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November 18, 2014 : Barry Allen runs into Felicity Smoak at a nerd convention.

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"Well, I'm not exactly sure that that's possible," says Barry Allen as he readjusts the manpurse over his shoulder. He's wearing a navy dress shirt, untucked. Jeans, and a grey cardigan sweater. He's shaking his head, clearly unconvinced.

The later aged gentleman with salt and pepper black hair shakes his head, "Oh, it's entirely possible." Upon closer inspection, a pair of wires run from his bald forehead to a machine. "In fact, it's probable," says Clifford DeVoe. "In a few years, it will change the way we think about severely hurt people who have lost motor function.

Standing nearby Barry, brochure hung in front of her face so that she could barely be seen.. was Felicity. She had been listening to the conversation thus far and.. giggling about it. She could probably make a little do-dad that could actually work with the severly injured, but the way the man looked, caused a little yip behind the paper and a snorted laugh.

Heh. Heh.

"I understand." She finally blurts out, the light on in her eyes as she drops the brochure hiding act to step closer to Clifford. "You're attempting to use electrical impulses to stimulate the electrodes vi-ya nervous system, right? Since our brain usually fires off electrical pulses.." Her words trail off, eyes gone distant, and soon, she's ducking her head, hair full of blond tumbling along her shoulders as she begins to dig through her purse, looking for a pen and pad.

"See?" Clifford says to Felicity and immediately perks up. "She gets it!"

Barry still remains unconvinced, but his attention then goes from DeVoe to Felicity, "How in the world can you decode an electrical pulse, though? I mean, the technology just isn't there yet."

Felicity manages to pull a small, yet thick pad of paper from her purse, her nose scrunching just a little, fingers pressing against her glasses to push them farther upon her face. "I totally get it." She says to Clifford, nodding her hair as she begins to scribble a few things down, glance up.. and down again, now turning towards Barry as she writes.

"Easy! We use an oscilloscope already in technology, all we have to do is.." Her voice trails off a little, her lips pursing as she finishes her writing. "… adapt the key and core parts of an oscilloscope and incorporate it into a safe delivery mechanism that -can- be attached to the brain stem or spine without killing or injuring the subject even further."

She stops her writing and musing, eyes gone up towards Barry. "Oh.. you're right.. no ones made it yet.." Late relization, but that was okay! If anything, she could try!

Barry smiles and looks back to Clifford, "See what I'm saying?"

But the fun moment suddenly turns dark as Clifford looks like he's about to erupt into shouting. To be talked down to by two youths with such offhandedness. He throws his hands up, "Whatever. I'm not going to even /try/ to explain it to you."

He grabs his machine and goes back behind the curtain, ending the conversation early.

"Well, that was awkward," says Barry Allen to Felicity Smoak. "He didn't get the memo on constructive criticism, I guess."

There was a tiny bit of a moment where Felicity got scared. Just a smidge. Maybe it was the look on his face that had her backing away, ready to turn tail and run. "Ah.. sorry Sir.." She calls out towards his back, and then oddly relieved that he had left.

"No.. I suppose not. But, I was being nice, I was going to give him a sheet of paper with these figures I've just written on it, but he ran out of here faster than a bat out of hades! Though, I think there's like.. other things faster than bats and I'm not really sure that there is a hades. I'm also very certain that if there was a hades it would be too hot to encase bats, but then there would be like, those type of bats that are adaptable to their enviroments.. like, no hair and a hard dermis underneath the skin that protects it from extremely high temperatures and…"

She pauses, only to nod her head. "Yeeeaaahhh…"

Barry looks at her and can't help but smile. "I've never thought about it quite like that. I mean, if Hades and Hell are the same places, they've been described far differently." He sticks out a hand towards her, "My name is Barry…" His voice trails as he looks at her pad and paper, "And /that/ looks amazing."

"Well, if you think about it, all text and form of entertainment and literature describe two of the same places different because of the vision of the story teller. No one can really know what Hell or Hades look like if you've never been there. So we use the storytellers imagination and form our own hypthoesis based off of our own ideals and dreams."

She was getting too technical. The hand was immediately taken, after being juggled by purse and paper and pen, shaken light and quick as she withdraws to stuff her items back into her purse. "I'm Felicity. Totally cool to meet you."

Barry tilts his head, "Well I suppose. But I imagine that the people who have argued that they'd have seen it have also been the ones doing the writing. Of course, there's a theory that the Israelites manna was bird poop. You're right. We don't really know. And it's really nice to meet you, too."

"Well, there's also a theory that the worlds best coffee is made out of cat poop too, but you don't see me rushing to collect, right? Right?" She hee's quietly, her head bobbing just a little as she takes in a deep breath, feeling oddly awkward. One hand reaches up to sink fingers into her hair, scratching her scalp a little as her eyes glance around, the mini convention was in full force, more people showing than telling.

Just like she likes.

"Soo!" She perks up, gesturing around. "I should probably get back to browsing.. I mean, I'm sure there's some nice new fandangled jiggy popper that needs purchasing.. and breaking.. and modifying.. and improving.."

Barry palms at the back of his neck awkwardly and nods as she talks about cat poop in about the most charming way possible. "Yeah, I suppose your right. I mean, I'm not one who drinks a whole lot of coffee, and while the taste is similar-" But then she's leaving. Just as soon as she came. "Well, I mean, yeah right. There's so many cool things here that, you know, time is of the essence and all that." Or something.

Felicity left too soon! Ooooh she hates doing that! She whips around a little too fast, stumbling just a little and catching herself, her cheeks burning a bright red as a loud laugh escapes her lips. "Yes! Like.. someone actually made a jet pack that'll catch ghosts! I mean, not that I'd go ghost hunting and all of that.." Her voice was getting a little smaller, since she was backing away and still babbling.

"I mean, if you ghost hunt that's totally cool and I'd like to go too! But, ghost hunting! C'yeah right! Halloween is /so/ last month!"

Her face was all red, she really couldn't contain it no matter how hard she tried. "See you later Barry!" She calls out, long arm wave abound.

Barry nods to Felicity a few times, ready to let her walk away.

…until he remembers the girl Erin from his French class that he always wanted a second chance to talk to after their class was over, but he never got the chance.

"In a city of 8 million, what are the chances of later?"

Felicity was halfway gone until she heard his words, a deep blush tinting her cheeks yet again as she turns around. "Uh…" She can't do math on the spot. Not on /this/ type of spot.

"You'd be surprised at how small 8 million is!" She calls out, then turns around and keeps on walking. Was.. he asking her out on a date? Gosh. She was sure she was going to run into him again, sometime soon.. or not. Depending on how busy she is.

Barry shrugs his shoulders. He's not so sure.

And for the record, no he was not asking her out on a date. Sheesh.

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