Oracle Recruits Batwing

November 12, 2014: After finding the missing Bat Tech, Oracle has a nice long talk to Batwing and shows him why he wants to be under the Bat wing, so to speak.

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Batwing is still in stealth mode, gliding through the city quite effortlessly, occasionally stopping on a roof to run and jump back into the air for more momentum until he finally stops on a ten story building somewhere just outside of East End.

He sits on the edge of a roof, staring down at cars moving through the streets while shaking his head. "I really screwed up. Too busy trying to impress what might be a hairy dude catfishing me to pay attention to these psychos killing people. I just thought: 'Alright, I'm a Bat guy, they'll play nice while I'm around'. You'd think I'd know better in this city by now…"

== Bratlings Need Training ==

Oracle has not closed the comms channel to Batwing so she's hearing all the chitchat that's going on. Midnighter is quite correct, this one, needs guidance. But… that will come at a cost.

Tapping the comms unit, the green eyed woman in the Clocktower responds "Welcome to life Batwing. Who we are does not shapes… What we do may…" the line goes dead as Oracle considers her next words "Who was the hairy guy you were trying to impress… didn't you issue a marriage proposal to me?" The woman, her face lit by the glow of her screens, feeds reflecting in her glasses, leans forward as she identifies Batwing on a CCTV feed.

"I took my chances. Besides, I think there's a high probability that you're female. Mythologically the Oracle has always been female, as far as I know. I don't think a guy would have a female crime fighting persona, I'd expect something more dark and scary, or intimidating. But I can't ignore the possibility, you know how it is on the internet." Batwing's legs angle over the edge, then pulls himself up to wander around the roof at large. "Though I don't think a guy would be concerned with being called hairy."

"Ahhh so the big hairy dude was me? I thought your eye might have fallen on one of those thugs." Oracle does have a sense of humour, if it translates. "Does it matter to you if Male or Female? Surely what matters is that I'm more than competent at what I do?" Oracle tilts her head to the side as she watches her feeds - the CCTV and the one from the suit.

"Oh I don't care if you're male or female when it comes to what you do. But I've heard rumors about you for a while. You think I wouldn't jump at the chance to ask someone out who can talk about tech on my level?" Batwing asks as he climbs up onto an air vent, taking a seat there now. "But seriously, I'm not sure if this Bat thing is gonna work if I'm on my own. This suit needs a lot of modifications, the designer -clearly- never actually used a suit like this before, so if it was meant for Batman I'm betting he didn't test it yet. I did get it to a working state, but I think the material I invented would be perfect for it. I need a lab to deconstruct the entire thing and then put it back together with the new material."

== An Arrogant Bratling Who Talks Tech ==

Oracle listens to Batwing speak. All the while waiting for the biometric scans from the suit to complete. "The Bats, Luke, are never alone." Yes, Oracle did just use his first name. "Your father would be very interested in the feedback for the suit. I'm sure you don't want him to know who you are and I could assist you there. I am, afterall, a Bat amongst other things." Oracle is watching this young man on her feeds… there's a grim look to her face. Not harsh, but serious none-the-less.

"Oooh crap, tell me you aren't able to run remote DNA tests with the medical scanners in this thing." Batwing, of course, knows the answer to that. It's quite obvious when she uses his name. Then he just sort of hangs his head, staring at his feet. "I'm an adult, something I've been trying to get my father to accept since I moved out and graduated an entire year early with my Masters'. But I really don't need him finding this out, that'd be a monumental setback and I'd never get the chance to do this again. So… I guess we're playing by your rules."

== Another Bratling With Daddy Issues ==

"An issue most Batlings have, I'm afraid. The need to be seen as their own person…" The digitised voice, in its' raw form probably sounds sad. "A struggle that I am familiar with Luke. However, how you thought stealing from your fathers lab would aid that, is beyond me." There's no emotion to the tone, but Batwing will get the message. "Unfortunately yes, we play by my rules. But I think you may like them…. With training you'll be a good field asset and if you're as good with tech as you're implying" yeah Oracles skeptical "you may be an even bigger asset."

"I'm good with the fighting part. When I was sixteen me and Batman fought off a gang that tried to kill me after I defended me and my friend on a train. I was already into MMA, but after that I started training with different martial arts masters. I'm pretty good with the tactical aspects too, but I think I might be lacking in really understanding field work. So some training would be cool." Batwing goes silent for a moment, then crosses his arms. "We should meet. You've got me at a disadvantage, I don't think there'd be any harm in that. I, well… when I saw that my dad designs a lot of Batman's tech for some reason, I guess I saw it as a sign. I've been wanting to do this for so long, to help Batman. You think I could just go ask my father: 'Hey, could you go ask Batman if I could join the team?'. Helllll no. But there's no way I could get the resources to make a suit like this on my own without raising suspicions either… at least not without waiting a few years."

There's another pause, and he adds, "In hindsight, this might have been a patience issue."

== Patience Is A Virtue Batling ==

In the Clocktower, the woman stirs "We may meet one day Luke, but not yet. My effectiveness is aided as much by anonymity as my skill. Not all my charges have met me, in person." Oracle thinks for a moment before continuing. "In the short term, whenever you venture out I will be with you in spirit. Check in with me and I can direct you to local hotspots. As soon as I can, I will introduce you to other Bats… they will appreciate the assistance." More silence "In the next day or so, I'll send you the contact of someone technically savvy you can talk with about the suit. I need to ensure that I'm not just dropping you on them. I will also advise your father of our arrangement and avoid names… he will get the results of our testing. I need to flesh that bit out, it's too loose." A final pause "Are these terms acceptable to you?"

"Yeah, that's fine, this suit needs some top of the line equipment to modify on the level that I need to, though. I'm talking nanofabrication. Sometimes I start to reconsider turning down that Wayne Enterprises job offer, but it's really not for me right now." Batwing shakes his head and starts heading for the edge of the roof, staring down at traffic again. "Hey, thanks for being so understanding. Female, hairy dude, whatever, you're cool and I really do look forward to working with you."

"I am Oracle" the voice returns. "I look forward to working with you to Batwing. I'll send you that recommendation in the next day or so. Remember, I'll know when you're out… so check in. Oracle out." the comms channel dies but Oracle watches the video feed from the suit.

For a new Bat, it might be surprising how quickly he takes to just straight up diving off the roof head first, then spreading his arms to glide through the air. But that is indeed what he does, gliding his way back toward East End.

There is still crime to be fought, the night is young!

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