Yes, Damian has to go shopping

November 8, 2014: Kate takes Damian shopping

New York

The Big Apple



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For the first time, maybe since Kate's met him, Damian seems rather weird. His hands are still jammed in the pockets of his olive coat and his grey hooded sweatshirt is pulled up over his head as his long hair spills out from either side. The coat and the sweatshirt could probably still use a good washing, but that sort of thing is hard when you're living at a hostel. He still has that stoic look in his eye far too often, but he smiles now and again.

"This city has its advantages," he says as he walks alongside Kate. His brown eyes are looking up at the clean skyscrapers. And they haven't even seen anyone get mugged yet. Damian is at peace.

"Try saying that to Clint sometime," Kate laughs, bumping a shoulder against his. "He's pretty fond of the place. But yeah, New York is…Well, they call it the greatest city in the world for a reason, you know." She moves along for a few more steps, then broaches the subject she's been avoiding. "So how come you're not staying at the base?" she asks, reaching out to tug at his hood. "Having second thoughts?"

Damian chuckles at her and shakes his head, "I love the Titans. I love the idea of it. I don't always get along with them, but at the end of the day they are good hearted people committed to doing the best for the world. That's what attracts me to it. As for why I stay in New York, do you want the truth or do you want me to make up a reason that is less uncomfortable?"

"Let's start with the truth," Kate suggests, smile flashing. "Then if we don't like it, we can come up with a story we both prefer. It'll be a fun activity." It not too long a walk to her place, by New York standards at least, and she doesn't seem in any hurry to get there.

Damian laughs and shakes his head, "New York is closer to you. I have one person in my life I can talk to without my mask. One person I can be honest with—who doesn't want something from me, fear me, or looking to exploit me or change me in some way. Living closer to you is comfortable for me."

Kate pauses at that, brows rising slightly. "Oh." It's only a moment, though, and then she's back to herself again, smile crooked. "You know, if you want to hang out, I've got room at my place. Also, laundry." The last is a little bit teasing, as she turns a sidelong glance his way. "Speaking of hanging out, though, I was going to ask if you wanted to go on a quest. And I mean that in exactly the way it sounds."

"I am not planning on making this awkward for you, Kate. I understand my place in your life and am at peace with it. There's no need for this to be 'weird' as they say." Damian shrugs, "I could use laundry facilities, that much is sure. I should probably stop by a store to pick up something to wear while I do said laundry. This is all I brought from Gotham besides my costume."

Kate arches a brow further at that statement, amused. "You do? Because I'm not sure I understand it, personally. But if you do, then I guess we're good." His last, though, brings a broader grin as she comes to a stop. "I'm sorry, I think you just said that you need to go shopping."

"You understand it, I think you'd just feel cruel admitting it," Damian answers, not seeming the least bit angry. Just matter of fact. "I do. I have only one set of clothing. That /would/ make this awkward."

Kate starts walking again, though she changes her path this time, heading toward a more commercial area of the city. "We're going shopping," she announces. "So tell me now if you're going to be weird about it, because it's either Macy's or Old Navy, depending on how weird you're going to be, but we're going shopping." It takes another moment before she goes back to the other topic, shaking her head. "If you're trying to say you think I don't feel 'that way' about you, it's definitely way more complicated than that, anyhow."

"Nothing about either of these conversations are complicated, Kate. I think whatever I buy will be dark and simple. As for the other thing, it doesn't need to be. This is nice," Damian explains.

"You and me isn't complicated," Kate clarifies, looking over with a small, slightly uncomfortable smile. "I'm complicated. In that department. I don't really…date."

"We don't have to date. I'm certain I would not make a good mate for you anyhow. That's why this works for the best. Friends don't break up," Damian says. "Besides, I haven't even told you my best news yet. I've cut strings with the League of Assassins. With my mother. For the first time in my life, I'm free of the legacy of both my mother and my father."

"Okay, mate is not the word you want to use," Kate notes, grin flashing briefly. "But that news is way more important than weird stuff, or my issues. I mean. Still complicated," she pauses, brows furrowing. "Because, you know. Who wants to say way to go, cutting strings with your mom! On the other hand, way to go, cutting strings with a shadowy group of assassins! Which is still suspect coming from someone who hangs out with SHIELD agents, so maybe, uh. I'm happy if you're happy. Yeah. Let's go with that."

"I am too," Damian says with a smile. "This way, we actually may have a chance at some semblence of a relationship. Part of me thinks that she just wanted to discuss the matter with me to get ownership of the group. Either way, I'm free of the burdens of my grandfather. My mother left me with him when I was young. She hasn't had much time in my life since then. Now that he's dead, it looks like I'm finally free of those expectations as I've passed rule over to her." He was set to rule something?

"I didn't realize shadowy leagues of assassins were hereditary," Kate replies, amused. "But I'm proud of you," she adds, reaching out to sling an arm around his shoulders as they walk. "Actually, I'm more proud that you had a hereditary group of assassins you could have called, and you didn't use them as an answer when you got kicked out of the house."

"Well, in my family they are. And the only reason my mother wasn't selected was because of sexism. Either way, that was never an option. Don't forget that I ran away to leave that life," Damian responds, sliding in against her arm.

"Yeah," Kate agrees. "That doesn't mean that when things start to go wrong, your first reaction isn't going to be what you're used to, though. That's just human nature." Her smile quirks again, crooked. "So, you didn't answer my question earlier. Do you want to go on a quest? I ran into Fenris the other day at this amazing little donut shop, and he mentioned he had some stuff he'd hidden away lying around that could stand to be picked up."

"I would go anywhere with you, Kate. You know that," Damian says. If it wasn't so monotone, it'd be sappy. "I'm going to have to go in my original costume. I'm not sure I'm welcome to wear the Robin insignia over my chest anymore."

"I still think that's super douchey," Kate mutters on the topic of getting kicked out. "Granted, if my dad could be bothered to acknowledge my existence, I'm sure he'd get around to disowning me eventually, too, but still. Douchey." She lets her arm slip from his shoulders, though she moves to link arms instead. "Reasons aside, though, costume design is fun. I bet we could come up with something a little less…primary colors."

"I have an old costume that I like. But if you don't, I suppose we'll have to go a different route. Afterall, I'm not certain I'm the best with fashion sense," Damian says. "In any event, new clothing is probably best before new uniforms."

"Right. New clothes, first," Kate agrees, looking him over for a moment. "How fashionable do you want to be? I mean…What do you do when you're not fighting crime and you're not hanging out with me?"

"I study ways to fight crime. Or I sit in the lab," Damian says. There's a life outside of this stuff?

"So maybe not a lot of nice pants and button downs," Kate chuckles. "But you should have at least one suit. Because you never know when you're going to need to look like someone respectable."

This was going a bit further than Damian had expected. He literally meant like a t-shirt and shorts to wear while he was doing his laundry. He didn't think about all of that. "Well, I need to work on getting a home first, Kate. I was only looking to pick something up so I was not naked at your home."

"I can't allow you to spend money on me, Kate. Especially when I've never given you anything in return. I'm not one for excesses," Damian protests. "Rough times? This is the freest time of my life."

"You're my friend," Kate counters. "And I'm sure, at some point, there's going to be something I need. Also, you let me drive the Batmobile," she points out more quickly. "Come on. Who can say that? That is totally worth a few changes of clothes, right?"

"Fair enough, Just Kate. I will allow you to purchase these clothes. But I reserve the right to pay you back once I find the funds," Damian says defiantly.

"Deal," Kate agrees with a firm nod of her own, breaking into a grin. "And then later, we'll call Fenris and see when he wants to do the whole quest thing. I figured you'd like a quest, they seem like the sort of thing swords are totally called for with."

"Did he give any further information? And who is Fenris, anyways?" he asks Kate in response. Damian doesn't sound too skeptical, just questioning. "I've not been able to use my blade in quite some time."

"He's, uh." Kate considers the answer to that question for a long moment. "So, he's sort of a Norse god. Wolf. Thing. Fated to destroy the world and stuff. But he's really pretty cool. He said it would be dangerous," she admits, shrugging. "But I didn't think you'd mind that so much."

"I don't," Damian says with a grin. "And to keep you safe, I'd better show up." Pursed lips under Damian's far away look, as he tries to consider just what a norse god might want to do on such an adventure. "I'd like to meet him."

"He's pretty cool," Kate assures, just as they reach the gigantic, flagship Old Navy store. "I had my doubts at first, but he's been pretty helpful. Granted, he's also been sort of a trouble magnet, but he did help chase off the satyr who came after the valkyrie who was staying at the shelter." Because that's how Kate's life goes.

"You're using words, but I have no idea what they mean." Satyr. Valkyrie. Uffda. Damian's new to English. "It sounds like you two have been throug a lot together."

"Some things. The coolest part was the Wild Hunt," Kate grins as she heads toward a table of t-shirts. "A satyr's a half-goat guy. Bottom half. And valkyries are the Norse choosers of the slain. Women warriors who ride winged horses through battle and choose the bravest of the dead warriors to go to Valhalla in the afterlife."

Damian's eyebrows raise, "Really. The Valkyries sound interesting to me." He lets the thoughts sink into his brain a bit before he responds again, "These are the sorts of things this Fenris brings on?" He looks at the t-shirts, "I like the black one."

"Yes, I know you like black," Kate smirks over. "What size?" In the meantime, though, she's picking out a burgundy, and a dark green, and a less black-black. "And I'm not sure if he brings them on, or just happens to be in the vicinity. It's never boring around him, though. And he said you could come."

"He knows who I am?" Damian asks, unsure if he is more interested that Fenris asked about him, or that Kate offered it as an idea. "Those are all very nice choices. Medium."

"He knows who I am?" Damian asks, unsure if he is more interested that Fenris asked about him, or that Kate offered it as an idea. "Those are all very nice choices. Medium."

"I told him my friend Robin might be interested," Kate clarifies, picking out the right size in each and stacking them up before draping them over her arm. "I didn't tell him anything more than that. Except that I thought you might like it," she adds with a flicker of a smile. "I may not do much with the whole secret identity thing, but I'm not going to drop anyone else's."

"I appreciate that. That wasn't what I meant; I trust you. But I appreciate it nonetheless." Damian hrms a bit and then goes back to something that she said, "Why do you believe your life to be complicated?"

"My life? No, that's not too complicated," Kate shakes her head, moving toward a wall of jeans and staring up at it as she tries to determine just what the organizing principles are. "It's pretty uncomplicated, for the most part. I've got enough money to do what I want, and enough support to actually do what I want. I help people. It's pretty great. For example, I am helping you by not letting you get ridiculously tight jeans. You're welcome."

"You're dodging the question because you do not want to share. Why don't you just say as much?" Damian asks as he inspects the skinny jeans. "How does one fit into one of those? Why does one even want to? I think that would make your nether regions rather uncomfortable and constricted."

"Questions we all ask ourselves," Kate agrees ruefully on the topic of jeans, heading toward a more moderate cut. "And I'm not dodging the question. You asked the wrong one." She crouches to pull out a pair, checking the tag. "My life is good. My love life doesn't exist, because my feelings on the topic are complicated. And I don't usually talk about it, because it changes the way people look at you."

"It doesn't change the way people look at me. I have little to do with your love life," Damian says with a grin, playing games with grammar. "I don't think I could look at you differently Kate. You believe in me when others refuse to. Are you a lesbian? It's okay if you are. It's not accepted where I'm from, but I just want you to be happy."

Kate laughs a little despite herself, shaking her head. "No, that's not it. I've got no problem with it, either, but it's not for me." She takes a breath, moving to look at a display of hoodies. "A while back, I had…" Again she pauses, brows furrowing in an unusual moment of seriousness. "I was cutting through the park, and I was attacked. It was before I learned everything I know now. I've spent a long time, put a lot of work into moving past it, but it's still there."

"You were attacked…" It was a question, but said as a statement. Damian's face grows dark, hate begins to grow in it. "By whom?" That's all he says. The implication is clear, and Damian's katana is not so far away he won't go to Gotham right now to use it if need be.

Kate lifts one shoulder in a slight shrug. "It was a long time ago," she says quietly. "Like. Seven years. It wasn't some criminal mastermind, it wasn't something premeditated. It was some guy who took advantage of a kid who didn't know any better. It happened, and then he ran off. And then I had to live with it."

"I will /kill/ him." Damian nearly spits as the fury and rage he knows about seems to be about to bubble over. "I am so glad you're okay. And that you have used it as a way to motivate yourself to become something better. And to help people….But…" Yes, Damian, we know. You'd like to kill him.

"He's probably long dead anyhow," Kate shakes her head, smile faint as she hands over the stack of clothes. "Took the wrong drugs, crossed the wrong person. Though I fully appreciate the sentiment. It's part of why I kept up Mom's work with the shelter. It's why I do what I do. Because you can be a good person. You can help the poor. You can do your best. But bad things still happen. So if you've got the ability to stop it? Then you should."

Damian nods, and the anger eventually dissipates. "I am happy you're okay. I will not look at you any differently. You're a remarkable person, and I cherish our time greatly. I'm sorry that happened to you."

"Yeah, me too," Kate smiles ruefully, holding a hoodie up to him to check the color - dark purple. "But life goes on. Anyhow. That's why it's complicated. Romantic stuff. On a day to day basis, I've come to terms with it. On a more intimate level…less so."

"I imagine that when you find the right person, it will be easier for you," Damian says with a nod. "And when you do, that person will be very lucky to have you. And he will be patient regarding this matter. Or she. Whichever." He shrugs his shoulders and elbows her.

Kate snorts a laugh at the last, returning the elbow and pausing to pick up a pair of black pants as well. "All right. Jeans, black pants, five t-shirts, and a hoodie," she counts off. "We'll worry about the suit thing some other time, but that should be good to get you through." She pauses at a side rack containing underwear and socks, grabbing a package of each and tossing them on top. "Also those."

"It works for me," Damian says as he has trouble balancing all of the clothes for a moment. He thinks he has it. "How far is your home? This may be a very difficult job."

"We'll grab a cab," Kate chuckles, heading for the register. "Then you can take a shower, do some laundry, and we can take the bike out for a test drive. Sound like a plan?"

"Sounds great," Damian says as he follows along to the register. The lights in here….So damn bright.

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