable spot in the middle of the ongoing avalanche. Lorna remains hovering a couple of inches above the solid ground just in case, and throws a dome-shaped shield over it, wincing every time a particularly large rock smacks into it. Skaar's breezy confidence is unexpected, and Lorna just stares at him for a moment before saying, "…I have no idea how you're doing this, but good job."
It's a long half minute, but finally the rockslide ends, and Lorna looks up through the dusty air to see the ship still waiting for them. Suddenly feeling wrung out, she looks around at the others. "Going up?" She asks, and then gathers them all up magnetically and lifts them all upwards.

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