I Believe in Heroes Like You

November 9th, 2014: After their initial meeting on the Watchtower and in light of the events that transpired in Metropolis Superman approaches Nick Fury and they continue their conversation.

The Triskelion

The Headquarters, Armory and Fortress of the Strategic Homeland Intervention
Enforcement and Logistics division is, for the most part, an unassailable
tower in the midst of the diplomatic sprawl that is Midtown East. The primary
intelligence clearing houses and most of SHIELD's senior leadership are all
housed hear, along with a veritable army of agents and staff to keep the
place running, the world spinning and the weirdness at bay.



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It's been a terrible couple of days since Superman has last seen Nick Fury. Since then, there's been an attack at Stryker's Island and he very nearly died. Worse, there are more villains out on the streets and he knows he needs help. Despite his reservations, he knows what needs to be done.

Thank Lois for that. Even before the ordeal he was leaning this way because of her words. She was right, in the end. Superman needs to join, but needs to make sure that it's on the best terms for himself and Diana. The latter will probably take care of that all by himself.

He descends out of the southern sky, casting a long shadow over the roof of the Triskelion. A random SHIELD technician looks up into the sky, shocked, as the Man of Steel himself lands right next to him.

"You're Superman!"

"I am," Superman says with a smile.

"Do…do you want me to go get someone?"

Superman waves off the concern with a smile. "I figure if I sit out here long enough, the Director will come out."

"Glover. Give us some privacy." The voice carries from the Triskelion roof entrance with the expected authorative weight it should have. Out of sight SHIELD agents had been on standby, weapons drawn, primed and ready until all told to stand down by the Director himself.

"Superman, I was wondering if I'd have to make a house call."

Fury's trench drifts wild in the chilled November wind as that long legged stride brings him in to normal vocal ranges with the hovering Kryptonian. "I'd offer some coffee and a step in to my office but i don't imagine that's your style."

Superman chuckles a bit to himself, "I'm feeling much better, Fury. Thank you." He folds his arms over his chest and steps closer to Fury so they can talk without being heard by others, even though Clark is fairly sure the entirety of their conversation will be recorded.

"Never one to enjoy eating crow, Fury, but I also don't like it when people fail to admit where they were wrong. I've talked it over, thought it over, and in light of what happened in Metropolis, yesterday, I realize that combining our forces is the only way to assure the safety of our planet."

A squint of that unmarred eye and the man looks like he would almost smile but Fury doesn't. "It's an ugly situation. I'm glad some of you are willing to stick your neck out on the line like good soldiers and do something about it. Even happier you're coming around to this on your own. I am not sure what else I could offer you aside from cruise tickets to the Caribbean." Odd joke. It'll make sense later on at some point.
"You understand, this isn't SHIELD taking over your team or stealing your clubhouse right? We just want to be on the in. Joint effort. We collaborate and work together, we're stronger. Much, stronger. Initiative and League hand in hand. Sounds like a nightmare for the other guys." Fury stops himself, realizing he's trying to sell something that is already sold. Maybe he's just giddy. This is a big step for all parties involved.

"Needless to say, I'm glad to have you aboard, son." Fury extends his hand, this time the shake will mean exactly what it was supposed to the first go around.

Superman grasps the hand and gives it a good shake. "I don't think my concern was about clubhouses, Director. More concern about what my family always wanted me to watch out for. I come from the Midwest, as you know. We're pretty distrustful of the Federal government, even if your mother is a state senator." It was pretty clear, when SHIELD agents brought Clark Kent to his home on bed rest and contacted his mother and Chloe Sullivan, that SHIELD knew far more about Superman than the Kryptonian realized. In the end, that might not have been a bad thing, since they never seemed to use it. Even when it would have been advantageous in the past.

"The Kents raised you to think. Which is what I'd hoped for, we got no time or room for dumb asses.
Retracting his hand Fury looks out past the Triskelion towards the city and the river. "The worlds getting bigger and scarier. We need to get bigger and scarier with it, that's why we need people like you."
"And believe it or not, I'm sticking my neck out too. This isn't all peaches and sunshine for SHIELD either. This is a risk." Now the man smiles. A smile that displays rows of nicely taken care of white teeth and a wrinkle at the corner of that one eye. "Which is just how I like it. I believe in heroes like you, Clark. I believe we need you and you need us."
Stepping back the Director places his hands in to his coat as the wind picks up, getting even more chill. Winter is definitely coming. "A shame the Bat didn't want part of this but at least we got Agent Prince. She'll be as big an asset as you. I'll have Barton get with you in the next couple days, we'll do a sitrep and work from there out. The ball is rollin' and that is what matters."

"I'd have liked him to come too. He's a wonderful asset and a good person. A dear friend. But his decision is his own, and though it pains me, it's his to make and I support him. There are more talented people out there. Tony Stark, for one, might be someone you may want to take a look at to fill some of that role." Superman says with a nod. The wind takes his red cape up, sending it billowing softly off to the side.

He's not used to calling her Agent Prince, "Wonder Woman is probably who you will want to consider for a team lead. Because we'll all look to her as one anyways."

Superman considers the final comment for a moment, "In the past, SHIELD has stuck mostly to the shadows. Is this new team a public one? Or will you continue to want to remain in the shadows?"

"The shadows are no place for people like you or Wonder Woman. SHIELD will remain as SHIELD always has. This team, the Initiative, the League… you all operate best standing outside of the darkness, in front of it." Fury informs Superman.
"Stark is already on the VIP list. We're just waiting to see where that one goes."
A hunch up of his shoulders so the coat's collar rides over his ears - he's almost jealous of the Kryptonian and his lack of any discomfort from the exposure. "Organization will be saved for later. Your nomination is noted - we'll know best when we get our roster filled out. The draft is still in effect."

"You in any mood to share the list of potentials? Or is that list being held close to the vest at this point?" The only body part that seems to register anything about the cold weather is the lock of hair that blows errant on his forehead. "I take it you know how to contact me when the need arrives." He doesn't know for sure, but he's betting that SHIELD knows all about Clark Kent.

"Thats still in the pocket. I'll make sure you get some dossiers on your new playmates when we get confirmation they plan on joining the rest of the class."
Fury steps back, away from the ledge, "I do, I hear your mom makes an outstanding rhubarb pie. Thanksgivings coming up, keep me in mind."

Superman nods his head. SHIELD really does know everything. Strawberry Rhubarb is Clark's favorite. Dear God.

"I"ll be sure to save you a slice, Fury. If you can get Nickelson to buckle on the tax credits for women's shelters in the Kansas Senate, I'm sure she'll throw in a couple of whole ones."

Superman looks to the south, "I've got to get back. As you might imagine, things are going to be kind of hot down there for a while."

"Nickelson? Probably got some lean on him. I recall something about illegal dog fights and his name showing up. I'll make something happen." A nod of his head and Fury is already walking off towards the warmth of the Triskelion's insides and that hot cup of cocoa on his desk.
"Still a lot of work to be done, we'll be in touch."
Once inside the door Fury taps his headpiece, "Let them know we landed Big Blue. We're ready to proceed with phase two." Superman can hear this. Fury is rather sure of it as well but at this point he's not hiding it. He's one of them now. The Avengers Initiative now includes the Man of Steel.

Superman soars up into the sky and hits mach 1 as he zooms out over the ocean. Things are going to get a hell of a lot busier soon. He knows that much.

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