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November 13, 2014: Tokyo Nightmare and Daredevil stop some bad guys and meet a latecomer named Nyx.

Hell's Kitchen

Hells Kitchen used to be a working class neighborhood composed primarily of Irish Americans. These days that is no longer so. The ongoing gentrification of the island has been causing this area to become slowly more upscale as well. Today, luxury apartment buildings near the river are not uncommon sights and the shopping is getting steadily more trendy, though the traditional ethnic restaurants are still in place for the most part. The district also is the home of the 2001 Fire Fighters Memorial.



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Hells Kitchen is, an oddly safe place at night most of the time. That Daredevil dude, keeps that shit in check for sure yaknow. Tonight though, well things are a little more lively than usual. An older Lexus skids out of control, before swinging wide into a street lamp and drawing to a close. Immediately, dudes start piling out with guns in their hands. There are three of them, and judging by the bright red and gold gang colors? West Side Kings, a small fry gang out of Gotham of all places. "Shit, I think we lost him."

The lights begin to dim, until one by one the street lights just wink out. Then from thin air they begin to fall, brilliant cherry blossoms rain down from the sky. The trio of fellows stand still as statues, totally unable to figure out what the hell is even going on. Then it comes, a gust of wind knocks over a trash can and the three turn towards the noise.

The rest, well it doesn't take long. In the blink of an eye he's just -there-, brilliant red and white cherry blossom themed Kimono. That distinctive beastial mask, and of course those trademark tengu clogs of his.

"Oh I'm sorry, were you three having a moment there? I can wait, I mean if you three were going to have like an awkward hug or something I can just leave and then come back?"

That doesn't go over well, the three whir and theres a shot. A -twang- of steel, as the bullet is cut from thin air. Then a mass of cherry blossoms just, sort've explodes where Sho -was- before from seemingly thin air he appears behind the trio. Cutting one man down with a hollow -crack- of steel against the back of the man's neck. Theres no blood, but well ain't nobody got time to notice that. He just fucking sword-ed-ed that dude in the neck! Out in the middle of the street! Also this cherry blossom shit, its fucking crazy!

A certain girl with a black (and tastefully red streaked, damn dye packs just don't seem to wash out) hoodie has been having trouble sleeping for reasons that make a lot of sense, but are unknown to her. So she has been out looking for trouble. She didn't do so well robbing ATMs, and maybe Iceman is right she can try to do something good with her power(s).

When Nyx hears that crash, and then gunshots she flips her hood up and with a bit of of a struggle while running puts her half bacalava up. Gunfire, well hopefully no cops her recognize her crappy outfit, but this could be her chance to dip her foot into the lake of hero-ing.

That Daredevil dude heard the car driving erratically several blocks away. The Skyline Hotel is one of his favorite places to keep watch. Not so tall that the dive from the roof is punishing and a hop, skip and jump away from the higher rooftops he uses to cross the neighborhood in a matter of minutes. As the car pulls to a stop and the gangbangers pile out, Daredevil is already crouched several stories overhead with billy club in hand.

There's no mistaking the ringing of a sword through the air. He recognizes it instantly. His nostrils open, searching for the coppery stink of blood that usually follows. When he doesn't find it he focuses his attention more completely on the swordsman, the scent of cherry blossoms that are not only coming from nowhere but several months out of season. So closely focused on Sho, he does not notice the sound of footsteps approaching the clatter of gunfire rather than fleeing it.

He descends quickly down the fire escape. He hits each rail so lightly that even he has trouble hearing it above the din. He descends quickly, coming to a stop just shy of the ground. The billy club whistles out of the dark on the end of its cable, finding the chin of one of the gunmen and bouncing back the way it came.

That Billy club connects, sending gunman #2 onto his heels. He's more than dazed, he's down right punch drunk. Sho steps into the remaining pair as things devolve, and with the whistle of his sword he closes the book on #2 with a dull -WHUD- of steel against skull. #3, takes a poorly planned step back, right into the Lexus they'd just gotten out of. He lifts that cheap Smith and Wesson Sigma upwards, and another shot rings out followed immediately by another entirely audible -TWUP- of steel as Sho cuts the bullet from the air with a flash. Immediately stepping across to let his sword arc across the man's chest, shredding his clothing and leaving a bruise which will no doubt confuse the police tomarrow. Then another -CRACK-, as he delivers a blow to the man's cheek which sends him immediately to the ground in a heap. Just like that, done and over with.

Sho half turns to peer back towards DareDevil with a smirk behind that mask, before whipping that sword around in an artful flick of the wrist that ends with that distinct sound of a sword being resheathed. "I humbly thank you, for your assistance. Might I presume you are the one known as Dare Devil, good sir?"Already the lights are returning, and the breeze is fading. The cherry blossoms just, sort've phase out of reality one by one in time. Even that Kimono fades from reality, from bright and colorful into the dull black more typically associated with a Ninja. Not that the mask changes, no its all snarly and animalistic and for the moment remains brilliant red and white. "I do hope, I am not tresspassing."

Nyx really, really needs more practice at this. All the gang bangers down and she isn't even there yet. Still she rounds the corner at a full on tilt, red and black colors not red and gold, so probably not a gang banger, though not a real costume or uniform either.

The girl skids, nearly tripping over one of the downed guys, hopping over him at the last moment and bouncing off the car with a thumb. She really didn't realize she was running faster than usual, but hey super strong leg muscles. She stays against the car stopped to take in the scene. Wrecked car - check. Four downed thugs - check. Two heroes - Check. Lame entrance - check. "Woah" Exclamation lacking any smoothness - Check. She will probably face palm about this later.

"Far be it from me to tell you what you can and can't presume," comes Daredevil's reply from the dark, his accent pure west side New York, "And you’re on a public street. That said, you know who I am so you know enough to at least introduce yourself before you start running your game here, right?"

He drops down to the sidewalk silently, tilting his head in the direction of the downed gangbangers. Not looking at them, no. It seems as though he's listening to them. His head similarly tilts towards Nyx, nostrils flaring for a moment. Maybe it isn't so weird that she came running. Most of his attention, however, is devoted to seeing if their quarry is indeed still alive.

"I am known as the Tokyo Nightmare by my fans, but I take no moniker of my own. I don't normally come to New York, I usually keep to Gotham but well I can't verywell leave these three to escape now can I?"All three men, are totally alive but they are knocked out -cold-. Theres a bit of blood sure, but nowhere near where there -should- be with a sword involved. Anywho, Nyx does an -excellent- job of capturing Nightmare's attention. Turning in place to give her a careful study. "Why hello there, and whom exactly are you?" No, he doesnt offer Nyx a hand up even if he totes wants to. That'd be the polite thing sure,but well this is crazy girl in a disguise over here.

Nyx gapes, thank god she is wearing a half mask to hide the gaping. Though it doesn't really hide her wide eyes at all as she looks between Tokyo and Daredevil. "Ohmygod. You're Tokyo Nightmare" right, he just said that. "And Daredevil… damn." she registers the question finally "Oh.. um.. right… I'm Nyx." she glances at thugs "Did you murder them?" that was directed to Sho, tone unsure. Because well according to the internet he murders like Punisher. She finally gets fully back on her feet, she did dent the door of the car a bit running into it.

"They're alive," Daredevil interjects on the behalf of Mr. Nightmare, "They'll regret it, but they are. Nyx? That with an 'I' and an 'X' or are you just a big Carmelo Anthony fan?"

The Man Without Fear crouches down, clearing his throat lightly for a moment and then reaching out to grab the wrists of one of the unconscious thugs. He pulls them roughly together at the small of the man's back, binding them with a cable tie and then moving on to the next one.

"I would've got them. I've been tracking them since West Fifty-Ninth."

"Why yes, yes I am Tokyo Nightmare Miss Nyx. Like the man said, I did not infact kill them. Despite what they say, I've never taken a human life. Killing men such as this, would be very easy. It would defeat the entire purpose, for it is in doing the difficult that we grow."Nightmare lifts the hilt of his sword up to rest ever so casually against his shoulder with a gentle tap. "So what precisely, are you doing then? In your face all covered and so fourth, let me guess now. Your not only a fan, but you're also a super famous celebrity but you don't want your fans to know you go all fangirls around strange men in masks?"

See, Nightmare has a sense of humor for sure! Glancing after DareDevil with a nod. "Sorry, I didn't mean to poach in your backyard all the same. I don't usually make it a habit to intrude like this, it's terribly rude. Just the same, your aim really is impressive. You're a regular real life Zatoichi man."

Nyx mutters "Zatoichi?" then toes one of the now ziptied criminals with her boot "So you haven't killed like sixty people… I don't think anyone in the forums would believe me." she pauses a beat "Oh.. sorry um… with a Y.. N Y X… I thought it would be better that way.. I couldn't find any heroes on herowatch with that name and ..well I thought that might work…" yeah she is rambling, not quite babbling though. "I don't really have a costume so… this is well best I could do. God I probably look stupid…"

"I wish I could do half the things with both eyes open that he can do blind."

Daredevil frowns slightly. He rarely has to outright insist that he can see but the illusion must be maintained. Nyx provides a welcome distraction, though, and he turns to face her once he's done binding up the gangsters.

"You look fine," Daredevil answers, not that he can really tell. But he sniffs the air. He notices a few fibers that he recognizes, "Maybe lose the woolen mask. Invest in something a little more intimidating. And make sure you know what you’re doing."

"Japanese blind swordsman, super popular martial arts hero known for his accuracy when he throws his weapon. As for killing, no never. I'm a sponsored Shinobi, I dont get to kill unless it's absolutely necessary to save another's life. My life may on any given night be called forfeit, but one's honor must be preserved. I just have a very active fan base unfortunately, they claim all sorts of things. According to them I'm also dating The Lady Death, which is cute considering she still lives in Japan and well I always fancied her Husband far more."Nightmare shrugs there. "You look like your new, but we all started somewhere. I'd say stick to a Hoody and a bandana tied around your face until you get a look down, oh and the whole running thing? Don't rush into a fight, you'll either get here on time or you wont. Rushing just means when you do show up, you're more likely to become a liability. Look do you have any-…"Holding up a finger towards Nyx as he turns back towards DareDevil. "How's it work over here, I'm from Tokyo. Do you guys take on protoges or show new folks the ropes, or is there like some secret club I need to refer her too that I dunno about? I mean I'm like the tenth guy to wear this mask, I had somone to mentor me when I was growing up."

Well the bit about blind swordsman has Nyx puzzled, she isn't very cultured or all that bright when you come down to it. "… I am new.. but well.. Iceman said to try to use my power for sometnhing constructive." she trails off "Sidekick?" she pauses "What is a protege.. and … you aren't the first Nightmare. What happened to all of the other ones?"

"My guess is that they died preserving their honor," Daredevil ventures, head twitching at the movement of the hand. He shrugs his shoulders, taking a couple steps back and out of the streetlamp's light, "I don't know about secret clubs training people. If they exist then they're a secret to me, too. Why don't you talk to the Titans? They seem like they're around your age doing a similar kind of thing. I would say you're probably a bit old to be someone's sidekick and not acting in your own right."

"They weren't called Tokyo Nightmare, but yeah we go back a few hundred years. Theres this whole ninja rivalry thing, theres actually alot of us but we're all a little different. The guys in my line, died in battle. Well except the last one, he died of an ancient curse. As for the sidekick thing, man I dunno if you can be too old for it just too experienced."Nightmare shrugs in sympathy there, but otherwise seems well ever so casual. "I've met a guy known as the Iceman, bout your age. Nice guy, if he says your good people then so be it. Tell you what Nyx, just so I know your on the up and up? Have the Iceman call me, he says your cool and I'll do what I can to get you on your feet and help you find the Titans. Seem fair?"

Nyx didn't really consider this, then again she didn't ask Bobby for that help either. Still finding the Titans sounds like a good goal, they are pretty much her age as was pointed out. "Sure.. I mean I could be a villain" more like minor felonies than really villainy. "I have his personal contact deets I will ping him and … well I guess he knows how to get ahold of you. How do I get ahold of you though?" bold move. She cocks her head though, is that police on their way to the scene of the crash and gunfire.

Even as the conversation about finding Nyx people to work with is going on, Daredevil is sinking back into the dark. By the time the distant police sirens are heard, he's already leaving. He doesn't say goodbye or exchange any other pleasantries. He simply scrambles up the fire escape almost like he's flying and takes to the rooftops, setting off for elsewhere in Hell's Kitchen.

"Have him talk to me, and I'll get your number through him. Until then, Nyx. Da-."Wow, dude snuck out on a Ninja. Nightmare is impressed. "well, for another time then."Off he goes, just sort've casually walking until he crosses a narrow strip of shadow and…poof.

Nyx blinks as she looks around and yeah Daredevil is like a Ninja. Then she looks after Sho "I can do that… and… damn he is gone too." she blinks a couple more times. "Not batman sneaky.. but pretty sneaky." she mutters to herself then picks the direction cops aren't coming from and takes off. After a ways, hood down and mask off and stuffed in a pocket. She needs to get home and email the Iceman.

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