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November 18, 2014: Namor visits his prisoner. Stuff happens.

The Ocean

The Ocean. There's water.



  • Unnamed Atlantean Admiral

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Place: Modified Atlantean Warship. Surrounded by the Ninth Expeditionary Fleet. Atlantic Ocean. Underwater.

Days in Captivity: 14

"This is becoming expensive, Your Majesty. Modifying an entire ship just so that one surface world prisoner can stretch her legs? I believe this is the very reason that we have always had a strict 'no prisoners' policy where humans are concerned."

With his usual swagger, King Namor strides down the corridor of the first dry Atlantean vessel to have existed since the Second World War. He is flanked on either side by the Admiral of the Ninth Fleet, and the Captain of the newly retrofitted vessel. It is the former who is protesting the ship's overhaul so vehemently.

Without water filling every inch of the vessel, a lot of the ship's stylistic touches make little sense. Conventional lighting has had to be incorporated, replacing the bio-luminescent mucus that formerly lined the walls. All of the crew are forced to wear environmental suits in order to survive. Books, made with real paper, have been placed on bookshelves, made with real wood. In short, it represents almost everything that Atlanteans hate.

As the group gets closer to its destination, Namor's pace slows. With a furrowed brow, he answers the general in as patient a tone as he can muster. "This is no ordinary prisoner. This mage might be the final piece required to accomplish all of our goals. If we must fill a ship with air for a few weeks, it is a small expense to bear. And while she is here, we will treat her better than any surface ape deserves."

Finally, the group stands in front of the door to the Mysterious Captive's cell. An entire platoon of armored guards stands watch near her cell, and nearly as many mystics conduct their meditative rituals within easy earshot. Clearly, protecting the contents of this cell is of great importance to Namor.

"Open the bulkhead."

As the door opens, Namor pauses in the doorway, surveying the inside before finally stepping into the cell. In one of his hands is a large pointy trident. In the other is a rather small box.

"Good day, Prisoner Number 2408-9.


Well. It's strange, but Rain is curious, peering around her surroundings. She makes it a point to wander around. She peers at the books, baffled and surprised. If she knew how much they hated it, she'd likely thank them for at least accommodating her nicely. Nevertheless, she's still quite afraid of them. Rain is pretty brave for what she is, but not really much of a warrior spirit. She needs to be distracted or worried for courage to kick in.

She peers out her window now and then, uncertain what's going on. Except that a lot of Atlanteans would probably cheerfully trident her given the chance. A lot of the time, she seems to linger in a corner at the far end of the room. Again, not brave. She's at the far end of the room when the door opens and Namor enters. It feels weird to be addressed as a prisoner and a number. She seems uncertain. "Good day, your highness." Best to be on good manners.


"See? Model prisoner. She doesn't make any trouble and she doesn't smell nearly as bad as most humans. And to think, Admiral, you wanted to push her out into the ocean…" Namor's teasing has a very pronounced sinister undercurrent running through it, despite his semi-charming smile.

The Admiral fold his arms, and looks disgruntled through the clear face-shield of his environmental suit.

"I realize that you probably would much rather be back on your surface world eating hamburger sandwiches and listening to swing music, but unfortunately we have decided to force you to stay here for a bit longer. But, never let it be said that Atlantis is unwelcoming to surface worlders, simply because we are actively planning to kill them all…" Namor leans on his trident, downright smug-looking, so relaxed is he. However, he also seems to be genuinely excited about something. That might be more worrying than anything else.

"… So, since you'll be our guest for the time being, I had some of my engineers modify this vessel for your needs. You will be able to leave your cell, and go to all of the non-vital areas of the ship. Under supervision, of course."


Unfortunately, Rain does not understand a lick of Atlantean. And she is pretty clean when allowed to shower. It doesn't help that she's terrified of the Atlanteans. She does look faintly concerned at the exchange, and the disgruntled expression on the Admiral.

Then Namor speaks, and she tilts her head, listening. Swing … music. Still, she nods and goes with it. best not to argue with someone who could blow up freaking towns if he wanted to. She tries not to wince at the 'planning to kill them all' bit. And smug is sort of expected. He's a king and even surface kings tend to have a bit of smug. She just sort of listens, concerned. He does seem excited. But about what? The murdering or something else?
"I see. Thank you. It's an honor." She seems happy enough for that. She's never really seen most of this place. And so she'll go with it.


"I wanted to tell you this personally, and check up on you. Always kill two fish with one punch, as they say. Well… as WE say, I suppose."

The Atlantean King chuckles a bit awkwardly. Translating his thoughts into English is something he's not had to do very often for quite some time. And he wasn't exactly an expert on American Idioms even back when he lived among the humans.

"Well, that was really all." He starts to turn, as if he's going to leave, when suddenly he remembers something. "Oh. The cleaning staff have had some complaints about your… clothing. So to help them, and to help you feel more comfortable, I've decided to bring you a little gift. Two fish with one punch, and all." He holds out the box in his hand, extending it so that Rain can easily take it.


Rain is a quiet audience. She pauses. The idiom is clearly unfamiliar to her. "Oh. Like two birds with one stone." Her people don't … really punch fish. Although, it is pretty impressive. She just manages a weak smile at the King's chuckling. Best to go with it, really. He's /trying/. So she accepts that. Rain is easy going and terrified. Good times.

She nods again, "Thank you." Then a pause. What's wrong with her clothes? She wears pretty standard, albeit boring and horrifically nerdy ones. Rain looks confused. "Oh! Thanks again." Beam. And hey, a gift. She thinks. She carefully accepts the box. "Is it polite to open it?" And if it is, it's so being opened. Consider that fish punched.


"These are especially fine. I even had my personal chef scoop out all of the clam meat." His gift delivered, Namor takes a half step back, lifting his trident slightly off of the ground. "This should help you feel much more comfortable, less like an outsider. When you're ready, you can simply leave your old clothing in the waste bin we've provided for you, the cleaning staff will ensure to it that the 'garments' are disposed of properly." Namor adds lots of stress to the word 'garments,' as if he's somewhat shocked that anyone could actually wear something like that.

"Well, we'll leave you to it. I know how much you humans value your modesty. If you need anything, or if you think of any secret weaknesses in surface world defenses that I could use to destroy your entire species, just alert one of the guards and they'll get a message to me."

Namor turns on his heel, and walks out the door. He's a busy guy, after all. The officers are quick to follow him, leaving Rain completely alone. However, the door is left open, and she's now free to roam the ship at her leisure.

The box that he gave her is wrapped simply in some sort of seaweed paper-esque substance and decorated with a piece of corral where a ribbon would probably be on a normal present. Within the box is something that Rain would probably never think to wear in a million years:

The box contains authentic Atlantean garb, consisting of two seashells, and a speedo.


… wait, what. What's this about clam meat…? There's an intense look of concern on Rain's face. She has an abjectly terrible poker face. Really. She sort of smiles weakly to Namor. Well. When in Rome, right? She tries to hide her surprise at it. A slow nod. "Thank you. They look lovely." She's trying.

Then he talks about weaknesses and she sort of looks puzzled. "Thanks and um, surely." he probably knows about how much humans rely on the ocean, after all. She just - yeah.

Rain is going to go with it, aside from the 'looks like a pan hit her over the head expression.' And she's going to … peer. "Well, it is thoughtful…" Kinda. Her face is as red as some corals might be. Very bright red. Deep breath. "I guess I'll try it on, maybe." Best not to piss them off, right? It's a battle between her shyness and her desire not to get smote. Like two angry hippos fighting over marbles, if you will. Still, once he's gone, she'll give changing a try. She'd rather not be resented. But she's going to be more shy than ever when she explores.

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