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** November 22, 2014 :** Superman, Fenris, and Hawkgirl, all come together to investigate an odd sickness


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In the middle of Metropolis there's quite a commotion. A man in a business suit is lying prostrate in the middle of the street surrounded by a host of passersby who stop. Some look worried. Some stop to gawk.

Upon closer inspection the man doesn't look like much of a man at all. His face is encrusted in a greenish, whitish mask of some sort. It looks like it's made from cartilage. Those in the know will realize that this man goes by the Great White Shark and he is wanted for all sorts of crimes. Including murder.

Fenris doesn't often come to Metropolis. And he certainly doesn't often bother with the likes of the Great White Shark. And he wasn't, until now. He had been passing through when the crowd and the odd scent in the air attracted his attention. Coming over… well, people who aren't people are very much in his usual line of work. Usually their magical but the Old Wolf has been known to make exceptions when he's interested. And he certainly is now. What happened here?

She needed a breather. Away from the clashing swords, away from the women and the fighting and the training. She was still healing from a few bruises that she managed to get from Sylvia and Thenes. Sarina was a tough one too. But she managed, and flew and worked out the kinks within her wings to explore this strange new world and… there was a crowd.

She didn't reveal herself mostly, just circled around the area, keeping a keen ear on what's happening below and why most are crowding around the strange man who lays upon the ground. He's probably dead.

No, not dead.

Not yet.

Great White Shark continues to lay there, looking as though, well, he could use some salt water. His lips are parched and as Fenris gets closer there are faint pink splotches upon his face. A small child points that fact out and goes to touch the man's face, but even as he does his mother is pulling him back. "Bobby! Don't touch that!"

Almost no one realizes when Superman lands behind them, making his way through towards the encirclement.

Fenris notes a new scent, but a new scent among a sea of new scents is not a cue to turn around and stare, so instead the lean faced, ever so slightly predatory feeling man walks right up to the fallen villian, hands in pockets, and stares. "Hrm… well…" He says quietly, as if to himself. "What have we here? You almost seem like a literal fish out of water."

The man in blue. She first saw him aboard that ship within the sky. She swoops down, landing a few paces behind, her wings curling against her back as her arms soon sink into her own pockets. It looks like it could be a thing. Most people gawk and look back as they see the winged woman, but she ignores most of the stares, flexing the span so that she too, could garner a better look.

Weird looking human.

"So this man is a fish. A fish man. HAH!" She barks out, mild shock and surprise at the many wonders of this planet. This was something new, something she had to tell her people back home.

Superman approaches just behind Fenris before turning back when Hawkgirl blurts out. Clearly the man is hurt and the laugh seems a bit off color to the Man of Steel. Nevertheless, as he turns, he spies Shayera. Though they've met before, he's had trouble figuring her out. A friend of Diana's is a friend of his, of course, and he resigns to give her the benefit of the doubt.

"Pardon me," Superman says as he comes up next to Fenris. He leans down to touch Great White Shark to see if the unresponsive man has a fever, but he recoils his hand back sharply as if in pain.

Fenris arches a brow and steps aside without a word now very interested indeed. He doesn't keep up with popular culture as much as some but you'd have to be living under a rock not to recognize Metropolis' own protector: The Man of Steel. What does Superman have to do with this odd smelling fish-man? Well given the lack of burning buildings he's going to guess that there's wasn't a super brawl. Not a meaningful one anyway. So what then?

A glance upright is given towards Fenris and Superman, but she watches Superman's reaction to touching the man.

"Is he hot."

The cold, to the extreme, can burn hot as the sun, its almost elementary to know this. Her hands draw from her pockets to retrieve a set of gloves, specialized ones to deal with the electricity of the Nth, ones that may just help here. But if she going to give them to Superman?

Of course not. She slips them on herself. Plus his hands are /way/ too big to fit.


It was her turn to step forward now, wings flapping and fluttering as if she were a dove, kneeling upon one knee to reach out to touch the fish man, but she was careful.

Superman shakes his head and coughs a small bit before a major one. He holds his hand in front of his face—the light splotches have come now to his hand. "Don't touch him! He's contagious! Everyone get back!"

There's a shriek from a woman and a man begins yelling, trying to get people away. They begin to scatter, while the Man of Steel puts his hands on his knees, clearly not feeling well.

The Man of Steel… sick? Fenris is glad that he didn't touch the man, though he has to wonder just how contagous the guy is to have infected Superman of all people. He does take a step back though perhaps notably doesn't simply flee like most of the rest of the people. Instead he turns toward Superman and begins to mystically probe him. Fenris' magic is not, by the standards of the gods, really all that potent. He's okay but just okay. Loki or Freya or Frigg or really any one who bothers to focus on it is better than him. However he can still do a passable imitation of a good mortal mage and part of his purview as a 'nature' type god-wolf is life magicks. What ails Superman? And how?

Hearing Superman's words, she doesn't move from the fallen man. She keeps her hand upon his forehead, certain that the gloves will keep her from harm. As long as she doesn't touch him with her bare flesh.

She glances back to watch Superman's reaction, a slight frown drawing to her lips. "Tell the man in blue in red to rest." She tells Fenris. "I will take care of him."

Lord knows, they do -not- want to know what that meant.

Superman staggers backward, nearly losing his feet. "I feel as if I'm going to vomit." How he knows what it's like, it's not clear. He's never been sick a day in his life. Pink splotches have spread up towards his neck.

Meanwhile, Fenris' investigation leads him to believe that whatever this is; it's not biological. It's some sort of magical curse.

Great White Shark is alive, but he continues to be non-responsive, and also very easy for Hawkgirl to take a hold of him.

Magic? Uh oh. Were it an ordinary disease Fenris would be confident of his ability to deal with it. Even awful disease are easily within the power of his healing ability… so long as that's all they are. Just normal diseases. Throw magic into the mix and there's the chance that the caster of the curse will be more powerful or more skilled than he is. It's been known to happen.

"Hold still." They're the first words the Old Wolf has spoken in a few minutes. He lifts his hands up and a green glow starts to surround both of them as he pushes at that curse experimentally. What's it made of? And can he hope to break it?

She grasp ahold of the shark-man's face, gripping his jaws so that she could turn his chin upright. Fingers poke and prod at the flesh, her own hand moving to draw upon her mask to remove it to set it against the ground. It was getting in her way.

With a lean in, she tries to listen to his breath, all the while her hand resting upon his throat to press and check for a pulse. Human physiology is much like their own, save for she sprouts wings, where as they do not.

"He is still breathing. How is —-.." Her words are soon cut off as she watches Fenris, brows lowering in slight curiousity. Is he performing magic on the blue and red man?

The magic that is harming Superman festers like a sore on a witch with bad complexion. It strains stubbornly to his magic, and though it only gives a little, Fenris gets the feeling that he might be able to break the spell if he gives it some maximum effort. Meanwhile, Superman has gone down to one half of a seated position. It looks as if he's going to faint.

Meanwhile, Great White Shark is still breathing and even moaning slightly, but both are very light and shallow. He tries to whisper something to Hawkgirl, but to no avail.

"This is probably going to feel odd." Fenris murmurs in that not so reassuring manner he has. He can't help that his general predatory aura makes nearly everything he says or does appear creepy. Though some people appear to like that. Lure of danger and all that. Either way, it's certianly going to look odd. Fenris' shrugs off a great portion of his power to appear human and while he can use some while maintaining his illusion of normality, too much tears that fragile veil.

The God-Wolf raises both hands now which begins to glow with green light. Trendrils of the same, almost like silk on the breeze flow and wrap around Superman as Fenris focuses all of his energy on the curse. Maximum power, maximum effort. It's something of a cruel irony that Superman would probably be in better hands with the likes of Doctor Strange, but then few even among the gods can match a sorceror or sorceress suprmeme in their own realm. As Fenris channels his power his form begins to warp and crack, becoming more lupine by the moment.

Hawkgirl couldn't hear. And that irritated her. Most of the time, she wasn't a rash person but.. hell. The guy was dying.

She draws away only to bring her other knee down into a proper kneel, and with a reach behind herself to retrive at least one half of the staff that she currently uses from it's shealth, she smacks it against her other hand to draw the Nth afire.

Electricity caresses the metal, and soon it was put to the mans chest in attempts to shock his heart so that the adrenaline can pump forth.

Rash. Brutal a bit. Just like she likes it.

"Speak up. I can't hear you."

Shayera is a dick.

Great White Shark lets out a visceral scream as the energy courses through his veins. Not clear that it did any good, but it certainly did make him flop around like a fish: See what I did there?

Meanwhile, Fenris' effort does not seem to be fruitful at first. Instead it is something that breaks under continual pressure. A little at first—Superman turns over on his knees and purple liquid begins to fall from his mouth. And then, a giant wave as Fenris finally breaks the curse with purple liquid splashing upon the pavement.

That's… so very disgusting. Granted the Old Wolf has had over two thousand years on earth to collect disgusting experiences. And it's not the violet vomit itself. It's the stench of a curse meant to debilitate and weaken and cause suffering. Magic is about heart and belief. What must be in the heart of someone who would cast such a curse? How do you put such vitriol into your work?

Fenris pushes once more to make sure it's gone, now a seven and a half foot tall werewolf. There's no other word for him. He takes a deep breath and looks around. Metropolis is the best city to do this kind of thing in but that doesn't mean it's safe, per se.

"You alright, Superman?"

The man screams and.. nothing. Well, that was the end of that. She glances back just in time to see Superman expel the vomit and, cringes her nose.

Ayup. She was done here.

She stands from her spot, shealthing her rod and bending down to grip the great white shark by the scruff of his neck. "Talk about equality, fish dude." She states. Then promptly drags him towards Fenris and Superman, carelessly dropping the poor sod at their feet. "Fix this guy."

And.. that was that. Shayera looks towards the sky, bending herself at a half kneel and launches into the air to fly back towards the embassy. She was going to have to burn those gloves and get a new pair from her hidey hole.

Superman's pale blue eyes look up towards where Shayera soars away. He reminds himself to ask Diana about her odd friend: Where she comes from and what her story was. But speaking of stories, Great White looks like he needs some help. Superman's eyes turn red for a moment as he incinerates the purple goo from the ground in one shockwave of heat. "Can you help him?"

Fenris nods slowly. He's not entirely sure why Superman wants to heal er… whomever that is. But he knows enough of Metropolis' Guardian to trust his judgement in these matters. If nothing else it's not like the guy will cause trouble with the both of them here.

Raising up his hands again Fenris pushes his magic into the Shark, much quicker and more confident this time now that he knows it will work. The wave of verdant energy expells the curse in a similar disgusting fashion. Once again Fenris has to wonder who this guy pissed off to get cursed like that. And how.

"There…" The werewolf murmurs. "It's done." It's with some effort that he gives the power he's drawn to him back up and shinks back down into the shape of the man known as 'Jeremiah Wolfson.'

Superman takes a long look at Fenris as he shapeshifts from one thing into another, and then back again. Far be it for him to feel much of anything—if there's something weird or terrifying, there's a good chance that Superman has seen something similar. That being said, he puts it to memory.

Meanwhile, Great White Shark goes through a similar cure to Superman, except his is slower and more severe, given that he was so close to death.

Superman scoops him up before burning the goo away, "Thank you for your help." He adds, as an afterthought. "What's your name? So I can tell him who helped him live."

Fenris doesn't often give out his right name. Which is not to say that he lies. Per se. He has an actual identiy. Driver's licence, bank records. All the fun detritus of a legal life. He just has to change it ever fifty years or so. "Jeremiah Wolfson." The Old Wolf winks. "Park Ranger."

Somewhere.. a puppy loses an eye..

"Superman," the Man of Steel says with a nod. "Shark Catcher. I've got to drop this guy off. Thank you for your help." He floats up into the air and gives a final nod towards Fenris before he disappears up into the clouds.

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