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<November 12, 2014>: Vorpal catches The Flash in a rare instant of stillness.


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Vorpal enjoys Chinatown quite a bit, and often patrols there on the weekends. Yesterday, he had made his presence known at the veterans day parade, to ensure that nobody would be stupid enough to try to start something there. Today? He was just strolling around after a successful patrol.

People look, of course, because his appearance is ever so unusual. He's been by before, and more often he gets glances of recognition than sheer surprise. The coverage that Lane had given the Titans as of late, and the exposure from the assassination attempt both had managed to up his public profile some. He's used to people recognizing Gar when they're out and about, but being recognized himself is something he's not used to. At least nobody comes by to ask him for an autograph as they do with Gar. He's not sure he'd be comfortable with that.

Or maybe he would? Hard to tell. For all he knows, he might never know. There's plenty of capes who do the work out of the public eye without getting much recognition.

He doesn't do it for the recognition… although he thinks that Booster's idea of being able to make money off his public persona has some merit, even if a large chunk of it makes him uneasy. Being able to make a living on your persona means not having to have a second job to pay the bills, so more time to focus on heroics. On the other hand..

He stops. "Aha…" he looks at the little cafe. "This is that place that sells vietnamese coffee…" he says, with a purr. Oh, he would kill to have a steady supply of that. He ponders, standing on the sidewalk- should he go in?

As he enters, Vorpal will see the Flash leaning against the counter sipping on some Thai Sweet Tea and finishing up a few plates of food. He saved the owners of this business from a fire in their homes earlier this week and this is how they wanted to repay him. They were adamant. And he's had all the Orange Chicken he can take.

As Vorpal enters, the Flash gives a wave, "Hey Vorpal. Small world. How are you?"

The cheshire grins, "Small world indeed." Thank you, Chaos Nexus. Nowadays it seemed like he couldn't take a step outwside of the castle without running into someone. "Doing alright, recovering from that Stryker crap that went down. I took a laser to the knee," he says, punctuating it with a grin and leaning on the counter. Keith would be flustered talking to a much more experienced, quite well-known hero, but the cat? Not so much.

Well, except for Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is Keith's panache kryptonite. "How are you doing? You're always a-blur going one way or another."

"Yeah, sorry I couldn't be there to help. I had an issue over in Central City with the hydroelectric plant at the river." The Flash finishes the tea and gives a nod to the man behind the register. "Laser to the knee? What happened?"

"Me? Gettin' used to living in New York. It's a big adjustment, and there's a lot of back and forth, working in two cities. I like it though. It's nice here."

Vorpal raises the knee of his singlet a little to show the blast. "Metallo. He didn't like me giving him a hand up. Or an arm." He grins, "But it's healing fine. I can run. Some landings make me go oooww and Gar says I should wait until it's fully healed, but crooks don't wait, yaknow?"

"New York is nice… depending on where you are, sure. I used to live here… tiny little apartment in the corner of Urine and Crime Spree… then I moved into the Tower, which kinda got blown up. After that I lived in Gotham for a while. But now I live with the rest of the Titans, and that's great. A bit far away, but great."

He takes the chance to order his Vietnamese coffee, because it's too good not to pass up. "You got a nice place over here? I imagine that distance is not a big issue for you."

"I do know," he knows precisely how crooks don't wait. He spends all day and all night working on that very thing, Barry does. "Me? I moved to Queens and it's alright. Small little place, but I don't need much. I'm usually out and about and don't have anyone at home, so it is what it is." For the first time in days he's thought about Iris, and it kind of gives him one of those little pangs in the gut for a split second.

"I know how that goes. After mom died, that was it for my immediate family. I spent about four years doing nothing but working, coming back to the apartment, eating, sleeping, rinse and repeat." The coffee arrives, and Vorpal watches it set. His tail flicks in anticipation. Patience, padawan, patience. "I didn't really… connect with people, after mom died and we lost the house. Weird things had to happen before I started reconnecting with the world."

It still hurts to talk about his mother, but Gar had been very clear- the more you talk about something, the more it can heal. The less you do, the more it festers.

"You don't have that problem, though, I don't think. You're very much connected to everything around here. At least, you seem to be everywhere."

"You'd be surprised," The Flash counters. "My mother was murdered when I was 11. My father was accused and convicted. I witnessed it. He didn't do it." Barry remains pretty stoic during the retelling, but there's some bitterness in there for certain.

Vorpal's ears fold back. "… oh, man, I'm sorry," He says quietly. Open mouth, insert foot. He hastily reaches for his cup, even if it isn't settled yet, just so he can have something in his mouth to cover for the embarrassment.

"It's alright," Flash says. "I spend a lot of my time trying to figure out a way to get him out. And I will, someday. I'll figure out how to crack the case."

"…I'd offer to lend a hand," Vorpal says, "But knowing who your father is kind of means knowing your identity, which is a no-no. But if you ever find a way in which I can obliquely help… heck, if any of the Titans can, you know where to-"

Pause. "Wait, tower is gone, right. Our new place is sort of secret. Out of the public eye. We've been talking about opening an office here in New York so people can get in touch with us without being an open target…"

"That makes sense. And it would save a lot of time on my part. Beating it out of the other Flash probably wouldn't be helpful," The Flash says with a grin. "How are things going with the Titans? I haven't been keeping up lately."

Vorpal sighs and rubs the back of his neck, "Good, except for the fact that Namor just kidnapped our newest member right out of her house. We're trying to work up a group to mount a rescue operation. With Wonder Girl on leave, we've lost our only heavy hitter… I've scheduled a meeting later today to talk to some of the X-Men and Booster Gold to see if we can rally up some allies. And find out where the hell Namor is. The important things you need to gather before storming the castle, you see."

"Wow, that's terrible," The Flash responds, looking concerned. "If you could use any help, don't be afraid to ask for assistance. I'm sure the Oracle can get a hold of me."

"As far as I'm concerned, Oracle seems to be able to get anyone. It's a little scary that he.. she… them can do that, you know." Vorpal smirks, sipping his coffee. "Same here, if you ever need anything. Though it's incredibly brazen for a rookie to say something like that to a seasoned hero."

"Hey man," the Flash says, "Do you forget how much time I spent around the guy who was Kid Flash?" He means Wally of course. "I think brazen is what I'm used to."

"Right, how do you sort it out? I mean, he's Flash, but you're Flash too. Just like we have two Robins. It gets complicated," It has been a little complicated to explain which Robin did what when and to whom, to people outside of their context. "There's also two Kawkeyes, but at least they're not likely to get confused because one of them has… you know, breasts."

The Flash shrugs his shoulders, "Don't know. Kind of realized it wasn't that big of a deal. He works across the river in Keystone and does his thing, and we meet up when we can. It doesn't have to be a hard thing to do. Despite how he acts, he doesn't really have that much of an ego."

"Oh, I was just speaking from a point of reference. Like now, I'll have to tell the boys I was talking to you, but I have to say 'No, not Flash, Flash!" He laughs, and extends his hand. "I should be heading out," he says, digging at his wallet with his other hand. "I need to meet people at the park in an hour or so, and I need to change out of this form so as not to call attention. Let's do this again sometime. Coffee, I mean."

"Don't worry about it," says the man behind the counter. "A friend of the Flash is a friend of mine." He won't take any disagreement. Barry tried. "I have to head out too. Yeah, we should meet up. It was good seeing you, Vorpal. Take care of yourself."

Vorpal looks at a loss. He's not used to not paying for himself- it's that pride of his. "… okay, fine, but I'll patrol by your store at night on my way back." For security. "Take care of yourself, Flash. And welcome to New York."

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