Peaceful Measures (Part two)

<November 20, 2014>: Tension builds up.

Themyscira House
The Themyscrian Embassy is the home of the
Amazonian Delegation to the world. It is their castle, their fortress, their
refuge from the Patriarchs world and the place where they gather friends and
allies, on occasion. The Embassy grounds are, as all embassies are, the
sovrgien territory of Themyscria and anything done there falls under
Themyscrian law.



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In our previous episode….

//It was settled, Diana was going to pay for her fuckups. Great. The way Shayera fixes things is with her own hands, if wanted, she would have flown to the designated damaged areas and built anew brick by brick, mortar by mortar. But that was neither here nor there.

The closing of the doors causes her to fall into place, one foot in front of the other, fingers clenching into fists as they were long before and since the day she was born. And then a breath. She hates being locked up, tied down, turned around..

"The same way you identify your world leaders, by title and work. Not worth." Addressing the two is out of the question, and answering to the two? She felt the same.

Her chest heaves briefly, sensing the change behind her as she turns. This was as level headed as Shayera was going to get.

"No matter the soil, no matter the boundaries, no matter who's land is upon who's. You will be brought to justice, Corvinus." For once, she said his true name. And for once, she approaches the god bird, chin lifted yet not in defiance, much as she had done long ago centuries past.

"You say you don't know. Then come with me, Old Friend. Return with me and face the Tribunal. Have faith in your innocence and you and your suit shall be returned here, free. Unaccosted, unharmed. Set my peoples minds to rest as you so want to do. For by now, they know that you are here. And they /will/ come for me and you as well. And neither hell or high water.. " She's learned that from soap operas, folks, ".. will stop them from achieving that goal."

A hand is lifted towards Corvinus, she does not touch nor does she invade personal space, but she was close enough to do a considerable amount of damage should she wish. But her posture remains relaxed, there was no ire nor ill will, all turned off for the sake of reason and diplomacy, which would only be contained in these four walls.

"Do not endanger these people further."//

Now, stay tuned for the stunning conclusion of… PEACEFUL MEASURES (Part Deux)

America raises an eyebrow and sets her cup down on the saucer with a light 'plink'.

"If you are threatening with an invasion force," America says with an even tone, though her face begins to darken, "It's not going to end well. For them."

No threats, only a simple statement. Jericho after all had seen what she had done to one invasion force not a few weeks ago.

"This one does not know of a Tribunal, nor does this one have faith in a people that took the wisdom this one imparted so long ago and then trampled underneath. While one's goal is admirable and thoughtful, it is highly unlikely that this one could anticipate a fair trial or hearing of any sort among one's people, "

Its tone is diplomatic, polite, and there isn't the weight of the ages that it is sometimes wont to add to its speech.

That's probably the biggest admission of doubt on the bird-being's part.

"If there were some reassurance, or perhaps some neutral ground or method of mitigating such concerns?"

It's true. It'd been a small invasion force… and there'd been a Hulk present but it had gotten quite handily thashed. Speaking of the psyborgs that was another thing he needed to poke it. "And why, exactly, is his presence endangering anyone?" Beat. "Who can put up with fortune cookie philosophy?" Jericho casually flicks the case that holds his gun-blade open but doesn't draw or otherwise make a hostile move. This is just… a bit tense.

Diana remains in her seat when Shayera rises and heads for Corvinus, the closer she gets the more she leans back in the chair, like a businesswoman in repose for thought - even her hand comes up and her chin rests upon the heel, fingers bridging over lips, index pointing just beneath one azure huen eye.

When Chavez speaks and Jericho moves her eyes don't even lift or move from watching Corvinus and Shayera. "Whenever you have success you never learn from it. Success breeds a degree of hubris. When you fail that's when you learn." Pause in her words as she rocks forward and the hand that was once upon the contours of her features now lifts and gestures to Jericho to halt. She was no fool and following that gesture is a solid look of disappointment towards him.

"I can be the neutral party, I can provide the grounds as well. How can we truly end this as peacably as possible?"

America's words cut through like a knife. The threat to her people; Shayera took personally and turned to look towards the woman over the shoulder, wing lowering to give way to sight and scorn soon there after. Instead of speaking words, cause that will come to blows in the house of her friend, where neutral ground above all prevails. Why wreck-it Ralph when you can dismiss. For now. A lift of an arm and a flick of the wrist is given towards America, the 'Bye Felicia' treatment placed and gaze falls back upon the large bird, her own wings shifting in slight agitation yet foricbly lowered to project an aire of calm.

Even Jericho gets a look of crassness, clenched jaw with a slight inhale and exhale to explain briefly as to why she's guarded. "I am not of your world. I serve my people, my people only. To display and lay out the way and designs of my peoples military is not only an affront to them, but the very existance of honor and faith that I have in them as well. I'd be labled a traitor, strung up, hung and killed. A…" She pauses, glancing back towards the doors towards one of the Amazonian's who favor television and.. "Benedict Palmer? Arnold?" She was confused.

Corvinus however, gets a lowering of a brow. It wasn't harsh, gentle as she attempts to coax and aid him back home.. but Diana's words, they offer a bit of light to her eyes, and a little smile with a turn because…

1. The woman was a diplomat. Shayera would be praised as the Amazonian's were heard of upon her world, admired by womenfolk of Thangar, and loved by the fierce warrior men.
2. She could show the woman what she's missing. To alien grogg that's still alive when you drink and the way they party/brawl into the mornings light.

The mere thought of that causes her wings to quiver. Just a pinch. And a turn again towards Corvinus. "What say you."

"Don't tell me what I practice," America snaps at Diana with an unexpected amount of sharpness. "You assume too much for a diplomat."

After all, it was easy to play diplomat, protector and princess when you were the ruler of your people, had a home to go back to to lick your wounds when you got beat up and could count on them for support. At least, America thought so.

She had left her home and the throne she would eventually occupy behind, the home her two mothers sacrificed themselves for. It was now beyond even her ability to pierce through the multiverse and travel at will- the breath of the demiurge had made it apart from the universe itself, in a level of incomprehensibility that buckled the mind. She had come to the rest of the multiverse as a determined nine-year-old, and for a good amount of her ten years of experience she had known deprivation and loneliness, the lack of home or family, a solitude she eventually embraced and wore as her armor. And all of that because Utopias need princesses, not heroines, and she wanted to be a heroine. Just like her mothers.

And that's what she had been for the last ten years, scraping by until she learned the ways of the different worlds and she could clothe herself and feed herself by her own means.

Failures? There had been a lot. So many. Which is why she tried never to repeat them again.

Her hazel eyes narrow at Diana. She could tell her, of course. But that's not how she did things. She didn't need to know anything about her, none of them did, except the following, which she directs to Shayera as the bird woman gives her the cold shoulder.

"It's very simple, chica. You or your people threaten this world, which is under my protection, and I throw all of you into the moon. You decide to talk instead of acting like a crazyperson and we're fine. Simple as that."

She leans back on her chair, arms crossed and a detached expression on her face.

The avianoid entity tilts its head and contemplates.

"This one does appreciate the consideration of our host on this matter, and it would be a viable and reasonable concept. However, the threat of assault needs to be addressed as well. The people here have done no wrong. Yet one did bring that option to the discussion. Before any further negotiation can occur, there needs to be an assurance that option has been removed from the equation."

It pauses and tilts its head.

"Partner supplies terms: Benedict Arnold, Vidkun Quisling, Judas Iscariot, these would all be cultural analogies to that of what one speaks. One must always follow the orders of one's superiors when one is a member of a military organization, save for when those orders contradict higher orders."

It tilts its head the other way.

"This one has been accused of using the partner as a shell, a husk, a guise. Perhaps it would be better for him to profer his wisdom on this matter, as the potential of bias on this one's part may be overriding logic processes?"

It would also go a long way towards discouraging this idea that the Corvinus simply takes people over without consent and drains them dry in some fashion. Where did that idea come from, exactly?

Jericho blows out a long sigh. He's loooooooong since given up asking these two to explain what in the hell is going on. Neither seem inclined to do so and he's already pushed for answers more than vague accusations and defences twice in this conversation. He just folds his arms and watches between the two. "Perhaps, since you two don't seem to want to explain what you're fighting about, you'd care to explain why his presence endangers us, and why that should make us in any way more favorably disposed toward you. 'Cause as it stands I'm ready to upload your biometrics to every military, law enforcement and terror database on the planet."

Diana does not pause when Chavez speaks up, in fact the smile she offers is one easy to come to lips and when she stands the two large doors that were manned by Amazonians now lowly grind their way open by the women ushing them aside and out of the way. Diana seemingly the only one managing to keep her stoicism while the two standing at the door are offering narrowed gaze.

"I kindly asked this be handled in a peaceful manner, to let them handle their personal history and issue that comes here and causes its own havoc." Now her gaze shifts from an overall look to the room in its entirety to Jericho and Chavez. Cavez the first. "Your words are hostile and without backing and have no place here. You may see yourself out." And as Jericho's followed a single brow raises when her arm extends and hand gestures to the door. "Will you follow in her footsteps or let them solve it on their terms, as it seems neither of you have faith in truth and peaceful means."

Diana heard the reasons earlier from Corvinus, and Shayera is trying her hardest to extend a peaceful resolution as she knows how, she is not about to have it shattered to the winds over thoughtless /words/ with little action.

Shayera's gaze went to the door. And back towards Corvinus. If the Amazons burst into the room because of Chavez's outburst? Shayera would stand by and watch and then jump in to break it off, even with risk to the broken wings. Those woman, brutes they were, loved her wings so much they'd see it ripped from her back and hung upon the mantle in their war room; victory for besting a Valkyrie. Even if Shayera was not one, not really herself.

It was then that she turns around to face America, her brows lowering and lifting to form a neutral face. For what she says, no matter what, was the truth.

"Your protection." She states to confirm. "Are you a lantern? One with The Green, the Clear? The red? Are you the man with the one eye and black trench? The man in red trunks with blue tights? The man dressed as an oversized creature, the Vermin man?" (Batman, for you people.) "Are you this nations president? Who /are/ you but a little girl dealing in otherworldly politics, war and partitions that which of you have no design?"

In other words. "You are not my mother, you are not my father, you are not the Gods that walk this planet who choose life or death for it's people. There /is/ no talk of invasion, there is no promise nor a threat. Only what is clear to be true no matter how I twist my words and say and reassure. There will be no invasion. There will only be seek and find. For him and for me. Step in their way, woman. And you will be crushed by their might. I guaran-damn-tee it."

She sighs now, she did not want to say those words but it needed to be said, for her gaze falls upon Jericho now with a shake of her head. "You can try to upload all you wish. But I grow tired and weary of the threats. I grow tired of having to explain things that I am not allowed to those that are not privy to said information. I am just damn tired." She smacks her lips. "Ideas are the a blessing. To see them through even more so. But when a being can twist those ideas into something far greater and sinister through the guise of innocence and philosophy.. is something that .. we.. believe is in the very near future. The call to arms under such great weight, a living god that commands and walks with whom /he/ deems is right and wrong holds power. And in that future we predict, is the sight of you burying your loved ones by the claw of your finger upon dirt with belief that they died for a cause given to you by false prophet when in reality? It /never/ should have gotten that far."

"And you protect it. Where I want to protect you."

Agitation draws near, but she keeps it in wraps, her body stiffening as she glances towards Corvinus, her head tilted towards the side as she finally lets it go. "I'm sorry for hurting you."

Wait. Huh?!

America Chavez looks at Hawkgirl and rolls her eyes. She wanted titles? She would get titles.

God, she hated titles.

"I am America Chavez, Princess America Chavez. Don't make me repeat it. You want your titles? There you have it, your stupid little titles out of which you make so much. Eight months ago a multidimensional parasite tried to eat the multiverse and we stopped it. Little girl? I'm not the one who had to be subdued into unconsciousness before she was willing to talk things out like a sane person. Multiple times."

From her seat, she looks at Diana.

"And you are going to kick me out because I reminded her what happens to people who threaten this planet?" she lifts her chin. "This woman has visited more violence, caused more damage and hurt more people than I have in this conversation. You're going to kick me out for reminding her that this world's safety is my pirority? Say the word," she says, reaching down to tie the laces of her right boot, which had become untied at some point. "But if you want to talk about actions, princess, you don't have a leg to stand on to chastise me over her."

"Mister Jericho, think of a Coming Storm. Let America know about it. There is no need for war, but be prepared to secure peace."

The comment is enigmatic towards Aspect and America, but the avianoid offers nothing further, hoping that the fellow remembers at least a little bit of the ancient entity's worries. Or at least starts some thoughts rolling as to what to do on the matter if and once the two other parties depart.

It listens to the continuing discussion, then it shrugs itself back down to Jim, who does a bit of a wince and a gasp as apparently whatever other state he was in didn't have the pain. He grabs the table for a moment for support before straightening up.

"You're giving it way too much credit. It doesn't want to end. It's… even worried about me. But something I learned in the Service and long ago is that sometimes, y'gotta do whatcha gotta do an' if'n you don't do it, good folks get dead, and it sucks. So let's get this crap figured out, something that parties can agree to, stop tossing around freakin' nuke options, and get 'er done."

He coughs a bit as he glances to the women in the room. "Sorry, it's more a term for doing a thing, not… gah."

America's depiction gets him thinking.

"Thank you very much for bailing my butt out of the fire, Princess Chavez. I'ma gonna stand here an' hold up the big boy pants, and ask that you keep an eye out, and keep doing the awesome helping things that you and Jericho both do? Because this is where you go and do what you do best, and same with Mister Trent. And then I'll figure something out. It'll all work out. Because it's gotta."

It's not pleading, per se, but more along the lines of the 'I got this one, go go go'.

Jericho looks over at Diana. "I have no faith in someone who has a demonstrated pattern of homicidal intent and no desire to explain themselves. Any explanation, even an unbelievable one, would be better than what I currently have, which is nothing. So yes, rather than allow her to put yet more people in danger I am willing to do that which I am most loath to do and turn the system on her." This is one reason why Hydra has such a hard time with the hacker. "If she will not offer some assurance of peaceful conduct that can be trusted, and no one will secure it for her, I ask you Princess: What am I supposed to think? So far 'solving it on their own terms' has resulted in his near death, my near death, a ruined apartment and a handful of meta-brawls." Beat. "Really, Ambassador, what I am supposed to think about that? Am I to turn my back and let it happen again, and again? Because right now I have no indication that it's going to change. And her own words seem to suggest that if he does not surrender himself for unspecified crimes, that there will be planetary consequences." Jericho throws up his hands helplessly. "Given that, what would you do in my place?"

"Once more Shayera you give me no reason to trust your words, or even your good intent. If you were to offer me anything other than blandishments and violence, I might be more sympathatic. You set there speaking as if you are some sort of wounded pary here and you simply aren't. You are, in fact, the cause of all this. And speaking of growing tired, so am I." He stands. "I'm done here, unless any of you have something productive to offer." He stands around, asking, near pleading for someone to give him something he can work with. A reason. An assurance. Anything other than vauge plattitude and philosophy.

"Sorry Jim. No. That thing starts wrecking things again and it's gone beyond being between you and her anymore. You both forfieted that when you dragged in other people and now, like it or not, other people are involved. And aren't going away."

Diana's smile slowly is taken over by a solidarity, a stoicism and unwavering depth, a mixture between a grecian statue and the Mona Lisa. "I don't think this became a debate over titles. Nor did it become a besting contest of who did what, when and where. It is not about you, or anyone else. It is about them and bringing all of this issue to an accord. Your words do the opposite and still do. I will not ask again for you to leave -MY- home where you stand to condescend me and disregard my wishes."

Now she gives Cavez a polite nod, the smile returning as well as the lift of her arm to show her the way to the door that the other two Amazons wait by while her gaze once more rests on Jericho. "You of all here, right now, know my course and what means I will go to to administer the correct justice. You and your friend have done very well to insult it and push for results that go against the very core of my purpose. I will take this matter and these two wholly and without further aid."

Now she steps to the side, as if it will allow them both an easier exit. "Part of being /anything/ that lives and breathes is learning to -listen-. That was all I asked here." Now her tone lowers, that disappointment evident.

The look given to America was a weird one. It turned to anger, then.. amusement. A princess! How quaint, sorry Diana.

And just when Shayera was about to open her mouth, to ruin almost everything that somewhat came to a head today, Diana speaks and a way offered, the doors were opened and.. fuck it. Shayera is leaving too.

No matter what words were spoken, no matter what progress was made, no matter who said what and what did anything to who, Shayera was gone. This Django Unchained that Sarina spoke to Shayera about? It needed watching.

"I'll take my leave as well." She announces, turning to look back towards Corvinus just in time to watch the transformation, her nose wrinkling in mild disgust and wonder. The Corvinus was made with parts of Nth, how did he manipulate it so? This was something that needed further questioning and possible examination in the future.

"You have one month to sort your affairs. And then we shall depart this world so that you will face the Tribunal. I apologized. And if it is not enough then I shall return to the scene of our first meeting and repair the damage myself by mortar and brick until it is built anew and satisfactory. On Wonder Woman's dime, of course."

Yes, she said that outloud. She has no means and understanding of currency here just yet, but she was sure to get a lesson in the near future.

She moves first, yet stops in Jericho's path after his speech, confusion in her features. "Perhaps my lingo was a bit too much for you or you did not just hear what I have said, but here." Her hands stick into her back pocket, her wings stretching out just as she lifts upon the tips of her toes to struggle and strain to retrieve two small items, which were past towards Jericho, whether he accepted it or not. That one, was not up for debate.

"Get the gunk out of your ears and learn to listen. I gave you reason."

Q-tips, Shayera found this to be a treasure upon many when exploring the world. That and cotton balls. Something she aimed to return to her people!

And with no further fanfaire or glorious exit, she walks out.. the only thing that could be heard from her was the sound of her voice, a loud yell through House Themiscyra.

"Sarina! Show me this Django and how he came to be unchained! And who is this Pepsi and when shall we meet?!"

As America rises, she rolls back her sleeves on her jacket. It is a move that might be taken as a hostile action, something someone does right before a fistfight, but in this case the action reveals two tattoos on the underside of America's wrists: five pointed stars.

"I'll be watching you," America says to Shayera. "Be peaceful, and maybe I'll take you to the best meal you'll ever eat," she says before the bird-woman storms out.

An olive branch? Who knows. The young woman was full of edges. So was Shayera.

The stars under her wrists begin to glow, the same as the star necklace she wears, and even the printed stars on her clothing glow with a white light, which also emanate from her eyes.

A star manifests in the air- glowing and white-blue. It is larger than a person, and it is also completely two-dimensional. Seen from the side, it disappears completely.

"Princess?" America says, looking at Diana over her shoulder with a smirk, "Part of being anything that lives and breathes is stopping the things that are trying to stop others from living and breathing. That one's free." A swift kick from a star-patterned sole shatters the surface of the star portal to reveal a world, very much like the world they were in… but not exactly. Same New York. Different dimension.

She looks at Jericho. "Follow me if you want the best dim-sum in the multiverse."

She steps through the star. The portal will remain stable long enough for Jericho to decide whether he wants to go to the Other Side or not, and then will blink out of existence with a few sparkles.

Jim slumps a bit as folks begin heading out and portal'ing out and the like. He gives the Ambassador an apologetic glance.

"Thank you very much for opening up your home and offering your hospitality, even if we're still miles away from understanding how to make this work. I suspect we'd very much be in a war right now if you hadn't made the effort, and having been in the military… I can tell you that's the last thing any sane person would want. I can leave you my number if you wish, so you can contact me a bit more easily, ma'am?"

Jericho looks down and actually chuckles. "I heard you." He says to her departing form. "You think Corvinus is a threat. You think that he can twist words and ideas into poison. Perhaps he can. I was hoping, maybe, you'd tell me why. I want to know what he did on your world that made you think that. You offer me a vision with no context. Does it surprise you I don't know what to do with it? What you tell me is so at variance with the being I know that it makes no sense. Did he assume power? Corrupt your culture? I don't understand… and I don't know if you're interested in making me understand. I feel like perhaps not. If you are, you'll have other chances. If not… don't worry about it."

Jericho shakes his head. "I think it was a mistake to involve me. As you are involved, Princess, I will consider the matter closed until given a reason to think it is not." Like, you know, more attacks. Or a kidnapping. "Should that happen I will proceed as I believe best. Which is all I think anyone in this room would do. Is that satisfactory, Princess?"

Jericho pauses for an answer. He likes the Amazon Princess genuinely, despite the fact that she scares the ever living crap out of him.

"Should that happen, it will already be taken care of. I accepted this completely. Go enjoy you dim-chum." Nosewrinkle at Jericho.

Diana can now focus more on Corvinus. She has already stated what she would do, she does not have to justify it - not here, and repeating herself is making her grow weary. His slump is noted, his exhaustion and tiredness seen in eyes that now reflect the same. Stepping up beside him one hand rises and rests on the mans shoulders - this… partner. Without words, because sometimes they are not needed, she leaves the room as well, leaving one of her Sisters to approach Corvinus, one who does not cast such a weary or angry eye towards men and has come to know this world as long as Diana has.

"You will have secret and safe residence here if you so wish. I will show you to the quarter." And without response or needed explaination the red headed woman turns on heel and exits, leading the way with or without a follower.

Jericho takes a deep breath and nods in acknowledgement as the Amazon Princess departs. "Night Jim. You know how to find me if you need me." And with that he steps out through the offered portal and is gone.

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