The New Adventures of Lois and Clark, Part 3

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Rural Pennsylvania



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BoltRail Trip 384

Somewhere out in the rural hills between Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Metropolis, DE

Things are finally quiet for the pair of reporters from Metropolis. Lois and Clark are seated on either side of the large space 1st class passengers get on BoltRail. They've just concluded a thrilling investigation regarding a coal plant that's carcinogenic fumes were giving people short lived superpowers.

Meanwhile - on another traincar-

A man dressed in all black slides the door open between cars and begins to punch numbers in on a keypad on the next car down. Gaining entrance, the man who is covered in a full black mask, finds himself in a dark, empty car with a long, gunmetal grey box that is 10 feet long by 5 feet wide. It sits in the middle, leaving only the edges of the car free to walk around. He moves over toward the side and slides his hand down the front of box and unlocks a pair of the hooks. A lift later and he reveals what's inside the box: golden bars. Many, many golden bars.

"Dear god.." Lois comments. "We're in the sticks."

Though, her version of the sticks may be a lot different than what most people call them. Rolling hills upon hills, farmland complete with houses, that are way too far to get to just by walking alone, unless a person enjoys the walk. She was sure that she even saw a mail box in the distance; one that resembled a rooster, the types she's seen growing up where if you pull the head of the rooster down, the cover pops open.

Scattered around the large section that she sits in were papers, papers that were soon gathered and settled into a designer bag and tossed aside, scattered shoes that were soon slipped on as she stretches just enough to work out the kink in her back.

"Clark, I'm going to get a bottle of water. Do you want anything?"

"Can you see if they are still selling hot dogs in there?"

Part of his upbringing, probably, but summer cookouts bred a deep love of hotdogs in the man. Plus, as a bachelor, they're pretty cheap. Clark gives her a bit of a wave and leans back in his chair, even taking his fedora style hat and putting it over his face. Seems like he's going to take a nap…

It seems that way, but this is how he begins to focus on long distance threats that might need his assistance.

"Sure. I'll bring back some fixin's for ya."

It was all she said as she steps out into the isle, keeping her hand upon the seats as she passes through. Once she reaches the door, she presses her hand against the lever that allows the door to slide so that she could pass from car to car.

"Ow.." She slips out, her hand reaching up to grasp at her eye, the other rapidly blinking as .. luckily, the bathroom was left open, untouched and unused.

"Hate this crap.." She mutters softly, taking a sidestep to slide herself into the bathroom, door closing in behind her as she leans her waist against the sink to bring her face closer to the mirror.

And there she sits, attempting to dig an errant hair out of her eye.

The car just past the bathroom is where the snacks are sold, but as Lois is in the bathroom, and Clark Kent is apparently taking a nap, the thief continues his work. Now sure that materials are what and how much he expected, he goes to work on the cables and attachments in between cars. From the longview we can see that the car in question is the second to last car and in the space between, the thief is using a large bolt-cutter-type device.

As soon as he makes his first cut, train security begins talking on their radios; Lois will be able to hear them from her vantage point. Clark, meanwhile, is focusing farther out.

"Got it!" It was a small cresent shaped hair. Stupid eye lashes. If it wasn't biologically necessary to have them, she'd probably pluck them out all at once. Though, not to mention, she does look rather cute. Like so! She examines herself then, fixing her hair back into place, tugging her tank top down until she hears the chatter, and frowns in the mirror.

Why is she frowning at herself?

She doesn't rush towards the door, all she really needed to do was turn around to push it open, poking her head out of the car door with a slight frown. She passes the car into the refreshments area; the people there bustling with life, chittering and laughing with their own goods but.. something wasn't right.

The cars ahead looked rather.. off. While lights weren't needed to light the train, a lone silouhette draws her attention. Like a moth to a flame for trouble, Lois picks up the pace, by passing Clark's precious hotdogs to pass into the second car and soon the next.

Lois sees a small group of security men huddled about the entrance but can't quite seem to hear what's behind. Then, without warning, there's a POP and a spray of blood from one of the secteam as he grabs his throat, bleeding profusely. POPOPPOPOPOPOP!

So close… and thankfully so far.

She knows those sounds like the back of her hand. The instant the first pop sounds and the first sprays of blood were seen, she immediately ducks and dives behind the metal wall, just opposite of the men who were possibly felled by gunfire. There were no words from her, not just yet.. instead, she begins to pat herself down to see if she kept her cell phone in her pocket and not her briefcase.

Even Lois wasn't that lucky.

Within a few moments the train becomes a heck of a lot lighter. Two cars are cut away before the guards can even get the guns out of their holsters. There's a conversation now as to whether or not the train should slow down, or if it should gain space between the gunmen. Worse, there's still a car of passengers out behind the cargo car.

At the pops, Clark nearly leaps out of his seat. Despite him focused far away, there's no way he can miss something like that. A quick look over his glasses; his eyes go milky white trying to see what's going on. "Lois…" Clark ducks into a bathroom up at the front of the cabin.

Far off, along a lonely dark highway, a caravan of vehicles make their way towards the wantaway train cars.

Meanwhile, near Lois, the security guard shot in the neck is trying his best to scream, but he can't. He's bleeding. Everywhere.

And she could hear him, the gurgling sounds that the man creates, and she wants so much to cover her ears to shut out the sound, but she couldn't. He was still alive, and she couldn't live with herself if he had died. She shook as she sat there, taking a few deep breaths to still herself as she quickly leans up to smash her hand against the button so that the door could slide open.

She was upon her knees now, leaning into the cabin to try to grasp the choking man to pull him out of the room without getting shot.

"I got you, it's okay! I got you! Just hold on!"

As Lois kneels down to put her hands on him and pull him out of the way, she'll notice a red and blue blur soar past the windows of the car, heading towards the ruckus.

As she gets him close, it's clear he's hurt and hurt bad. The bullet seemed to clip him through the side and it came up the front. From the way he's hit it's clear he won't make it unless he gets help right away.

The man was grabbed and dragged by the shoulders.. and just in time.. she sees the red and blue and gets excited. Not for him being there, but for the man wounded in front of her. She pulls him halfway upon her legs, her hands immediately grasping the wounds upon the mans throat. Screw the people who shot the man.. the guy was dying and needed help.

"Superman, no! HELP HIM!" She cries out. She nearly squeezed the man to death to keep the blood inside.

Nevermind the clothes, nevermind her about to get shot, she would be safe. But a life hung in the balance, and if anyone could get him to the hospital in time, it would be the Man of Steel.

Mid air, Superman almost skids to a stop and then burrows his way closer to Lois, bursting in through the side of the train!

"Lois," Superman says but he's already looking down at the man. "I've got him." The Man of Steel takes the wounded security guard up into his arms and flees the same way he came in!

Outside, the train has now kept going for a mile or two leaving the two cars well behind. Three black cars follow a large truck with a trailer. It looks like he's going to steal the whole thing in one swoop.

Once the man was out of her hands, a smarter, more fearful woman would have stayed still. But not Lois. No, not her. She immediately crawls forward, the train shaking just enough to jostle her, crawling past and through the blood that came from the man that was hauled, snatching up his baton on the way. The crawl soon evolved into a crouch, and then to a stand.. her back against the door as the button was pushed to open the sets of doors that would lead her to the other car.

Her dads training kicked in by now, adrenaline was in full effect, and held upon the grip of the baton with the length flushed against her arm, she gives a quick peek over the edge, and rushes inside to look for cover.

Lois will see that the cars have been cut away, and that there is nothing behind the train now but darkness. The security guards were rushing back to keep people calm and to take advisement from the authorities. The car is oddly quiet.

Was the danger gone? Lois really couldn't tell. In fact, she didn't know where to put herself until Superman returned to apprehend the guy who shot the guard.. and dismantled the cars. But why? Wait.. Clark!

"Oh dammit!" She utters outloud, slowly drawing herself out into the open, baton still within her hand as she draws on hand up towards her hair to grip her locks in a slight panic. "C'mon.. think Lois! Think!" She had to get back to Clark, at least to make sure that he was alright.

A streak in the sky flies in from far off. Apparently Superman has gotten the man to the hospital in time.

Now at the scene, the terrified passengers are staying in the car, which is smart. The gunmen would prefer not to have casualties. They just want their money.

8 men are out, trying to load the golden bars into the car trailer and they're doing a pretty good job of it. They've picked this because of its eastern PA remote location. Things seem ripe for the bandits to get away with this, until the empty car of the train is lifted up…

And comes smashing into the truck, tearing it away from the truck and sending bandits flying. A shocked group of scared passengers watch the men open fire on Superman.

Meanwhile, Lois finds her way up to the front cabin, but Clark is nowhere to be found!

The bathroom door, however is conspicuously closed. And it says "In Use" on the red thingy.

Amist the racket, the screams and everything else, she knew that Superman was back, and she knew that the wounded man was safe. Now.. all that was needed to put her mind to rest was Clark. She at least had to see that bumbling man try to calm the people down while tripping over his shoes.

But she didn't find him, and she was beginning to panic. Instead of calling his name, she spies the bathroom, eyes widening in hopes that he too.. wasn't hurt just like the man.

She lifts upon the tips of her toes to try to peer inside.. soon taking the baton to rap hard against the glass so that she could stick her arm inside and pull the latch. It was yanked and tugged upon..


Cut to a pile of clothing in a bathroom. A suit coat, shirt, tie, fedora…Clark Kent's clothes…

Superman makes quick work of the fiends. He melts their guns and uses the bars of metal he strips from the truck to wrap them up for the police who have already been notified. He goes to check on the passengers, several of whom have already called the authorities. Despite their good plans, the police lights can be seen flashing in the background.


Clark says from behind.

Lois gains entrance to the bathroom but finds a scared woman who screams when she opens the door. Clark had used the bathroom at the opposite end. "Oh thank heaven's your safe!" He closes the distance and pulls Lois in for a hug.

Lois probably looked like a crazy person to the screaming woman, the fact that she held the baton straight into the air, ready to beat the living crap out of the lady all bloodied and crazed.. yeah.

But Clark, he was safe! As he crossed the distance, the baton was dropped and immediately, her arms were wrapped around him tightly, probably messing up his suit as well. She shook against him, then.. all of the sudden, from nowhere at all.. she broke out into tears. She was absolutely relieved that he was alright, but he would know that from the way she didn't let go until it was probably time to leave and then after.

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