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November 13, 2014 The morning after- hangover!

Titans' Castle

It's still a pretty place to wake up with a hangover



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The Morning After The Night Before… Yesterday, Gar dragged some of the Titans and a friend along to see his cousin Matt Logan with a band that Matt has been working with. The band was performing in Metropolis, in a 'tent rave' because they aren't yet known well enough to get booked at other venues. Yet. To be honest, they're not really good enough either. Yet.

One of the promoters thought it would be a kick to use Real Alien Technology as a decor element, and he had picked up some of those "Exobit pods" that Star Labs had lost when a shipment 'went missing' … supervillains, am I right?

'We can fence it!'

'What does it do?'

'I dunno' 'I'll give ya five bucks apiece. They looks like floor lamps ta me.'

ANYWAY. Gar was collecting them when Vorpal made the mistake of drinking catnip tea. And public dancing ensued, with imaginary Marilyn Monroe. Vorpal in his compression shorts. Which, honestly, is NOT the same as in his underwear, thank all that is thankable.

"Gooood MOOOOORRRRNing," Gar chirps as he rings a triangle-chime in the door to the room he shares with the Cheshire.

One yellow-green eye opens, and shuts quickly. Ow… headache. The recollections of last night were hazy and full of neon and an oonz oonz oonz beat.

He forgot to change into human, but that's never an issue, really, Vorpal knows Gar doesn't mind being spooned by cat or irish boy-

"… how did I get home last night?" he says. He's naked under the covers- but again, that's also not an issue. Ever since their relationship became more intimate, sleeping in his underwear was something that happened only occasionally.

"… my head feels like Athena is trying to get out… ow…"

"She might be trying to get back IN. Wisdom fled your head last night with a vengeance. BREAKFAST TIME, come on sleepy cat," Gar says in that deadly relentless cheerful voice. Oh, he is ENJOYING this, the rat basterd.

"I made your favorite. Waffles. With berry syrup. Just like IHOP. Also bacon and eggs. And LOTS of orange juice."

He reflexively dodges anything flung his way and cackles as he runs down the stairs to the kitchen below.

A pillow *foomfs* against the wall next to Gar, and threats of life and limb follow Gar down to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Vorpal walks down in his underwear, looking like hell boiled over, and drags his way over to the table where he plunks down, rubbing his forehead. "You're… last I checked, you weren't the cheshire cat, yet you've got this air about you like the cat who ate the canary…"

He looks at the breakfast. It is his favorite. He looks at it suspiciously. "… This feels suspiciously like my last meal."

Not that Gar was ever unkind to him- he was always very sweet to him. But this morning, there was a dull dread behind Vorpal's eyes, because he couldn't remember what it was that he did last night!

Gar just grins and ruffles Vorpal's hair. He sits down with a large bowl of frosted leprechaun fodder - the gold coin shapes with the little green clover bits of dried marshmallow in a sugary death spiral with the milk; this stuff can take down a diabetic at 40 yards.

"Would you like some tea instead of the orange juice?"

The dread builds and Vorpal munches on his breakfast, leaning into the ruffle. "Orange juice is fine, love… SO… umm… did you have a good sleep?" he grins feebly, trying to feel around the issue.

"Lunch is on me, by the way. You're wrong about this… it's way better than IHOP."

"Yes, I did! You were pretty much asleep after we got out of Star Labs."

Gar takes several enormous bites of the cereal; he's using tablespoons to eat with, for some reason. Perhaps to get it out of the way before it goes soggy. Of course the stuff tears out the inside of the mouth if you eat it too fast, because of the solidified crystalline rock-formation of the sugar and grain. But that's a big part of its charm.

"You were singing on the way there, though, you and Marilyn."

"I…" Pause. "Okay… who is Marilyn? The last thing I remember was you going off to sniff people's butts as a big dog and then…" he frowns. "Then I just remember being in bed and cuddling up to you and falling asleep… what exactly," he waves his fork around "Between Point A and Point B… what exactly happ-"

His eyes grow wide. "Oh my god… what did I do? … did I do something to… are we still together?"

Did he flirt with someone? Oh god, did he kiss someone? Did he—

"Of course we're still together. Silly Vorpal," Gar says, somehow finishing the bowl of cereal in a few more scoops. Terrifying.

He stands up and rinses out the bowl, then drinks some water, then he's made a nice cup of expresso — the kind from the red-label jar with the green lid, because otherwise it's too bitter and takes too long. He sets it down in front of Vorpal, and starts the music playing on the kitchen's sound system… a version of the song from last night, Miike Snow, Animal, as misconstrued by his cousin's band. He starts dancing. It's not a completely terrible dance, and Gar seems to have practiced it or something.

"So. As far as I can tell, from what Kate Herself said, you had a cup of tea, and then started going all wonderland on us. I was too busy clearing out the mutagenic lamps to notice, until I saw you dancing with Marilyn Monroe. You were in your compression shorts. All your other clothes apparently … found their way back here. Rabbit hole or something."

The Cheshire slaps his forehead, "Oh god… I was dancing in my underwear in front of everybody?"

He slips out of his chair, his breakfast unfinished (for the moment) so he can join in the dancing. His head still pounds.

"I was dancing with Marilyn Monroe. Oh god… what else did I do?"

Gar mirrors the moves that Vorpal's making. Because it's the same dance he was doing last night. He has it playing on his Starkpad, which is visible, though muted, on the refrigerator door, where it wasn't visible to Vorpal because he was facing away from it.

"Nothing wrong that I saw. There might still be one or two more videos still waiting to go up though," Gar says, kissing the cat-guy on the tip of his nose.

"You're a really good dancer."

"Oh god… videos? I'm going to be the Snooki of the Titans," the Cheshire groans, shaking his head, but smiling at the kiss. He reaches over to place his hands on Gar's hips- "Are you saying this because you saw me shaking my booty in nothing but spandex and want another show?" he says mischievously, and leans forward to kiss Gar's chin.

"You're pretty good yourself, Mister Logan. True story- last night was the first time I'd ever gone to a nightclub as part of a date."

~And you ended up dancing on tables.~
~So a win all around?~

"Nah, Snooki ended up pregnant didn't she? Anyway. I just wanted to make sure you had a good breakfast… see the next video just came on."

The next video is Gar as a centaur trying to get Vorpal to come along with him, and Vorpal doing all sorts of things, including dancing AND a gymnastic routine, while telling Gar that his butt was HYOOOGE.

Vorpal stares at the video. He touches the 'replay' button several times.

"Ohmgod…" he hides his face in his hands, the tips of his ears are bright red by now, and he keeps his face hidden. "Oh my god, I said that… I actually said that… what the hell got into me? AND how did I manage to get my clothes over here if I can't…"

He arrrrghs and flails. "Your butt isn't huge, it's a thing of beauty. It's sculptural, delicious. Oh god, this is … wait. Did Kate take this video?"


"Nope. This one was taken by a fan of yours, some girl from Gotham. User name @zoe-astra. And I have no idea how you got your clothes here. You were drunk on catnip, maybe you forgot how far it was," Gar retorted. "Now as far as my hyooge butt, that was because you didn't realize I was being half-horse until I told you, and that's when you started doing the gymnastics routine."

It gets better. Or at least more interesting. Gar waits for the response…

"A… a fan? I have a fan?" Strange thought, but it gets quickly pushed aside when he sees the rest of the video. That is… to be fair, one hell of a gymnastic routine. Completely sober, he can't fathom how on earth he managed to do that while out of it. "… I used you as a pommel horse. Oh my god I nearly kicked you right there! … how on earth did I move like that?"

"You weren't gonna kick me," Gar says. "You were telling me all about the knechts and what they had to do … so the Cait Sith apparently trained as a mounted knight at some point. It was very cute."

He points out the glowing dancer in the background, the young lanky-built guy… "That's the Lightstick. One of the two guys who was exposed to the exobit gas and got powered. Terribly useful super-power, that one."

"… " the Cheshire looks through his fingers at the video. And then he looks at Gar. Back to the video, back to Gar, and then he smiles a little. Okay, this is amusing… it'd be more amusing if it weren't embarrassing, "How exactly did you get me down from playing monkey and back here? It looks like I'm too intent on using yuo as a gymnastics prop there…" he blinks. Whoa, He's using Gar's torso as leverage for a swing. "… I've got to take note of these…"

The answer comes in a moment: Gar twists around and catches the cat with a surprise kiss.

"There. That always works to distract you, and vice versa."

The pictures continue with Vorpal riding like a hyper kid on Gar's back as Gar, Bunker, and Kate (and Bunker's bunker-full of leaky exobit pods) heads out… there's a new video that comes up next, showing Vorpal looking back, upside-down, at the bouncer as they're leaving, then of Gar trying not to slip when Vorpal gives him roller skates.

Yes, this sequence does come from @hawkeye.

Vorpal purrrrs, and grabs at Gar to continue the kiss. He grins, and then raises an eyebrow. "I gave you rollerskates, not even inline? How Disco of me…" the cheshire keeps his arms around Gar, shaking his head.

"Okay… I think we all know who is going to be the comic relief in this teamk, don't we?" he looks at the video. And the username.

Ooooh Kate. Just wait until the cheshire… no, wait until AFTER Los Angeles.

"Roller skates. ON A CENTAUR. I nearly did that four-way-splits thing, but Bunker caught me with a semi-squishy giant lego thing."

That part only sorta gets shown as Kate was trying to help at the time. It continues with them talking to police (in the first version, Vorpal is trying to explain while Gar keeps covering his mouth because Kate's actually doing the explaining. Gar stays a horse … on skates … wearing a polo jacket … all the way to Star Labs. Even with the police escort. Vorpal gives Gar a flashing light hat, too.

The Cheshire raises an eyebrow, "Oh wow… how come I'm nowhere nearly this creative when I'm sober?" He is actually laughing now, embracing the… well, the insanity. He knows exactly what's going on- the catnip mint put Keith to sleep and left Vorpal and the Cait completely in charge.

"You look adorable with that hat. I'm proud of that…"

Not just in charge, DRUNK and in charge. Gar grins and continues the narration, since the videos are back to the ones posted by other people. Note that @hawkeye's were privately shared.

"I liked it a lot, but the siren was a bit much. Anyway, after we got to Star Labs and they took the exobit pods, Kate got us a taxi back to where our rental was parked and I was able to turn into human shape so I could get my wallet, and then we put you in the back seat where you were all sleepy and singing, and we got back here. No biggie. But the Youtubers and #herowatch were right on it. And there's now #vorpalwatch."

"How about a #changelingwatch? Please tell me there's one." Vorpal shakes his head and grabs Gar by the hand, tugging him towards the courtyard. "Oh god… that was insane. Did you like me?" He looks over his shoulder as he opens the door to the courtyard, "Me being wild like that? Be honest now, I want to know."

It's getting nippy, at this point in November, but his fur is enough to keep most of it at bay, for now. It won't be that way once December swings into full chill. That's why he's commissioned the other uniform.

"#BeastBoyStalkers, #ChangelingFans and #GarFollowers. Confusion to the lot of them," Gar replies. "I thought you were cute, but it was a little inconvenient, like having a very exuberant five-year-old along. But you were cracking me up. And you can do pommel horse tricks on me any time."

Vorpal grins, tugging Gar over to the tree and leaning back against it. "Tell you what… I'll do a little more to let Vorp on the loose… at appropriate times. As far as those pommel horse tricks go…" He reaches over and pulls Gar over by the front of his shirt. "… how about I finish my breakfast, and then see what else I can do when I put my mind to it?" he raises an eyebrow.

"Unless, of course, you want to go over some of the training plans. I can do that, too." Cruel, cruel Vorpal.

Gar smiles. "I've got a revision or two for your training, in light of the video evidence," and gets on his knees as he's pulled, so he doesn't fall over.

"I forwarded them to Rand-sensei."

He leans forward and whispers "now let's finish breakfast," in Vorpal's ear.

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