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November 13, 2014: Oracle sends Luke to see Babs …

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As promised, Oracle has sent a recommendation to Batwing of an IT Person they think might be able to assist him with the suit. The one and only Babs Gordon, IT Security Consultant. Batwing, or Luke, may be confused as to why an IT Security Consultant could 'talk tech on his level' but a few searches reveal that Babs Gordon, the disabled daughter of the Ex Police Commissioner, has more than a few runs under her belt when it comes to technology. IT Security being just one of them.

On receiving Lukes call, which she had been expecting, Babs arranges to meet him at the Coffee Shop near her offices providing the address and time to meet.

Babs is there near already at a table, coffee to the left of her, tablet in front of her and she looks like she's working. Luke will recognise her from her profile photo online.

When Luke walks in, he's got a laptop under his arm and nothing else. So, perhaps not willing to bring a prototype piece of tech into a coffee shop. That may be a good sign.

He immediately recognizes her and smiles, waving over. Getting a good look at him, he's definitely got the build of a fighter and carries himself with the natural balance of someone who has been at it for years. To the point that he probably doesn't even realize that the simple way he walks gives much away.

He takes a seat across from her, nodding. "Luke Fox. I can't believe you're the former commissioner's daughter. That guy is a total badass. It's a pleasure to meet you." He politely offers his hand over, his words fairly casual and earnest.

Babs has looked up as Luke entered the cafe and watched him approach. Offering a small smile as he approaches, Babs turns her tablet off and places it, facedown, on the table beside her. Taking the offered hand, she shakes it firmly. "Mr Fox, I'm pleased you could make it." Her voice is quiet, that of someone used to working in quiet areas. "My father, yes… he was and still is."

Babs takes a moment to size the young man up, remaining silent and sipping her coffee. "I'm told, through reliable means, that you may require assistance and that I may be able to provide it. Before we start, did you want to order Coffee? You can from the counter."

"Oh, right, hold that thought!" Luke steps up from the table to go order, waiting the few minutes that it takes. Then he returns to the table, fresh coffee in hand. From the smell, some sort of almond cream. "Where were we… oh, right. I could definitely use help. I need access to equipment, nanofabrication equipment and a semi-sterile lab. There's also a material I need to create, which will be a little costly, but…"

He raises his hand, tapping the side of his head. "You can't exactly order something that doesn't exist anywhere, except some old prototype samples that don't really represent the current state of the work."

The red headed woman watches Luke as he starts talking, a small look of amusement starting to appear on her face. Quirking an eyebrow, she says "Mmmmm, you don't want much, do you? Tell me, what will you be using the facilities and materials to do?" Sitting back in her chair, she nurses her cup of coffee, waiting for his reply.

"Entirely deconstruct and then rebuild an incredibly expensive prototype stitch by stitch to improve on the original design." Luke answers fairly promptly, then takes a small sip of his coffee as he stares at her for a long moment. "So you're big on tech stuff? You have any projects going on?"

Both eyebrows raise at that "So, you can be honest…" Babs murmurs "How's the coffee?" shrugging at his question Babs smiles crookedly "Some say that I am 'big on tech stuff'. I think I'm passable." Her coffee gets her attention before she continues "I work for a number of clients, all of whom I've signed Non Disclosure Agreements with. I'm sure you understand when I say, I can't tell you, you'll understand why…"

"You can really taste the almond flavor, I like it." Luke closes his eyes and takes a savoring whiff, then opens them again and smiles. "I understand, that's fine. I do have a degree in business, so I know all about NDAs. You sound like a busy woman." He sits back, coffee in both hands, giving her the amused sort of look that someone who's trying to figure someone out might have. She'll probably catch his eyes glancing over her fingers momentarily, before he asks, "Do you live alone? That can be tough in this city."

Babs catches the amused look and smiles broadly over her coffee "Technically, yes. I currently have a boarder but that's temporary. I kind of like it that way, it's not so tough. As to busy, I'm as busy as I wish to be." Babs looks distinctly amused "If you're looking for my technical credentials, I can provide references but I don't publish a lot, well any, of my stuff publically, because the security nature of my work." Looking at her coffee and taking a drink "I'm glad you like your coffee. Tell me about Luke Fox… if I'm to help you, I need to know the type of person I'm working with."

"Well considering who referred you, I kind of feel confident that you're no slouch. And you don't seem all that concerned with the fact that I want to do some nanofabrication that makes brain surgery look like a game of Operation. So that's all I need to know, really. I'm mostly curious about what you like." Luke points out, leaning his arms against the table, not his elbows. He's well-mannered in his etiquette.

"Luke Fox… well he is a handsome young gentleman. But other than that…" There's a grin shot over at her as he takes a few seconds to think. "MMA is a pretty big thing with me. I've been doing it since I was a teenager. It's mostly a fun hobby. I like to create gadgets to make life easier and safer for people, but I haven't really changed the world or anything yet."

He nods his head over at her. "Tell me about Barbara Gordon. Being a beautiful red-head with the most amazing green eyes only tells me that I'd like to know your favorite places to have dinner, but I'd like to know who I'm working with, too."

"Modest, you forgot to add modest to your description." Babs murmurs. "And what sort of gadgets have you created, Luke?" At the flattery, she smiles and answers the second question "Apart from my computers and my work, I like video gaming. Not that I get much chance to, but when I do… I'm sure you've read I'm quite reclusive and that's basically true, I feel safe where I live…. I write code and I show businesses how to protect themselves from digitally based attacks." Sipping more coffee, she looks directly at Luke "Does that give you an idea about me?"

"I am incredibly modest. More modest than anyone you've ever met!" Luke jokingly boasts before a light laugh, nodding while holding his coffee up to his face for a moment. He really likes the smell. "I think you gave some pretty incredible answers, yeah. Well, now that I think about it, I guess it couldn't hurt to have some extra hands on this project, I mean since we'll have an NDA and everything. And if I happen to bring a Godiva gift basket and we happen to end up watching hours of Netflix and playing video games, well who are we to question the natural order of wasting a few hours while engineering?"

Eyebrows rising at Lukes words, Babs laughs. "We'll start with the work, a NDA and we'll sort out the ownership issues of this prototype you have as well." Finishing her coffee, Babs places the cup on the table and sits forward slightly and takes a business card from the arm of her chair. Handing it to him "I know you have the information, but there is my card, I'll need a few days maybe a little more to get things in motion and I'll be in touch. If you don't hear from after 3 days, feel free to call about the project…. " Babs is all business.

"You're really good at that." Luke laughs as he takes the card, staring down at it. "Polite rejections, I mean. But I guess you must be used to doing that by now." He seems, again, more amused than disappointed, nodding. "I really can't wait, though. I'm anxious to take this thing apart completely. If you're not impressed by my indirect beating around the bush in a coffee shop, just wait until you see me nanofabricate!" He's also not afraid of poking fun at himself.

Now Babs blinks and then smiles and shrugs "Thankyou, it's not practiced and not as much as you'd expect" is murmured "I'm not joking when I say I'm a recluse." Another shrug "A sense of humour is good, Luke and yes I'm sure I'll be suitably impressed."

"I really could take you out somewhere some time, if you wanted. But let's see how we work as awesome tech pros first." Luke says a little more seriously, his smile warmer rather than simply joking around. "I have a habit of completely jumping the gun when I meet a woman who both likes things I do and is entirely into crazy engineering. And I joke a lot when I'm nervous slash just a tad intimidated."

Babs gives a small smile "Let's see how we work together." then she cocks an eyebrow "Meet many do you? Woman who like what you do and are into crazy engineering… that is." Settling back again in her chair, Babs relaxes slightly.

"I don't meet many anyone like that. Back at MIT, sure. I mean, I have a lot of interests and a lot of things to relate to people on. But engineering is a huge passion. I can't just get carried away and start talking about these things in detail to most people." Luke can't help but grin pretty widely. "Since coming back to Gotham, other than my father, and come on, dads don't count, you're basically the first. Sometimes a guy just has to go for it. Walk into Mordor and hope the red hair doesn't burn you."

"No Dads don't count." Babs offers a small smile "And you're about to get another of my polite rejections, as you call them. I hope that doesn't class as the red hair burning you." Babs softens the comment with a small smile. "Is there anything else you'd like to know? It's getting late and I do have work…." Babs sounds apologetic.

"No, it's cool. It really was nice talking to you. Glad you're not as sassy as our mutual friend, as helpful as Oracle is." Luke laughs a little before nodding. "I think we're gonna have a lot of fun working together. I'm taking the whole year off, since I graduated a year early. So I've got all the time in the world if you ever need anything. I need to have new cards made, but… you have my number."

Babs frowns at that name "Who? Oracle? That's myth isn't it? I was contacted by a colleague… " Shaking her head she holds out her hand "I'll be in touch in the next couple of days. It's been a pleasure and I do you have your number."

"Oh, yeah, that's just a nickname. You know how it is, inside joke." Luke takes her hand and offers a deep nod, then takes his coffee and heads to the door, holding it for her. "Netflix." he he offers with an amused raise of his eyebrows, pointing at her.

Moving through the door, Babs smiles "Maybe… work first though. Nice meeting you Luke…" and she heads down the street on her own.

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