Close Encounters Of The Warlock Kind

<November 17, 2014>: Warlock has landed

Robinson Park

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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Space, the final frontier, is really a rather boring place for someone that has spent years on the planet Earth. The villians are less entertaining and the TV is just reruns. Which would be why once his adopted child is old enough to be on his own, and memories about the planet Earth have started to return, the Technarch known as Warlock set his sights on returning to the little blue planet. Unfortunetly for the technorganic hero things are never really boring for anyone headed to Earth.

It starts somewhere just past the Moon. A blip on various detection systems watching the Earth starts to seemingly apear and dissaper. Too small to be a warship, too alone to be an invading force, and not near large enough to not burn up once it hits the atmosphear it is mostly ignored. Mostly ignore till it starts to change trajectory, and speed. As it comes in over the city of Metropolis with a trail of flame and smoke comming from it and wobbling like a drunken fratboy that just learned to fly the golden flying saucer seems as though it is looking for a place to land, or possibly crash, safely so long as something does not end up wandering into its flight path.

Once the unidentified flying object entered the atmosphere, Booster Gold was on his way to try to intercept it, in case it is some kind of missle or meteorite. When it starts to move erratically, the golden hero is left rather baffled, watching it curve aside. He hovers in mid-air, rubbing his chin, and then he flies after the thing so he can keep it within eyeshot.

America Chavez is not fond of surprise aliens. In her experience, surprise aliens are usually trouble in themselves or scouts preceding a massive invasion. As of late, she's had to deal with her share of invading forces, and has been on the lookout for anything suspicious in the skies.

Outside of the billion metas and mutants who seem to be around at any one time. She floats gently above the clouds, having a moment to herself when she sees the burning trail.

Yeah, that did not look good. The young woman narrows her eyes and plunges downwards. She is not quite sure if the craft is on a crash course or a collision course.

The difference is very simple: A crash course means you're going to go splat somewhere, indiscriminately. A collision course means you're doing that with a target in mind. Both require an intervention, but only one requires her to punch through the craft's walls after she has brought it to land in order to beat the living stuffing out of the pilot.

She dives down, trying to assert the best way to run an intercept course.

And that's when she spots Booster Gold. She is aware of the man- who seems to be unique to this particular reality. He likes his publicity, and he is some sort of actor on the side.

Actors. As if there weren't enough pretending in the world already.

GAME: Miss America Chavez has set the pose order to Warlock/Booster/'Murica/Bobby

Bobby doesn't ordinarily do things like, you know, patrol. That's for vigilante type heroes. Bobby's more of a 'call me if you need me' kind of guy. But this thing coming out of the sky? That's definitely up there on the werid o-meter. Or maybe the weirdo meter. He's not sure yet. Either way it's brought the X-Man (in civvies. He doesn't have an identity to hide) ramping out to where he saw it come down to see just what the - aw hell that looks hot. Let's give it a chill pill for just a sec here.

When America places herself between the flying saucer and where ever it is going the ship appears to try and dodge her. At least that is the probable plan. Instead the ship ends up spiriling on its X axis. The ship should mostly miss the superhero…although if she does not move there is a good chance at it clipping her. If it happens to clip America or not the ships direction changes drasticaly, pointing it right for a nice expanse of trees in a mostly unpopulated/evacuated portion of an actual park in the Queensland Part area of Metropolis leaving behind a surprisingly small crater with a space ship about the size of two SUVs parked side by side sitting atop of it.

"Hey! You okay?" Booster Gold is shouting at Miss America, because from his angle he could not see if she was hit or not; the ship clearly has a mind of its own, or at least, a mind piloting it. He is still flying after the flying object, trying to contact with a variety of frequencies through his communicator, switching to Interlac as he says, "<Hello! Downed craft, do you require assistance?>"

The ship clips America, which means she is tossed in a new direction, cursing under her breath. "'m fine!" she barks, and loops around, following after the falling craft to try and intercept it. "Make sure there's nobody in the area down there!" she shouts to Booster. It's clear that the craft is going down. She might be able to fly underneath and lift it… but that depends on the craft's structural soundness. After that clumsy entrance, it is likely that the craft might break apart.

The ship clips America, which means she is tossed in a new direction, cursing under her breath. "'m fine!" she barks, and loops around, following after the falling craft to try and intercept it. "Make sure there's nobody in the area down there!" she shouts to Booster. It's clear that the craft is going down. She might be able to fly underneath and lift it… but that depends on the craft's structural soundness. After that clumsy entrance, it is likely that the craft might break apa-

"-well #$@!" America glowers, touching down near the crash site, she walks up to the small craft as Booster speaks in… tongues?

Bobby circles once, creating a ramp around the area and touches down near America. "Woah." He says looking down at the crashed ship. "So okay. This is new and vaguely horrifying." He doesn't know America. He has met Booster, kind of sort of. Knows the guy has a connection to the titans. "This one of yours or did you see it just like I did?"

As beings start to approach the downed space craft scanners deep inside of it start to sweep over them to try anddetermine if they are a danger or not. Onces transmissions aimed at the ship start parts of the saucer start to glow in breif flashes of colored light. With each light a musical tone. First three small lights with higher pitched flute like tones, followed by two larger flashed in blue and red accompinied by deeper tuba like notes. After the first set of notes and lights there is a short pause before a replay of the same pattern and tones moving a little faster, and then a different series of tones and lights that seems both musical and mathmatical play. The new series of lights and sounds goes on for nearly a full minute and a half with no obvious meaning but likely to be somewhat familier to anyone familier to science fiction movies from the 1970's.

"Dude," Booster greets Bobby, before adding, "No, I detected it coming in hot and came in to see who was inside. Uh…" When the ship starts to do its song and light show, he looks baffled. Although he may be an actor, the movie in question is before his time. Very well before his time. He looks at America, then at Bobby, and back at the ship. Stepping forward, he knocks on the hull of the vessel, apparently not bothered by any heat or possible space-cooties that might result in this kind of contact. He calls out in Interlac again, "<Hey! Hi there. Welcome to Earth.>"

America frowns at the light show. Crossing her arms, she does not look terribly amused.

"Close encounters…" yes, she's seen the movie. "-you have got to be kidding me."

Bobby blinks. Okay. He is botheered by the heat. And sends out ice, a lot of ice, to cool it off. Which all turns into steam. Which all in all starts to make this whole area look like the set of a B Sci-Fi Flick. "Wow… huh, okay. So that's all very Micheal Bay…"

When Booster Gold comes close enough to touch the space ship it seems almost to shiver all over. When he knocks on it there is no hollow ring like one might expect, but a dull thump as if he was rapping on something solid all the way through. The ship its self feels metalic, but at the same time warm and almost flesh like almost like dense muscle instead of metal.

When Miss America correctly names the movie that the specific light show was borrowed form things change. Along the shell of the ship dark black lines appear spelling out a message in three differnet languages. The first a swirling looping language that appears almost like a cross between old European Runes and Arabic, the second appears to be in English letters but in a language that if pronounced phoneticaly would sound like some one with a sinus infection clearing thier throat, and the last a series of symbols that would be meaningless to anyone that did not have some familiarity with programing languages. All three sets of script say the same thing be it in Elvish, Klingon, or A++. "Speak Friend."

After Bobby speaks though the writing all disapears. A faint sound taken directly from an old cartoon series that Michael Bay is known to have made several movies based on can be heard as the whole space ship seems to melt and reform into a humanoid like shape that is best described as a black and gold robot made by someone who only had never seen anyone that was humanoid but has had them described to them in a vauge manner. "Bah-Weep-Graaaaagnah weep nini bong?"

When the ship begins to quiver and change, Booster Gold takes a step back. His expression becomes faintly perplexed as he watches the vessel become more humanoid, his hands on his hips. Finally, he looks at Bobby and America, and in a faintly accusatory tone says, "What the heck is wrong with your aliens in this era?"

Bobby just stares. "Like I would know? We're not supposed to have any." Okay. He knows of one alien but really, there aren't that many and they're not commonly known. So much so that even well known ones are generally assumed to be mutants of some kind. "What do you mean 'in this era'?"

America stares.

Oh, no. Oh no no the hell no.

She puts a hand to her forehead and begins to rub the bridge of her nose.

"I am going to need an aspirin," she mutters. She knows who this is.

"Ap-ap-Appologies. Self did not mean to cause fear or apprehension. Was attacked while engaging faster than light travel and self was unable to halt travel and repair before entering Earth atmosphere." The gold and black being that seems almost to have both biological and mechanical traits cants its head to the side while studing Booster and Bobby for a second before focusing on America. "Self is without Anti-inflamitory analgesics, but can aquire some if omega classified non-human female is in need." There is a pause for a second and then a large smile that is probably ment to be comforting but is very much not appears on the being's inhumanly elastic face. "Cursery internet seach shows a pharmacy no more than three blocks away, and self's credit lines and banking information appear to be active still."

Booster seems to relax. Although he still retains his upright posture, some of the tension eases out of his form. He then answers Bobby, "I meant the current era. I'm from the future." This is said in a conversational way, and he clearly feels this is an adequate answer because he returns his focus to the arrival. "Welcome… back to Earth. I guess you know each other?" He wonders, glancing to America. Perhaps misinterpreting her need, Booster asks her, "Did you get injured when he was coming in to land?"

Bobby raises a hand like a kid in school. "Uh? Still? You mean you had them at some nebulous point before?" So this is a returning alien of some kind? Resident Alien? How does interstellar immigration work? Wait, no Bobby! That's not imortant right now.

"You okay Miss?"

"I am fine," America says in a slow, measured tone, dropping her hand from her forehead. "We don't know each other."

Of course they don't. Or at least, he doesn't know her the same way Drake doesn't know her, either. Not in this dimension.

"I don't need you to buy me anything. What are you doing here?" she demands of the new arrival, clearly she is a less warm welcome wagon than Booster.

Warlock shakes his head as Booster asks about him and America knowing one another. "Self has not met still unidentified female on previous visits to Earth." If Warlock is taken aback at all be the slightly hostile way that America demands information from him he does not show it. "Self was damaged when last on Earth, has in recent time frames remembered and missed self-friends on Earth. Self's designation is Warlock, self wishes also to return to previous occupation-calling as Hero."

Turning to Bobby Warlock nods at him. "Yes, self has been on Earth in the past, was student at…school self is not supposed to identify to those that do not know it. Appologies, forget self mentioned School."

That said he turns his attention to Booster. "Did self hear gold clad human correct about temporal nature? Can self ask what era Gold clad human is from?"

"Well, it's cool to meet you, Warlock. I'm Booster Gold. Terran, and from the 25th century." Booster extends his arm, offering the techno-organic being a handshake. He seems comfortable with the idea of aliens on Earth, crash-landed or otherwise. "I haven't had the chance to meet a lot of exoplanet people, here… I'm getting the impression they're still pretty rare. I think you're the fourth one I've met in this era, Warlock." Booster is looking cheerful again.

America exhales briefly and looks at Booster and Drake. Might as well. "Miss America" she says as a manner of introduction. She couldn't exactly mention that she knows this one from an alternate dimension. She usually plays things close to the chest, and she has learned not to divulge more information than is absolutely necessary. "And there are more aliens around than you can imagine."

Well, if things were still similar to Earth 616. Warlock dropping in from the sky like that confirmed it to some extent.

"Nice to meet you Miss America…" That's probably a joke of some kind but Bobby will roll with it for now. He doesn't follow the pagent scene so, who knows. Maybe that is Miss America. "Wait… a school no one's supposed to know about if you don't know about it?" Oy. That sounds familiar. "Run by a guy named Charles, maybe?"

Warlock takes the offered hand and returns the handshake with a careful bug viggerous one of his own. "Greetings Booster Gold, Miss America. Self was one of very few non-native life forms on Earth for much of his time here. Discounting Gods, Non-terestrials born on Earth, Interdemensional travlers, time travlers, and others."

Warlock takes a second to look around, almost as if trying and failing to look nonchalant before asking something. "Self new acquaintance Booster Gold, can self ask if you have future knowledge of non-terran species designation Technachy?"

As soon as Bobby asks his question the alien being's head whips around to face him in a way that only owls and people made of rubber should be able to do. Warlock's eyes widden to twice thier normal size as they seem almost to be scanning Bobby. "Self-friend-Proffessor may be named Charles." He answers carefully while watching Bobby.

"It's awesome to meet you, Miss America," Booster says to the young woman, pointing a finger-gun her way and winking. Despite the playfulness of the gesture, he does not seem to be flirting with her, per se; at least, no more than he seems to flirt with the world around him at all times. "I'm sure there are more exoplanet people here, but they tend to keep it really quiet. When I'm from, they don't hide in the same way."

Booster looks thoughtful then as he answers Warlock, "Well, I don't off the top of my head, but I can ask Skeets. He's my assistant and he carries a decent database with him. Is that the English translation for the species? Because if there's a native word I can transmit to him, it might be a lot easier." Although the question is unasked, he explains, "We don't use this version of English in my era."

"You mean Xav-" she stops and her mouth closes. A careless slip, but she quickly recovers by saying "We should probably find somewhere else to hold this little chit-chat. Pretty soon the authorities are going to come by when someone reports a UFO crashing into this park."

LOG NOTE=She/America

"Oh, you know that's probably a good idea." Bobby thinks. "Let's head toward one of the city parks. At least there the worst we're likely to get is an odd look. Anyone have a car. Or shall we all just er, zoom there?" Iceman's mode of transport is not ideal for passangers.

Warlock nods at Booster. "Technarchy or equivelent menaing in any language is equivilent name for self's species. Save Self-Soul-Friend no being other than Technarchs or Phalanx use native language." He does not explain at all why to Booster, but if there is any information on his species then thier tendency to infect, conqure, and consume other life form would likey be explination enough.

At America's mention of possible authorities Warlock nods and then looks around again before suddenly changing shape. Instead of the mismatched looking black and gold machine man he becomes a rather impressive replica of Tommy Lee Jones in a perfectly tailored black suit and sunglasses. "Self would like to avoid excess contact with Men in Black. Or if means of locomotion is required self can be car/motercycle/space ship?"

"Well, we can fly," Booster gestures to himself and to Miss America, whom he had initially encountered up in the sky. Offering a hand to Warlock, he says, "I can fly you over, if you want. It's up to you." Then, more quietly he admits to Bobby, "I don't actually know how to drive. Not these ground-vehicles, anyway."

Miss America walks over to Warlock, "I'll take you with me," she says, reaching to grab the alien by whatever he decides to offer. She's not going to debate who carries Warlock, it's going to be her. "You lead." she says to Booster, ready to take off.

New York, she knows. Metropolis and Gotham? Those two cities weren't part of the grid in the previous earths. She's still learning where everything is.

Bobby ramps up. It's a hell of a thing to see, a guy in a long coat, the end snapping behind him, sliding down a road that keeps just appearing in front of him. Quite quickly too.

Warlock seems almost as if he is about to change shape again before he grabbed by Miss America. "Self is capable of flight." He informs her but does not argue with her choosing to carry him. He does somewhat dislike how she chooses to hold him. Once she is in the air he turns into a formless mass that climbs up her arms and reforms into a half sized version of how he looked before becoming Agent K perched on America's shoulders.

"You are a very intense person," Booster Gold observes, of Miss America, although he does so in the tones of one who finds this quite interesting. He hovers into the air and then flies after Bobby, moving alongside him once he catches up. Booster has a faint glow about him, which leaves a golden contrail as he flies, looking like a shiny and showy comet.

"That means I'm still alive, then," America replies with a slight smile, and flies after Booster.

The man glows. It takes a lot of guts, to glow like that.

Bobby finds what he's looking for. Open and yet sort of seccluded. Perfect. He ramps down and lands out in the open in the park. Nothing to see here. No ice creating mutants, flying pagent winners, time travellers or aliens who've been to secret mutant schools. Nope! Juuuuuuuuust a guy waiting to meet a few friends. Mmmhm.

Warlock actually rather likes the way Booster glows. It makes him look pretty, and so full of Life Glow and….that is a line of thought best ignored while hungery. And especially not while riding on the shoulders of a very angery seeming someone that at least has some knowledge of his species. Once they reach where they are going the alien steps off of America, his leg extending in a way that it should not before he ends up back on the ground changing back to his abnormal human size.

"Nice," Booster comments, regarding the spot Bobby has picked. He drops down for a landing and turns to regard the peaceful area, saying, "Some trees, open areas, nothing menacing lurking around and waiting to attack." Everything anyone could want in a park, really. "I got the impression you guys know where Warlock needs to get to," he nods at Bobby and America. "So that's good. Dude," he turns, addressing Warlock, "If you are trying to keep things quiet, I understand. I won't tell anyone else that you're here. I've … kind of noticed that the government and some of the citizens get really weird about anyone they think is 'different'."

"People don't know how to deal with things," America states, letting Warlock get off from her shoulder. She gives the alien a look, and rubs her chin. She looks at Bobby. She could drop Warlock off at the school, but then she would have to answer questions.

"I think you'll probably want to give him a ride the rest of the way to your professor," she says, looking at Bobby.

There was no hiding the fact that she knew something, considering the hand-off of the alien. But at least she was offering to hand him over to the icicle man without violating the privacy of his school. She didn't know how visible the 'Men' were in this dimension yet, or whether anyone else in the hero community knew of them. SO, diplomacy.

Bobby shrugs. He could take Warlock to the school and evidently he has some knowledge of it. Which, all things considered means he's probably okay. And if he's not… eh… folks there can probably handle him. The school, unlike the HQ is at least semi public.

Warlock just watches the others discuss him more like he is a child, or a pet, instead of the fully grown and adultish being that he is for a little before shaking his head. "Self knows location of the school, and that Selfs friends have likely started lives outside of…School. Self has desire to experiance Earth life again as well, before making contact with self friends."

"I bet you could find them pretty easily when you want to, though," Booster says, to Warlock. "Through the internet, I mean. It's a little weird in this era, but you said you've been here before so you probably have a better handle on it than I do." He points upwards at something, although it is unclear just what; possibly some kind of radio signal. Maybe he can see them. "If you're not going back there though, where are you going to stay?"

"You need assets to stay here. And an address," America says. "Or at least somewhere that counts as a base." She herself doesn't have a place to live here. That's in another Earth. But she is a Grand Central Station to the multiverse herself, so home is never more than one kick away. "You might need to contact one of these… 'self friends'."

Bobby just sighs and looks at the odd machine man. 'Self' reminds him in some ways of Mike. Might be interesting to see how the two get along at some point. "Does Self have a name? Or shall I just call you S?"

Warlock shrugs a little at the mention of him having some place to live. He has been there, done that, so it shoud not be too hard. He did mention his name earlier, but humans are less than perfect so it could easily have been missed. "Self's desigantion is Warlock. Shelter is unneccisary for self the way it is for human friends. Self can find sustinence with ease on Earth, and when in need of physical adress can find apartment."

"If you don't need food or shelter then I guess you're set!" Booster touches one of his wrist bracers, and a thin slip of royal blue cardstock is extruded from it. There is a raised gold star and letters upon it, and he offers it to Warlock. "That's my contact information. But if you need me in an emergency, tear it across the star… it'll send me a message and the location."

America looks skeptical, but she is willing to give Warlock a chance. She doesn't do the card thing, though. "If you're in trouble, I'll find you," she says. It's a promise. That's what she does, anyways.

Warlock takes the offered card and turns it over a few times. One of his eyes grows larger around, the other elongating as he scans over the card a few times. Once he finishes the card starts to turn black and gold spreading from where Warlock is holding it extending little tendrils as it changes. Once it is compleatly converted into something very much like Warlock it seems to freeze and a glow seems to come from it for a second before being sucked into Warlcok's fingers. Once the glow is gone the card seems to have turned a grey color, and quickly turns to dust. "Thank you self-friend Booster Gold. Self promises not to use emergency signal unless neccisary. Self …ahh." Warlock suddenly grows what appears to be a small satalite dish out of the side of his head for a second. "Self belives he has found acceptable apartment listing near by inside of acceptable price range."

Booster's eyebrows arch upwards behind his visor as Warlock transforms and absorbs the little card. "Wowzer. You were able to assimilate the nanotech in there like it was candy. That's pretty neat!" He floats up into the air, saying, "Good luck, Warlock. Nice seeing you again, dude," he nods to Bobby as he turns in the air. "And nice meeting you, Miss America. I need to get back to thwarting evil, you know, that kind of thing."

"Right, that makes two of us. Gold. Drake," she says to Booster and Bobby. She looks at Warlock and says, "Try to stay out of trouble."

It's futile, but at least she asked. In a second, she is airborne again, fading past the clouds.

Warlock shrugs a little. "Technology present in card made infection with Transmode virus and absorbtion easier." Which is true, built in technology and or living biological mater make things far easier to infect. "Greetings have been a pleasure Self-Friend Booster Gold." Warlock smiles and waves after Booster having promoted him from someone he met to a friend.

When Miss America looks at Warlock and speaks he version of a good by at him he puts a hand to his chest and looks almost shocked or hurt. "Self constantly endevers to stay out of trouble. It is not Self's fault trouble enjoys following Self."

That said Warlock starts to change shape again, taking up a form that looks like a fairly bland human in clothes that almost seem designed to fade into a large group. The form he has chosen is almost so generic that the only thing that could be said about him is that he is probably in his mid 20's. "Self has enjoyed meeting you as well Self-Friend possible-X-Man Drake." He can't really be sure, but between knowing about the school, having ice powers, and being old enough Warlock is going out on a limb. "Query. Will you do Self a favor? If you see members of the New Mutants advise them Warlock has returned and misses them and that Self will atempt to contact them soon?" That said Warlock waves goodbye and slips away to go find that apartment he found listed thanks to having his own built in internet connections.

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