One Just Like You

November 20, 2014 A case study of Superman. Things go just as planned. (Cursing and racial slurs abound)


The street, a rooftop, a bank. It's all there folks.



  • Crowd in a bank
  • Seoul
  • Jerusalem

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-REDACTED-: 20141115

"Jerusalem, Seoul. I need you two suited up and ready to go in ten. William's. Double check the equipment and the live feeds through satellite view. I want every angle on Metropolis that you can get and sent to my tablet. Floyd. Get your uniform, we're heading out to Metropolis. You're driving."

Waller was going to avoid planes for a while after that last fuck up in New York.

METROPOLIS: Present Day:

It was a seemingly sunny day in Metropolis, children where playing in parks, dogs were being walked, the rustle and bustle of a normal, happy city that's grown used to terrorist attacks and buildings falling around itself move and shook as cities like Metropolis would. Construction crews were still heavy at work, restoring some of the terrain, making roads smoother for commutes in and out of town.

Two men, however, seemed to be a little bit off. They didn't look like criminals of course, just a pair that wore black suits and sunglasses that stood and carried themselves unlike a Metropolis citizen. Tall and shady, red hair one bald, both smoking cigarettes and wearing black gloves, bulk underneath their jackets that suggest they may be apart of come type of Security company or.. looking to do no good.

Across the way was Waller, perched upon the ledge of the building that rests just above the two men, tapping away at her tablet, a little game of Flappy Birds played as her face scrunches up with a bit of distain. She's even got a cigarette tipped in between her lips, the ash growing longer by the minute as she glances over her shoulder to make sure Floyd was where she left him, and not behind her with a running start to shoulder check her off the high ledge.

"What time is it?"
Deadshot has his armor on, although, given the meeting schedules, he's not sure what point there is to it. But hey, why not look official and stuff? Plus, maybe Superman couldn't see the faces he was making behind the mask. Okay, so he could, but…wait, did that X-ray thing happen all the time? Like, was everyone naked to Superman? So many questions.

"I dunno. Maybe you should've brought Clock King." he says in response.

The men stick out to Superman as he floats up in the sky. They're definitely unlike normal men who frequent this part of town. He decides to focus his attention on them, such is the manner in which he must choose who to listen to and why. He floats down towards them, attempting not to look too terribly obvious, but keeping his distance.

"So I was saying to this lady.." Seoul starts, flicking a bit of his own cigarette. "..I was like. Look. You're cute and all, but you need a bit pickin' up. Get your hair done, girl. Pluck them fuckin' eyebrows. Oh, I don't know.. maybe wash your ass once in a while.."

Jerusalem starts to laugh now, hand slapping against his bald head to rub whilst his shades lower upon his nose, revealing red eyes. "Awh hell naw. You said that fo' real?"

"Yeah man, she fuckin smelled like broiled perch on a hot summers night left out on the sidewalk with ants and shit on it."

"How in the hell do you know how that smells?"

"I don't know, Jew."

Both of the men begin to walk across the street, heading towards the bank. Jeru checks his watch, and Seoul tucks his hands into his pockets.

Above? Waller curses softly as her little birdy smacks right into a pipeline, and for half a second, she looks as if she were about to toss the tablet across the street.. until she sees him. Two fingers snap as she gestures towards Superman, and with one leg whipping over the edge, she hops to a stand and begins to access the satellite feeds. She splits the screen upon the tablet, sending out a text message to the tech boys at home. She wants interiors of the bank, as well as exteriors. Another text message sent to Floyd, even if he was standing right next to her.

Ready your rifle.

Deadshot grins inside his mask and brings up the rifle. He kind of wants to go unscoped, because he can and he's a fucking show-off, but there's no point in taking chances. I mean, there's not -really- a chance he'd miss, but if Waller thinks he's taking a chance of missing just so he can show off.

Spymasters are temperamental creatures, even in their natural habitat of fucking with superheroes.

He places the rifle to his shoulder and lines up the sights, texting back to her since she's gone all silent, "Betcha I can hit him in the eye. #pirateofthekryptonian #suparrrrman"

Superman continues to float there—the men in question don't seem to be doing anything untoward. Perhaps they're just similarly dressed suavesters. Nevertheless, he continues on waiting, just to see, ready to go back to his normal patrol once they seem like they've shown themselves to be harmless.

Yeah. They were harmless alright.

"Alright bitches." Jeru says aloud, as soon as the doors were breached and locked. He reaches into his jacket, retrieving two pistols, the first one aimed at the security guard and the other trained down upon the crowd of regulars. A woman screams loudly and grips her child as people automatically drop to the floor.

That action? Causes Seoul to laugh, his own guns gripped and ripped from holsters beneath his arms. "You people are a bunch of pussies."

"Don't care if you're loaded dude, pull your gun you best not miss!" He tells the guard, all the while Seoul makes his way to a singular, terrified terror.

"So." He says to the lady. "You're gorgeous. Pretty. Hot even. Even hotter still if you grab one of those deposit bags in the back them armored car folks use and fill it up with some sweet, sweet currency. Know what I mean?"

The woman begins to cry, barely able to function as she trembles within her seat.


And she still doesn't move.

"BITCH! GET YOUR ASS UP AND GO GET MY SHIT! I'LL KILL YOU!" Seoul sounded… forced, but it was enough to make the woman scream, sob, and leap from the chair to rush towards the bag.

Meanwhile, Waller has video up and running upon her tablet, a slight smirk drawing across her features as she moves towards Deadshot so that he could view the feed as well. She didn't need to send a text for this one, Floyd's job was simple. Keep Superman busy and /do not kill/.

How do you keep an invulnerable guy distracted with just a gun? Make that gun a pain in the fucking ass for him. In this case, the armor-piercing slugs were heavy and specially designed to explode on impact, like little missiles. The explosions didn't actually add much to the impact power. That they did to was make a LOT of noise.

So, when he starts to pepper (no, not that kind, Stark, you perv) big blue with gunfire (and the first one's going right in his earhole, that's for sure), it's like being in the center of a pack of fireworks. It might not heard him but it's LOUD and NOISY and DISORIENTING and REALLY FUCKING COOL.

Okay, the last one's just Deadshot's opinion.

Superman hears the gunshot coming long before it hits him, so when he turns towards the bullets he is eager to allow them to hit him and not someone else. The one doesn't catch him in the ear, but right in the face. Irritating, that much is sure. But not harmful. His eyes immediately turn towards who shot him and a frown comes across his face. His eyes turn milky white as he begins to scan for the perp. He is not too pleased. He wants to go after the first two men as they've now shown themselves to be less than kind souls, but the man who shot him is shooting a gun in the middle of the city and that takes precedence.

"Everybody just be cool." Jeru says, clearly taking the Sam Jackson route. But.. the security guard jerks.. and..


Right in the kneecap.

The man falls to the ground, clutching his poor knee. The shot was not lethal, of course, and the man was going to retire living off disability and a hefty, anonymous donation to his pension fund until the day he dies. But anyways..

The man screams about his leg as the woman begins to go to register to register, logging in with shaky fingers to open draws and fill the bag, afraid of getting shot just like ol' Security Guard Sal. And if you looked closely? She probably threw up a little bit in her mouth.

Seoul cracks a low whistle, guns twirling within his fingers, each step he takes away from the counter top a clear dance as he points a gun at random people, causing them to scream and cry just a /little/ bit louder than before, creating a cacophony of tunes out of their misery.

All the while Deadshot loads into Superman, Amanda stands, a slight grin upon her face as she takes a few steps back. She was still watching the feeds through the bank, even as her boys at home work upon the Satellite feed to zoom in on Superman to watch. And study.

Yeah, she likes this better. It was all controlled.

Hearing the gunshot, Superman knows he must be quick and get there as quickly as possible. He soars towards Floyd as fast as he can and reaches back to throw a punch at the man's face, pulling the pressure as he does so that he doesn't take the man's head clean from his shoulders. He's trying to put the gunman down in one shot.

That was interesting. At least to Amanda that was, she makes note of Superman's actions and catalogues them for later. As he nears to punch Deadshot, Amanda.. for lack of trying, draws in a deep breath and screams as loud as she could. He was close, and she was sure that she could hear the tormoil within the bank, and even though she was no Canary? She was woman.

Hear. Her. Roar.

Meanwhile, in the bank, Seoul looks at his watch with a frown. "Man. I know someone probably done tripped an alarm or something. Are they waiting on that fucking freak to come and save the day?" With those words, Seoul kneels down towards a child, reaching out to pat her head. She didn't seem phased, most of the times? Children can see through bullshit. "You folks need a better contingency plan. Amirite?" The woman clutches her daughter, then tucks her in close.

Jeru on the other hand puts his guns away. He knows the people are scared of him, so there was no need for the fanfaire. "Dude. Superman's right outside. Look."

They both approach the window, looking up towards the roof where Waller once sat.

"Think we should go help her?"

"Nah." Says Jeru, "We're about to fucking get our asses whipped by Blue Thunder. Let her feel the pain for once in her life."

Deadshot doesn't really have much chance, given the Superdude's speed and all that. The inside of his helmet is nicely cushioned and weed is legal back at HQ in DC, though, so he'll probably be feeling okay by tomorrow. He's had concussions before, which is the worst he's likely to get.

Plus, it was really fun, "Don't dent the helmet! I still owe a security dep—" he manages before the fist jacks his jaw, sending him tumbling backwards over the rooftop.

Superman is able to go up and over the edge in a blink of an eye and safely puts Deadshot back upon the ledge. Without a weapon. From there, he's off to the bank, bursting through the doors. "This stop now!" he shouts at Seoul and Jerusalem. "Put the guns down now or I will make this very painful on you." Superman wanted to go after Waller, but time was of the essence. To many directions to go and not enough time.

Deadshot falls off the ledge.. Superman saves.. Interesting! In fact, he promptly ignored her right after! Maybe she didn't have the pipes that she once thought! Or maybe.. Superman doesn't beat women. Admirable.

She strolls over towards Deadshot with a hop and a skip, kneeling down at a crouch beside him as she reaches out to clap him upon the shoulder. "C'mon. You look like you need a drink. And maybe some chicken strips and ranch. I'm kind of hungry."

Entertain her, he must!

Meanwhile, Jeru and Seoul jump out of place, nearly scrambling over each other as they try to put on their best faces. In fact, they've taken to monologuing quite well, watching criminals of old and what they've managed to witness on the screens back at CADMUS.

"You cannot stop us! er.. Wait a minute." Seoul starts, hands slapping at Jeru's shoulder to push him behind him. They were buffoons, best friends, but awfully loyal.

"Did you just drop that lady on the roof?" His icy green eyes flash for but a moment, all the while Jerusalem remains silent.

"I'm about to drop you if you don't drop those guns," Superman says as he approaches the pair at superspeeds. There's a punch towards Seoul's stomach and another upper cut towards Jeru. *SLAM SLAM* By the time he slows up enough to be visible, he skids to a stop with the guns in their hands. "Your last chance to give up. After this, I start breaking bones. You're lucky I pulled my punches. You won't be this lucky again." Gotta be quick. Gotta get up there and get to that shooter.

"You're gonna drop me? Nigga, go pound sa—…"

Seoul kind of moves in slow motion, his feet lifts off of the ground while Jeru goes backwards. It would have been a funny sight..

If it didn't hurt.

And they felt like they were going to throw up.

Meanwhile, on the roof, Amanda grabs Deadshot's wrist, attempting to drag him away from the roof but.. eh. He was too heavy.

"Alright. You're stuck here. Just call me when you get out of jail." Every man for themselves, Amanda would see to it that he gets out within the hour. There was really no need for her to get caught and questioned by the Man of Steel. She has the data, the cameras within the bank are all recording and being fed back towards HQ. The tablet was brought up again and a text was sent, and soon she descends the stairs through the door that led them through the rooftop. No grappling this time, her fear of heights was somewhat still there.

With both of the men collapsed upon the ground, clutching their gut and jaw respectively, they groan out their surrenders.. which.. was just a 'little' bit too easy.

They're going to hold this against Waller for a very, very long time. They hate losing a fight.

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