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November 13, 2014: Kitty and Logan talk about the Institute and its strike teams— even if the answers are somewhat rhetorical. They also wax philosophical and are somewhat sappily romantic.

Breakstone Lake, Xavier Mansion, Westchester

The picturesque and serene lake located in the woodlands surrounding Charles Xavier's posh estate. Particularly upon one large rock.



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Logan's got plenty to digest, at the moment. Not only about the nature of this Thing(tm) he and Kitty share, but the myriad of threats and dangers on his plate, and the craziness of -this- place, to boot. He's spent a few nights with Kitty, sent out tentative overtures towards working with the vigilantes they both know operate out of the luxurious estate, and poked around with the subtle patience of a guy who can hear and smell just about everything that goes down within those hallowed halls, and just has to wait to gather intel— even if he -would- prefer digging to minding his own damn business. Or appearing to mind his own damn business.

Right now his agenda was getting a bit of air, out back. He's gone well past the patio, way off the path to the pool, and right down through the woods to Breakstone Lake, however, situated on a massive rock overlooking the water and leaning back on one hand as he takes thorough, thoughtful draws from the antique silver flash in his hand. A near half-empty bottle of bourbon sits on the rocks beside him, and his eyes are currently trained upwards into the treelimbs, perhaps just watching leaves rustle… though it's hard for most to guage exactly -what- the feral mutant sees, in any detail.

With Logan's attuned hearing, it will not be difficult for him to hear/smell/anticipate Kitty's arrival. It's a brisk evening in Westchester and the phasing mutant is dressed for the occassion with a jacket, scarf, hat and mittens. There has been quite a lot for the both of them to deal with lately both between themselves and with the events surrounding them.

As she approaches the the lake, she keeps her arms crossed in front of her for warmth and glances between Logan and then the lake in front of them. "Hey," she greets, not needing to call out very far for him to hear the words. "Room for two?"

Logan's a bit underdressed for the weather, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him: Black and blue flannel, dark jeans, a wide-brimmed cowboy hat and an old bolo tie clasped in silver and turquoise. He loses the hat in the first moments of Kitty's approach in the process of tipping it to her, then sets it down easily on the opposite side, patting a contoured space of rock he scoots over to make sure she has plenty of. "Yup." The acceptance is coupled with a small, sincere smile, watching her out of the corner of his eyes before he fully wrests his attention to Kitty in the last spans of her approach.

One hand is extended to help her clambor up, and settle down. His first order of business is to undo her coat far enough to slip that hand inside it, and around her back, cuddling her close to his side. "Long as we're just talkin' about you." He teases lightly, before order of business two, which appears to be a slow but intent kiss welcoming her warmly.

Kitty smirks a bit to see the outfit Logan has decked himself out in. The shake of her head is more likely due to the lack of his winter clothing that she has to wear to keep herself warm in face of the oncoming night. With the help of the offered hand, she climbs up onto the rock. There's a raised eyebrow at his unzipping of her coat - as she gets colder far easily than he does. However, since he pulls her in close, she doesn't mind so much. His own body warmth will make up for whatever she loses from the opened jacket.

"You and me makes two. If I had someone else with me, I'd have asked about room for three." Then, she kisses him back, a hand moving up to cup his cheek. She takes her time in kissing him, only pulling back just slightly the grin at him. "Whatcha thinkin' about, cowboy? Sitting out here by yourself?"

"Counting ain't my strong suit, darlin'." The self-deprecating tease lacks all sincerity. Logan's smarter than he tends to let on, and Pryde knows it all too keenly by now to buy his shit. He's easily distracted by the added heat, however. It's thusly followed by a brief moment of bewildered consideration as she asks the question. He -was- thinking about something, it's just a bit misplaced in the moment, and it's painted all over his face that he lost it.

A moment later, he grins back, realizing it himself. "You now, Cat." He offers up, clearly the simple truth. "Before, just… this place, people here. What it all means." It's a little bit oblique; and more tactful than 'how soon before it gets everyone killed'. A fond nuzzle is applied from his warmer nose to her cooler one, despite the time he's spent out here, and he offers over the silver flask. "Easy to get lost in my head in a place like this." Just far enough removed that he can pretend it's peaceful.

"Uh huh," Kitty replies to his self-deprecation, clearly not buying it. Indeed, she has known him long enough to know that such a response is bunk. However, she doesn't need to push it any more. She waits for a moment for his response, only managing to give him a smirk at waht she hears it to be. "Flatterer," she says with a soft laugh, though the reply pleases her.

As for this place, she glances about, taking in the view. She loves it here, but she's used to the scenery. It's easy to take it for granted at times. "Yeah. i've been thinking about that, too. Yana's brother - the one we pulled out of Limbo - he's apparently from a different reality. One where this place…it all got destroyed and just about everyone was killed." At the offer of the flask, she takes it and swigs. The thought of Piotr's reality practically begging for the need for a drink.

"Truth-teller." Logan corrects simply, squeezing about her waist, a smooch planted onto her brow. His initial grunt to the explanation is a bit noncommittal— but it's not like he -really- knows most of the players on the board. He's not invested to the degree Pryde or Illyana are, but it doesn't stop him from mulling it over.. and probably considering what it looks like /from/ that vantage point. There's a slight double take as Kitty apparently reads his mind, drawing the concerns out of the obfuscating words… but the old Canuck isn't really surprised, at this point. He just smiles a soft little smile.

"Risk we take, Cat." He notes, taking his own swig off the flask in informal toast to the perils of their lives before offering her another. It's a share and share alike thing that he tends to perpetuate at moments like this. "Only other option is not to fight. I just look at all them kids…" There's a long sigh at that, a shake of his head. All of them are practically kids, from where he sits. "Dunno, darlin'. Fine line between what it takes, what you're winning, and what you're riskin'."

It's not so much mind reading as knowing what Logan really means when he looks at landscape with that look in his eye. Plus, along with the multiple conversations she's had lately about the danger the school might be in…well, her own mind is right there with him. "I know," she says softly, even though a part of her doesn't really. There's always going to be the nagging feeling that there is something to be done that will ensure no harm will come to the people and the places dear to her.

"Those kids that would be out there alone and thinking that they were the only ones," she replies, voice quiet, but firm. As the flask returns, she takes it and drinks before passing it back in the two person circle they've set up. "Here they have a place, a safe one, where they can learn their abilities and make friends with other people like themselves. It's the world around them that I worry about."

There's always something that could be done. Then there's always something working to do the opposite. Always some way for it to all go wrong. Any gambler with a sense of the game can tell you, roll the dice long enough and every possible thing that can happen, will happen. Fate only skews dramatically when a man's looking at it too closely. Over a long enough timeline… well. It's both heartening and not, isn't it? Best Wolverine's found to do is take it as it comes, which is what Pryde's seen him doing for a couple years now; for better and worse. "Assuming nobody was huckin' rocks at 'em." The old mutant agrees, even compounds Kitty's assertion. "But lots of cults offer solace, sense of community, purpose and self-importance."

It's not as hostile or judgemental as the words might seem at first. Logan's tone is matter of fact, concerned rather than alarmed. She likely knows he's not saying that's this place, so he doesn't bother to explain it. "Just important that everyone involved keeps perspective on what they're doin'— and how many people are trying out there." It's not a world full of the malevolent and the malcontented, even if it seems like that a lot of days. 'Remember the good in people' may be an odd refrain from the berserker she's seen take apart entire buildings full of enemies, but… no apology is forthcoming for that apparent paradox. "Y'think they're worth helping out, eh?" He doesn't really have to ask, it's clear even as he turns his head to peer at Kitty fully, eyeing her evenly before becoming somewhat distracted following the contours of her face and skin.

The other timelines don't concern Kitty as much. They're certainly worrying and if it's possible to help them, she would, but they are not this world. Not her own. "And some offer shelter, caring and peace," she counters just as easily. There's no argument there, just a counterpoint to his own. "I wasn't lying," Kitty tells him seriously. "This is a school." It's where she teaches, where her home remains. But, of course, there are other things underneath that, which he's no doubt already figured out. "The kids aren't forced to stay here if they don't want to. In fact, after the last attack a lot went home." There's not many cults where they let their members freely leave like that. The whole point of them is to keep them wrapped up and tied to the cause.

"The Professor? And the Institute?" Kitty gives Logan a bit of a smirk. He knows the answer to that question before he even asked it. He knows it and she knows he knows it. But, if he really needs her verbal assertion as well, she nods. "Yes. I think they're worth it." A hand wraps about him and she leans in for a soft kiss.

The dice are tossed a thousand times a minute just in -this- world. Wolverine's been around long enough to see it happen. Hell, a World War might've been prevented if not for one dude's lust for a specific sandwich. "Yup." Logan doesn't doubt any of what Kitty says. The only retort he offers is only halfway to argument, even. "Just easy to get caught up in a cause, especially when a body's young 'n stupid. Backing out when you need to is a rough art." He doesn't have it perfected, and his equation is made easier by not being easy to kill by any measure.

"Yea." The monosyllable is knowing, indeed expecting Shadowcat's response about these being the good guys. He has little reason to doubt it— aside from the initial recruitment pitch— and besides.. more than a few decent folks seem to be wrapped up in the thing, regardless. The gentle kiss is reciprocated, then subtly escalated for several lingering moments, breaking in a soft nudge of his nose. Eyes still closed, the stocky mutant offers up a grunt and a rumbling, "Yea." Worth it.

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