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November 19, 2014 : Superman investigates a falling body


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It's a normal evening in Metropolis. Warm lights beckon through the windows of houses where some commuters are just getting home while others are already eating. The dark and cold keeps most people from the streets which, tonight, is a good thing. From out of the east, something hurtles out of the sky heading toward the ground. There's no flame so it's not a meteoroid. It's not big enough to be an airplane. It's heading straight for a brightly lit bay window through which a family is eating dinner. At the last second, it swerves just enough to come down in the street instead. There's a loud crash as it breaks through the pavement, creating a large hole and shattering some sewer pipes.

Superman's eyebrows pinch as he watches the curious sight—well, the tail end anyways. Once the object crashes, he flies closer to investigate. Red boots pad down just outside the epicenter and he walks towards the crater, looking over the top.

Mimic's metal clad form lies in the bottom stirring weakly. "Ow. That actually hurt." he mutters, trying to lever himself out then sighs as he sees Superman. "Are you really fast or am I not in Ohio any more? No, don't answer that." He already knows the answer: yes and yes.

Superman lends his hand down towards Mimic to give him a hand up, should he take it. "You look like you took a pretty big spill, there. Are you alright?"

Mimic grabs the hand and uses it to pull himself out of the hole. "Thanks. I will be in a minute." Once he's standing again, he starts dusting himself off. "Giant robot exploded." he explains. "It was more powerful on the inside than the out so to speak."

Superman nods, "Certainly looks like it." The Man of Steel gives him the once over with a resigned expression, making sure he's alright. "I'm going to check for any broken bones or internal injuries if that's alright."

"If you want." Mimic answers with a shrug. "But I heal quickly." Not that he has functional organs to be damaged. "Metropolis?" he asks, looking around and basing his guess on Superman being here. "I'm Mimic, by the way. You probably don't remember the one time we met. It was a while ago."

"Mimic, they call me Superman," the Kryptonian says and then nods, "Yeah. Metropolis. Did you get knocked all the way here from Ohio?" That must have been some strike.

"Yes, I know." Mimic answers, completely seriously. How would anyone not know anymore. "Explosion actually." he says, looking off to the east for a moment. "We were rather high up when I finished it off, fortunately for everything on the ground." Speaking of which, he looks back down into the hole he made. "Shit. That's going to cost the city to fix."

"Well," Superman reasons, "I imagine someone will be eager to fit the bill if you just saved the day somewhere. What happened?"

Mimic shakes his head at the question. "Not really sure, to be honest. It was in Columbus for some reason when it was reported. I don't know why. When I got there, it didn't feel like chatting. Where there's one, there's usually more so you might want to keep an eye out for them."

Superman nods, "Well I'm sure they're pretty happy you showed up. You seem like you've kept a pretty low profile over the course of the past few months."

"I was away a while." Mimic answers with a small shrug. "Still catching up on things that happened since but it mostly seems quiet." That's half a question. "

Superman smiles slyly, "I suppose that's all in the eye of the beholder. In Metropolis, we have a bit of a problem with escapees from Stryker's. It's kept us all pretty busy."

"I heard that." Mimic agrees with a nod. "I'm sure some of them are pretty dangerous but hopefully they aren't a widescale threat. Unless they team up. There haven't been any signs of that, have there?"

Superman shakes his head, "Not yet. At least not after the initial break in. But I imagine it's not far off in the future."

"Well, I'll be watching for any trouble and can be down here in a blink if need be." Mimic offers. "Just in case you're not around. Or are facing down multiple criminals."

"I appreciate that, Mimic. You know a lot of us are banding together and working with SHIELD. We could use the help, if that's something you'd be interested in," Superman says.

"SHIELD?" Mimic repeats. "Some of the X-Men have already helped them out a time or two. Is there a specific problem they're looking for help on?

Superman shakes his head, "Not specifically, no. Just generally."

"Well, I'm always willing to help out a peacekeeping org when they need it. Maybe I'll go talk to them and see what's going on." Mimic muses, more to himself than to Superman. "You said 'a lot of us'. Who would that be?"

"So far, there are Wonder Woman, myself, Hawkeye, Booster Gold, Rocket Red, and others." Superman isn't sure of how secret some of the other members are, but the list is a good start

Mimic nods at the list. He's certainly heard of some of them. "I'll do that then. Thanks for the hand." he says, offering his own. "Sorry about the street."

"It'll be fixed in no time." Superman shakes Mimic's hand before releasing and floating up into the air. "Gotta get back to work. Take care of yourself, and I'll be in touch.

"Thanks again." Mimic says and then disappears in a pinkish blink.

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