Getting Robin To The Batcave

November 18, 2014: After Robins extraction from The Jokers beating, Oracle arranges to get him into the Bat Families care.

The Nest

Somewhere along the i-95



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== Follow on from Punchline ==

The noise of the quinjet landing had brought pretty much everyone in from all the projects they were working on out at the Nest. A stretcher had been improvised for Tim and he'd been brought into one of the spare bedrooms and laid down. Greg, one of the parents with some basic knowledge was working on the young man in the torn red and green suit. He was in a bad way. Broken ribs. Gunshot wounds. Electrical burns. "Hells bells… what happened." He reached for the mask to get it out of the way…

"No!" Bobby called as he rushed into the room. "Leave the mask. Trust me. Everyone will be happier if you do. Here, let me help." Ice powers have some amazing applications. Like, for example frezing a wet make shift cast so that it hardens or freezing blood so that it clots very very quickly. "Son of a gun, Clown Lover." Bobby mutters as he helps Greg work on Robin. "What the hell'd you get into now? Hey!" He calls out to the main room. "Hot water, clean towels please! Quick!"


Oracle has been tracking Robin, being an Information Goddess has it's perks after all, to this place called "The Nest". Since contacting May, Oracle has been wondering just /how/ she's going to explain to Batman how she let Robin fall into Shields hands. Albeit, she wasn't left with many options at the time but Batman…. is Batman.

May had mentioned "The Nest", a location Oracle was unfamiliar with, and despite her searches she could find little about it in the time it took the Quinjet to arrive. Noting that information for later, the redhead now focusses on Robin and what's happening on the ground.

The video and audio feeds from Tims' suit are still active and as Bobby Drake, aka Iceboy in Oracles mind, comes into view she breathes a slight sigh of relief, made louder when she hears the words. Activating Bobbys comms unit, she speaks "Bobby" no, she's not in a mood to tease right now "It's Oracle. Please keep me apprised of his condition, I'm arranging for Bat resources to collect him." there's a pause "Thank you for helping him."

As this is happening, the location now known, she sends out another signal. It appears that Penny-One has become available and she expects to hear something very soon.


"Bad." Bobby says as he works. Greg glances up and Iceman just shrugs. "I'll explain later Greg. What about that gunshot wound?"

"Through and through." Greg replies. "Splatted on the kevlar on the other side."

"Okay. Help me get a bandage over it. We have to cut the top off, but like I said. Leave the mask. Yeah, I know it looks silly. Just trust me."

Greg nods. "Sure thing Bobby."

There's silence on the other end for a solid four or five minutes as Bobby and Greg work, then the 'beep' of a portable EKG machine. "Okay… Glad this stuff got left here by the docs. He looks stable enough. I'll wait with him Greg thanks."

The older gentleman nods and heads out, closing the door as he goes.

"Alright Oracle. We're alone."


"Oracle, this is Penny-One, how may I be of assistance." That's what Oracles been waiting on.

"Penny-One, Robins down he's been taken to a facility off the i-95. They'll maintain his secrecy and not check identity, but I need you to pick him up. We then need to decide where to take him. Coordinates incoming"

"Very good Oracle. Coordinates received, on my way. Estimated arrival time 30 minutes."

Oracles attention has not left the video from Robins suit and she's watched the roof roll on by as they move the Boy Wonder. At Bobbys' words "I know he's in a bad way, I was watching and listening to the whole thing. Have you stablilised him?"

Again, there's silence before Oracle continues "Thank you for leaving the mask on but I must request more. No samples of any sort are to be taken and his shirt that you removed must be returned. The identities of the Bats must remain a secret. If I can return this assistance, and favour, in anyway, I will."


"The shirt's gonna be burned." Bobby rejoins. "It's a biohazard. No one wants it sitting around here for however long it takes your folks to get out here. Speaking of, I presume you're gonna want to have someone come get Clown Lover here. Whomever you send, no costumes. We're trying to keep a low profile ourselves here and I don't need someone turning up in spangly pajamas in the middle of nowhere New York and drawing attention. Or heaven help us, being followed."


The redhead rolls her eyes. First Nightwing and now this snarky young man, she might need some physical therapy before tonights done. Thankfully her voice is digitally altered, so the emotion won't be sent through "Burning works, thank you. Someone will be there in about 30 minutes to collect Robin." but Oracle can snark too "I would never have guessed you were trying to keep a low profile. I've sent someone I trust, don't worry I won't compromise your precious security." Her green eyes flash with anger and Oracle takes some deep breathes to regain control of the temper. "You've done a good job at keeping this low key, is this a SHIELD run facility? And if you can't tell me, please try not to bite my head off this time."


"Hey!" Bobby does snap now. He may not be able to see the eyeroll but he can catch the subtext. "You folks keep way more secrets than I do. At least I do my work with my face showing. I'm trying to protect people who have been abused by Hydra and you've got absolutely no room to be sarcastic given your own situation and the favors I've done you. If you want to talk about precious security I've got one of your biggest risks lying on a table I'd I've respected his privacy without so much as a question asked, so back off lady!"

Bobby sighs. "No, we're not SHIELD. Not even remotely. This is a private facility run by a charitable organization."


"I've said thank you multiple times, Mr Drake. I will have Robin out of there as soon as possible." Oracle shakes her head in the Clock Tower. "That's all I needed to know."

"Oracle, this is Penny-One, ETA 15 minutes."


"You've also been demanding and sarcastic." Bobby says into the comlink. "Given that your friend here just got beat half to death I'm willing to make some allowances but you're not clean here." The ice nerd sighs and checks Robin's pulse. "Robin's got a through and through on that probably deflated his left lung. Greg did a basic needle thorcostomy but that's going to need some attention. He also has three broken ribs, some really nasty electrical burns and I shouldn't be surprised if he had a concussion."


The redhead sighs, Bobby's right but that doesn't excuse his treating her as incompetent. "Demanding, only because I have to be." the voice sighs "You all but told me how to do my job… I'm not incompetent and I don't put allies at risk. Requesting help, outside the Bats is just not done. I appreciate what you've done Mr Drake and it won't be forgotten." The injuries are catalogued and relayed to Penny-One.

"Oracle, this is Penny-One, those injuries are extensive. We will take him straight to the Bat Cave and I'll call in the doctor now."


"I didn't say you were incompetent. I made a request of your legendarily inflexible friends. Given your penchant for anonymity I don't think it was unreasonable to think they might assume that turning up in costume was okay. Or am I wrong?" Bobby sighs. "I'm sorry, Oracle. I'm not trying to get down on you. I don't like seeing your friend like this either. I just don't want your friends friends to make things worse by trying to help. I apologise."


"Words have power, Mr Drake" Oracle rubs her forehead and doesn't explain any further. "No, you're not wrong… but it's me you're dealing with and I've dealt with that. Apology accepted and mine is offered in return. The transport will be there soon… Can they come straight in, or do you need to security check them first?"


"They can pull right up. The people here are a bit wary of strangers so it'll probably be best if I greet them. Just let me know when they're here. A few months of brainwashing and abuse tends to make folks a little gunshy." Bobby's not kidding either. The foks here at the Nest had it all kinds of rough.


"Oracle, the is Penny-One destination in sight. Please advice entrace process."

"Penny-One, Oracle, just drive straight in, Bobby Drake will meet you"

"Good timing then, they're pulling in now Mr Drake." Oracle is still very formal.

A non-descript Van pulls into the complex and two men get out. There appear to be paramedics, Alfred hasn't come himself.


Bobby gets up to go greet them at the door. As he'd predicted the Nesters shy away and he has to back them away from getting the rifle stored here. Normally they're a non violent sort but strangers are not greeted well.

"Hello gentlemen. He's this way." Bobby guides the paramedics to the backroom where Tim is resting. Well, where he's comatose, rather.


The paramedics follow Bobby to the backroom, with their own equipment and gurney, do a quick inspection and confirm the injuries they were given. Robin is quickly transferred to the new gurney, Nest equipment is swapped over and a portable saline drip inserted. "Is there anything else we should know?" asks the shorter of the two men, looking to Bobby "If not, we'll be on our way."

Oracle is silent during this process but she's watching Robins video feed and sending out messages. One to Nightwing: "Robin secure, being transported to Batcave." and one to Batman requesting contacting ASAP.


"No, our doctor wasn't on site. Good luck." Bobby says. Oy. He hopes the Titans know that their star bird is down. Vorpal will probably flip. Hell they'll all probably flip. And he doesn't blame them. If Nancy or Berto or Illyana or Doug went down he'd probably be the same way.


The Paramedics wheel the gurney to the van, load and secure it. One of the men get in the back, the other in the drivers seat. Soon the van is on its' way again.

"Oracle, Penny-One, We have him and they're bringing him to the Batcave."

"Thank you Penny-One. I've let Nightwing know, expect a visit from him. And I've left a message for Batman to get in contact."

Oracle hasn't even thought about the Titans, her entire focus has been on stabilising and retrieving Robin. As the van moves away she speaks again to Bobby "Thank you again Mr Drake. I owe you a debt, should you need my assistance you know where to find me." Back in the Clocktower, it looks like the redhead is preparing to leave…


"I'll inform Agent May that Robin was stabilized and picked up." Beat. "If she asks. I rather suspect the point of bringing him here was to avoid having to take offical notice of him." Translation. May might well not ask.

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