Future Pong

November 17, 2014: Kate and May introduce Steve to the wonderful world of video games.

Barton's Office - The Triskelion

The Headquarters, Armory and Fortress of the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics division is, for the most part, an unassailable tower in the midst of the diplomatic sprawl that is Midtown East. The primary intelligence clearing houses and most of SHIELD's senior leadership are all housed hear, along with a veritable army of agents and staff to keep the place running, the world spinning and the weirdness at bay.



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It's late afternoon at the Triskelion, and on a Sunday, that means it's relatively quiet. Not that espionage and international crime sleep, but agents like to have some time off every now and then. It also means that the people at the front desk are a little less careful, which explains why Kate is currently in Clint's office, unpacking a video game system on his desk. Granted, everything was thoroughly inspected, but here she is all the same, whistling cheerfully as she goes. She's not entirely organized and certain of what she's doing, but it's not chaos either. Yet.

Melinda May has every reason to be walking through the halls of the Triskelion on a Sunday. The most likely reason being she's just returned from ferrying some group or other elsewhere. She does that a lot. Either way, she's walking down the hall past Barton's 'office' (it can't truly be called that when the archer refuses to deal with paperwork the majority of the time) with her go-bag over one shoulder and a black boiled wool coat over the other arm for when she steps outside.

She stops and looks toward the door to Barton's office when she hears something … unexpected coming from that room. Whistling. She's never heard Barton whistle before, so she's instantly suspicious. She sets her go-bag on the floor by the office door with her coat on top, then after taking a mental breath she knocks on the door. It was her first instinct to just throw the door open to surprise whomever is inside, but remembering the paperwork caused by busting down doors inside HQ stayed her hand. Er, foot.

Steve isn't usually the one doing the wandering around the Triskelion looking for people. Most of the time, they find him for whatever reason. But there's a debrief that needs doing and Steve gladly used the opportunity to stretch his legs and get out of a four hour long treatise on some small nation called Khandaq. He pauses not far from May, tilting his head as he watches her knock on the door and asking: "Is he in? It's his turn to debrief."

"Nooo…body's home?" Kate starts to call toward the door, wincing a bit at the knock. Maybe it's no one important. It could just be the janitor, right? Even the Triskelion has to have janitors. She pauses a moment, then shakes her head, coming over to the door to open it a crack and peek out. "Hi, Agent May. Cap," she greets the pair with her best innocent smile. "Clint's sort of out right now."

Melinda May looks over at Rogers and is about to venture a guessed answer when Bishop calls out from inside the office before opening the door. She narrows her eyes at the younger archer because she's not supposed to be here unsupervised. "Then why are you here?" She puts a hand on the door to try and push it open further her eyes flicking toward Cap then toward Kate. If the latter lets them enter without a fight, she'll scoop up her bag et al before entering.

"Easy, now," Steve offers, ever the peacemaker as he cranes his neck to look past Kate. "If Hawkeye is going to give anybody permission to poke around in his office, my guess is that Kate's going to be that somebody. Nothing to be suspicious about." Steve makes a terrible spy, it's true. At least when it comes to counter-espionage. "Still, I think you better let Agent May take a look around before she mistakes you for Madame Hydra in disguise. It doesn't look too much like a bomb hit it in there, does it?"

"Totally not. Just a figment of your imagination," Kate assures May, stepping back into the office to get back to fiddling. She knows better than to try to stop the agent. Besides, there isn't really anywhere to retreat to in Clint's office anyhow. "I was actually going to try to surprise him," she explains as she goes back to connecting cables. "I was going to put it in his apartment, and then I saw what was left of the brain stains on the wall, and I decided this place was probably less likely to get wrecked, seeing as how it's surrounded by master spies and stuff."

Melinda May levels a flat, unimpressed look at Rogers but follows Kate into the office to find an out of the way spot to set her bag down again. "This is Barton's office, it always looks like a bomb hit in here." Though, Kate's logic that a game system would likely be safer here than in the elder archer's apartment is undoubtedly a correct one. She looks at the system that Bishop is unpacking, then digs a small handheld device out of her bag. It looks legit packaging and all, but still Never hurts to be at least a little paranoid.

"What is it?" Steve asks, stepping past May without acknowledging the unimpressed look. He picks up one of the controls, turning it about in his hands and clicking a couple of the buttons experimentally, "Oh, no, I saw something like this when they were getting me up to speed on technological advances. This is like Pong, right?" Though probably much more advanced given the amount of time that has passed. Sure, he doesn't know anything about video games but he also isn't dumb.

"It's a game system," Kate starts to explain. "Top of the line. Like Pong, except about a million times more complicated," she grins at Steve, passing each component to May in turn. Scanning is another one of those battles that aren't worth fighting. "And I picked him up a few types of games. There's a first person shooter, and a racing game, and this one is some sort of story game. I will admit that maybe my choice of location could have been influenced by the displays here," she says through a fake cough. "I mean. Talk about top of the line."

Melinda May scans each piece as Kate hands them to her, handing them back again as they pass whatever test the little device is conducting on them. She'd roll her eyes at Rogers' comment about Pong, but that'd be just a tiny bit hypocritical. "Do you have Minecraft in there somewhere?" Oaky, so she's not the MOST up to date on games of any sort, but she's at the very least heard some of the names before. Likely from Clint himself.

For someone who was thawed out a year ago and who last experienced amusement technology in the mid-40s, the fact that Steve has gotten a grasp on this at all is a testament to his adaptability. He continues to turn the control in his hands, looking over all the buttons and triggers on it. Certainly far more complicated than Pong which, from what he saw, involved a stick and that was about it.

"Well, are you going to turn it on now that we're all satisfied it isn't an A-bomb?"

"Probably?" Kate picks up the bag of games, passing it over to May for inspection, before breaking into a grin at Steve's question. "I've got a few more things to hook up, but it shouldn't take more than a couple more minutes," she laughs. "What do you want to try to play?" Because there's no way she's saying no to showing Captain America how to play video games.

Melinda May tucks the handheld device into a pocket and accepts the bag of games, pulling them out to read the titles on their case spines. No Minecraft, but some pretty good game choices if her limited knowledge serves. She then offers the small stack of game packages to Steve to look at, thinking maybe he'll pick one based on the artwork. It's as good a way to pick as any.

Steve immediately begins to look through the boxes, passing up on the ones that have hyper-muscular types wielding swords and axes on the cover. He clicks his tongue, briefly looking at something with some kind of monster on the front. Finally, he settles on one with a modern soldier on the cover - one of a long chain of first person shooters set in warzones. What can he say? It's something he recognizes.

"How about this one?"

"We'll give it a try," Kate agrees comfortably, plugging in the last few cords and wires to get everything set up. "Kind of feel like you're picking something in your area of expertise," she teases, reaching out to snag the video game case and work it open. Perching on the edge of the desk, cross-legged, she leans back to pop the disc into the system.

Melinda May stands off to the side and crosses her arms, apparently content to let them play video games while she 'supervises'. But if pressed, she will admit that first person shooters have never been her forte. "Rogers, what was it you needed Barton for?" She can work on that while they play games, right?

"I'm not so sure," Steve answers, letting Kate take the case and leaning back against the wall to watch everything get set up. "I mean, the guy on the cover has an assault rifle. I don't suppose I can pick a shield as my weapon? Besides, doing something by remote control isn't half as easy as doing it yourself." He glances over towards Melinda, "There's a briefing on Khandaq. If I'm honest, I just agreed to go and find him so I wouldn't have to sit through anymore discussion on the 'strategic' value of natural resources."

"Where by 'strategic' they mean 'America would riot if they tried to ration things these days, because we define ourselves by our excess'," says the rich girl setting up the brand new gaming system, picking up a second controller for herself and watching the screen as updates and settings flicker by.

Melinda May huffs faintly in either amusement or annoyance at the mention of Khandaq, but she does dutifully pull her phone from a pocket and send off a message. Presumably it's to Barton, telling him to get to the briefing. "Something like that," is her reply to Kate's comment. "Were you expected to go back into that briefing, Rogers?" Yup, covering all the bases.

"If I am, I'm not," Steve answers, brow furrowing slightly. "What I do is defend the people and their interests … not serve an agenda. I made that clear enough when I excused myself." He turns back to Kate and the video game, changing the subject, "So, what do I do?" He'll pick it up quickly. He mastered Hydra technology in a matter of minutes during the War. But still, he could use a push in the right direction.

"It's different with different games," Kate explains, nodding toward the display as a tutorial pops up. "It'll tell us, give us a chance to test out each one when it comes up."

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