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November 20, 2014: Arnim Zola attempts to convince the Atlanteans to join HYDRA.

Numenor's Wrath

The personal flagship of King Namor. Currently patrolling the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.



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A quiet night on the open sea, various creatures of the deep scuttling or swimming past on a course for their own future. The ocean seems quiet and peaceful, the anemones wafting back and fourth lazily in the current. Out of the briny blue comes a single ship small in size, and somewhat innocuous, the HYDRA logo embossed on its side. It's searching for something traveling at a rather good clip low to the sea floor.


At the bottom of the ocean, it's always night. And in this murky darkness, the blue-skinned Atlanteans can be all but invisible unless they want to be seen. Which is probably why they wear so many colorful seashells. Their massive ships, however, are much harder to disguise.

But they have found ways to stay ahead of the humans, allowing them to operate with virtual impunity anywhere in the world. Their methods are many and varied, but it's the simplest ones that work the best.

Which is why the ocean's floor begins to suddenly quake, and the water fills with sand and silt so thick that visibility becomes pracitally zero even with lights. Taking a cue from some of the ocean's many interesting denizens, the Atlanteans have found a way to make their enormous ships burrow under the sand. But just as suddenly, they emerge from their hiding places, leaving the HYDRA vessel surrounded by the entire 7th Atlantean Fleet.


That single ship just stays in place as the other vessels burrow up from in the ground sending out a simple message on multiple frequencies. "Greetings, we, HYDRA come baring gifts for your king," The weapon signatures on this tiny ship powering down completely, as a few more slightly larger ships seem to just flicker into existence, having until now being completely invisible. The voice over the radio has a distinct polish accent, and sounds quiet calm despite what should be a dire situation all around. "We would hope that you would accept them,"


There is, of course, a flurry of action as the vessels position themselves for both maximum containment and lethality, depending on which one ends up being required. However, none of the Atlantean vessels fire on the all-too tempting target. Nor do they attach any of their tractor cables. In fact, they basically just hover, looking very menacing as the sand slowly begins the slow process of settling back down on the ocean's floor.

The message is quickly relayed, and King Namor is apprised of the situation before any of his officers can get an itchy trigger finger and ruin the meeting before it's even begun. Quickly directing his personal guard to gear up into their environmental suits, he forms a boarding party in record time.

As the small group swims in formation toward the HYDRA vessel, a message is broadcast for the agents inside.

Attention HYDRA vessel. Prepare to be boarded. Everyone aboard will place their hands behind their head and offer no resistance, or your vessel will be cut into thin slices."


Of all the possibilities of how this could go the outer airlocks of the ships open releasing bubbled into the open water for easier boarding. There seems to be only these few ships in the center but if they can turn invisible there is always that small possibility that there could be more. The weapons on the other ships power down as well for the moment the standstill seeming to take hold.

Inside the Tiny ship Zola has selected one of his less expendable shells to take on this venture the hope being he may more easily pass for human. He places his hands on his head and the rather expendable nameless crewmen do the same waiting for their new friends to stop in for a chat.


About a dozen Atlanteans enter the outer airlock of the vessel, rifles held at the ready. The troops are completely decked out in armored environment suits, already prepared for whatever non-watery environment they find on the other side of the door. They also look more than a bit trigger happy, but they're keeping it under control.

Namor himself, however, does not wear any type of armor whatsoever. Those familiar with his nifty backstory will already know that he breathes air just as easily as he breathes water. He's also not carrying any weapons, aside from a small dagger in a sheath on his belt. He looks more than a bit out of place among the guards, but they don't seem to notice.

As the outer airlock closes behind him and water begins pumping out of the ship, the men check their weapons one final time. Sure, it's supposed to be a peaceful talk, but this his HYDRA they're dealing with.


To say that this ship looks a bit understaffed is something of an understatement with four men in total one being dressed in a rather nice suit the others all in their black HYDRA uniforms. They have their hands held high above their heads and look rather calm on the whole situation the expendable crewmen obviously having not been informed of the possible dangers of this mission.

There's no doubting that this is a HYDRA vessel once inside the ship proper, from the color pasterns to the symbols on the monitors and walls this ship isn't exactly trying to hide what it is. Though for something so compact there is a rather decently sized device in the center of the ship, perhaps an engine or something a bit more technological.

"Ahh, your majesty, welcome aboard" the man in the business suit taking a slight bow his crew fallowing along soon after still keeping their hands above their heads, weapons left hung up on the walls. His voice sounds slightly off in some way through all the friendly tones, and kind expression on his face it just doesn't seem fully human.


"Lepglurb makka plooko?" One of the Atlantean guardsmen voices a concern through the speaker right below his helmet's face-shield. He appears to be the one in charge of the King's Guard, but what he's actually asking is of course unknown to anyone who doesn't happen to understand Atlantean.

Namor holds a hand up as a way of answer, and the guards lower their weapons just slightly. Namor steps forward, and the men rearrange themselves behind him so that he doesn't block their sectors of fire.

Namor's eyebrows are set nearly at right angles of each other, and his general posture is overtly menacing. But when he speaks, in English, his tone is carefully measured. "I'm impressed, Surface Worlder. You've managed to stumble upon my fleet. No easy feat, I imagine. I will, of course, need to know exactly how you determined my fleet's position if I'm to allow any of you to leave alive."

"But that can wait… explain your reasons for seeking me out, and be concise."


Taking a single step forward his hands held still in the air Zola explains in a respectful and carefully calculated tone of voice. "We simply wish to provide tribute to you in the form of riches and technology," There's a good deal of bowing and consideration going into every action as he speaks in his most humble of voices. If he could just convince them to get on his side…. ", and to provide aid to you and your people, your highness"


"That's rather munificent of you. And here I haven't brought you anything…"

Namor clearly isn't buying whatever is being sold here, and seems to be struggling simply to contain some of his more violent inclinations. But, as soon as his temper starts to flare up, he takes a breath and remains frosty. His men remain vigilant, but he himself seems to relax a bit. For a moment, it looks like he actually break into a smile.

He doesn't. But for a moment there it looked like he might be about to.

"My men will now search your ship extremely thoroughly. If they don't find anything troublesome, then we'll have a polite conversation. But in the meantime, perhaps you will provide a more specific answer to my original question: Why are you really here?"


"The world is a dangerous place, a constantly evolving and changing landscape," Zola starts not lowering his arms in the slightest as he speaks. "Alliances must be forged between people if anyone is to survive in changing times your majesty, You wish to make the world safe for your people, and avenge past transgressions, HYDRA simply wants to make the world safe for people of all species," He's always been one for long winded speeches, and this is no different trying to appeal to something that may or may not be there. "If by the time we have reached a goal of a unified people there is still not room for our two races to coexist we will simply move on,"


The guards begin searching the ship, leaving a few to keep pointing their rifles at the uninvited guests. It's a good thing that Zola has robot arms, as it seems that Namor fully intends to make him keep his arms up all evening.

"Ah. I see where this is going. You want me to continue my crusade against the surface world, so long as you're able to pick which targets I hit. In exchange you'll provide me with some sort of support." Namor folds his arms across his chest, and basically continues to look grumpy. "I admire your bravery coming all the way down here…. but I'm afraid I don't…"

Namor's voice is cut off by the sound of his Guard Captain saying something excitedly in Atlantean. Namor responds briefly, and the men go back to searching the ship.

"… it seems I might have misjudged you. You and your men may relax, I will listen to your pitch."

The expendable crew finally throw their arms back down rubbing at them mainly having only been able to keep those positions for fear of death. Lucky for Zola he's not really able to feel pain in this body, so he doesn't have to worry about the pain of it all. "Of course your majesty," Zola assures placing his hands comfortably behind his back. He moves over slightly towards the control panel flipping it up to show it's been hallowed out for hiding the prototype devices. "You said it best yourself sir, we will supply you with whatever you may need, and in return we only ask that you join HYDRA and assist us in our quest"


"My first priority is always to ensure the safety and prosperity of the Atlantean people. For this reason, I avoid entanglements with the Surface World lest my desire to eradicate them should lessen." Namor talks about exterminating about seven billion people the way that most people talk about what they're going to order for lunch. "Had you asked me to join your venerable organization six months ago, my answer would have been a swift and violent 'no.'"

Namor pauses, looking at his Guard Captain, as if to see if anything new has been turned up. Looks like things are still good.

"But this is now, and Atlantis finds itself alone against a race of apes who are content to poison their own water supply if it will lower the price of gasoline by a few pennies. To combat this sort of rampant pollution, we require allies with foresight and a bit of daring. By diving to the bottom of the ocean and seeking out an audience with me, you have proven to me that you possess both of these attributes."

"I will… think about it."


"That is all that I ask, your majesty," Zola takes another low respectful bow trying to step carefully here. "You will also find here a few samples of HYDRA tech that you are more then welcome to keep free of charge," He doesn't seem like he's all that afraid unlike his flunkies, more just trying his best to be completely respectful and kind. "Together, we can change the world for the better, for both of our people,"

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