Booster and the Offer

November 12, 2014: Superman meets with Booster to discuss the Justice League: Avengers

Metropolis Rooftop

A rooftop in Metropolis



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Superman has been busy this morning. About a thousand issues seem to have come up, all at once, but it finally has slowed down now in the afternoon. It gives him time to focus on his number one, overriding mission: To find those who could do a good job in helping the JLAvg. Talent. Trustworthiness. Those are the two main requirements, and Superman is looking for one person in particular—the guy who saved his life.

Booster Gold is an easy guy to find; he is either on set or on location for his acting day job, or he is patrolling in costume looking to thwart wrongdoing. In the latter case it is especially easy to know where he is because he has Skeets regularly update his social media streams, telling followers where he is and what he is up to. This could never possibly ever be a bad idea in any way. At the moment, he is on a Metropolis rooftop, standing on a corner edge that would be dangerous for anyone who could not fly. Skeets hovers nearby, like a benevolent golden balloon, surreptitiously monitoring law enforcement channels and updating his Twitter.

Superman floats towards the rooftop and once he gets close enough, he gives a wave to Booster Gold. His red boots pad down upon the rooftop and he gives a nod to Skeets. "Booster Gold, I'm glad I found you. I've been looking for you…for a couple reasons."

"Me?" says Booster, as Superman lands. He smiles brightly and snaps his fingers into dual finger-guns pointed Superman's way. "Awesome. I'm glad you found me, too." Skeets stops scanning around tilts a little in mid-air. The robot does not have a face or any obvious moving body parts to speak of, but he still projects an attitude of curiosity. Booster rests his hands on his hips again, his own expression curious as well. "Seriously though, it's very cool to talk to you about anything. What can I do for you?"

"Well first, I wanted to thank you for helping me out during all the mayhem at Stryker's Island. If not for you, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it. I owe you a pretty big debt. Really, I owe you my life," Superman says.

Putting his hands up, palms facing Superman, Booster Gold says, "Dude, no. You don't owe me anything. I'm not trying to be modest about it — frankly I'm bad at modesty — I just mean that you're welcome but it's not a debt situation. You've sort of helped me in my own past so we could call it even."

"You're own past?" Superman puts his own questions aside with a raised eyebrow. Booster is even more intriguing than he earlier thought. "What do you mean your own past?" He thought they had just met.

Booster grins. "I'm from the future, dude. You have a huge legacy… it's really inspiring." He waves a hand, then, clearly not wanting to divulge too many details. "Let's say it played a role in becoming a better person. Although I'm sure you hear that a lot." He looks thoughtful, a little distant for a moment, then blinks and says, "We've never formally met. I'm Booster Gold, also known as Michael Jon Carter." He offers a handshake to Superman as he adds, "You don't have to share the same info with me, though, it's cool. I don't keep any kind of secret identity."

"Sorry," Superman says as he shakes Booster's hand. "It's to keep my friends and family safe. I'm glad you understand. It's really nice to meet you Booster. And I'm really honored you'd say such nice things about me. I'm not sure what I did…or what I'll do in the future, but you're welcome."

"As far as the second thing I was looking for you for: Listen, the Justice League is going through a sort of metamorphasis. We're linking with a United Nations group known as SHIELD and are creating something new; something more encompassing than we were before. We're recruiting, and I'd really like you to consider joining."

"The Justice League," Booster says, his cool veneer slipping for a moment and making him look like a wide-eyed kid. He blinks and the veneer returns, although he still looks intrigued. "Wow, yeah. That would be amazing, but…" Turning his head slightly to glance sidelong to Skeets, who turns in mid-air to return the look with his not-face, Booster looks back to Superman and says, "You're saying there's a connection with SHIELD. Would we have to ah…" He rubs his chin as if he were trying to figure out how to express his thoughts. "I have some stuff that probably shouldn't go on some kind of accessible record."

Superman nods, "I can make that sort of thing known and understood. The Director there and I have an understanding, and I think he will want to make things accomodating for a person with your talents."

Booster Gold looks more than a little tense, at least until Superman makes this assurance. The blond man's grin returns and he says, "Awesome. In that case, then yeah, everything is cool. Oh…" he arches one brow. "I won't have to give up my acting jobs, will I?"

"I don't see why you would have to," Superman says with a shake of his head. "I'm not sure the Justice League pay or benefits will be all that lucrative. Certainly not as lucrative as your successful acting career."

"Awesome." Booster's enthusiasm returns in a rush, along with a thousand-watt grin and a thumbs-up. "Yes. It would be a huge honor to be in the Justice League." Glancing upwards, he says in a quieter tone, mostly to himself, "Although, I wonder if my joining will alter the timeline—eh." He gives a dismissive wave of his hand, points at Superman and winks. "Yeah. I'm in."

Superman nods and extends his hand once more, "Sounds great Booster. We'll be lucky to have you. Unfortunately, I need to get going here. With the recent activity, there's a lot of work to do."

"Dude, totally understandable." Booster slaps his hand into Superman's for a hearty handshake, because he knows it is impossible to crush the Man of Steel's hand no matter how enthusiastic he gets. "Thank you for asking me, seriously. I'll see you later!"

Superman gives a friendly wave before taking off at a medium speed. Once he gets above the level of the buildings, he takes flight at a much faster speed, dipping away.

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