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<November 21, 2014>: Spoiler considers joining the Titans, then she is reminded of Tim.

Titans' Castle

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DATE: November 21, 2014
PLACE: The Titans' Castle

wo days after Vorpal put the Joker away in Arkham, Keith O'Neil is 'taking it easy' back at headquarters. Namely because Garfield had stressed that he wanted Keith to lay low for a little while, at least, because now he was 'in the radar'- and being in the Joker's radar was dangerous.

So, the redhead is sitting in the living room of the main tower, watching television after having gone through his training regiment. "Man… I'd never realized how much … nothing there is on television," he says to himself, yawning and changing the channels.

+MEET: Miss America Chavez has arrived via +meet.

Miss America Chavez heads out to Titan's Castle.

"I brought the Spoiler," Robin says as he makes his way into the base. Obviously, he's not one for giving grand tours. "I'm thinking she will join. She was on the verge of quitting because of your friend, I think. She's making a better decision."

Spoiler shoots Robin a look as she follows him into the base, fully dressed up. "I was quitting because of my mum, not because of him." The tone suggests that Tim is entirely in her black books though, but Vorpal gets an uncertain smile, Steph watching his reaction to her arrival with caution.

Keith looks up at the two arrivals and smirks. "You suck at overtures, you know?" he tells Damian, without much rancor- just a humorous observation.

"Well, well, Spoiler, I haven't seen you in a while." He pauses. "Okay, I was dying for a good part of that, so I probably wasn't easy to reach due to fighting mystic druids and getting stabbed through the heart by glass swords. So, you're considering joining?" He stands up, stretching.

"Yes, but I'm wonderful at creating invitations for tea parties," Damian shoots back. "I think she's considered and is. Because this is a long way to drive if she wasn't going to do it. Also, I'm unsure I should have brought her here if that's the case."

"I wasn't doing …this." The gesture takes in her costume and Spoiler explains, "I stopped after the Harley thing, and my mum asked me to." She shrugs, shooting Damian a look that makes it clear that he best not comment on that. "Yes, I thought, if the invite was still open? You nearly died?"

"Occupational hazard. I'm better now," Keith waves it off. "I'm back to life again. Put the Joker away two nights ago… or three. Wait, it was midnight…" he pauses. "I can't count. But anyways yes, the invitation is open. But you are aware that Robin is in the team?" he looks at Stephanie with a meaningful look.

After all, if they were going to be team-mates, she had to realize what it meant.

"I'm Robin," Damian says as he shrugs out of the drab green overcoat, but leaves the hoodie up. "I know you've said /he's/ on the team, but I have yet to see him here. In fact the only place I've seen him, often, is snivveling back in Gotham."

"I'm aware he is on the team. I don't…" She hesitates as Damian speaks, and then lifts a shoulder, shrugging, "I can ignore him." The words are flat, her anger with him still not abaited. "If I see him, I can be polite." She meets Keith's gaze, adding quietly, "Unless you prefer not to have me after all. I don't think I'd join if you only wanted me as his arm candy." Snark. Spoiler is back.

"I'll have none of that talk here," Keith snaps at Damian with a tone that could make Elsa go 'is it cold in here?' "A Robin does not put others down and does not work against the team. If you are going to be a Robin, then you need to learn how to be one in all aspects. I won't tolerate others throwing verbal knives at you, so at least have the decency to extend the same consideration. He has been here, that you haven't seen him doesn't mean anything. He was there when the Druids struck and you weren't, but I didn't hold your absence against you. So stop holding it against him. We clear?"

He keeps his eyes on Damian for a second, and then looks at Spoiler, his tone firm but not harsh. "You can't ignore someone on a team, Spoiler. A team is a group of people who have to trust each other with their lives. Your emotional turmoils and his emotional turmoils are respectively yours to deal with, but when it comes down to is whether or not it's going to be an issue for the team. If you can answer in the negative, then there's no issue. But if you answer it in the positive, I suggest you straighten things out with him first before you put yourself in a position where you have to trust him, or he has to trust you, and there's—" he does the jazz hands things "issues in-between. Because then things get very messy and it's a repeat of our predecessors with trust issues. You know I like you, but I have to bare it all so you know exactly what's what. The Titans are supposed to be like a family, but The Simpsons is not the model we're going for."

"Oh dear god. You and your lectures. I'm out." Damian waves off, clearly only having listened to the first couple of lines and exits stage left.

"Then I'm out. I don't trust him with a damn thing, not after the bullshit he pulled." The tight smile Vorpal gets is brief, her back straightening as she turns to follow Damian, her chin lifting.

"He's a Robin, alright," Keith says as they walk out. "Just like the other one, he's allergic to lectures."

To Spoiler, he says, "Good to know you're heading in Batman's direction. He trusts nobody. I'm sure he would approve. Come by anytime, Steph," he says and sits back down, reaching for the remote. Somehow, during their conversation, a re-run of Magnum P.I. had crept into the network, and there was something about that moustache that wasn't natural. Someone needed to change the channel, and fast.

Spoiler pauses, giving Keith a look over her shoulder, "Because I don't trust your friend doesn't mean I don't trust anyone. It means I don't trust people when they prove they can't be trusted. It means I'm not stupid." The anger with Robin spills over into the words, and her face tenses, hardening.

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