Princess' on Parade

October 31, 2014: Princess Elsa, Princess Anna, and Princess Fiona go Trick or Treating. Guess which is Roy.

Queens Brownstone and Neighborhood

The street of residences.



  • Lian Harper

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Halloween night.

"Daddy, Kori's -here-!"

With that, Lian Harper opens the door to the apartment. Dressed in quite an ensemble befitting her status as Princess Anna from Frozen, she does a brief curtsey, beaming. "Come in! Guess what, guess what! Daddy's playing a princess!"

And then as soon as the door is closed behind her, Lian runs towards the bathroom. "Daddy, she's here!"

"I'm not coming out."

So give orders for militaristic crew members to help with a dress and it was a mess. Trying to convey to them you want to look and be someone else for a night was a story and explaination in and of itself.

A couple days later…

'Elsa' stands at the apartment door, staring down at her hands… Hands that typically are a tawny hue but now are pale… Human… Looped around her middle fingers are silver rings, gauzy pale blue fabric flowing doward towards the floor. A swooping motion like drapery it leads back towards her dress. A mix. A princess of Tamaran should never be without her armor. Or so Depalo insisted and so what was typically purple is now that frigid shade of blue but over the top is that lighter gauzy fabric, connected to the whole of the dress of Elsa, strips hanging downward and lined in a glistening white of snow flakes that make the pale pallor appear even more wintry.


When Lian opens the door Kori had barely knocked, now blue eyes bearing 'normalcy' stare forward, that long braid of flame a toned down blonde, almost platinum. Stepping in her hands nervously grip that braid, stroking over it, tugging it and pausing as she hears Roy's protest, pausing mid-curtsy back to Li-anna.

"Oh no you don't!" Starfire is marching towards that bathroom door, pausing before it. "Is a door to this quarter necessary? I can remove it…"

The silence is pregnant, and likely as not, Starfire can hear some shuffling around in there.

"Daddy's been in there a long time," Lian pouts, the braids swishing about her little bodice, as she folds her hands behind her little cape. "He said he'd do a princess, and Daddy doesn't break promises." She does eye the clock impatiently, though. "Hurry, Daddy! Or the candy'll be all gone!" And that would be a very bad thing.

Finally the door opens, and out steps Roy. Or rather, an ogre. A very large ogre, resplendent in a green dress, low bodice (that -totally- had to be padding…) and with a red bob wig, complete with a little crown.

"Princess Fiona!" Lian does the introduction.

"Okay, okay, let's get going," Roy replies, folding his arms across his chest, his cheeks appropriately ogre-ishly fattened up with a prosthesis. "No touching, no touching. Hands to yourselves!"

Right as that faintly perse glowing hand seeks to touch the doorknob after the stretch of silence, Roy opens the door and leaves a prolonged moment lingering.

Starfire is standing there with her hand extended still, but that glow abruptly dies and she fails to blink as Princess Fiona steps out..

The laughter does not come, instead finally, lips painted a pale blue and lined in glitter close and curl into a smile almost endearing to the moment.

Looking down to Lian then, Elsa takes Anna's hand and moves past 'Fiona', though her eyes linger along periphery until she finally looks away, lowering down before Lian and righting all tiny bits to ensure /perfection./

"You both look great." 'Elsa' states and rises, heading for the door. "I have a surprise waiting downstairs."

"You look -glorious-," Roy replies, lifting his dress up just enough to keep from tripping over it. His lips curl up, accentuating the jowls underneath his chin. A lovely shade of green, yes, and Roy primps his hair one last time in the mirror, before taking Lian's other hand. "You ready to get your candy, princess?"

"Okay, Princess Daddy!"

Curiously, 'Fiona' looks at 'Elsa'. "Uh oh… don't tell me…" he says, as he carefully wobbles down the stairs on those semi-heels.

'Elsa' did not have to say a word, when they reach he street at the front door is a reindeer, saddled because a sled was not obtainable this time of year, or so she was told.

Glancing at Fiona, Elsa shrugs and preemptively lets go of Anna's hand so she can go greet 'Sven'. "I warned you?" Starfire states as she smiles and watches. She did warn, she -mentioned- the idea.

"Should I have gotten you a donkey?" Now the /jab/ starts in, though the smile is harmless in it, all in fun between them.

He'd forgotten the -reindeer-. Lian, however, hadn't, and her squeal of joy is a thing to behold, as she immediately forgets her princessly manners and dashes forward to proceed to hug it quickly.

That the reindeer didn't startle meant Roy could breath a sigh of relief, followed by a smile. "Nah. I think I'm plenty enough donkey for you," he grins, as he offers an arm to 'Elsa'. "Couldn't have been easy to bring one over, but… thank you." He'd even offer a kiss to her cheek if she'd accept it, princess to princess, before calling to Lian, "What do we say, Lian?"

"Thank youuuuuuu!" is all that can be heard before Lian buries her face in the fur.

'Elsa' accepts the kiss upon her cheek and glances towards Fiona, the smile growing and those pale cheeks flush, but mainly due to the sheer elatedness 'Anna' shows at the reindeer with her face and voice muffled into the heavy furred neck of the beast.

"You are welcome." She states as she moves up behind Lian and lifts her onto the reindeers back. "Sven will be taking you for tricks and treats." The reindeer just flicks the nubby tail ad an ear to boot, unabashed by the whole ordeal but when his head throws back once the slight weight of the child is upon him, he casts her a glance and 'nods' the head bobbing.

Starfire keeps her hand on the bridle and loops her arm in Fiona's to begin the parade down the street for candy.

The quest for candy was soon joined, obviously enough, by more and more children. At least they weren't gawking at the other princesses, but at the one riding the reindeer. "Can we ride? Can we ride?"

Lian, meanwhile, is eating this up readily, doing the princess wave as she moves aside. She's not climbing off, so 'Fiona' has to ring the doorbell, a bit abashed.

Quite a commotion, and for once, it's not Starfire that's drawing the -looks-.

'Elsa' accompanies Fiona to doors when she is not allowing others to take a moment to ride behind 'Anna', as long as Lina is willing and allows it. It is /her/ moment afterall.

At one door 'Elsa' stands there, looking down in the bag and when someone answers she holds it out in a thrust. "I want your tricks!" To which they just stare, blink, peer behind her at the child on the reindeer and drop a few pieces of candy into the bag and close the door.

Looking in the bag Starfire scowls. "That is not a trick… Does the candy explode?" She grabs the peanut butter cup and squishes it in her grip.


Heading down the stairs she meets back up with 'Fiona' and smiles as Lian is eating up the attention and smiling so large it lit up the street. At least how Starfire saw it.

"Any chance she has to enjoy being a child… Being a princess. She deserves it." Starfire states and offers the crushed peanut butter cup to Roy.

Taking the crushed candy in a hand, Roy hesitates, before unwrapping it carefully, leaving little bits of green makeup on the wrapping as he takes a bite of it. "No no, if they don't have candy, then -you- have to play a trick on them. We used to just TP their trees, or shoot silly string."

As the noisy children gather around asking more insistently, Roy sighs, then nods. "She shouldn't be the only one…" Roy observes, before whistling. "Hey… Anna! Would you let the others take a ride for a bit?"

Lian seems a bit rebellious, and maybe a bit off-put, but then she nods. "Okay!" And holds her arms out to 'Elsa.'

Starfire did not want her to get off the reindeer, but sharing is caring? Moving up in the billow of blue and white she scoops 'Anna' into her arms and holds her, offering her that bag of gathered candy she carried, 'Fiona' having the other.

"Best Halloween ever." The only one Starfire has participated in but that does not matter, she says it as she hugs Lian tightly and leans to brush a kiss along Fiona's brow, never mind those lined and sparkling lips of snow coming back with a green tinge…

"What else? Where else to go?" She asks as she steals a piece of candy for herself.

One at a time, at least, sometimes two or three, and a lot of pictures, followed by heartfelt thanks from the parents and escorts of the children. Fiona has to smile, slipping an arm around Elsa's waist, and then reaching out to kiss Lian. "Thank you both," he says simply, the large rubber green lips leaving a trace of green on Lian's face.

Finally, Roy has to call a stop. "Sorry, moving on…" the ogre says, pausing for a moment to LOOM over a child, who squeals and bolts for her mother.

"C'mon… hey, you should ride too, 'Elsa'." Pausing, Roy grins. "It'll be good for you too."

Starfire looks from Anna, to Fiona and back, not releasing Lian as she heads over towards 'Sven' the reindeer and reaches out to touch him. Perhaps a warning gesture, subtle and gentle just before she grips that bridle and swings herself up to sit upon the saddle and set Anna in front of her to hold the reigns once again.

"So Fiona of you." Starfire says to the ogrefied Roy, laughing softly, bit the supression is showed in the shaking of her shoulders. If it was ot for these two she wouldn't know anything about Disney or the demeanors.

"Do you really want to be a green alien?" Maybe he and Skaar should talk…

Someday Roy would have to explain that no, Disney did not own -every- princess in pop culture. But that was for another time, and the ogre princess has to march along, shambling along with 'Sven' in a manner reminiscent of Shrek chatting it up with the Donkey.

"Yeah, well, I'm never going to make it as a -princess-, so I might as well be an -ogre-… and schhhh… I don't think I'm going to be comparing notes anytime with Skaar about what it's like to be green."

Canting his head, 'Fiona' considers. "We could haunt 'our' coffee store. Think the lady would love to see you. Or your crew… I'm guessing -they- have something to do with how you got a reindeer here…"

"Santa let me borrow him…" Yes, 'Elsa' lets that one sink in to little Anna's ears and mind as she rocks back and smiles down at Fiona. "I had to get tailoring secrets for an ice dress from the pros." A bat of heavy lash tipped in glitter towards Roy and considers for a moment. "We can do both, hot cocoa sounds amazing!" More chocolate? Oh, pity the souls…

Though when she glances ahead at the street lined in lamps and the kids scattering to and fro frantically in hyperactive hunts for candy door to door it is not hard to miss that whistful smile and downward glance to Lian who is digging for another piece of her own candy, glancing up to watch the world around her happily as well as adoringly down to Princess Fiona Dad.

Ahhh Santa. The best thing about explaining traditions, holidays, and the nature of childrens beliefs. Roy looks abashed at not thinking of that, and only offers Lian a smile. "That's right, it's nice of Kori to see Santa."

Lian's eyes are wide as saucers, of course, at the notion, and she turns back to look up at Kori. "You met Santa?"

The reindeer is guided by the reins, bit by bit, until they're in front of the coffee shop. Offering a hand to Kori to help her down, Roy has to smile when there's a stir inside the store, followed by the store-owner scampering out on little stout legs, laughing as though she were young all over again instead of the matronly kindly old lady she was. "That's such a -wonderful- animal… where did you get it?"

"The North Pole!" Lian chirps up, as she waves her little princess wave, looking up to see if she was in sync with her 'sister'.

"Mrs. Santa and some elves. It's too close to EX Mas to see Santa, he is busy." A glimpse from 'elsa' to 'Fiona' asking for some help because there is only so much yarn she can spin before she is starting to blur the holidays she and her crew researched, together.

When they reach the shop she waves in unison with Lian and laughs when the child goes full tilt into explaining the reindeer's origins. Sliding down from the reindeer Kori returns to that arm-linked stroll with Roy, ensuring they were momentarily out of earshot of Lian who is naming all Santa's reindeer off to the shop owner.

"There's a Mrs. Santa right?"

"Yes, but Santa visits everywhere when he has time, so we'll take you to see Santa when he's available. For now, he has a lot of helpers…"

"Ok!" And Lian is off explaining to the kindly matron what the lovely 'Elsa' has brought, and Roy locks arms with Kori, leaning against her. He was allowed to rest his head, because she was totally taller.

"Yes there is," Fiona laughs, a deep and throaty chuckle as 'she' watches 'her' daughter being completely into the story. "And elves that dress up like candy canes and Christmas tree colors. Think we can talk K'tten into dressing up like an elf, or will she have my head for a ship masthead?"

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